Abortion Violates the Three Cornerstones of Natural Rights


    By Jason Charles on 7/6/2018 (6 years 19 days ago) Natural Law

    To begin, people that advocate murder are scary. Viva Ruiz, the founder of the group, Thank God for Abortion was quoted in a video recently saying,

    “When I had my first abortion, I was like this is not what they said it will be, I did not see my experience in the landscape of the conversation. I wanted to inject joy, and this joy was about autonomy…I have a right to do what I want with this body…abortion is a basic human right.”


    This argument has become a staple argument for baby murderers in this country; and those using this argument do so because it provides a clever means to shift the argument from the defensive position of defending baby murder, to the offensive position of accusing others of denying basic human rights.

    If these murder advocates can frame the argument around their human rights violations, then the baby itself becomes a parasite that has imposed itself on the autonomy of the mother and thus worthy of destruction. The baby is said to be violating the natural rights of the mother by being a drain on the mother’s life, property, and autonomy. Sounds pretty drastic right? Wrong!


    The Crime Doesn’t Fit the Punishment

    In all actuality the drain on the mother is minimal, 9 gestational months max. Contrast that with the murderous impact on the forming baby, and the termination of the baby’s life which far exceeds the impact of a pregnancy going to term. Death is too harsh of a punishment on a baby who was created through the negligent actions of the mother. The crime the baby supposedly commits doesn’t fit the punishment of legally protected surgical execution. A reasonable fee to the baby would be a notice of 9 months eviction, and an invoice for 9 months worth of lodging and food, then a traumatic experience fee applied for the birth process itself.

    The logic of the pro-baby-murderers is astoundingly flimsy and unreasonable on its face. What’s more is the claim abortion is a Natural Right, violates the 3 core common law principles in which we determine a Natural Right.

    Flimsy Legal Ground

    These woman and doctors who participate in abortion are operating under a presupposition that the legal grounds of their argument are sound. Unfortunately as we will examine, abortion fails to meet the legal criteria under our concept of Natural Law and Constitutional Law.

    First off autonomy is not a Natural Right. This concept of “human autonomy” is completely false and an unattainable state-of-being, and has never existed at any stage in human history or biological development. Everything in this life is connected; nothing is able to sustain itself without imposing on another form of life, or benefiting from the lives, and work of others in some way.

    So even though Viva Ruiz claims that her two abortions gave her back autonomy and joy, the reality is she was never autonomous in the first place. The only reason she is alive is because her parents gifted her daily with actual rights to life, property, and protection. Then once she secured these things without the aid of her parents almost 2 decades later after conception, she still was wholly reliant on the collective work of society to bring about the necessities of life. If she was denied any one of those three fundamental rights, at any point along the way, then she would die and the chain of gifts, investments, and efforts of other people dies with her. Abortion is one of the most selfish acts on earth because it denies your own baby the gifts of life and real natural rights that others fought and sacrificed to give you.


    The 3 Core Principles of Rights

    Life cannot be sustained if these three things are not secured and passed down from one successive generation to another. Thus the maintenance of these three things is essential, celebrated and preserved beyond all else on an instinctual level in human society. These three things are Right to Life, Right to Property, and Right to Self-Defense. Each can be reasoned from a purely naturalistic perspective, without conjuring spiritual arguments.


    Right to Life

    We say life is a miraculous gift, because it truly is. Not only is it bestowed upon us at conception by a biological miracle, it continues to be so through the gift of continual sacrifice, hard-work and care by a parent, or caretakers for decades. The life we have is truly the product of untold amounts of gifts, time, patience, protection and care extending back literally to Adam himself. Life is a gift, upon gift, upon gift, upon gift on into infinity.

    If autonomy was even remotely plausible in the human species then we would not need the aid of the mother or father, and would instantly spring into existence and start caring for ourselves like a spider emerging from an egg sac. That is not what happens, that is not how nature designed humanity. Thus, unlike spider morality, human morality revolves around the fact that humankind cares for the lives of their offspring for at least 15 years. The laws we have reflect natural observations, and are in place to support it. New life in humans takes work and care and we do everything to protect life because of the collective investment of love and care that goes into a child’s life from conception to adulthood. It is an enormous effort and thus valued as the highest of commodities in a purely natural frame of thinking.

    Our laws and family tax credits encourage the formation of families, and rightfully reward this hard work, recognizing the future impact and necessity new life means for the future of humanity. Society likewise punishes anyone who would disrupt this miraculous process, and take life needlessly. It is seen as a crime of the highest order because the amount of value placed on life and the efforts made to maintain it to this point.


    Abortion Fails the Test: The argument that abortion is a natural right falls flat. To be a “Right” in the truest sense, it must aid in the process of giving life value. Instead abortion by definition makes life expendable and destroys it from existence making it valueless. Therefore it can’t be a "Right" if it destroys life seeing all core rights are derived from the value placed on life and its care.


    Right to Self-Defense

    Nature requires that within humankind there is no disruption in the instinct to preserve life at all costs. If life is valuable, it is made valuable first by hard work, but secondly it is valuable by our innate drive to protect it and defend it at all costs. We understand that our own lives and the lives of others are worth defending. By virtue of this inner reckoning, we also understand if our own life is valuable, then the person's life next to us is equally as valuable and worthy of protection and defense. This knowledge is what makes society work. If we can’t count on one another to protect each other then society crumbles as result of mistrust, and the ability to mutually help one another is lost.

    In the animal kingdom the hardware of defense it built into most creatures by nature. Run a fowl of a mama bear or a frightened dog and claws will fly and teeth will flash. Then you add in the protective instinct of a mother and father and we quickly see that Self-Defense and protection of our offspring is not even something we can stop ourselves from if we tried. In the right circumstance the ferocity of our inner nature comes out in defense of  our own life and others automatically.

