SPECIAL REPORT: Did Israel Hack Iranian Missile System that Shot-down Ukrainian Flight?

    By Jason Charles on 1/17/2020 (4 years 151 days ago)

    It is being reported that the Russia made TOR M1 surface-to-air- missile system is to be blamed for the fatal Ukrainian flight this past week amidst the build up to Trump’s War with Iran.While Trump is blaming it on a mistake he has to know it was Israel who most likely did it considering they possessed the means to hack the Dynamic Link codes of the TOR system for years now.“Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, a Boeing 737–800 en route from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airpot to Kyiv's Boryspil International Airport, stopped transmitting data Tuesday just minutes after takeoff and not long after Iran launched missiles at military bases housing U.S. and allied forces in neighboring Iraq. The aircraft is believed to have been struck by a Russia-built Tor-M1 surface-to-air...



    Reports Show Soleimani was Lured to Iraq by Trump Himself then Murdered

    By Jason Charles on 1/8/2020 (4 years 160 days ago)

    Kenneth Pollack, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute says the assassination of General Soleimani is the equivalent of killing the 2nd highest ranking official in the nation. In a recent interview with VOX he commented on the Iranian Generals rank,“ Jen Kirby: I guess a good place to start is Soleimani’s death. What would you guess was the immediate reaction or response within the Iranian regime to the news? Kenneth Pollack: Shock and anger, which is exactly what we saw. Honestly, Jen, when I heard about this Thursday evening, my immediate thought was, “Ooh, Iranians are going to be pissed.” This guy was arguably the second-most-powerful man in Iran. He was almost certainly the most powerful Iranian figure in their foreign policy. He was widely respected within the Iranian...



    Prophecy Obsessed Evangelical Leaders Panic over Trump’s Syria Decision

    By Jason Charles on 10/23/2019 (4 years 237 days ago)

    The Huffington Post always critical of Evangelicals and Trump, pounced on statements made by Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, John Hagee’s and others denouncing his Syria Decision to remove U.S. troops from N. Syria. “White evangelical Christians have long been some of President Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters. But the president’s recent decision to effectively abandon Kurdish fighters, considered key allies in the fight against the so-called Islamic State, appears to have caused a fracturing in this powerful religious group.The president’s decision to withdraw roughly 1,000 U.S. troops in northern Syria has already contributed to chaos in the region…Turkey’s offensive has displaced at least 130,000 people, the United Nations reported Sunday.” (Huffington Post)...The fact that even...



    Shocking Video Exposes Hillary's Shadow Government Ties

    By Jason Charles on 10/25/2016 (7 years 235 days ago)

    Hillary Clinton is without a doubt the greatest national security disaster in a long time. Fortunately for us, her carelessness has exposed what can be without question total evidence of a 'Shadow Government' conspiracy well beyond congressional and even Intelligence knowledge. Hillary's oblivious nature, and total disdain for laws has given us the first real peak of a classification structure outside of accountability which is obviously controlling Hillary, and grooming her to be a war-time president, in a war with Russian that hasn't even started yet.WAKE THE CHURCH IS FUNDED VIA THE SELL OF THIS FILM Watch this video, and take special note at how the oversight committee chairman Rep. Chaffetz reacts to the knowledge that he can't even be briefed on info that has been carelessly leaked...



    John Negroponte: Creating Global Proxy Armies to Bring About the Collapse of Western Civilization

    By Jason Charles on 9/21/2015 (8 years 269 days ago)

    Every serial killer leaves their mark, a gruesome calling card left at the scene of the crime flaunting their arrogant disregard for the lives they have taken and especially for the authorities who set out to investigate such matters. They do this for multiple reasons, but the main reason is they are looking to terrorize their victims, the investigators and most especially the communities in which they prey upon. It is these signatures, these calling cards that demonstrate that a deliberate pattern and set of procedures are being followed by what can only be described as a professional killer.Most people when they flip on the TV News cast and hear about the violence on our southern border believe it to be isolated to those communities and are due to the rampant abuse by warring factions of...



