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    By Jason Charles on 7/27/2010 (11 years 302 days ago) Theology & Religion



    Something closely resembling the fervor of Revolutionary War time preaching was present at the Faith and Liberty 2010 Conference, in Denver, Colorado, this past weekend. Keynote speakers Amb. Alan Keyes and Dr. Chuck Baldwin lit up the pulpit with the fire of the full Gospel interspersed with serious condemnation of the politicians and financial interests that have destroyed this country.


    Dr. Chuck Baldwin

    Amb. Alan Keyes


    The New World Order puppet masters have successfully kept the churches in their place for far too long. As Dr. Chuck Baldwin clearly spells out in this video teaser below, they are all cowards hiding behind the 501c3 and we need to break them of that habit now!


    There is no doubt about it, according to these two dynamic speakers the churches and pastors are to blame for the state America finds itself in today. It only took one hundred years from the establishment of the Federal Reserve and its corrupting, socializing influence to turn this country upside down and we have been the worse off for it ever since.

    The verdict is in and was articulated by Jason Charles, Exec. Dir. of Wake the Church, and MC Darrel Rundus. If anyone in America runs a WAC, Tea Party, 9/11 Truth, anti-NWO, anti-war, End the Fed, Birther, anti-Vac, Prepper or any derivative thereof, which is aimed at restoring some resemblance of justice and constitutional government, without first calling upon God and the Church for help, is delusional.

    The fact is our founding fathers would never have, in their wildest dreams, pursued rebellious civil action without first calling upon the Lord to aid them in their endeavor. I personally call upon these organizations to acknowledge and to act upon this fact. The church’s preaching and understanding of God and natural law are what provide the moral fortitude required to keep our nation from slipping into despotic ruin.

    We cannot slide any closer to the razor’s edge than we are right now, without getting seriously cut as a nation. The deciding factor will be whether the church AWAKES alongside you, the activist community, to this harsh reality in time.


    The Worship Band and Venue



    Financial and Geo-political expert Don McAlvany divulged data from within the financial markets that demonstrates the massive manipulation and fraud within the global financial infrastructure, which all trend toward meltdowns in markets across the world.

    Website: McAlvany.com


    International banking whistle-blower George W. Hunt identified the very names, programs, banks and organizations that have been hard at work to destroy the global economy in favor of a one world banking system that plans to lord over every aspect of our society.

    Website: TheBigBadBank.com


    Vet. Tracey Harmon drew from her experience in the military and demonstrated that one does not have to go along, to get along. Through her words, it was evident that God grants us all the faith and courage in life to make the hard decisions. She, through the conscientious objector process, took a stand for her faith and removed herself from the military. Pursuing a mission of peace and compassion, rather than that of death and the indiscriminate destruction of the American war machine.

    Website: IamLoLa.com


    Author of the book Spychips and Producer of the film Shadow Government Dr. Katherine Albrecht scared the pants off us all with a detailed analysis of corporate use of the RFID chip and massive security buildup that has rendered our privacy and rights protected under the Constitution null and void. The Mark of the Beast is not some Biblical fairy tale it is alive and well and in your shopping basket.

    Website: KatherineAlbrecht.com


    Pastor and Lawyer  J. Timothy Philibosian
    closed the conference with a call to action aimed at Christian men and women. The church is a vessel of hope, by acting in faith and putting yourself on the front lines; you will find your passion and purpose and can change the world.






    The challenge and call goes out to ALL of these groups and their members to focus attention and activism towards the church congregations and pastors. Washington D.C. is not the 'light switch' of America, it is the church body that holds this power. If they can be turned on to the information that God has revealed to you and your organization, the tide in this fight will turn literally overnight. The righteous anger of 200 million Bible believing Christians in America can be mobilized in opposition to the corruption coming from the Washington traitors. How will they know about all the treachery if YOU do not tell them first?

    The church need the information that was presented in this conference, the church speaks the language of Jesus and the Bible so revamp your presentations and brochures and take your message to the churches! They need real information like what our incredible expert speakers spoke about.



    This is a small snap shot of the information that is not getting out to churches, as they are locked in a vise grip of FOX news war-mongering propaganda and pathetically weak preaching from their pulpits. It is up to you to inundate them with more DVD's and information from your organization.

    If you know Christians, you have been trying to wake up for years, now is your chance buy this Faith and Liberty Conference DVD, burn it and pass it out to the churches and pastors. These speakers perfectly tailored their information towards the churches and use the Word of God to convict them of their hypocrisy and weakness of Spirit, which the Bible clearly condemns.

    We here at Wake the Church are organizing, and producing information toward this end. Please contact us, and learn how you can start a group in your congregation that aims to drive the message of liberty straight into the heart of the American church.

    We need your support big time. We plan to do more of these conferences and have a full-featured film being produced right now. It will tear down the hypocrisy and detail all the anti-NWO information from false flag terror to the federal reserve bank. All of this through the words, life, and actions as presented through Christ himself.

    This will be a powerful movement and outreach towards the church and we call upon all Christians and activists out there to respond to this call and help us towards this end, we need finances, organizers, researchers, writers, activists to come alongside us in this initiative and together we can Wake the Church. Do not wait, contact us now and show us what you already are doing as opposed to asking what you can do!

    Thank you for all of the encouragement and support that has flooded in via email and phone. calls. God will be good toward those who will humble themselves and repent of their part in our folly as a nation and actively strive to correct our course before it is to late.

    Stop the Thieves: The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

    Expose the False Prophets: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Matthew 24:24

    Uncloak the Wolves: Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15


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