Christians Most Certainly Can Be Influenced by Demons


    By Jason Charles on 8/24/2016 (7 years 269 days ago) Theology & Religion

    It is amazing to me how Christians always come up with some of the most ludicrous "Christian doctrines" in an attempt to rationalize their selfish words, beliefs and actions. One such outrageously hindering doctrine is what I call the "Doctrine of Spiritual Immunity."


    Have you ever been in a Bible study where the teacher or others in the study will categorically say that Christians cannot be influenced or controlled by demonic spirits because they are sealed in the Holy Spirit? Or that a demon can't be in control of, or influence God's anointed? If so then from a Biblical perspective, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact as we make bold professions for Christ the Bible guarantees more spiritual attacks and tribulation to follow.

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    God's Anointed and their Demons

    There are examples upon examples of God allowing people to go through periods of intense demonic attack, if you don't believe that then you most certainly haven't read the book of Job. The book of Job records a moment when the devil simply walked into the throne room of God and asked if he could try to get righteous Job to curse God. God said yes under set conditions. This is one of the most notable instances, giving us a very candid look as to the level of access the devil has to God, and also God's anointed. The next most notable is the instance where Jesus gave audience to the devil while in the desert temptation which you can read about in Matthew Chapter 4. Take not of the fact that it was the spirit that led him to be tempted in Matt. 4:1. Here we see Jesus physically exhausted himself in the form of a 40 day fast, and then at the peak of that fast He allowed the devil to taunt him, and bribe him with worldly powers. Jesus weakened himself as if to say give it your best shot devil! So remember these 2 instances especially when you hear someone say that the devil can't be in the presence of a believer who is filled by the Holy Spirit. That is patently not true, the Bible says the Devil stood in front of God in Job, and Jesus himself without cringing or withering away like the vampires depicted in old movies. The devil acts as an accuser constantly accusing His people of wrong doing, wrong doing that he most likely chided them into.

    Here are a few examples of instances where God allowed demons to harm or test people, even his anointed servants.

    Eve first created woman who walked and talked with God, Led astray by a demonically influenced snake. (Gen. 3:1)

    During the confrontation with Moses and the Pharaoh of Egypt, God sent the "Destroyer" or an angel of death to kill the firstborn of every Egyptian family. (Exo. 12:23 )

    God Himself sends an evil spirit to cause conflict "between Abimelech and the citizens of Shechem" in  (Judges 9:23)

    In the Book of 1st Samuel, the false priests, and sons of the High Priest Eli are called sons of Belial or sons of Satan, inferring that Satan had tremendous influence over the 2 boys. (1 Sam. 2:12)

    God allows an evil spirit to torment the anointed King of Israel Saul (1 Sam. 16:14) that only stops tormenting him when young David is playing his harp. (1 Sam. 16:23)

    In the latter part of King David's life we read that Satan himself provoked King David to number Israel towards an unlawful and unjust war. As a result God was so angered he sent a plague that killed 70,000. (1 Chronicles 21:1)

    The demonic power called the Prince of the Persian Kingdom, buffeted Daniel and his prayer for guidance from God. (Dan. 10:13)

    In the Book of Zechariah, we see God's anointed high servant standing before both the Angel of the Lord and also Satan who was accusing him. (Zec. 3:1-2)

    In the new Testament we see Jesus, walk into the synagogue where a man with a unclean spirit cries out to Jesus. Take special note that the man was in a place of worship, without incident until Jesus came. (Luk. 4:33-34)


    The Gospel narratives are also full of instances of demonic possession, from children, religious rulers, wild men, his own disciples like Judas(Luke 22:3), or even when Jesus rebuked Satan who was speaking through the disciple Peter in (Matt. 16:23)

    What we come to realize is that no matter what your status may be, everyone, even kings, priests, or prophets can be spiritually attacked. The reality is nobody is immune to spiritual attacks from demon spirits, not even Jesus.


    How Attacks Typically Manifest In a Believers Life

    Christians do not get a free pass from demonic attacks just because they profess Christ. You may not like it, but God allows it for his own purposes. Spiritual testing by an all knowing God is the most effective way to try the hearts of men. If a man can be so easily tempted by the powers of the enemy, or easily confounded by mutterings of evil spirits then he is of no use to God. So we must be aware of the fact that at anytime, or anyplace our minds can be commandeered by the enemy. Look at this verse in Isaiah were he uses the word peep and mutter when describing those who give their minds over to the evil spirits.

    "And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?" Isaiah 8:19

    People who are highly susceptible to evil spirits have no control of their internal dialog. It is there, inside their own minds that the first wave of spiritual attacks occur, and then builds from there.

