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But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction

2 Peter 2:1

By Clyde J. Harkins | Wake the Church | January 20, 2011 

Have you ever wondered why some very wealthy families and individuals and their lower level agents have recently worked to build up China?  Have you had similar questions as to why almost all recent Presidents have featured Russian and Chinese premiers at the White House?  There are some clear explanations when you research which bankers, corporations, and nations created both Russia and China, and installed in power and funded Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao Ze.dong and other police state regimes.  Apparently, these same individuals believe Communism is the same system the world needs when we have the full, out in the open, world government.
Rolland Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation in the 1950's stated that he had received instructions from the U.S. government to use the Foundation's funds to "change America so it could be merged with Russia."  The House on Un-American Activities published the Reece Report in the 1950's that listed a historical chronology of the traitorous activities of American's large banks, corporations and foundations.  David Rockefeller, after meeting with Communist Chinese officials, said that the system China had was what we needed in the United States.  China is the model government for the United States, if you believe David Rockefeller.  There are other prominent people who have made similar or related statements.
China is the most brutal dictatorship currently on this earth.  Every kind of murder and degeneracy is practiced by them.  I don't need to state what they do to their people because it is like living in Hell for the average Chinese citizen.  The Communist Party runs every single aspect of the lives of its citizens.  Religious, cultural and political repression are rampant.  It is now estimated that they make and Americans buy over 50% of non food items from China.  Most legal drugs American's consume are manufactured in China.  
President Obama recently rolled out the red (not a pun) carpet for Chinese President Hu Jintao.  In the book, "Wall Street and the Bolsheviks", Anthony C. Sutton chronicles how American and English banks and corporations provided funds and material aid to create Communism and the first major Communist state called Russia.  Henry Ford build Stalin's first truck factory in the 1930's, and numerous American and European banks and corporations, including the United States government, built the Russian juggernaut.  Billions of dollars of aid and food was given to Russia starting in the 1920's by the Lend Lease program once headed by President Herbert Hoover.  Massive amounts of American technology were freely given to Russia over many years, and in the last 40 years the same thing has been done to build up China.  You were told that "them bad Russians" stole most of this technology.  For the most part, this is a lie as recent declassified government documents have revealed. 
What we all need to understand is that some very wealthy, large Capitalists are Communists because they created it.  It is their child and every time it "burps", they run and save it.   It is pure evil and is spiritually rooted in the occult.  These families have a long generational history of occultism and hatred of God.  As Jesus said, you shall know them by their fruits.  Most people don't know that Karl Marx was an occultists and was supported much of his life by English and German royalty.  An American newspaper chain employed him as their London correspondant for five years.
It certainly appears that Communism is the heart of the New World Oder.  It has been spread all over by many of the earth's wealthy and has "captured" the spirit of many supposed intellectuals.  Research shows that most college educated young people have many socialist leadings and this will make it easy for the world government people to enslave all of us. 
How should we as followers of Jesus Christ respond to evil of Communism?  Be of good cheer, because Jesus has defeated evil.  It is for Him a "moping up operation" in the future.  Remember, nothing should separate us from His love.  We battle this and other evils, but it is up tp Him to finish it off forever.

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