Decoding Sleep Paralysis, Lucidity and Prophetic Dreaming


    By Jason Charles on 7/18/2018 (5 years 276 days ago) New Age & Occult


    Authors Note: The aim of this article is to help people suffering from Sleep Paralysis, and other sleep fears and delusions associated with dreaming and sleep.


    And they said one to another, Behold, this dreamer cometh. Genesis 37:19

    Within the topic of dreaming I would count myself as skilled. I say skilled, only because skill infers experience. I have been “out of body,” “astral traveled” “lucid dreamt” whatever you want to entitle it, no joke, hundreds of times. As a result of my experience as a dreamer, I have a different take on the topic of dreaming than most born again, saved by the Blood Christians. Let’s face it in Christian circles; dreaming has gotten a very bad rap. Dreaming has become synonymous with witchcraft and demonic activity; but let’s be real, if we removed every book that had sections based entirely on the content of dreams and visions in the Bible, you would remove a good portion. Whole chunks of Genesis, Exodus, Daniel, the prophets, New Testament dreams, and even whole books like Revelation would be trashed. That would be one thin Bible without a record of the rich tapestry and variety of dreaming experiences recorded. Without all of the dreaming experiences listed in the Bible the impact on doctrine and prophecy would be catastrophic and hugely lacking.

    Dreaming is a massive topic in the pages of the Bible, God means for it to be understood not feared.


    My Quick Thoughts on Dreaming

    Here are a couple examples of some immediate thoughts that may seem strange to people, but hopefully insightful once contemplated.

    The dreaming realm is created by God, as is this physical realm and as such is subject to the authority of Jesus Christ as the Word, and Creator of all things, and by Whom all things consist. There is no escaping the oversight and jurisdiction of God. The dreaming space I assure you resides with in God’s providential reach despite what many New Age liars may have you believe. God’s judgment and justice extends even to the dreaming realm. When we come of age in this world we are responsible for our acts, same goes for the dreaming world, when we come of age and awareness with in dreaming we are accountable also.

    Dreaming is accessible to mankind by nature; we couldn’t stop ourselves from dreaming every night if we tried. Unless we drug ourselves with sleep-aids, our natural dreaming cycles always happen. Dreaming nightly is the God ordained, human pattern of things, not something to be feared.

    I see dreaming as spiritually neutral-ground; no more dangerous or enticing in terms of sin, or unmerited satanic power than this physical world we find ourselves aware of currently. I personally see this physical world as being far more enticing in terms of sin to the average man, than anything the world of dreaming could offer.

    I see people that have never developed a full dreaming awareness as handicapped. The reason comes down to one thing when I answer why I believe that to be. By this I mean, there is a piece of life-changing knowledge that can only be experienced in practiced dreaming that can’t be gained any other way. And that knowledge comes from the ability to look at your physical, sleeping body from an out-of-body perspective in a dreaming state. That one instant will shock anyone into the realization that, YES, consciousness is animated outside the body. This experience answers one of the fundamental questions at the center of life, that yes, we can exist apart from our body. I have answered this question for myself, and as crazy as it sounds that question can be answered by anyone else with a little practice. Seeing yourself sleeping on your bed, then moving away from your sleeping body, and through a wall will affect your psyche in a way that is inconceivable, and profound. And no, I don’t believe this act to be “of the devil.” Like learning to back-flip, scary at first, but once acquired no big deal and easily deployed at will.

    Dreaming is an acquired skill that the vast majority of people have neither talent nor desire to perfect. Like becoming a pro-athlete, you have to discipline yourself and develop this skill. The skill in dreaming is developing a dreaming attention. The ability to wake up, and become aware that you are caught up in a dream world (lucid dreaming) or building up a energy body awareness and sensitivity to the point of being able to quickly launch or roll your consciousness right out of your body in a energetic jerk towards a full blown Out-of-Body experience or OBE is an acquired skill. Though this sounds mysteriously worded, once experienced the ability to access dreaming becomes routine.


    Practical Knowledge

    In an attempt to give insight into dreaming from an experiential perspective instead of the commonly found fear-based misunderstood perspectives that are dime a dozen, I want you to think about this first. When most people dream they are caught up in a situation or scenario that is uncontrollable, chaotic, disjointed, choppy, and even disorienting. Their awareness of the dream is equivalent to a drunk, totally controlled by the characters and circumstances of that dream. I liken it to a baby, that sees shadows and movements in front of them, having no ability to assimilate this into knowledge. That is what is common for most people who experience dreaming.

