Does the Bible Condemn Homosexuals to Death?

    By Jason Charles on 6/21/2019 (5 years 34 days ago)

    We are talking about the Bible and its condemnation of Homosexuals, but first a dose of big-picture truth with consideration to our spiritual climate in the U.S.There is a war brewing between Christians who maintain to death, a Natural and Revealed Law definition of marriage, and those who seek to redefine it in our society.I ask, are you paying attention on this issue? Because the club that beats the church into submission will be painted with a rainbow. For practical evidence on this statement simply look at recent headlines, the cases that dominate the SCOTOS itinerary are rulings on LGBTQ operatives targeting private businesses. I say operatives because taking petty, small-claims type issues all the way to the Supreme Court takes a truckload of money. In fact, it is estimated to get a...



    It Would Be Better if Lesbian Couple Had Physically Assaulted Christian Bakers

    By Jason Charles on 1/2/2018 (6 years 203 days ago)

    Hypothetically speaking it would have been a less painful of an experience if the lesbian couple, Rachel Bowman-Cryer and her partner Laurel had instead physically assaulted these bakers in 2013. The ramifications of the resulting complaint, court case, fine, loss of their business and the national precedent of religious intimidation far exceeds the damage a face fracture, and bruised body would have resulted.Here is the Klein’s in their own words as to the damage personally and nationally,“The bake shop, located in Gresham, was forced to close under intense criticism, but donations allowed the couple to operate the business out of their home up until October 2016. “We lost everything we loved and worked so hard to build,” Melissa Klein told KATU. “I loved my shop. It meant everything to...



    Disney the Next Major Christian Boycott

    By Jason Charles on 6/20/2016 (8 years 34 days ago)

    Disney is no longer the cutesy, family friendly organization it once was. In the last decade it has "come out" as one of the most effective social engineering tools in the New World Order arsenal. Everything the Disney/Marvel/Pixar/Lucas Films conglomerate produces is filled with anti-family propaganda. An article in the New York Post quotes a BYU study called "Daddies or Dummies" that measured how many times per minute the dads in Disney sitcoms act like Buffoons. It was determined that “Every 3.24 minutes, a dad acts like a buffoon.” ,"A 2001 study by Erica Scharrer in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media found that the number of times a mother told a joke at the father’s expense increased from 1.80 times per episode in the 1950s to 4.29 times per episode in 1990.But what’s...



    The Corporate Support for the LGBT Agenda is a UN War on Christianity and Morality

    By Jason Charles on 4/11/2016 (8 years 104 days ago)

    LGBT Social Engineering Flashback to the Spring of 2015, in the lead up to the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay-marriage in the U.S., we saw corporations by the droves began to air LGBT friendly television, radio and print ads all aimed at pushing the supreme court to support gay-marriage. You can see a small snapshot of just some of the numerous gay-friendly ads that were produced during this time in support of the decision that happened in late July of 2015. In what was undoubtedly a coordinated Obama Admin propaganda campaign hundreds of corporations all "came out" of the political closet in support of gay-marriage. The Obama administration's involvement in this propaganda push was well documented pointing to Valerie Jarret as the corporate handler and operative behind this...




    History Shows Sex Depraved Tyrants Precede the Collapse of Empires

    By Jason Charles on 7/28/2015 (8 years 363 days ago)

    A Historic SnapshotThe Irony of the Gay Rights movement in America is the fact that it was built on the foundation of human trafficking, slavery, and hedonistic elitist lifestyles of ancient times. Young slaves were prostituted to creepy old sexually domineering men. This is what today's gay lobby seems to conveniently forget. Yes, there is a fraction of common gay folk, but even today it is still an elitist fraternal order when you consider the pedophilia scandals in the UK, Catholic church and Hollywood.A  study of history shows that there is a density of homosexual /bi-sexuals in the upper echelons of power, it also shows that many were totally detached from reality to the point that they brought their respective empires close to and beyond ruin as a result of their megalomania and...



    Transgenderism: Baby Steps Towards Transhumanism

    By Jason Charles on 5/19/2015 (9 years 68 days ago)

    Much to the consternation and ire of the parents, Fairfax Public Schools announced they would be including the concept of 'gender fluidity' into their teaching curriculum. The Fox news report reads,"One of the nation’s largest public school systems is preparing to include gender identity to its classroom curriculum, including lessons on sexual fluidity and spectrum – the idea that there’s no such thing as 100 percent boys or 100 percent girls.Fairfax County Public Schools released a report recommending changes to their family life curriculum for grades 7 through 12. The changes, which critics call radical gender ideology, will be formally introduced next week." FOX NewsThis just so happened to correspond with Obama's bizarre statement this week in which he commemorated May 17 as an...



    8 Points that Will Destroy the 'Homosexual' Agenda and Debate in America

    By Jason Charles on 7/12/2013 (11 years 14 days ago)

    Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians are totally engaged in straw-man arguments with in the 'Gay Rights' debateOne simple fact we must keep in mind continuously when trying to dissect and examine, large scale, dis-info and propaganda campaigns in our modern society is this question, would there be an 'issue' if it wasn't EXTREMELY well funded? Meaning, if every news outlet, politician, movie, sitcom, TV, Author, and commercial wasn't pushing it on to our society would it prove to really be an issue worthy of the national spotlight?In fact Rhamn Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago and former Obama adviser has recently been quoted as saying, the "Gays are the next Jews of fundraising", meaning there is big money available for anyone pushing the "Homosexual" debate in America.This programing and...


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