    Abortion Fails the Test: It is a marvel to me how a woman can be led to override this natural instinct to protect their own child, much less willfully rip their own offspring limb from limb in her own womb. It only becomes a testament to the ability word-sorcerers have, towards weaving narratives that override the most base of instincts a woman is endowed with, also fathers for that that matter who have by a nature an overdeloped sense of security. None-the-less abortion does not meet the primary criteria of protecting life to elevate it to the status of a Natural Right. Obviously the failure of protecting life shows a malfunction of the biologic imperative.


    Right to Property

    We have built on this idea of work being stored value, and that value is a protectecd necessity of life. So in this sense we can also argue that from conception to birth during that 9 months of pregnancy a baby is making a herculean effort on a cellular level to survive. Upon conception two cells merge and immediately go to work locating the building blocks towards growth. The fact that our actual body is built on the collective work of trillions of cells makes it a valuable and protected process.

    Not only is the work of the baby stored value, but who owns the original code that made this process possible? The very DNA programming that propels the impetus towards the growth in the first place, DNA itself shows a preference by nature itself to require hard work as the means to maintain itself.

    The process of life is a miracle, because it requires gifts of tremendous generosity for life to continue one generation from the next unabated.

    We are entitled to our labor, our labor is life. If someone or something steals the work or means to perform it from us, then they are looking to deprive us of life itself and are then in violation of our very real Natural Rights and must be terminated.

    Abortion Fails the Test: The mother who aborts their child deprives their own child of their own work and property, mainly their body and life. By dismembering it and killing the life of their own child they demonstrate that their body and the work it does is more valuable than the life and body of their own child. So again there is no way that abortion can be elevated to a Natural Right because it is based in the destruction of property and the life of a child and not its protection.



    When a woman like Viva Ruiz begins to state that one life is more valuable than another, then she is no different than the Nazi’s who valued their own property and their own bodies over the bodies of Jews. This is a dangerous game. Ignoring real Natural Rights in favor of contrived ones like abortion places society in the precarious position of picking who gets to live and who doesn’t. This thinking has already manifested many evils in society. In addition when government begins to sanction these murderous acts, the moral confusion that festers in society will in the end tear it asunder in much the same way abortion tears asunder a developing fetus. Limb by limb the body public is destroyed. Most people can’t in their conscience go along with such vileness, and it will inevitably result in warring factions as it has in the political sphere.

    A baby carried to term is given the chance to live, given food, property and shelter by the mother and father who defends that child with the same tenacity that they would defend their own selves is operating under actual Natural Rights. That is a how we are bequffed these foundational Natural Rights, others give them and others maintain them alongside us. Nature itself demands that all of these things are fulfilled, in order for this process to continue.

    Abortion on the other hand denies life, property and even the right to defend itself from its own mother, and thus can never be a Natural Right. Abortion is completely opposite of a Natural Right. To murder a child in the womb simply because they, by no action of the baby's, slipped up in one of their casual sexual encounters is hardly just law and legal grounds for such punishment.

    60 million dead babies later we are only now beginning to see the impact bad law has on a society when our government itself sides with the murderers, it shatters the moral compass of most people. The latest example, Viva Ruiz, who has no moral compass and a false understanding of rights. A radical liberal who will go off on the government for a thousand issues that are unjust, like war, and denial of welfare, immigration, etc, but will unthinkingly trust the government has it right on this one issue. No, government is never right; relying on government to set a moral standard when they are in the wrong 99.5% of the time is asinine. Only a fool would murder their child because the government says its okay too, and is convenient. All you are doing is allowing evil government the justification to pick and choose who lives and dies at its own convenience. Something evil government wants above all else. They can then set the precedent for killing political dissidents, burdensome immigrant “parasites” and undesirables at a whim on the pretext of the “right” to kill babies in the womb because they are a burden. This one issue extends into every issue and affects millions of lives the world over. The reason the government allows it, is because of ulterior motivations other than the protection of the autonomy of a mother. That is an unfounded argument, that selfish woman fall prey to at the expense of more than just their baby’s life, but the moral fabric of law and order itself among society. Either we legally operate under the idea that all life is sacred, or else no life is sacred. There is no middle ground.

    I find it ironic that the party of equality, and anti-racism advocates baby killing and selective murder of developing children. This is the philosophy that has unleashed so much evil and racism itself we can’t even calculate the impact on the human species. There can be no equality if one group has the right to murder another based on the age, size, ability, etc.

    Natural Rights dictate that life is sacred, in need of protection at every stage, and is secured by their ability to gain property and sustenance towards the advancement of that life. The reality here is laws are made so it prevents someone from disrupting another’s Natural Rights towards their hurt and even death. When they murder a life they themselves forfeit their own right to life and liberty.

    Rigths only stem from these 3 Three Principles of protecting life, not destroying life.

    These woman that have abortions and those that profit from the institution should be arrested, tried and executed for the violation of millions of babies Natural Rights. Instead they work to muddy the water of truth in an effort to keep it legal. If their god, government was ever to reverse its stance on abortion they are in jeopardy of righteous justice. They know this, and this is why they work so hard to manipulate the arguments around false narratives and lash out like maniacs. They have proven they value their lives above their own children and even the peace of society, don’t think for an instant they won’t kill to maintain the right to kill. Their very nature is evil, and it is a drain on society and it must be dwelt with soon if we justice oriented human beings are to survive.

    It all boils down to abortion can't be a Natural Right because it destroys life, it does not work towards its maintenience, the end. The question is what are we going to do, let them destroy society with their vile appitites? I side with Jesus and say never.

    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
    Matthew 18:65

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