Attention Americans You Probably Already had Covid-19 But Trump’s Cure WILL Kill You


    By Jason Charles on 3/23/2020 (4 years 123 days ago) Globalism/N.W.O

    For months, well before the Chinese outbreak of Coronavirus even made the news there had been a mysterious respiratory illness that had been circulating all over the United States. The majority of adults who came down with this illness had cold symptoms and fever. As a result of the fever they rushed to the hospital to get medication and to test for the common flu, those tests always came back negative. They were then sent home, and told to weather it out. In some cases it would go away then re-surface multiple times, and was very difficult to treat over the course of 6 weeks or more.

    Think back, did you or anyone you know come down with a wicked cold/flu type respiratory illness around Christmas time 2019? Did you have horrible congestion, clots of yellow phlegm, your lungs felt like they were filled with shattered glass when you coughed, fever around 102-103 deg for 3-5 days, and it took weeks to get over?

    Well if so, then congratulations, your symptoms matched the Covind-19 list verbatim. The World Health Organization (WHO) lists all of these as common symptoms of COVID-19,

    Common symptoms include: (, 3/2020)

    • fever

    • tiredness

    • dry cough

    • shortness of breath

    • aches and pains

    • sore throat

    • and very few people will report diarrhoea, nausea or a runny nose.


    As I will demonstrate, Covid-19 has been in mainland America for a while and many thousands of people have already suffered through it prior to the Chinese outbreak. It was never identified nor was it labeled as such because there were no tests available at the time, nor was it even on anyone’s radar as a novel form of the Cornavirus.

    So, if I am correct, and many of us have already survived the Covid-19 outbreak months ago why are we just now making a big deal about it?


    The Bigger Picture

    If you are not thinking in terms of a larger conspiracy when trying to wrap your brain around the Cornavirus scare, the ensuing market crash, the $2 Trillion dollar bailout of Wall Street, the over-reaction of the Trump admin, and the massive global quarantines here and abroad you really must be the most naïve person on Earth.

    While there are many crazy theories being put forth as to why this is all happening, here is my short take on what I believe to be happening. I personally believe that what we are witnessing is the beginning stages of a globalist managed pandemic that will ultimately take many, many lives in the Unites States and abroad and will be used to breathe new life into a failing Globalist agenda.

    While the official story states the virus was spread in Chinese markets, what you will not hear is that Chinese, Russian, and Iranian authorities have all made official statements maintaining that Covid-19 was a biological warfare agent originating in the United States. Global Research, a stellar news organization reporting on Covid-19 as a bioweapon writes,

    “The hypothesis of biological warfare behind the global pandemic had already been raised by Russian experts some weeks ago. Like any opinion that is slightly different from the official version of Western governments and their media agencies, the thesis was ridiculed and accused of being a “conspiracy theory”. However, as soon as the official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the second largest economic power on the planet publishes a note attesting to this possibility, it leaves the sphere of “conspiracy theories” to enter the scene of public opinion and official government versions.

    In addition to making the explanation of biological warfare official, Zhao Lijian raised important questions about the pandemic data in the USA: “When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!”

    The supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, ordered on the same day of the declaration of the Chinese Ministry the creation of a unified center of scientific research specialized in the fight against the coronavirus. The motivation, according to the Iranian spiritual and political leader, was motivated by evidence that the pandemic is a biological attack. These are his words:

    “The establishment of a headquarters to fight the outbreak [of COVID-19] occurs due to the presence of evidence that indicates the possibility of a biological attack, signaling that it is necessary that all coping services [to the coronavirus] be under the command of a unified headquarters”.

    In fact, what the mainstream Western media has called a “conspiracy” has been manifested in US defense programs for a long time. We must briefly recall the official document named “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, published by the conservative think tank “Project for a new American Century”, where we can clearly read: “(…) advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool “.

