8 Points that Will Destroy the 'Homosexual' Agenda and Debate in America


    By Jason Charles on 7/12/2013 (10 years 341 days ago) Sodomy/LGBT Agenda

    Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians are totally engaged in straw-man arguments with in the 'Gay Rights' debate

    One simple fact we must keep in mind continuously when trying to dissect and examine, large scale, dis-info and propaganda campaigns in our modern society is this question, would there be an 'issue' if it wasn't EXTREMELY well funded? Meaning, if every news outlet, politician, movie, sitcom, TV, Author, and commercial wasn't pushing it on to our society would it prove to really be an issue worthy of the national spotlight?

    In fact Rhamn Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago and former Obama adviser has recently been quoted as saying, the "Gays are the next Jews of fundraising", meaning there is big money available for anyone pushing the "Homosexual" debate in America.

    This programing and pattern pervades the 'Homosexual' and 'Gay Marriage' debate in our society, and needs to honestly be examined from this angle. If this truly is the case and your opinion on this matter is being manipulated for some larger goal, wouldn't you want to know why, by whom and what kind of tactics are being used?

    The questions below are specifically designed to cut through all of the vitriol and partisan debate associated with the Homosexual/Gay Marriage issue and get right down to exposing it as a long-term social engineering program, a program that ultimately is designed to re-engineer our species and control the population.


    1) Is there really even such a thing as a 'homosexual'?

    There is a carefully crafted confusion on the term 'sex' in our society, this we will find is purposeful. In fact the clouding of traditional uses of words and definitions is a tactic first introduced in George Orwell's book 1984. Orwell called it 'New Speak', and it was defined as the narrowing of language to create new social norms.

    Essentially the trick of "New Speak" was framing the debate through the clever use and abuse of language to re-engineer the culture. This happened in a variety of ways but as new words and definitions are seeded as memes into society, social engineers are able to control and guide the debate around key issues.

    The word 'homosexual' is a classic example of this technique at work right now with in our society. The word 'Homosexual' is an invented one, it is a 'straw-man' word that really is an oxymoron or misnomer that has been injected into our culture. There simply is no such thing as a "homosexual", "bi-sexual", "a-sexual", or for that matter things like "oral sex" or "anal sex" etc, etc. All of these words have nothing whatsoever to do with the word 'sex' by definition. Sex by definition is associated with gender identity, either female or male. Likewise the word 'Sexual Intercourse' also is associated with coitus between opposite genders exclusively.

    Noun 1. sexual intercourse - The act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman; the man's penis is inserted into the woman's vagina and excited until orgasm and ejaculation occur


    Take special note that sexual intercourse occurs when a "female and male copulate for the purpose of procreation". This is a scientific term and is purposely applied to an act that perpetuates a species plain and simple. Scientifically speaking if it is an act outside of this definition then it simply can't be termed 'sex' or any derivative thereof because no matter what it can't perpetuate the species. So therefore the term 'homosexual' is a politically created term, that has attached the prefix 'homo' to the word 'sex' in attempt to validate itself as an equally correct term.

    When referring to a "Homosexual" it would be more appropriate to refer to the person that identify's themselves as such as a "Homo-masturbator". In fact any act outside the traditional use of sex is all really just masturbation for pleasure. Whether it is pleasure derived by male on male contact, female on female, or contact with anything for the sole purpose of pleasure is masturbation at best.

    The word 'homosexual' is simply a glorified word for a pleasure seeker in the form of non-procreative sexual contact nothing more. Anybody using this word reveals that they have no concept of basic biology, and are caught up in the straw-man argument. Whether you are on the left or right of this debate hardly matters, by using the word "Homosexual" you are being manipulated by "New Speak" tactics and empowers the straw-man debate that creates massive division with in society as a result.

    Let's face it any act that is solely for the purpose of self-pleasuring will never perpetuate the species, no matter what language used by gay rights advocates to justify or validate their lifestyles, it will never result in the perpetuation of our species or families into the future and should never be termed under any circumstances as being sex.