    9/11 is Not the Greatest Conspiracy of All Time, Just a Close Second

    By Jason Charles on 9/7/2015 (8 years 283 days ago)

    This week we are reminded once again how drastically our world changed due to the events that unfolded 14 years ago on September 11, 2001. Our foreign wars of aggression, the global economy, the encroaching domestic police state and hostile political climate are all predicated on the events of that dreadful day. That one day has changed the course of human destiny like nothing else in recorded history due to its truly global impact.  As an Award winning filmmaker who has researched the topic of 9/11 extensively, interviewed key insider whistleblowers, confronted political operatives and presented the evidence  to millions you better believe I have a very educated opinion on what truly happened that day. But before we get into the details of what could very well be the greatest single...



    Bold New Film Counteracts the Bloodlust of 'American Sniper' Supporting Christians

    By Jason Charles on 1/28/2015 (9 years 140 days ago)

    p { font-size: 13px;}'American Sniper' is Turning Christians into the New Crusaders, See How a New Film Called 'Christ Alone' is the Theological Antidote to Rabid Christian Warmongering The new movie 'American Sniper' is well on its way to grossing over $300 million dollars as it continues to set records all across the nation. The vast majority of those who have supported this biographical film featuring the life of NAVY SEAL sniper Chris Kyle are Christian conservatives according to a recent Associated Press article," Certainly, the huge wide-release opening wouldn’t have been possible without the strong support of a seldom-catered-to demographic: conservatives. Dan Fellman, head of domestic distribution for Warner Bros., called conservatives’ embrace of the film “huge,” noting it’s an...



    EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Doug Lamborn Gives More Details on Osama Bin Laden Death Photos

    By Jason Charles on 5/13/2011 (13 years 37 days ago)

    In an exclusive interview with Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn on the death photos of Osama Bin Laden Truth Alliance has learned that one of the photos could very well have been taken from a head mounted camera while standing over the body.A surprising revelation considering the Obama administration first claimed that the head camera footage is how they watched live from their situation room, then later CIA director Leon Panetta mentioned that, no they didn't see the live footage because the video link cut out frustrating the narrative and fueling more conspiracies surrounding his death.Congress Lamborn had this to say about the angle of the camera that captured the body of Osama Bin Laden when asked about the camera angles and whether SEAL Team 6 made a cameo in any of them,"There was...



    Nazi Era Black Budget Programs are Killing America and Control the President

    By Jason Charles on 11/17/2010 (13 years 214 days ago)

    A NY Times piece just hit the newswires entitled,Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says"Perhaps the report’s most damning disclosures come in assessing the Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement with Nazi émigrés. Scholars and previous government reports had acknowledged the C.I.A.’s use of Nazis for postwar intelligence purposes. But this report goes further in documenting the level of American complicity and deception in such operations." Now the fact that the OSI(Early CIA) and the Justice department participated in bringing Nazi scientists to America has been made public it is time to look at their impact on the history of the United States and black budget programs in more detail.The NY Times wrote in April of 08 about the fraternity of Black Ops saying,"The classified...



    You Can't Both Support the Troops and the Constitution

    By Jason Charles on 1/19/2010 (14 years 151 days ago)

    “You can bind my body, tie my hands, govern my actions: you are the strongest, and society adds to your power; but with my will, sir, you can do nothing. ~George Sand” At the expense of sounding callous and unpatriotic I will attempt to lay out exactly why the "Support the Troops" mantra is anti-American and determinental to the health of our Republic.Though I certainly do pray for them, I simply can't and won't "support" the American soldiers mission fighting in the middle east anymore than I would support an abortion doctor. The fact remains that both the American soldier and the abortion doctor have abandoned their oaths.The abortion doctor like all doctors have taken the Hippocratic oath, which emphatically states that they are to protect life at all costs. Instead they use their...



    Global Strike Force: The Real Story Behind, Blackwater, JSOC and the CIA's Private Army of Elite Assassins

    By Jason Charles on 12/14/2009 (14 years 187 days ago)

    The Dark PrinceThis month Eric Prince has resigned from the scandal ridden Xe inc. formerly know as Blackwater, revealing a decade long relationship as a deep cover CIA operative specifically tasked with building and mobilizing an elite army of private assassins for the CIA.For the past six years, Prince "appears to have led an astonishing double life," writes Adam Ciralsky. "Publicly, he has served as Blackwater’s CEO and chairman. Privately, and secretly, he has been doing the CIA’s bidding, helping to craft, fund, and execute operations ranging from inserting personnel into 'denied areas'—places US intelligence has trouble penetrating—to assembling hit teams targeting Al-Qaeda members and their allies." Blackwater is and has been from the on set a private army or extension of the CIA....


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