    Taking into account that the document was published in 2000, we can see that the possibility of biological warfare has been carefully considered and worked on by American strategists for at least two decades. However, the projects are even older. This article published in Global Research tells a brief history of biological warfare technology, tracing the remote origins of this practice by the American armed forces. In this genealogy of biological warfare, we find reports of the use of bio-weapons in wars in great conflicts of the last century, such as the Second World War, the Korea War and the conflicts with Cuba. Even so, until last Thursday, the mere fact of mentioning this hypothesis for the new coronavirus was rejected as conspiracy.

    We must attain to concrete data: Pentagon has 400 military laboratories around the world, whose activities are still obscure; the USA has not yet made a clear statement about the COVID-19 data in its territory, having not yet informed the identity of its patient zero and maintaining uncertain information about the number of infected; Chinese scientists conducted a complex study in which they concluded that the virus did not originate in China, but that it had multiple and diverse sources from the Huanan marine seafood market from where the virus subsequently spread.

    In February, the Japanese media agency Ashi TV reported that the virus originated in the U.S., not China, and that Washington would be omitting its actual numbers, with some cases of death attributed to influenza being, in fact, camouflaged cases of coronavirus; on February 27, a Taiwanese virologist presented a series of flowcharts on a TV program, corroborating the thesis that the virus has an American origin, providing a scientific explanation to the flow of the virus sources devoid of any geopolitical purpose.

    Another curious fact is that China has been unexpectedly affected by epidemic phenomena, particularly during the period of the trade war between Beijing and Washington. Only between 2018 and the beginning of 2020, the country recorded epidemic episodes of H7N4, H7N9 (two variations of bird flu) and African swine flu. Also, the US has not officially responded to any of these notes, remaining silent about the coronavirus situation in its territory.” (Global Research, 3/18/2020)


    As incredible as this information is, I want to highlight the Japanese account in the quoted text who is reporting that the Covid-19 virus started in American not China, and the death numbers are being covered up as Influenza deaths,

    In February, the Japanese media agency Ashi TV reported that the virus originated in the U.S., not China, and that Washington would be omitting its actual numbers, with some cases of death attributed to influenza being, in fact, camouflaged cases of coronavirus”


    This Japanese report is an important piece of the puzzle and nobody is seeing the larger picture here.

    The media hype has been centered on China as the source, because it is China Trump has singled out for an economic war. Every chance Trump gets he calls the virus the “Chinese Virus” pushing the narrative that everything the world is going through in terms of economic fallout and quarantine is a result of Chinese negligence, and they are solely to blame for the world’s troubles.

    But to get the U.S. and the rest of the world involved in an economic and even perhaps a physical war with China they will need much more than the nuisance of quarantine and economic instability, they need deaths, and lots of them.

    In Italy they are fudging the numbers by lumping in people that died from Cornavirus with multiple illnesses to make it look far more deadly than it actually is. Bloomberg News, writing on a recent Italian study wrote this in regards to the supposed Coronavirus deaths in Italy,

    “More than 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority.” (Bloomberg, 3/1/2020)


    Almost everyone reported in Italy as a cornavirus death had multiple preexisting conditions, it was their already weakened state that caused them to die, not the cornavirus.

    The virus itself is a bad cold with some fever, hardly anybody is dying from it as many of you reading this know through personal experience with Covid-19.

    The real death toll is going to be in America, but not because of the virus, but because of the proposed testing and cure that Trump has recently announced.


    Manufacturing Covid-19 Deaths

    Trump and his administration have been in the forefront, moving fast and looking like they are tenaciously managing this crisis. They have pushed for more testing and fast tracking FDA approval of treatments.

    So, here is how I believe they will get there death numbers. If as suggested the Covid-19 virus has been in America for quite some time and has been in fact covered up as Flu, then 10’s of thousands of people right now already have it or are going to get it in the near future. Reliable tests which have been extremely hard to find, I believe purposely so, will suddenly be on every corner and easily accessible in the weeks to come.

    The Whitehouse is literally pushing for drive-thru testing centers, and mail in tests as we speak. The numbers of Covid-19 will explode once these tests are widespread because like I said it has been here for months running through whole families and communities like wild-fire.