    On the other hand, for people like myself, that have gained a sensitivity to the feelings associated with dreaming we immediately awaken in a dream situation. Realize we are dreaming, and then proceed to interact in complete control of that dream, and even can leave that dream by phasing into other dreams and envisioned scenarios. Often times being able to go in and out of lucid, conscious dreaming states all night, fully realizing that we are engaged in dreaming and there is a body laying in bed while we dream aware.

    Ask yourself, who has more of a chance to become deceived and controlled by Satan? The person that is uncontrollably caught up in a dreaming scenario, or the one in full control of their consciousness and aware that they are dreaming and thus analytical and reactive to the characters and scenarios presented in dreams? Of course like a drunk in the physical who can severely hurt themselves and others, the drunken dreamer can be controlled and led to do anything in dreams. On the contrary the aware person, the reasoned person, the experienced person has a vastly superior advantage over the average dreamer, in much the same way a sober person has an advantage over a drunk person in the real world. People caught in normal, chaotic dreams are like toddlers crossing a freeway uncontrollably; they are oblivious and subject to danger. This is truth if you will have it.

    With that said I would like to comment on some typical experiences people have with dreaming that leads to misinformation and fear. The fear of dreaming energies, and experiences have taken on a demonic timbre unnecessarily so, and I aim to help people understand what is happening and then give them tools to either stop it, or gain control of their fear.

    Here are some explanations to some common sources of fear among people experiencing different stages of dreaming.


    Sleep Paralysis

    If I had a dollar for everyone who experienced this, and then proceeded to describe the experience as one of the most demonic and scary experiences of their life I would be a rich man. I really would. Then once you add the lexicon of Christian fear mongering and new age mumbo jumbo to the mix, you get some really wild stories and conclusions from people on the topic. But suffice to say it is a legitimate experience, one that brings intense animal panic, and is also accompanied by some outrageously vivid and terrifying sounds, energies and experiences.

    Most testimonials range from feeling trapped in their body, while a demon is sitting on their chest laughing, being forced to wake up again and again in the same inescapable dream or position, or being unable to move, blind and subject to furiously loud noises, talking and highly energetic waves crashing over them.

    I know how terrifying these experiences are, I have experienced the animal panic and fear associated with every single one of these events dozens of times. Here is an explanation of what is happening during these moments of paralysis, I think you might be surprised by the cause, and also the solution to it.

    When someone is either going to sleep or is in the process of falling asleep we usually fall into a deep slumber, and then randomly go back and forth between different dream adventures until we wake up. This is because energetically speaking, that is all they have the capacity for any given night, random, nonsensical dreaming. What happens to people that experience sleep paralysis is they have more energy available to them on some nights. By energy I mean actual dreaming energy. This dreaming energy or aptitude manifests in the forming up a dense energy body. You can actually feel the density of this energy when you get a handle on identifying the energies and feelings associated with advanced dreaming states. These states are made possible by the coalescing of daily energy into a very primitive energy body. Once this body of energy starts to form, you will feel it when trying to go to sleep, it is a buzzing noise and energetic surging that can be found by focusing on the back of your neck while trying to go to sleep. When identified you can actually start to amplify it by visualizing it and moving it, expanding the feeling and noise in the back of your shoulders and head. The energy body and its forming happens by nature as we get older, by our late teens and adulthood if practiced it can be perceived as a density of energy. Some people start to become aware of this dreaming energy, some don’t. What happens is this energy body or density of energy can be utilized to swap your consciousness from your physical body to that of the energy body that is growing. In fact everyone does this; it is a common experience, for example.

    Most people have experienced the sensation of sudden falling, then sudden physical jerking of the body as we quickly wake up startled. What is happening is that feeling is the feeling of the physical body letting go of your consciousness while the dreaming body takes over for a split second, then the persons panic impulse kicks in and they jolt back into their body in an almost violent snap of the muscles. That energy, the blackness, and that plunging sensation becomes the indication you are about to enter into advanced dreaming.

    Now what happens as this energy body grows, and you start to experience this snapping sensation more and more you need to realize that you have gained the energetic capacity and maturity to migrate your consciousness into this alternative energy state. People that experience sleep paralysis aren’t being paralyzed; they are literally overlapping their energy body on-top of their physical body. Once the dreaming energies culminate either by accident or by practice, you find yourself waking up paralyzed. You are aware of your body, but can’t move, you usually here loud rushing wind, or buzzing in your ears, and you feel electric with energy. That is because you have switched from your physical consciousness into your energetic consciousness and that energetic consciousness is like dead weight and cannot move at first. The noises and feelings you are feeling is because your physical body, is literally hearing and feeling the rushing of electricity and energy of your energy body laying right next to it on the bed. The perception is your physical body can’t move no matter how much you struggle, but in reality you aren’t commanding your physical body at that moment, you are commanding an energy body.