    Internal Dialog: In the above examples of evil spirits vexing anointed men of God you will see how they were tormented continually. This tormenting was done through the injection of words into their own internal dialog. People simple do not realize that their thoughts are not their own. Satan who the Bible says is the god of this world has control over everything, including language as the Prince of the Power of Air (Eph. 2:2). So his corrupted concepts and thoughts that are put out through the media, end up in our brains, circulating obsessively. These circulating thoughts are not our own thoughts, but part of the human junk-pile that has become our cultural dialog. You couple this with the ability of demonic spirits to inject dialog and phrases into a person's head and you have a recipe for disaster. People think that their thoughts are their own, that is simply not true. I am sure everyone has had voices or thoughts go through their own mind that scares them.

    Biblical Solution: There are two ways of combating the control over our minds. One is to realize that nothing that is rattling around in your brain can be taken seriously as if it is really you. The Bible says you have to take every thought hostage (2 Cor. 10:5). Also we must feast our minds on scripture and songs of praise, these things will keep your mind and thoughts pure from the temptation and vain imaginations implanted by the enemy. (Col. 3:16)


    Circumstances: We often hear that God opens doors for people as blessings in our lives. What we don't realize for every door God opens the devil will also open a door just as enticing. That is how the devil works in our lives. Not everything that seems good and pleasing is from God. Keep this in mind when you are making hard life decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life. Remember Eve, God had already gave her everything, but the snake seeded doubt, and offered another path to Eve which she foolishly took to her and humanities hurt. (Gen. 3:1)

    Biblical Solution: You must ask God to reveal your purpose, you must know exactly who you are and where God is taking you, and then never leave that path. That is the only way you will be able to discern which open door is God's and which open door is the devils. Knowing yourself, and who God made you to be is the only way to stay on the straight and narrow. Often times God's path will be filled with tribulation, so knowing who you are, and why you are there is critical in combating the devil in your life. Looking for material, and financial blessing is no way of discerning God's plan for your life, that is the devil speaking. The devil would love for your eyes to be fixated on the comforts of life as opposed to the Godly path you should be on. (1 John 5:19)


    Influence of Others: Other people very close to you also have compromised internal dialogs in which the devil can use to speak into your life. This is a huge way he influences others is through the suggestions and admonishments of others. They are in reality speaking for the devil. Again you must know your path, and be very discerning as to whom you allow to dictate into your life. There are a lot of Christians that try to appear spiritual and all knowing. If they talk a lot, then they are most likely fools with horrible internal dialog. (Ecc. 10:14)

    Biblical Solution: Most Christians do not protect their minds, and cannot see clearly enough as to your true purpose to give you good advice. The Bible says have a multitude of WISE counselors. (Pro. 1:5) This means seek people who speak from a place of Biblical wisdom and principle, not just anyone. Also have many counselors so you get a full perspective of everything you and your limited perspective may of missed. Then make your decision based on your heavenly purpose, and some of the advice given to that resonates with that purpose.


    Demonic Manifestation: When a Christian doesn't protect his or her mind from the enemy, they begin to yield more and more ground to him. This always means that the internal dialog will be chiding you to commit sins. As you begin to rationalize those sins with the help from injected demonic thoughts the enemy is able to gain more and more control over a believer's life. The goal of that demon is to get you fighting with your spouse or family members, to erupt in fits of anger, to entertain thoughts of sexual perversity, etc. These thoughts then become physical manifestations of demonic control in a person's life as they go from entertaining these ideas to acting out on them.

    Biblical Solution: God's solution to this problem is to give you over to that mind and evil. If that is what you want then God will give it to you. (Rom. 1:28-29) By the time you reach this point then you are already in the hands of the enemy. It doesn't matter if you are a professing Christian or total secular in your believes, if you entertain these types of thoughts and incorporate them into your life without conscience, be prepared to reap what you sow. The best course of action is to rid yourself of friends, media, family members and anything else that serves to physically tempt you. Then you need to fill the void of your mind with songs and scriptures that combat the exact sin thoughts you have a problem entertaining.



    Jude 1:6-13  says that the, angels that left their proper place wander around doing evil and will be judged for it. You see that? They left their proper place and wander around doing evil, that is exactly what happens to humans and Christians that give their minds over to these demons. They wander continually, getting themselves into trouble in the physical, but most importantly they anger a righteous and holy God. Do not fall for the teaching that Christians can't be influenced by Satan and his devils, that is a lie born in hell. Christians that think they are spiritually immune must also think they are more spiritual than King David and other anointed and chosen people of God. You are not immune to spiritual attacks, or demonization. These things can and should be expected to plague you throughout life. The best thing you can do is combat it by knowing your Godly purpose and filling your mind with scripture and worship songs continually. Please help us grow by liking Wake the Church on Facebook, and sign up for our newsletter.

    Remember nothing that goes through your mind should be taken seriously, it is all junk from the collection of human garbage we call our culture. People that end up taking all the crap that goes through their mind seriously end up depressed, suicidal, perverts, and crazy. Our culture and minds are that polluted. One has to work extremely hard, and be super disciplined with their Bible studies and internal dialog to get to the point where they are free from the misdirection and wiles of the enemy.

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