    2) How does 1% of the population control the national debate?

    According to four population studies, there is roughly 1% - 3% of American adults that identify as either gay, lesbian or bisexual.

    1. 3.8% of Americans are gay
      1. "The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, a sexual orientation law and public policy think tank, estimates that 9 million (about 3.8%) of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (2011)." (gaylife.about.com/od/comingout/a/population.htm)
    2. 1.8% of Americans are bisexual
      1. "The institute also found that bisexuals make up 1.8% of the population, while 1.7% are gay or lesbian. Transgender adults make up 0.3% of the population."  (gaylife.about.com/od/comingout/a/population.htm)
    3. 1% of American Households
      1. "The 2000 U.S. Census Bureau found that homosexual couples constitute less than 1% of American households." (gallup.com/poll/6961/what-percentage-population-gay.aspx)
    4. 3% - 8% are gay and lesbian
      1. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force estimates three to eight percent of both sexes.(gallup.com/poll/6961/what-percentage-population-gay.aspx)
      2. "While the percentage of women and men aged 18-44 years who reported they were either heterosexual or homosexual was similar (94% of women and 96% of men said they were heterosexual while 1.1% of women and 1.7% of men said they were homosexual or gay), the percentage of women who reported they were bisexual was more than 3 times as high as men (3.5% of women vs. 1.1% of men)." (www.hhs.gov/opa/pdfs/r-and-e-update-spring-2011.pdf, p. 5.)

    Now ask how is it that such a minute fraction of the overall population can control such a massive part of the national debate in America?

    The fact that the average American is assaulted with opinions from mainstream media constantly about the gay marriage debate and the legitimizing of the gay lifestyle as a valid alternative lifestyle should register as being very suspicious considering it only represents such a minuscule slice of the actual population. Anytime we see such a small offbeat culture dominating the national spotlight we immediately need to ask who is funding this and for what purposes.

    Nothing as small as 1% should ever come to dominate more than 1% of the national attention. If it is able to leverage more than their 1% it is because there is a high-level agenda behind the scenes allowing and making it happen. 1% of the population controlling the spotlight like the homosexual agenda has been able to would be the equivalent of a sub-culture like the neo-nazi's dominating the media, or maybe those who believe they are vampire/goths taking over the political stage.

    Radical, un-natural, fantasy based sub-cultures never are taken seriously by society, the only time counter-culture groups ever get a foothold is if someone opens the door and funds them from the outside.

    So why would someone fund, and elevate the objectives of radical groups with in society? Let's take for example radical extremism or those who believe in an violent interpretation of the Koran. We know radical Islam only makes up a small % of Muslim society but the elite controllers of the world know if you provide money and power to radicalized elements in a society then they are able to leverage their small voice which in turn seeds massive division in a culture. It is the perfect way to bring about the collapse of a society. The empowering of fringe groups and fringe ideas disproportionally with in a society is a military tactic nothing more.

    This is exactly what is happening in America with the debate of 'Gay Rights', we are seeing outside players identifying a 'fringe' group and empowering them for the purpose of creating division with in society.

    The disproportional amount of actual gay life style adherents per the amount of time they get is a dead give away there is an ulterior motive at work behind the scenes embedded deep with in the 'Gay Rights' debate. Frankly the only people with enough power, money and connections to make 1% of the population a national issue is the 1%, or the very wealthy elite that run the world.


    3) Doesn't the Gay Marriage debate just empower government agencies?

    Another straw-man argument 'gay rights' advocates use to pry their way into the national debate is 'gay marriage' This essentially states that gay couples do not get the same rights as a traditional male and female couple. Mainly joint filing on taxes and also power of attorney over medical or legal decisions regarding their significant other, suggesting 'gay marriage' will give them these benefits or rights.