    Basically, people that experience Sleep Paralysis, are not under demonic attack they really are just unaware of how to move their energy body and thus their physical body is going crazy with perceptions that cause a novice to panic in fear. This inability to move, is perceived as paralysis, and then causes animal panic to kick in, and the animal panic radiates out like a whirlwind causing you to lash out, and wriggle and struggle in an effort to try to move and regain control of your physical body, compelling it to get up like you would in your daily life. Only that body will not respond, because you are attached to your energy body, and the energy body doesn’t respond like the physical body. The energy body or this new dreaming body only responds to commands of the will.

    In these moments instead of struggling and giving into fear, if you simply remember to yell in this dream-state or paralyzed state “SEE NOW” you would see your room, then yell something like “MOVE NOW” or reach out in your perception and feel yourself pulling away from your body, the paralysis sensation, fear, and noise immediately subsides. You just have to get your energy body out of physical proximity of your physical body and those crazy wild energetic sensations immediately subside. The best way to do that is yell your intent at first, later you can learn to move by focusing your will and then pulling you consciousness along.

    Sleep paralysis is a result of people becoming detached from their physical body suddenly while sleeping, and not being able to move. This inability to move is scary, and takes a long time to master. But once you learn to move away from the body, all of the fear subsides.

    Now the perception of demons is probably real, demons are attracted to any massive bursts of energy. Sexual energy, anger, animal panic are all hugely energetic outbursts. So the more you struggle, the more fear you project and the more likely an entity of some kind will come along and scare you even more. The ticket is don’t ever be scared, you have nothing to fear. A knowledge of what is happening remedies the situation simply enough, and developing an aptitude to actually launch away from your body and perceive the dream environment you find yourself a part of any given night.

    Remember that the physical mechanics of dreaming are not “demonic” these weird feelings typically happen to everyone over the course of their life. Almost everyone has experience with the feeling of falling or becoming paralyzed while trying to sleep. It is natural to experience these things, the only issue is our culture has become completely ignorant of the mechanics of dreaming and as a result people have no context to put these experiences in when they occur.  This is why mythology and ignorance surrounds the topic. A proper understanding of the energies, feelings, and mechanics of dreaming would remedy almost every fear associated with dreaming.

    Important Note: Once sleep paralysis occurs, it indicates an aptitude for dreaming, and once open to these energies you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. This is something that will be a reoccurring theme in your life. If at any point during sleep you find yourself in that place, struggling to move and paralyzed there are some things you can do to stop it from happening. I personally encourage people in that situation to learn to move their energy body, and not succumb to fear when they are in the middle of a sleep paralysis episode. Yet some people simply will never get over their fear and forever be afraid of this kind of dreaming. The experience just sparks animal panic and panic in life or dreaming is never good.

    Here is what you need to do to prevent these experiences if this is you. The best thing to do is to never sleep on your back. Sleeping on your back induces this kind of dreaming; it cultivates the energies of dreaming, and will cause you to experience a separation from your physical body. Always fall asleep on your side or stomach if you want to prevent sleep paralysis. Alternatively, if you want to induce dreaming then purposely fall asleep on your back and identify those feelings and sounds in the back of your neck and head and amplify them.

    You can also command yourself to wake up if you are caught in sleep paralysis episode. Don’t give in to fear, stay calm, realize that you are stuck in your energy body and simply yell in your dream state “WAKE UP.” This command will snap your energy body back into your physical body, often times with a quick jolt. In fact at any time while dreaming or Out-of Body you can yell this phrase it will instantly send you back to your body, in fact despite what people will tell you, you are really never in harm’s way while dreaming, even the slightest stray thought about your sleeping body will send you careening back to your bed and your body instantly. Much to ones annoyance if that is not what you wanted.

    Also, recognize that if you do experience animal panic, and then begin to hear or see an entity or dark figure, or old hag whatever on top of you or in your room while paralyzed know that it is your animal panic that attracted the thing. They are like moths to candles in this world, or the dreaming world, they feed on highly volatile people, and are always looking for energetic exchanges. Something I will get into more. If you don’t give them fear, extreme anger, or sexual energy they will go find something else to latch onto. If you can’t offer them what they want they go away. Panic is exactly what they want though and it is imperative you gain control of your fear.

