Christian Zionists Silent on Persecution of Ancient Jerusalem Churches


    By Jason Charles on 5/9/2018 (4 years 15 days ago) Israel/Zionism

    If there is one thing that is a re-occurring theme in the new testament, it is the request by the Apostles for prayers and financial support for the believers being persecuted in Jerusalem. You can read about this collection in 1 Corinthians 16, 2 Corinthians 8, and even in Romans 15:30-31. Paul additionally commended certain gentile churches in Romans 15:25-26 for their offerings saying,

    “But now I go unto Jerusalem to minister unto the saints. For it hath pleased them of Macedonia and Achaia to make a certain contribution for the poor saints which are at Jerusalem.” Romans 15:25-26


    Paul risked everything to go to Jerusalem and take the collected offerings from the surrounding gentile churches to Jerusalem. This decision ultimately cost Paul his freedom and life as the Jews in Jerusalem seized him and turned him over to Roman authorities. You can hear Paul tell his side of the story in Acts 24 as he faced trail and examination before the Roman procurator Felix. He mentions specifically in Acts 24:17 his intent to distribute offerings among the saints in Jerusalem was thwarted by Jewish authorities.

    Now after many years I came to bring alms to my nation, and offerings. Acts 24:17


    The reason Christians were poor and destitute in Jerusalem was because the Jews there hated the Christians, laying waste to everything they owned. Property was seized from early Jerusalem Christians, their businesses were boycotted, their family members disowned feeling they were heretics of the Jewish faith, and their lives were in danger at every turn. The Christian persecution by the Jews at Jerusalem was so intense that the Church was barely able to hold together. If it wasn't for the strong leadership of James and Peter, they would have left Jerusalem long ago, forsaking the winning of the Jews to Christ.


    History Repeats Itself

    Now we fast forward to modern times and we see that to this very day Jews in Jerusalem are persecuting the ancient churches again. This time Zionist settlers are vandalizing, burning and conspiring to take the land that Christians have been maintaining as sacred relics for thousands of years since the life of Christ.

    The church leaders that are experiencing the hate and abuse this last week came together asking for international help and exposure of the Zionist Jewish settlers who are hell-bent on disrupting their churches and taking the land that they have protected and preserved for eons there in the Old City of Jerusalem.

    “Christians in Jerusalem’s Old City say their presence at the geographical heart of their faith is under threat from intimidation and aggressive property acquisition by hardline Jewish settlers.

    According to church leaders, priests are being verbally abused and spat at, and property vandalised.

    Tensions have risen this year in the Christian and Armenian quarters of the 1 sq km ancient walled city, which includes the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the holiest place in Christianity where Jesus was believed to be crucified and resurrected. The Old City is also home to places of critical religious importance to Jews and Muslims.

    The churches say they are facing onslaught on three fronts: a war of attrition waged by hardline settlers; unprecedented tax demands by Jerusalem city council; and a proposal to allow the expropriation of church land sold to private developers.” (The Guardian)


    The settler’s efforts have been on-going since the Zionist Rothschild's began to utilize their money to buy up land from the Ottoman empire in the late 1800’s. They started very small by buying small orchards during that time, but now almost all of Israel has been taken back and stolen as an on-going effort to persecute gentiles and Christians to the point of leaving Jerusalem for good. This has been the favored tactic of the Zionist regime, incrementally stealing land from the Muslim and Christians that share Jerusalem and call it home.

    In 1901, the Jewish National Fund was founded by the Zionist Congress with arch-Zionist Theodor Herzl’s support for the sole purpose of using foundation money, largely contributed by the Rothschild family to buy up land from the then Ottoman empire as a means to migrate European Jews back to Israel as a stealth means of colonization. These settlers in Israel are extremely aggressive, racist, and exhibit a mafia like organization when it comes to using these tactics to extort land-owners from their property there in Israel.

    Now the persecution by these settlers has become so great that even the ancient churches with traditions going back to the very time of Jesus himself are being targeted for extermination using Rothschild tactics of colonization.


    Why aren't U.S. Christians Decrying the Zionist Aggression?

    In the above article a Christian leader there in Jerusalem Theophilos, specifically called upon Christian leaders in the Vatican, the UK, and the US to help and intervene on their behalf. Have you heard about this? Has your pastor even mentioned the on-going Christian persecution by Zionists in Jerusalem? Of course not,

    “Theophilos III, the Greek Orthodox patriarch of Jerusalem and the most senior Christian leader in the Holy Land, told the Guardian: “Today the church faces a most severe threat at the hands of certain settler groups. The settlers are persistent in their attempts to erode the presence of the Christian community in Jerusalem.

    “These radical settler groups are highly organised. Over the last years we have witnessed the desecration and vandalism of an unprecedented number of churches and holy sites and receive growing numbers of reports from priests and local worshippers who have been assaulted and attacked.

    “Where the authorities are concerned, this behaviour goes largely unchecked and unpunished.”

    Theophilos has in the past few months travelled to the UK, the Vatican, the US and elsewhere to seek support for Christian institutions in the heart of the Holy Land. In the UK, he met Prince Charles, government ministers and Christian leaders, including the archbishops of Canterbury and Westminster and the Coptic archbishop of London.

    The patriarch wants a commitment to the continuation of the status quo, an agreement which provides protection of, and access to, holy sites in Jerusalem and elsewhere, allowing Christians to live and worship in peace despite the conflicts and divisions in the area.” (Guardian)


    This is international news, this is a public press release seeking the aid of the church at large, yet has completely gone ignored by mainstream Christianity. Why? What is standing in the way of Christians everywhere rallying to their fellow brethren there in Jerusalem that desperately need the eyes of the world to lay hold of these settlers and their extortion tactics.



    The reason pastors here in America largely ignore the persecution of their fellow saints in Jerusalem is because their doctrine has been so thoroughly polluted in support of Israel, none dare speak-out against any Zionist aggression. In fact, many cheer the war-mongering and slaying of Muslims in the region by the U.S. and Israel.

    The church in America has been Judaized to the point of no return. Even when the Jewish regime there in Israel acts and mimics the ancient Jews in terms of persecution and out-right criminality they turn a blind eye. The U.S. church should be ashamed of itself to allow evil to go unchecked no matter what name it goes by. Ancient Israel was nothing special in the eyes of God and completely destroyed because they refused to live by the righteous tenants laid out in scripture. And now that modern Israel is magically back on the scene thanks to the efforts of the evilest family to ever walk the earth, the Rothschilds, these Jews still do wrong in the sight of God, mainly persecute His church. And not just any church but the churches that mark the ministry and locations of His one and only Son Jesus Christ.

    The state of the modern church is one of apostasy. If our American church leaders can idly stand by and ignore the plight of our fellow Christians in the Holy City of Jerusalem by the Zionist Jews they are no better than the Pharisees of old that relentlessly persecuted the Church. These pastors need to check their heart and their interpretation of scripture and eschatology. If it is their faulty interpretation of prophecy that allows them to ignore the cries of their own brethren in Jerusalem then it must be examined and tossed out as no good, and wrong. There should be no excuse for the people of God to ignore the plight of fellow Christians.

    The Apostle Paul didn't ignore it, and he risked His life to help the persecuted Church in Jerusalem 2000 years ago, and neither should we. I call upon Christians everywhere to search the scriptures and throw-out all of the false prophecy teaching that is causing them to support the Zionist regime of Israel over and above the Christians that the Zionists persecute there in Old City Jerusalem.

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