    First off, the point has to be made that traditional couples are not given tax incentives or write off's just because. No, they are given such benefits because they are expected to raise a family, and the raising and maintenance associated with raising a family is hard work that is beneficial to society at large. Raising healthy well adjusted children in a loving, normal, universally natural setting with one married man and women at it's helm is historically the best setting for child. A child that will be counted on once of age to plug into society as a productive member and in like turn perpetuate the species by having a family of his or her own. This is why a traditional family is given tax benefits, because it solidifies and aids the foundational building block of all modern and ancient societies, the family.

    A 'gay marriage' will not establish a net benefit towards society. No matter how much "gay love" the couple undertakes they will not generate a child of their own and this is a biological fact. Unfortunately the gay-lifestyle is a malfunction of the species and natural order. While everything in nature reproduces and works towards the preservation of it's species those engaged in gay lifestyles fail to participate in this cycle and instead work toward normalizing their malfunction onto society.

    If there were 500 Tasmanian Tigers left and they were all male they would still be extinct as a result of this reality. The normalization of this malfunction with in society as an accepted lifestyle worthy of marriage is a false ideal and is exactly why they are unqualified to receive the tax benefits.

    Yet furthermore the "Tax Benefits" is yet another straw-man with in this very complex debate. The Constitution forbids proportioned taxes on the peoples labor, and the IRS is a illegal entity created to steal the wages of it's citizens. The gay marriage/rights debate only serves to empower this unlawful, unconstitutional entity by validating it's right to tax more people. It is ludicrous to think that gay rights proponents are yelling and screaming for more government intervention. The real debate should be about abolishing the IRS, so government can't use taxes as a means to create special privileges for anyone in society.

    Proponents and opponents of gay rights should instead be working towards abolishing the IRS together instead of utilizing the government tax code to punish one another. This holds true with power of attorney, isn't it just government regulation, or private bureaucracy that is preventing a loved one from making decisions for someone else. Work towards removing power from large conglomerates instead of empowering them with this controlled debate.


    4) Why the massive push towards acceptance of pharma fueled, promiscuous lifestyles?

    If the premise is the sexual revolution is about population control, which it is in this article, then how does pushing an obsession with 'sex' onto society result in population control? You would think that more people engaging in sexual activity would greatly increase the population not curtail it right? This would be true if it wasn't hyper managed by elitist eugenicist.

    Organizations like Planned Parenthood, Hollywood, and the media are all pushing into our schools and culture an obsession with sex or anything mislabeled as such. These organizations have taken over sex ed programs in middle schools and high schools all across the nation through the lobby of government. They hold rallies, write sex ed curriculums, hand out condoms, create instructional pamphlets and movies, and push pharmaceuticals and abortion as a solution to unwanted pregnancies.

    The program is simply this, promote non-reproductive sex requiring dangerous drugs, promote pornography and masturbation culture, and also promote "homosexuality" as a way to reduce the population on the planet.

    Essentially women's healthcare is really a Trojan horse approach towards population control. It has been very difficult to get real studies concerning the health risks of abortion and birth control because the pharmaceutical industry uses massive amounts of money to create false studies, and lobbies that turn a blind eye towards the health issues associated with birth control and abortion.

    In a highly esteemed journal a new study shows the correlation between the cancer rates and the sexual revolution,

    "The prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported Feb. 27 the rate of metastatic breast cancer in women ages 25 to 39 nearly doubled between 1976 and 2009, from 1.53 to 2.9 per 100,000."

    and on abortion Dr. Orient states,

    "She noted estrogen increases by 2,000 percent by the end of the first trimester, increasing cancer vulnerability. However, by the end of pregnancy, 85 percent of breast-cancer tissue has become cancer-resistant because of hormones made by the fetal-placenta presence.

    That means a completed pregnancy protects against breast cancer. The protection is lost when a pregnancy is aborted, making a woman even more vulnerable to breast cancer.

    Orient said at least 29 studies have shown a significant increase in breast cancer in women who have had an abortion. She said many studies indicate abortion may increase the risk of breast cancer by an average of 30 percent."

