Anarchist Ideology has Destroyed the Liberty Movement


    By Jason Charles on 2/8/2016 (8 years 101 days ago) Politics & Government

    What does LaVoy Finicum and Rand Paul have in common? They both are recent casualties of anarchist principles taking over the liberty movement.


    The Ron Paul Revolution


    Flash back to the election years of 2008 and 2012, Ron Paul inspired millions of young people to embrace the founding principles of our Constitutional Republic. Many people and college students began to obsessively research his voting record, his commitment to sound money philosophy, limited government and  the Principles of Liberty that were foundational to the ideological formation of our government. And so began the Ron Paul Revolution.

    Those election years were instrumental in mainstreaming long forgotten truths and inspired countless thousands of young and old alike to begin producing blogs, radio shows, meet up groups, films, and political action committees all promoting Ron Paul and the liberty message. A lot of these people went on to be highly influential and successful themselves. For the most part they understood that the original intent of the Constitution was to limit government and provide for the protection of our fundamental God given liberties. During that time nobody disputed the necessity of Government except for a few fringe elements whose voices were largely lost in the excitement the Ron Paul Revolution generated among young people in this country.

    Ron Paul was a centralizing figure for many people who were swept up in the Liberty Revolution during those last election cycles. The most important thing that came out of the Ron Paul Revolution was the fact that many disenfranchised youths got involved at the grassroots level and established a formable political block through the efforts of Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty and the Young Americans for Liberty organizations. These groups have worked tirelessly to win elected positions all throughout local and even in federal levels of government. They were young, energized, professional and polished, and made passionate appeals towards limited government and a restoration of our constitutional system.


    Rand Paul's Primary Flop

    So with all of this momentum what happened to Rand Paul's campaign? Why was he un-able to translate the momentum his father generated in past election seasons into his own campaign? The answer to this question is because the liberty movement has been totally overtaken with anarchist and anti-government ideologies and sentiments since the 2012 election season. Almost all of the young people since then have become so thoroughly disillusioned with government and the Republican party they no longer advocate for government solutions, and instead they advocate against government all together.

    The reason Rand Paul failed was because he attempted the impossible. He tried to maintain as best as possible a purist approach toward the constitutional principles his father used to attract so many people to the liberty movement in the first place, all the while also trying to appease the GOP gatekeepers. There is no question that the GOP saw the Ron Paul revolution as a threat to their big government hegemony, their military adventurism, corporate fascism and Wall Street Cronyism. He simply was and is too much like his father for the GOP elite to stomach knowing full well he would work to dismantle their power systems from inside. The GOP power-base has never been in the people, it has always resided in the corporate fascist superstructure called the American empire. By playing ball with the GOP in the way of establishment endorsements he lost his father's base years ago, and by going against the establishment in the way of NSA spying, the wars abroad, the Federal Reserve, drones, and the War on Drugs he was fighting a losing battle in the GOP. His presidential campaign was quite literally a no win situation for no other reason than the political landscape has changed greatly since his father ran.


    The Descent into Anarchy

    Many in the movement who used to be proponents of the constitutional system are now unabashedly anti-government. Though they will attempt to give you philosophical arguments as to why we don't need a government of any sort what they are really doing is lashing out at a system they feel has failed to make room at the table for their ideas. What these young people suffer from is a severe case of old fashioned butt-hurt, and they are seeking alternative ideas that de-emphasize political solutions as a means of winning back our country. The proponents of anarchism have filled the void left by the Ron Paul Revolution with hate for government and as a result this disillusionment with the political process has devolved into pure unadulterated anarchism. A belief that government is not necessary towards the protection of fundamental rights. They truly believe that a free market system is all that is needed to assure that civilian groups can enter into private voluntary contracts towards the maintenance of societal resources, institutions, and can arbitrate disputes among themselves.

    The biggest problem with anarchism is not that it isn't reasoned in its arguments, quite the contrary, there are many well spoken and articulate proponents of anarchist principles. The main problem is it becomes a breeding ground for anti-authoritarian, anti-government hate. The liberty movement has digressed into pure anti-authoritarianism having forsaken the constitutional solutions advocated by Ron and Rand Paul for the last 12 years towards little success. The total distrust for government has reached a climax in this country and we are seeing the fabric of society begin to fray and devolve into balkanized groups of blacks against whites, whites against Mexicans and Muslims, liberals against conservatives, and males against females. Everyone of these groups have descended into a mob mentality and feel government is only good when their ideology and power-block is in control. So whether you are talking about the Black Lives matter groups, the illegal alien mass migration, or the disenfranchised tea party constitutionalists, all are feeling government has abandoned them and have caused irrevocable harm towards their lives and wellbeing and thus they all have consciously or sub-consciously taken on a anti-authoritarian/anti-government bent. There simply is no political solution being advocated by any of these groups which makes for a very dangerous political climate. It truly is an us against them mentality in population groups that number in the 10's of millions in this country and every one of them have a disdain for government and authority.


