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    By Jason Charles on 8/19/2020 (1 years 157 days ago) Israel/Zionism

    Note: I will be putting my weekly column on hold for the time being to begin work on a new film production.


    If you are not familiar with my filmwork, in 2009 I produced the film Core of Corruption: In the Shadows and 2014 I produced the film Christ Alone. You can watch these films for free on Youtube by simply clicking the linked titles.

    This new film will be called A Conquering Messiah: Tracing the Jewish Obsession with Israel & the Messianic Age.

    While the subtitle gives a good explanation as to the premise, the aim is to use historical documentation proving the Jewish obsession with Israel, their compulsive messiah making and its relation to our current times.

    Over the last 70 years, the existence of Israel has thrown our world and Christianity itself into chaos; it is my sincere hope this film can be used of God to help awaken people and the Church to what I believe is the prime cause of much evil in our world today.

    As you can imagine filmmaking is an exhausting experience, culminating in 1000’s of hours of research and production time that will require burning the candle at both ends on my part. I am a full time business owner and family man, as well as a dedicated volunteer for my church, all of which have demands on my time. To accomplish this work it will require many early mornings and late nights, and to be honest this thought fills me with a bit of dread; but I too realize that I have a duty to use my God given talents to further His Kingdom and I will apply myself to this end till the day I die.

    If you would like to help support this work you can go to my Paypal and donate there.

    If you would like to send a check you can send it here.

    Make Checks Payable to Jason Charles
    PO Box 10548
    Kalispell MT, 59904

    Any donations will go directly towards media licensing fees, narration fees and production fees I will undoubtedly incur.

    Thank you for prayers, financial support and please if you have any links, images, footage, articles, historical facts, really anything you feel may contribute to  the message of this film please send it to

    I estimate this project to take $15-$20k in funds to accomplish, much of which will be absorbed by myself if past experience prevails, so again, any support is greatly apprieciated.

    Stay tuned for the launch of a website and you can like the new film Facebook page here, where I will give updates and announcements as we get closer to a Premiere date hopefully before Spring of 2021.

    Thank you,

    Jason Charles
    Founder Wake the Church



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