Fear is the Tool of Tyrants


    By Jason Charles on 5/27/2020 (3 years 357 days ago) Globalism/N.W.O

    A fascinating research topic is how governments and political elite willingly manipulate the fear response in human populations as a means to control behavior.

    This topic could span the entire story of human history, as we point back to all the times in which manufactured enemies and events were used to hypnotize, polarize and mobilize entire populations into doing things as a group they would never consider doing as an individual.

    Would the Mayans have sacrificed thousands of humans if they weren’t manipulated into believing it appeased the gods? Could Nero burn and kill thousands of Christians if he hadn’t demonized them and blamed them for the Great Fire of Rome? Could Hitler have arisen to power if he couldn’t vilify the international Jew? Could the U.S. and NATO kill millions of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria without having first blown up 3 New York Skyscrapers and the Pentagon on 9/11? Would the entire world shut down their respective economies and self-quarantine for months without the fear-mongering death models presented by bureaucrat globalists?

    FEAR becomes the most important tool in the arsenal of control freak tyrants.

    History in retrospect becomes a lesson in trauma based mind-control more so than politics. The crisis’s just keep getting bigger and are enveloping more and more of humanity each new decade. The bigger the fear, the more people you can manipulate.

    Ironically, today the biggest fear that is manipulating the largest amount of people is the smallest thing in the world at 125 nm; a virulent strain of coronavirus called COVID-19. In the end the best fears and the ones most useful towards the manipulation of mass social groups can’t even be seen and largely exist in the mind. A physical threat like a natural disaster can be quantitatively assessed, but the fears that reside only in the mind can be amplified into infinity causing long-term damage to the mental health of a population.

    A recent study from Yale addressed the mental health issues this plandemic will have on the current generation and generations to come,

    “Assistant Professor Sarah Lowe and colleagues studied low-income women from New Orleans who were surveyed the year prior to, and at intervals after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. The women reported a range of traumatic experiences during Katrina, many of which are similar to those now occurring during the pandemic, including bereavement, lack of access to medical care and scarcity of medications.

    The research showed that at one, four and 12 years after the hurricane, the exposures most strongly associated with posttraumatic stress, psychological distress, general health and physical health symptoms were those most common to the current pandemic. The pandemic continues to cause widespread death and sickness, as well as job loss and severe economic hardship for many.

    “This pandemic is likely to have profound short- and long-term consequences for physical and mental health,” said Lowe. “These impacts are likely to be even larger than what we have seen in previous disasters like Hurricane Katrina, given the distinctive qualities of the pandemic as a disaster.”

    The study did not include other exposures that are taking place during the pandemic, such as financial losses and unemployment, which are also likely to have additional and significant impacts on public health.

    The study is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    “The pandemic is likely to have profound short- and long-term consequences for physical and mental health.” (PublicHealth.Yale.edu, 5/20/2020)


    The impact this fear campaign has had on people is immeasurable. Here are a few headlines that speak to the damage caused by tyrants who willingly wage war on their populations, scaring them senseless.


    Psychiatrists Wrote 86% More Prescriptions For Psychotropic Drugs During Lockdown Months

    “According to Ginger, an organization that provides mental health services to companies, compared to January and February of this year, prescriptions for psychotropics, most of which were antidepressants, were up 86% for the months of March and April.

    The stress of unemployment, social isolation and health concerns are all cited by Americans who say the lockdown is having a serious impact on their mental health.” (Summit.News, 5/26/2020)


    Poll: 37% of unemployed Americans ran out of food in past month

    “The number of people seeking help from her organization and affiliated food pantries has surged 60% since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which has shut down the nation’s economy and thrown tens of millions of people out of work. Across the country, worries about having enough to eat are adding to the anxiety of millions of people, according to a survey that found 37% of unemployed Americans ran out of food in the past month and 46% said they worried about running out.

    Even those who are working often struggle. Two in 10 working adults said that in the past 30 days, they ran out of food before they could earn enough money to buy more. One-quarter worried that would happen.

    Those results come from the second wave of the COVID Impact Survey, conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago for the Data Foundation. The survey aims to provide an ongoing assessment of the nation’s mental, physical and financial health during the pandemic.” (DetroitNews.com, 5/14/2020)


    'Deaths of despair': Coronavirus pandemic could push suicide, drug deaths as high as 150k, study says

    “The federal mental health czar is calling for more money to expand services to help people suffering amid the social isolation imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, as a new study estimates related deaths from alcohol, drug overdose and suicide could reach 150,000. 

    "We see very troubling signs across the nation," said Dr. Elinore McCance-Katz, assistant secretary at Department of Health and Human Services and head of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration. "There's more substance abuse, more overdoses, more domestic violence and neglect and abuse of children." (USAToday.com, 5/8/2020)


    New weekly figures show almost 40 million people lost their job since the pandemic

    “The weekly figures, released Thursday by the Department of Labor, come amid a slew of bankruptcies and as more companies announce layoffs.

    While the month of May still represents a staggering total of job losses, the number of unemployment benefit claims has been in gradual decline after hitting a peak of 6.8 million for the week ending March 28.

    Continuing claims, or the number of people who are still filing for ongoing weekly benefits, is now at 25 million people, having hit a record 22.8 million for the week ending May 2.” (NBCNews.com, 5/21/2020)


    On top of all this, it simply isn’t enough to ruin the lives of millions, the power elite felt the need to wage war on the churches as well, the primary place people go for spiritual, mental and physical aid; so much so the Rutherford Institute is representing churches suing governors for their unconstitutional overreach.

    “Attorneys Thomas S. Neuberger, Stephen J. Neuberger, Martin D. Haverly and Thomas Crumplar are working with The Rutherford Institute in defense of Rev. Bullock’s First Amendment rights.

