A Pivotal Moment in Human History


    By Jason Charles on 4/29/2020 (4 years 86 days ago) Globalism/N.W.O

    Every year we move forward without a global overthrow of the technocratic system, means it becomes increasingly improbable humanity ever will. Without question we have arrived at a pivotal moment in history; will humanity fight for its value and worth? Or will it allow its value to be determined by an elite few, who have proven it places little value on human life or liberties.

    As the surreal nature of the CON-VID19 plandemic starts to cede, one thing is certain, we now live with the realities of globalism as opposed to its past speculation. It is here, it acted, and it demonstrated its raw power to control every aspect of our lives. With the shutdown it impacted every one of us; a true to life global government is now an explicit actor on the world stage.

    Market Watch writing on the crisis, globalism and the seemingly infinite power of central bankers said this recently,

     “The governments and central banks of the U.S. and nations around the world have vastly expanded their powers to prop up their economies and restrict the movement of people to halt the viral outbreak. At the same time, the crisis has accelerated a burgeoning backlash against globalism as countries recognize the danger of critical supply chains being too heavily concentrated in places like China.

    “Investors should keep in mind that the virus is likely to have consequences beyond the next year. The effects will continue to reverberate long after the lockdowns are lifted,” Capital Economics chief economist Neil Shearing wrote in a new note. “New powers are often easy to acquire but difficult to give back.

    Central banks have also intervened in extraordinary and unprecedented ways. They’ve slashed interest rates to zero again, loosened regulations and made trillions in loans available to many segments of the economy. Even during the worst of the 2007-2009 Great Recession, the Federal Reserve didn’t go nearly as far as it’s gone now.

    Even as the pandemic recedes, the Fed is expected to support the economy indefinitely. Most economists say a recovery is likely to take several years and the repercussions could be felt for a decade or more. It could be a long time before the Fed takes a back seat again in the management of the U.S. economy.”(Market Watch, 4/27/2020)


    If central bankers have control over the U.S. economy to the degree described, which I believe is actually far worse, then the critical economic bailouts are being weaponzied as a means to control governments; including Trump. You can get a glimpse of this reality by reading the headlines, but a proper and more fitting analogy is a fat, cigar smoking banker with a gun to Trump’s head saying we will continue to impede and hold up Small Business Loans unless our demands are met. He is cooperating with white collar terrorists called central bankers, there is no plan to trust for all of the misguided Q followers out there.

    Only a true fool would trust the promises of these bankers to bailout the economy instead of seize on this opportunity to implement global communism. Which is exactly what they are doing.


    The Coming Manufactured Famine

    When that globalist snake Fauci, testified before Congress, and recommended we start closing down gathering spots and by proxy the economy, he was laying a trap on behalf of the central bankers and globalists, not trying to protect us all from a virus.

    This is more than just a precaution to deter the spread of a disease; it is a switch over to full communism complete with FEMA Points of Distribution (POD) plans.

    FEMA is at the center of everything, in terms of the food supply chain, nationwide medical testing stations and National Guard staffed field hospitals, exactly how the President and Vice President laid out in a press conferences back in March at the start of all this. They told us that they called on the world’s largest food suppliers who assured them they would act as the FEMA Points of Distribution for the U.S. citizenry.

    “THE PRESIDENT: …I just had a phone call with very impressive people — the biggest in the world, in the world of stores and groceries and all.  And I’ll give you the names:

    Dave Clark, Whole Foods.
    Mark Clouse, CEO of Campbell Soup Company.
    Brian Cornell, CEO of Target.
    Randy Edeker, Chairman and CEO, President of Hy-Vee.
    Jeff Harmening, CEO of General Mills.  A great company.
    Kevin Hourican, President and CEO of Sysco.
    Craig Jelinek, CEO of Costco.
    Todd Jones, CEO of Publix Super Markets.
    Donnie King, Tyson Foods.
    David MacLennan, Chairman and CEO of Cargill.
    Rodney McMullan, CEO, Chairman of Kroger — a big co mpany.
    Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart.  He’s been fantastic.  Doug was here, as you know, on Friday.  And he watched the market go up 2,000 points.  On Friday, it went up 2,000 — almost 2,000 points.
    Todd Vasos, CEO of Dollar General Corporation.
    And Vivek Sankaran, President and CEO of Albertsons.

    So these are all phenomenal companies.  These are great companies.  We had a long conversation with them.  And they’ve — they’re going to work 24 hours around the clock keeping their store stocked.