    That is the trick right there, the consequence of 'sex' is of course pregnancy being a procreative act. So the media has worked towards moving our culture to emphasis the pleasures of sex without the consequences and responsibility. To do this they rely on "science" to by-pass natural laws, but by-passing the natural laws comes with it's own set of consequences mainly cancer.

    Women are targeted for destruction first by limiting their ablity to reproduce for years on birth control and then are taken entirely out of the equation when they get cancer. This is exactly how more sex has resulted in managed depopulation in the western world. Only a fool would allow a medical doctor to manipulate their precious hormones critical to maintaining both health and reproduction.


    5) Why is the destruction and demonization of traditional families so important

    In a very telling interview, a "lesbian" women by the name of Masha Gessen, says the agenda behind the gay rights/gay marriage debate is the outright destruction of the traditional definition of marriage and the family.

    Here is an excerpt from an article in the Blaze along with a radio interview in which she stated the below points.

    "She shared her views on the subject and very specifically stated;

    • “Gay marriage is a lie.”
    • “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there.”
    • “It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.” (This statement is met with very loud applause.)

    As mentioned above, Gessen also talked about redefining the traditional family. This may have something to do with the fact that she has “three children with five parents”:

    “I don’t see why they (her children) shouldn’t have five parents legally. I don’t see why we should choose two of those parents and make them a sanctioned couple.”


    This is not an uncommon perspective amoung 'gay rights' proponents, they don't see the family as a universal norm, they instead see traditional marriage as a constant reminder of their abnormality and thus the rabid hate.

    Sexual malfunction like "homosexuality" in the face of such obviously universal laws such as opposite gender sexual attraction, marriage and the provision for the resulting offspring should be treated as a disease with in society. This used to be the prevalent opinion only 30 years ago, but not anymore because of the social engineering agenda behind the disruption and destruction of the family that has taken root in society. Society crumbles without the healthy family, training up moral, well educated, principled individuals.

    As society becomes more and more degenerate and corrupted away from it's natural state, families fail and thus society spirals down into the toilet faster and faster each generation. We have men and women in positions of power that live deviant, amoral lifestyles as a result of the destruction of their own family and they through their ignorance and corruptibility by outside influences are destroying society.


    6) Would there be supporters if people weren't living in fear of being labeled a bigot by society?

    There may only be 1% - 3% actual openly 'gay' or 'lesbian' people in our society, but you will find that there is an ever growing acceptance of the supposed alternative lifestyle among people. This is not because society has become more tolerant, in fact it is the exact opposite. It is because government and media have teamed up to create a protected class of individuals, mainly the politically created "homosexual". These protected individuals can quite literally bring down massive legal ramifications and penalties on individuals who would dare state the obvious, that sexual attraction between men or women of like gender is a perversion of the natural order.

    Hate laws, and the media demonization of "straight" people speaking out against the take over of our society by a small counter culture faction has created a chilling effect with in our society. No body dares critize the "homosexual" agenda because they will be decimated as a hate-monger and targeted as a criminal for exercising their free speech. These laws are a total afront on the criminal justice system, and what is more they are being used by "homosexuals" to create false reports by the thousands as shown in this database that chronicles the rise of false reporting of hate crimes.

    READ http://fakehatecrimes.org/

    "The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive database of the false reports of "hate crimes" committed in the USA. It builds on the work of Laird Wilcox, whose 1994 Crying Wolf (PDF) is the only book dedicated to this subject so far. "

    In fact one of the most famous cases, that of Matthew Sheppard, which was pounced on by liberal politicians like Ted Kennedy to push through hate crime legislation turned out to be a botched robbery and not related to the orientation of Matthew Sheppard at all. Read the full story here. This did not stop the media and political elite from capitalizing on the sad situation as quoted here,

    "While Shepard lay unconscious in a hospital, the national press quickly arrived in Laramie. Cal Rerucha, who prosecuted the case, told Vargas the media descended on Laramie "like locusts."

    "We knew in the newsroom the day it happened, this is going to be a huge story, this is going to attract international interest," said Jason Marsden of "The Casper Star-Tribune."