    The Killing of LaVoy Finicum

    The takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Center in Oregon is a very real reflection of how former constitutionalists have ideologically digressed into pure revolutionary anarchism. Though the militia group led by Ammon Bundy and his cohorts felt it was a just cause, and a just action it was anything but. They led a armed takeover of a federal facility feeling there is no government solution to their problems with the BLM. As a result of this anti-authoritarian sentiment a man lost his life on January 26, 2016 in a confrontation with police who were serving a legal warrant. These men professed to be constitutionalists, but their actions show otherwise. Doing what they did shows that they have no concept of what can be considered just revolution and action towards the restitution of government.

    Recently Pastor Chuck Baldwin gave what I feel to be the most important sermon given in 240 years since the founding of our republic. I implore everyone reading this article to take the time to watch this sermon in its entirety. In it Pastor Baldwin lays out the principles adhered to by our founders to assure their success not only among the colonies, the people, but also God. I simply cannot overstate the need to watch this video at this juncture in our nation's history. It is critical we move ahead with these principles in mind.

    Watch the Sermon The Right Of Revolution As Justified In Natural And Revealed Law - by Chuck Baldwin on Jan. 31, 2016

    The founders understood that no revolution would be successful without the body politic, this is why they formed a Continental Congress that was attended by representatives of all 13 colonies who were all duly elected to their positions and voted on the behalf of their constituents in their respective states. Contrary to popular belief the founders were not some rag tag band of rebel guerrilla fighters. They understood the role of Government and they understood the consequences of separation.


    Anarchism is Satanism

    At its core anarchism or anti-authoritarianism is anti-God, and is in total opposition to what our founders fought and died for. One of the core tenets of Satanism as laid out by professed occultist Aleister Crowley was "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." This concept of do what thy wilt has become a central tenant of anarchist philosophy. The idea that nobody has a right to tell you what to do, that nobody has authority over another is on its face veiled Satanism. No man is an island, we all have responsibilities to our families, our co-workers, our society, our parents, to our nation and to the world.

    For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.
    Romans 14:7

    The human life and the life of all living creations is replete with responsibility, the fulfilling of these duties is what allows for enough order that we might live peacefully among each other. If we were all to simply do what we wilt and disdain authority structures of any type including government then we would see a massive breakdown in human relations. For all the folks that have gone on to ascribe to anarchist ideals, their view of liberty has become synonymous with hedonistic lifestyles and unaccountability toward authority structures of any kind. This is not liberty, liberty provides for the wellbeing and defense of all under its care which takes a profound appreciation for morality, respect of life, duty, and knowledge of authority structures to maintain. Liberty cannot be maintained in the absence of these things.

    This world is imbued on every level of creation with laws, and structures of authority of all types including governing authorities. Governing authorities are as important as parental authority in the home, spiritual authority in the church, and institutional authorities in the private sector. All provide order, government is not something our founders ever rejected as a whole. Instead they worked together to bring everyone into the unity necessary towards the reformation of a governing body that would work towards the interest of the people in the colonies. This took time, and cooperation among a very diverse group of people, without governing bodies representing the will of the people the revolution would have absolutely and totally failed before it even got started. One thing about anarchists is they disdain others opinions and are impossible to work with as a result. If the founders spent their time herding cats we would be British subjects today, and that is what the purely anti-authoritarian atmosphere in the Liberty Movement has left us with, the inability to work together.

    Anarchism in the liberty movement has and is destroying what we know to be true. There is no way that we will succeed in our cause by eschewing government all together, forming up rag tag bands of revolutionaries like in Oregon and fighting it out with the establishment is a fool's errand. The will of the people must be turned to the cause of liberty in a mass way, and the only way to do that is to reason with both the establishment and the rabble rousing anti-authoritarian types toward the cause of liberty. It is there, in the principles of liberty we can all find the common ground necessary to assure the wellbeing and protection of every interest in society as well as give others a voice. The structure of Government can be leveraged towards this end, that is what gives it its inherent power, that is its primary function. Government is a tool to leverage the power elite through the sheer forces of cooperative numbers in the body politic.

    Those that are espousing anti-government rhetoric have done nothing but inflame a volatile situation in this country, the best thing to do is understand that we are not anti-government, we are pro-constitution and pro-liberty and advance our cause through the means given to us within those systems. Those that insist on being anti-government need to understand that you will never have the means, the numbers nor the grace of all mighty God in any action taken without the will of the people. You will only incur the wrath of government giving them all the excuse they need to up the police state and despotism in this country. Anti-government rhetoric and violent excursions against the establishment will only leave this country in a worse state, and worse position than anything the government can do by slow steady encroachment on our liberties like they have.

    We don't submit ourselves to authority that is unjust, but that doesn't mean we destroy systems of authority either, we work to right them because authority is ordained by God. It is a natural proclivity of all man to live in a ordered society, and government, good government is essential toward that end.

    Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well. For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: 1 Peter 2:14-15



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