    “CVS is one of four retailers that pledged on March 13 at a White House press conference that it would open drive-up testing locations to help detect COVID-19 and fight its spread.

    Walmart, Target and Walgreens also committed to hosting drive-up testing in their parking lots. The other retailers have not yet announced the timing or locations of tests.

    Access to testing in the U.S. hasn’t kept up with rising demand. Earlier in March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said tests were available in all 50 states and more test kits were coming soon. A few days later, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told a committee of Congress members that the nation wasn’t processing as many coronavirus tests as other countries and called it “a failing.”

    That criticism and growing frustration prompted the Trump administration to enlist the help of the private sector, including many of the nation’s top retailers and health-care companies, on March 13. At a press conference in the Rose Garden, CEOs of Walmart, Target and other companies took turns at the microphone and promised to help boost testing.” (CNBC, 3/192020)


    These tests will show an explosive rate of positives seeing it has always been here and will justify in everyone’s mind the quarantine and medical tyranny that follows.

    These test are completely bunk and throwing false positives as well, take for example Sen. Rand Paul who recently announced he tested positive for Covid-19, but has no symptoms. That’s right no symptoms!

    “According to a post on Rand Paul's Facebook page, the U.S. senator has tested positive for COVID-19.

    The post said Paul is asymptomatic and was tested just as a precautionary measure after traveling and attending several events.

    Paul said he was not aware of any direct contact with any infected person and expects to be back in the Senate after his quarantine period ends.” (, 3/21/2020)


    On top of this, Trump took to Twitter to play doctor and announce that he has fast-tracked via the FDA a treatement option.

    For those that don’t know Chloroquine is an anti-malaria drug that has been linked to respiratory depression, cardiovascular arrhythmia/collapse, has a giant list of associated side-effects, can easily be overdosed on, causing death, and was linked to the Ebola outbreak back in 1976 as the cause of the Hemorrhagic Fever when administered wrongly,

    “Excerpt from VRM: Ebola Report

    The origins of Ebola are linked to a Malaria (vaccine-derived) drug formula called ‘Chloroquine’ – which affected only those individuals locally who received the Malaria treatment; while also virally shedding to others in the community who had close contact with the infected (host) vaccinee. In all cases, The typical onset of symptoms leading to Hemorrhagic Fever (what was eventually diagnosed as Ebola) began to manifest within 5 days after receiving the toxic shot. Mainstream Media have routinely ignored this crucial information.

    ‘Between 1 September and 24 October 1976, 318 cases of acute viral haemorrhagic fever occurred in northern Zaire. The outbreak was centred in the Bumba Zone of the Equateur Region and most of the cases were recorded within a radius of 70 km of Yambuku, although a few patients sought medical attention in Bumba, Abumombazi, and the capital city of Kinshasa, where individual secondary and tertiary cases occurred. There were 280 deaths, and only 38 serologically confirmed survivors.

    The index (first reported) case in this outbreak had onset of symptoms on 1 September 1976, five days after receiving an injection of chloroquine for presumptive malaria at the outpatient clinic at Yambuku Mission Hospital (YMH). He had a clinical remission of his malaria symptoms.

    Within one week several other persons who had received injections at YMH also suffered from Ebola haemorrhagic fever, and almost all subsequent cases had either received injections at the hospital or had had close contact with another case. Most of these occurred during the first four weeks of the epidemic, after which time the hospital was closed, 11 of the 17 staff members having died of the disease.

    All ages and both sexes were affected, but women 15-29 years of age had the highest incidence of disease, a phenomenon strongly related to attendance at prenatal and outpatient clinics at the hospital where they received injections. The overall secondary attack rate was about 5%, although it ranged to 20% among close relatives such as spouses, parent or child, and brother or sister.‘ Report of an International Commission, World Health Organization, 1978

    1. ‘The index (first reported) case in this outbreak had onset of symptoms on 1 September 1976, five days after receiving an injection of chloroquine for presumptive malaria ‘

    2. ‘Within one week several other persons who had received injections at YMH also suffered from Ebola haemorrhagic fever.’