    "I remember one of my fellow reporters saying, 'this kid is going to be the new poster child for gay rights," he added. News of Shepard's death sparked reaction overseas and demonstrations across America."

    The reality of the situation is that a crime is a crime no matter what the motivation and we already have laws on the books that deal with crimes of all types. If we can't point out aberrations of nature of any and all sorts without fear of being labeled a bigot and homophobic then ask yourself is there really a First Amendment as afforded us in the Constitution of the United States? The answer is no there is not.

    7) Orientation is a choice

    Homosexuality is often depicted as a condition men and women are born into and they have no choice in the orientation and desires they express, in all actuality everything we do is a choice. The reality among anyone whether addicted to food, drugs, sex, pornography or masturbation is they are not addicted to the act itself but to the serotonin and dopamine response or flood of chemicals such actions and thoughts produce in our brain. In essence you are addicted to your own chemical response and not the act itself. Science has shown there are receptors in our brains that utilize these chemicals that regulate our moods, feelings, and states.

    Drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines and LSD etc, all utilize this system and mimic in a large part the natural chemicals of our brain and is why they are so addicting. What happens is thinking, or our internal dialog shapes neural pathways in our brain and the actions reinforce these pathways. Pathways that solidify as behavior is reinforced over the course of a lifetime.

    With addiction of any type it starts with our thoughts. Using a "Homosexual" as an example we can see how at a young age our society will expose a developing child to the concept of sex which is intriguing for a child who just discovered such a concept. As the brain plays with this new idea and the possibilities, it forms new neural pathways of knowledge, this is a normal response for a child upon learning of sex and curiosity ensues.

    The problem is society teaches alternative ideas about sex that contradict the natural state, this is why children via sex education programs are targeted at a young age in elementary and middle school. The social engineers know that the developing mind once exposed to information will quite literally obsess over it especially in these developing years. So they essentially create a feed back loop with in a child that is constantly checking whether they are normal and straight or gay. The mind will perform checks whether it likes that girl or likes that guy, and as child obsessives over the nature of sexuality, desire and orientation pathways begin to take shape that channel thinking in one direction. This constant checking trying to determine whether one is gay or straight is incredibly damaging on the developing psyche of a young adult, especially considering the obvious fact that  a man and women produce a baby. Simple math 1 + 1 = 2 becomes very confusing for a child when authority figures are telling them that all the variables possible can equal 2 in the context of a sex ed class.

    A very real epidemic is that of pornography and masturbation, children are exposed to graphic material at a very young age and quite literally because of the habitual use of pornography and masturbation engage the neural programming process and many become trapped in it for their entire lives. READ THIS article about a secular community that is being honest about the ramifications of porn and masturbation on their lives and are trying to encourage one another to escape the vicious often demoralizing lifestyle pornography creates. This article serves as an example as to how sexuality has been exploited entrapping both men and women in destructive and dehumanizing lifestyles. Instead of rationalizing it, normalizing it, this community is finally being honest about it and working towards freeing themselves from a choice based destructive lifestyle.

    Another point that needs to be made is that feminizing agents are being injected into our water and food, like BPA and other estrogen mimicking chemicals. This causes boy's to be hyper-feminized and women to develop breast cancer at astounding rates. More death and population control courteous of the global elite.


    8) The Biblical and Natural Law perspective

    The Bible and God's laws will always correspond with what we call Natural Law. God being creator of the universe has laid down constants, laws of nature that are unchanging and universal. The Laws and Commandments given to us by God in the Bible are what is called "Revealed Law". Revealed Law amplifies what we already know to be true and is found all around us in a state of nature. One of these laws is sexual reproduction of the higher species, one male and one female are required to produce offspring. This is as natural and fundamental as it get's, and can't be argued with because it is an observable fact.

    "Homosexuality" as a legitimate form of sex runs counter to the natural observable laws and is exactly why there is so much disagreement and debate about it's validity in our society. It is said all good law in society must agree with the natural laws of God because they are universally obvious to all in society. Bad law, is law that contradicts the obvious and creates division and confusion with in society.