    “This isn’t about churches attempting to be rebellious. Rather, these are religious institutions attempting to do what they do best, which is to provide spiritual comfort to people who are living through difficult times,” said constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of Battlefield America: The War on the American People. “The government shouldn’t be in the business of micromanaging churches. This establishes a dangerous precedent that will come back to haunt us. At a minimum, if bars and businesses can be trusted to operate responsibly, churches should be treated the same.” (The Rutherford Institute, 5/19/2020)



    A Fearful Population is a Controlled Population.

    The long-term effects on populations that have been steeped in fear-mongering and crisis politics for generations has never been studied, but I imagine America is ground-zero for gathering data if it ever where to happen.

    The American media has been so completely relentless with their fear based propaganda for decades that most Americans have absolutely no clue as to what is a legitimate threat opposed to a media and politically manufactured threat. People are fighting over the use of masks, vaccines, race, politics, sexual identity, climate, religion, etc. Everything that can and will divide a nation has become a meat cleaver in the hands of government, carving us up into little control groups that can be manipulated in a dozen different ways with the right application of trigger words.

    All for what? The answer to that question is for complete control over our lives and the direction of humanity. The elite have a dystopian vision for the future; a vision that they know will be heavily contested by the masses and are thus wielding fear campaigns as means to coerce compliance to their agenda.

    And behind it all is Bill Gates who we now know invested heavily in the tech giants prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

    “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust placed big bets on technology titans in the first quarter, according to a recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

    The trust, which manages the assets of the world's largest private foundation, revealed new positions in Apple, Amazon, Google-parent Alphabet, Alibaba, and Twitter. Its stakes in the first four were valued between $100 million and $130 million each on March 31, while its Twitter holdings were worth about $7 million.

    Gates has emerged as a leading commentator on the COVID-19 outbreak due to his deep experience in fighting diseases and vaccinating populations, and his warning of a pandemic back in 2015.

    The philanthropist recently said his foundation is giving "total attention" to the pandemic, and expects to spend billions constructing vaccine factories.” (Business Insider, 5/26/2020)


    It doesn’t make any sense that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would invest so heavily into Microsoft competitors, but taking into consideration these companies involvement in the recently launched “Contact Tracing” software that tracks everybody’s location and possible exposure to viruses, it suddenly becomes crystal clear. Gates is investing in them because they are helping fulfill the vision of complete control of the human biosphere through invasive vaccine mandates, certifications and tracking systems.

    This investment shows a complete foreknowledge of the coming pandemic, the hyped models he funded, and the proposed solution in form of tracking software, vaccine mandates and certification. Without question everything we have collectively experienced can be directly linked back to Gates and his funding and control of the WHO as pointed out by Robert Kennedy Jr.

    No wonder there is a petition with over 576k signatures on Whitehouse.gov calling for the arrest of Bill Gates for crimes against humanity, people are beginning to see him for the menace he is.



    As long as people continue to demonstrate a propensity for animal panic in the face of any perceived existential threat, the power elite will continue to wage these campaigns of fear on the masses seeing how effective they have become.

    At some point men and women need to regain control of these fear-based impulses, see this is for what it is, and identify the true enemy within. It comes down to the fact that men and women have misplaced fear. They are fearful of all the wrong things and can be easily manipulated as a result.

    The spiritual implications behind this are at the heart of the issue, will we live in the fear of man, or the fear of God.

    Atheists at Harvard are blaming Christians and saying that there continued meeting and belief in afterlife is the cause of the pandemic. The New American writes,

    “First it was the New York Times claiming that Christians and their “science denialism” were sending us to “coronavirus hell.” Now, perhaps missing the irony that atheistic China visited COVID-19 upon the world, a Harvard professor has blamed Christians for exacerbating the pandemic, calling belief in an afterlife “a malignant delusion” that “devalues actual lives and discourages action that would make them longer, safer, and happier.”

    None of this is surprising coming from Harvard University cognitive scientist Steven Pinker, who, according to American Thinker, cites the Bible as an example of “pre-modern cruelty.” Pinker had some help, though, as his comments were inspired by a recent Washington Post column entitled “What’s really behind Republicans wanting a swift reopening? Evangelicals.”

    Written by one Gary Abernathy, the article’s thesis is that it isn’t just economic collapse and its resultant consequences, or concerns for constitutional rights, that motivate Republicans to oppose the lockdowns. Rather, the author argues that a major factor is the GOP’s evangelical supporters, who have a “God problem that makes them callous about death,” as American Thinker puts it.” (The New American, 5/26/2020)


    These people are literally arguing that we do not live in enough fear, that we need to further cower and submit to restrictions on our liberty if we are to ever pull ourselves out of this pandemic mess and coming depression.

    The truth is we need to do the exact opposite. We need to realize the very people that are conning us out of life and liberty are the atheists, social eugenicists and scientific dictators looking to rob humanity of everything we hold dear. They are the ones that are perpetuating these fear campaigns, they are the ones that are impoverishing the world not saving us; and until all of us realize this fact, then none of us can live peaceful meaningful lives.

    We need to divorce ourselves from manmade fear and its control. We need to do the exact opposite of what these atheists and scientific dictators want us to do and place ourselves back under the righteous authority of God Almighty. We need to allow the sovereignty of God and His justice to take root in our hearts and cast out the man-made fear. Both political parties are fluent in fear and are thus tyrants as they seek to manipulate and control; to love one over the other is completely foolish considering they are both fearmongering elitist, using fear to cut at the fabric of society for their own personal agendas.

    The power elite will lose the biggest tool in their arsenal if we can do what the Bible tells us to do which is love one another, to fear God alone, and to cast the torment of fear we have lived with as a society for so long out. The moment we stop fearing the elite and their shell games of terror is the moment they lose control for good.


    There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18


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