    But once you gain control of your fear and begin to move and explore dreaming without fear you rarely if ever run into true to life demonic creatures looking to do you harm. I can only name maybe 2-3 times where I can honestly say that I was being pursued or harassed by a demonic attack while dreaming. Normal dreaming usually cause more fear, than lucid or out of body type dreaming because of the lack of control and propensity to panic and have nightmares.

    Finally, as I said above, realize also that Jesus is as real in the dreaming world as in this one, His name does subject anything you may encounter in dreaming. This only works for people who have true salvation and have submitted themselves to Christ in their life. By understanding what is happening, gaining control over your fear, and realizing nothing can harm someone who is in Christ you can effectively rid yourself of Sleep Paralysis.

    For severe cases and for people who can’t get control and continually find themselves panicking in sleep paralysis you can also smoke a little cannabis daily. Cannabis has the unique ability to use up some of the excessive dreaming energy we store up during the day. When you smoke a puff or two an hour or so before bed, you actually tap into that dreaming energy and use it up and cause energy levels to drop below levels required to do advance dreaming. This too is an easy remedy. Again not something you often here from Christians, but it is widely known that cannabis smoking, not eating it, kills dreaming energies and thus can be used as a preventive for Sleep Paralysis with no discernible side-effects.


    Lucid Dreaming

    Lucid dreaming is simply described as the ability to wake up inside a dream. Basically when asleep and dreaming, you learn to identify non-sensical things that make you realize that you are dreaming and not awake in the real world. There are a couple methods utilized to become aware of the fact you are dreaming. One is to do what are called reality checks. Reality checks means you are asking yourself in the daily world, “am I dreaming?” By getting in the habit of asking this question randomly throughout the day, a time will come while in a normal dream scenario you habitually ask that question then realize that yes, you are now inside a dreaming. At that moment of realization, you gain complete awareness of the dream, the characters, and scenario and are free to do what you want in full recognition of the dream. The other is to find your hands, create a trigger or urge to always look at your hands, and when you do it in your dream you will realize you are dreaming.

    In these dreams you can fly, walk through walls, engage the dreaming characters, which are nothing but projections and overlays of your own energy and consciousness typically. The dreaming characters act much like automated bots in games, that aren’t really aware, they are just there. You can do whatever you want to them both evil and perverted, and also ignore them completely as nothing but background distractions. When I first began to lucid dream I used to try to convince dreaming characters that I was dreaming and that they weren’t real. They would respond by saying "no way," or "ya right," then I would proceed to levitate in front of them or fly around them and they would freak out and be like, "whoa, that is crazy." It amused me but I eventually turned my attention to exploring that dream world. I have tried to fly as high as I can into space, which you eventually black out and arrive back in your body. It is very difficult to maintain a dreaming awareness, you have to be very careful to constantly remind yourself that you are dreaming and keep reestablishing the view of the dream you have. Sometimes this is easy, other times you are constantly waking up only to feel the dreaming energies and returning right back to a dream completely lucid. It is often exhausting to dream continually like this through the night, you feel very melancholy and unrested the next day. In reality, it is just interesting to explore the dreaming universe. You can learn all sorts of techniques to move, and also shift between dreams. A favorite technique of mine is to walk through walls. You press your face against a wall and push, you then gradually begin to slip through the wall, when you do this you can visualize a completely new dream and phase right into that visualized space. It takes a lot of practice to stabilize lucid dreams, it is a constant battle of keeping your dream awareness going, while not forgetting that you are dreaming, or accidentally falling back into your physical body asleep on your bed. With time and experience it becomes easier, but it is always a battle, and is usually relative to how much dreaming energy you have available any given day.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not 100% convinced that lucid dreaming actually separates you from your own consciousness. Even with all of my exploring I have found that it seems like you are in your own internal holodeck of sorts and not necessarily in a separate dimension per se. In this dream state I think there is limitations, and often times the farther you travel, you reach a limit and you just end up losing the dream picture, fading to black and waking up in your body. Which is annoying. I think the use for and mastery of this state, is really a place of advanced learning much like in the movie the matrix where they created scenarios and then learned to conquer fears or learn things that can be deployed in the physical world. For example, if you have a fear of speaking or performing in front of people, you can dream of a scenario where you must talk to a large audience of dream characters. That scenario then helps ease some of the fears in the real world. You can also gain knowledge in different ways, like playing a piano or practicing guitar, while it doesn’t actually translate to real piano or guitar you perceive the knowledge of the instrument and learn things that do have an interesting effect on the real-world application.


    Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)

    As mentioned above I believe that the vast majority of what people term night terrors, or sleep paralysis has more to do with the fear of the energies associated with dreaming rather than episodes of demonic possession. An OBE or Out-of-Body experience is different than lucid dreaming. The difference is that at this point your energy body is a whole lot more defined. That is why I say people with sleep paralysis are on the verge of going out-of-body. In fact, in those moments they actually are OBE. They just don’t know how to move their energy body and stay there wallowing in their fear and panic. I have had moments of sleep paralysis when I was learning how to do this that where absolutely horrific to experience. I remember instances where I was paralyzed, and blind in pitch black, and struggling on the floor or in bed and I could hear demons or entities that I could not see talking over me. Laughing and saying look at him indulge his fear, how pathetic and things of that nature. It can be very scary, and torturous for sure until one gains the ability to move and see what is going on.

    OBE’s differ in a lot of ways. The main way is that instead of becoming aware of a dream scenario you are already caught up in, you are instead going from a conscious state of lying on your back to what feels like rolling out of or moving out of your physical body.

    The way I do it is, I can lay on my back, identify the energy feeling and noises in my neck and back, and as these noises intensify I can wait for a moment to quickly force myself into my energy body in another part of the room or right above my physical bed.

    In the beginning I started off from a sleep paralysis state, feeling all of the energy and noises of the overlapping energy body and then rolling out or flopping out of my bed. Usually I would be blind like a bat, struggling to move and still in paralysis because I was trying to move and perceive like I do with my physical body. Once I learned that I could simply command myself to SEE NOW, then it was easy to bring the picture and clarity of the room into focus, then moving was simply a matter of learning to pull yourself along, not really walking.

    Now that I know what to look for, and the feeling and associated energies, I can literally do a backflip out of my body and into my room, or spin myself out, or imagine myself looking at my body from across the room and pulling myself into that perspective. Once you have the energy identified and know how to move, detaching is just a waiting game for the right moment or burst or pull yourself right out. Sometimes it happens so fast that, I think that I actually got out of bed with my physical body and am like oops I just got out of bed not out of my body. I then I realize that nope I am out, laugh at myself and go exploring.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: While you start from a position that seems like the darkness of your own bedroom, you realize quickly that there is a subtle difference, and that your mind actually impacts that perception very quickly. It is almost like maybe you pulled yourself into the real world for a second, but because your dreaming body is so sensitive to thoughts, any stray thought plunges you deeper into a pseudo dream environment and away from the real world or façade of your bedroom. So again, I am not 100% sure that you are even outside of your own consciousness at that point. As soon as you begin to move through your house you realize very quickly that it is not really your house, just a facsimile. I have never been able to act in any provable way on the physical world. The longer you are out-of-body the more dream-like the environment becomes to the point of characters starting to arrive, or things look very different than what you expect it to look like in the real world. There is also a feeling associated with it just reminds you this is just a shadow of reality and not reality itself.

    As a result, the OBE method quickly begins to take on the shape of a lucid dream. You are just extremely conscious that it is a dream and you can usually stabilize the dream environment for far longer than you can while simply lucid dreaming.


    Personal Thoughts on Dreaming

    While most people, especially Christians become uncomfortable with the candid way I talk about dreaming I assure you it is only because you have no frame of reference or context to understand what I am saying typically. Much like technology that we don’t understand looks like magic to a primitive person, dreaming looks like magic to someone with no experience or knowledge of the subject.

    I have had so many of these kinds of dreams and have explored so much of the dreaming universe that I am actually very much bored with it all. As profound and life changing that it is in the beginning, I now find much more value in getting a good night sleep than adventuring in dream states.

    I have concluded that there is valuable insight about our nature as spiritual beings but outside of that, it is just a novelty of the human condition most people have no concept of throughout their entire life.