    Here is some verses that layout the proper role for men, women, sex, and marriage. (Note that the Bible is full of bad examples even by patriarchs of the Jewish and Christian tradition, they are almost always chastised by God Himself or His prophets for their actions)

    Proper role for men, women, sex, marriage, and the family

    God created and then married one man and women. This is the original intent for marriage nothing more or less Genesis 2:20-25

    Offspring is blessed in the context of a Biblical marriage Genesis 1:27, 28

    Verses glorifying strong marriages, children and the family Psalms 127:3-5, Proverbs 31:28-29

    Keeping the marriage pure and undefiled Hebrews 13:4

    READ MORE VERSES on the role of the family and marriage

    When people obey God and work with in His framework the rewards and blessing we experience are incredible. In the family environment we experience forgiveness, unconditional love, instruction, wisdom, unity of purpose and also the blessing that comes with raising productive members of society. Though there are many examples of people in the Bible who fail to uphold this model this just serves to demonstrate that we are meant to use our reason, and free will to determine the right order of things and live it out over the course of a lifetime. God has ultimate respect for our free will, but it hurts Him immensely to watch the curses people place on their lives as a result of unnatural lifestyles full of lusts and self-gratification at the expense of others in their immediate family and society at large.



    There is a great contention by the "Homosexuals" and society in regards to the Bibles laws, mainly in Leviticus and Deuteronomy instructing them to be killed for their perverse lifestyles. Many of these verses on abominable acts such as incest, homosexuality and bestiality are found in Leviticus 20.The 'gay rights' proponents argue how can a loving God, demand the death of people he created.

    "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:13"

    To answer this the Bible talks about Satan, a created being working to move men's hearts away from the natural laws of God and his creation by perverting the natural order as a way to rebel against God. Where God seeks Truth of all His creation the devil seeks lies, where God wants to bless the devil curses, where God promotes life the devil promotes war, starvation and death, and where God seeks family blessings the devil seeks perversion.

    God is very clear that He does not tolerate anyone who rebels against the created order, to do so is to war with God Himself. God has left his mark on his creation through manifold layers of natural laws that must be obeyed, to do otherwise is counted as rebellion against God.

    Ask yourself, if sex is clearly defined and demonstrated by all of creation as copulation of a male and female of the same species then what act could be defined as the exact opposite and ultimate rebellion? Sodomy would be the answer. Think about it, if the womb is the source of life, then the anus or any other orifice for that matter is the source of death and waste. Homosexuals and even in heterosexual partnerships the spilling of man's seed into the rectum can be viewed as a ultimate abomination and perversion of the intention and design of our creator God. This is the lifestyle the Bible condemns, for most people talking about this is grotesque, yet through pornography and homosexual propaganda these things are being forced into our society as a natural act. The effect it has had on the moral fabric of our society is disastrous, we live in a time where families and children are being destroyed as men and women forgo the required sacrifices, responsibilities and duties we are meant for and follow after their own lusts.

    We have to realize that the straw-man arguments and logical fallacies the world offers regarding marriage the family and sex contradict the natural law, order and commandments of our creator God. It is Bad Law. When any people engage and normalize perverse behavior we do so at great cost to ourselves and posterity. The cost is divorce, adultery, abuse, moral degradation and societal corruption and we will reap the rewards of such living if we haven't already. It only took 50 years for America to go from a nuclear traditional view on marriage and family to the one we have today. This is the power of money, propaganda and fear based hate laws and if we don't stand for Truth of the most obvious fashion we will fall for all lies on every issue.

    Remember there is no such thing as "Homosexuality" this is a political straw-man that can only be defeated by addressing the logical fallacy type arguments. If Christians and moral people wish to counteract the lies in society then we can not get wrapped up in the wrong debate. The manipulation of language has got to be addressed, definitions must be adhered to and people of Truth and morality must stand for the family and marriage once again if we are to win this culture war. To do otherwise is to live under the curse of God.


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