    3. ‘almost all subsequent cases had either received injections at the hospital or had had close contact (vaccine-derived viral shedding) with another case.’

    Note to those Doctors & Virologists unaware of this dark chapter in our history: Chloroquine (“drug” treatment) was indeed INJECTED into those Africans who subsequently contracted Ebola (typical symptoms manifesting within 5-7 days). It has since been given primarily in a pill form; accepting those ‘acute attacks of malaria when the patient is unable to swallow’. However in 1976, in Zaire, Africa, safety protocols were unavailable or ignored – with dire consequences.

    The following (severe) side effects are associated with chloroquine injection: ‘Abnormal Heart Electrical Signals, Abnormal Liver Function Tests, Abnormally Low Blood Pressure, Acquired Decrease of All Cells in the Blood, Decreased Blood Platelets, Decreased Neutrophils a Type of White Blood Cell, Deficiency of Granulocytes a Type of White Blood Cell, Disease of the Muscle of the Heart with Enlargement, Hepatitis, Increased Eosinophils in the Blood, Life Threatening Allergic Reaction, Low Blood Counts due to Bone Marrow Failure, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis.‘ WebMD” (VRM, 10/14/2020)


    The drug that is being pushed by the Trump administration as a treatment for Coronavirus has already caused a mass rush. Hospitals are stockpiling it now, Big Pharma companies like Novartis and Bayer are supplying millions of tablets to hospitals, Choloquine can be purchased on ebay by anyone, and people are already taking it and overdosing and dying on it as reported in Nigeria due to Trump’s announcement.

    “Nigeria reported two cases of chloroquine poisoning after U.S. President Donald Trump praised the anti-malaria drug as a treatment for the novel coronavirus.

    Health officials are warning Nigerians against self-medicating after demand for the drug surged in Lagos, a city that’s home to 20 million people. Two people were hospitalized in Lagos for chloroquine overdoses, Oreoluwa Finnih, senior health assistant to the governor of Lagos, said in an interview.”(Bloomberg, 3/21/2020)

    If this is their solution to the problem, then I have too in good conscience expose this agenda, because it seems to be a purposeful and deliberate attempt to inflate the death numbers in the United States and abroad.

    This is exactly how the Spanish Flu was exasperated they pushed high doses of Aspirin onto the public as means to combat the disease, only to cause mass death in 1918. We are repeating history; we have seen this trick, and people not knowing history are falling for it again.



    Please share this article with your friends and family, the realization that many thousands have already had the virus here in the states and survived I am hoping will be enough to break the mass hysteria and panic that has gripped our nation.

    My recommendation is to break quarantine and go out and enjoy life, go back to work, go do all the things you were meaning to do before the outbreak, but most certainly do not go get the test and I pray you to not get the proposed drugs Chloroquine.

    This pandemic has triggered emergency powers and a police state buildup that rivals that of what happened after 9/11. These events are manufactured by central bankers as a means to control governments, their leadership and the people. Pandemics are the perfect pretext for Globalism because of the cross border nature of the threat. At home the states are sheepishly declaring emergencies over runny noses so they too can get millions in government funds, that is the real reason they go along.

    This has a lot of collateral for the powers that be, they will get wars, banker bailouts, more draconian laws on the books and most importantly they now know that you will comply with anything if the fear is amped to the max.

    Break the spell, we don’t need social distancing we need civil disobedience, but what we need more is God’s protection in all this.

    At the end of the day I hope this crisis has made people realize how selfishly they have lived, how arrogant we have become, how completely lost to the principles of God and truth we are, how naively trusting and slavish we have become, how evil our leadership is, and how close we are to a complete tyranny.

    This is judgment, but God promised us in scripture that judgment can be avoided if we humble ourselves and seek after him.

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14



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