    I will say this though, everything you hear about new agers, looking to contact ascended masters, and attaching themselves to these types of entities are very real. I personally have no interest in anything these entities told me, showed me, or wished of me when confronted. I knew what they were and I know the games they try to play. They are after exchanges of energy and thus access to you, and that is all. I believe these entities to be cast out from the presence of God, and thus they seek to sustain themselves or use human energy to manifest themselves into the physical. If you entertain them, you will experience the consequences in both the physical and dream world. They try to offer knowledge or power to the unwary, in an attempt to be close to you. Often, they will try to touch you, or engage in what looks like sexual contact, creating an energetic burst. That is to be avoided. If you ever feel like a dream character is taking entirely to much interest in you or trying to touch you, simply yell WAKE UP and you will immediately pop back into your body away from that scenario. Don’t become fearful, that is what they want, don’t engage them, that is what they want, just learn to move away from them without giving off any perceivable energy or fear. Pretty soon you will never experience these types of contacts ever again.

    The only people that fall for their tricks are people that seek power and are fooled into thinking these entities offer power. They only offer control, and are very bizarre and will attempt to manifest themselves in the physical through you if you allow them the space. This is true in the physical realm for people that are fearful, angry and sexually deviant as well as for those in dream states. They can be seen in the dream state, but if seen in the physical state then they have access to enough of your energy to manifest. The ancient socorcers of old made it their business to cultivate these relationships with demons. They learned to feed them their own energy and the energy of others as a means to manifiest. It is satanic, horrifying and will cost you your soul guaranteed.

    Now if you have no desire for power or secret knowledge and have control over your emotions and base desires they will never come around. You simply don’t have anything to offer, couple this with a love for God, and truth, and fill your being with scripture and psalms of praise and worship and not only will they leave you alone they won’t want anything to do with you. When you come to this level awareness they know that they are totally exposed, that your knowledge of them is complete, and that you are sealed in Christ. They have nothing at that point and like a lion, will go after easier prey.



    I could tell story after story of my adventures in dreaming. They are truly as wild as anything you may ever hear, but that is simply because they are foreign to most. Everyone knows how bizarre and chaotic the dreaming realm can be, becoming aware of the dream doesn’t change that fact, you only gain an understanding is all.

    I have called out to God multiple times and sought Him in my dreams. I can honestly say that I have never felt like he has ever reached out to me in this environment or told me anything. For me it is just dreaming and the novelty of discovery. The Truth is I don’t even want him to reach out to me this way, I don’t want power, I have no desire to make myself look super spiritual by penning this article, my only desire is to help people that feel like they are trapped in cycles of scary sleep paralysis without any knowledge of the mechanics of what is going on when it happens.

    I believe God’s word and Jesus Christ are everything I need. I learn about Him through scripture, and could care less about the dreaming world anymore and really just sleep to become well rested. Like I said above I am bored of the environment preferring to take action in the real world and helping others that are caught up in the New Age, and false spirituality of this world. I want people to become aware of the lies and tactics of the enemy, proper understanding is key.

    Anyone reading this article and thinking wow, this guy is deceived, he is a heretic and demonized through his dreaming abilities and is ignorant and arrogant making statements like these. I would just say it is your Ignorance which seeds your own fears, and fear is what can make you demonized, that is what can cause you to error, that is what can allow you to be used by the enemy. Everything I have stated, demystifies the dreaming realm, and the tactics of the enemy, and exposes it to the light of God’s Truth.

    If God wanted to, He, at anytime could initiate dreams or visions as he did in the Bible with certain individuals. I could pretend to be some holy spiritual dreaming guru and tell you all that I am someone of import because of my experience. Instead I am telling you just the opposite, I don’t feel like God has used it, I don’t feel like it is a necessary experience for humankind, and I don’t think it is valuable knowledge and that you can gain any type of useful power through its development. The dreams of the Bible were used to guide a people, and fullfil the prophecies of the Messiah, what more do we need? Nothing. I am very skeptical of anyone claiming prophetic insight or special knowledge or power through the use of drugs or dreaming, you have nothing to offer me that the Bible hasn't already fullfilled, and I look at you as a enemy of God for saying otherwise.

    Instead I am telling you to read your Bible, that is how God speaks to us, that is what he wants to communicate to us. He doesn’t need dreamers, or prophets, or spiritual gurus of any type to communicate His message to us. All of this is completed in Christ Jesus and Him alone, beware of anyone telling you that you need this kind of thing because they are liars. You need Jesus, and so do many others in this world.

    My only hope is if there is someone who is fearful of sleeping and it causes them much strife that they can take my words, become less fearful of the dreaming experience, trust Christ and overcome their fear. That is my only reason for writing on this topic. I have seen to much fear mongering and misinfo on the topic by people that have very little experience with real dreaming. I hope to provide some practical, biblically reasoned analysis on the topic as opposed to driving people further into their manufactured fear. Fear being something the devil can actually use, and is hardly Godly.




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