    VICE PRESIDENT: …So, with the emergency declaration, this was very, very important to us because it really enabled the historically effective processes of working and empowering states — federally supported, state-led efforts — through the normal FEMA mechanisms.

    So for the last 72 hours, representatives of FEMA from across the government and our Commissioned Corps have been working on joining the unique and unprecedented public health mission with the historically successful mission of personal — of distribution centers, places for distribution — the pod system of FEMA.” (Whitehouse.gov, 3/15/2020)


    The central bankers are using this manufactured crisis to destroy the means of production and distribution for the local, small farmers and meat packers, centralizing it all in the hands of giant multinationals. This was the plan from the beginning. The destruction of the U.S. food chain is part of this power grab.

    As evidence, massive amounts of animals are being needlessly euthanized because some facilities get to remain open that are on Trump’s A-list, and others simply must kill their stock of animals and go bankrupt because they are forbidden to work.

    “Covid-related slaughterhouse shutdowns in the US are leading to fears of meat shortages and price rises, while farmers are being forced to consider “depopulating” their animals.

    More than 20 slaughterhouses have been forced to close, although some have subsequently reopened. On Tuesday President Trump issued an executive order to keep slaughterhouses open which would, he said, help solve liability problems for meat companies.

    At least two million animals have already reportedly been culled on farm, and that number is expected to rise. Approved methods for slaughtering poultry include slow suffocation by covering them with foam, or by shutting off the ventilation into the barns.” (The Guardian, 4/29/2020)


    This act doesn’t make any sense unless you recognize it as a globalist power play.

    There is no money for Main Street, small businesses are meant to fail, and only the approved international conglomerates that provide the food, the distribution points, and the means of production itself will provide all the jobs in the future. Of course, it will all be GMO laden, processed trash, because that is what these companies specialize in, using food and health as a guise for population control.

    The only place available for food and living supplies will be your state approved Costco, Target, etc. or as I call them FEMA Distribution Centers. Also, it is not just here, FEMA is an international program working throughout the world to implement emergency measures with the cooperation of each countries respective multinational suppliers in Europe, Africa, S. America, etc.

    Learn more about FEMA international programs.

    This is global communism; this is the Beast system.



    I have news for you too, if you think these types of globalist powers will be initiated sparingly in the future on fear of only a global pandemic you are sadly mistaken. Like Edison wiring up a string of electric lights, every nation on earth is now hard wired to cede national sovereignty over to globalist organizations on any issue that could be perceived as transnational in nature.

    War is transnational, economic upheaval is transnational, the food supply is transnational, pandemics are all transnational, nuclear treaties are transnational, religion is transnational, human-trafficking is transnational, drugs are transnational, terrorism is transnational, space is transnational, cybersecurity is transnational and even the weather or “climate change” is a transitional crisis warranting global intervention.

    Every conceivable issue can be labeled as global concern, and thus an excuse to implement any and all types of draconian controls, up to quarantine and further.

    Humanity, is now fully divested away from any semblance of national power and rule, and instead has allowed an elite class of hyper-networked politicians, old-world dynasties, technocrats, central bankers, think tanks, and multinational corporations hijack ours and our children’s future. This collective, thrives on scientific atheism and eugenics philosophies that have rendered god obsolete.

    We must use this opportunity while they have all overplayed their hands to point out the absurdity of centralized government.

    Allowing a City Council 50 miles away from you, to initiate emergency orders that came from a governor 600 miles away, that came from federal bureaucrats 3000 miles away from you, who are in turn taking orders from globalist organizations in Europe 6000 miles away is an absurdity and is completely opposite of the Federalist system our forefathers bequeathed to us, that placed power in the individual and at the local level.

    There is no way they can homogenize crisis response across diverse localized sectors and expect anything other than a full-on revolt seeing in some areas relief is needed and other areas the response will perceived as unnecessary and oppressive.

    That is why it is important they pay off the governors and local politics with emergency funds so it seems like these managed crisis events are being driven at the local level, when in fact they are truly being managed at the global level.  

    I am praying that anyone reading my columns see this for what it is, and is busy assessing their exposure in these big cities and making plans to get out, and build a system of provision and defense apart from the globalist system. This is truly a pivitol moment in our history, the suffering they plan to unleash will be unbearable, stripping most people of the will to fight back. We won't get representation from the global government, nor can we reason with them, redress them, or protest them... they simply don't care. The only way forward will be to make this as painful on them as they plan on making it for us, compliance with a system of force is to fail humanity and future generations. That is just the honest to God Truth on this matter.

    Therefore let us not sleep, as [do] others; but let us watch and be sober. 1Thessalonians 1 5-6

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