It Only Gets Worse From Here Just Ask Rome


    By Jason Charles on 8/17/2017 (4 years 280 days ago) Politics & Government

    The History Channel in an article about the fall of the Roman Empire listed 8 reasons as to why the empire fell in 476 A.D., all of which the American Empire is facing now and more (


    The first point listed is the invasion by barbarian hordes. This is something America is experiencing right now in the form of illegal immigration and Muslim migration. Both of these groups refuse to obey the Constitutional laws that bind our society together. In the case of illegal Mexican migrants they break the law to get here, and break it further to stay here where traitorous sanctuary cities that have Democrat populations give them infinite welfare programs as a means to create a larger Democrat voting bloc. Same goes for the Muslim migrants who look to change the law towards Sharia Law and are often times nothing more than terrorists looking to harm the civilian population once in. They too are welcomed with open arms by Democrats who think they can control these populations with access to free healthcare, food stamps, and housing programs.


    The second point was Economic Troubles. The U.S. government is drowning in a whooping $19 Trillion dollars worth of debt, and that figure doesn't include the civilian debt. A former U.S. comptroller general recently went on the record to say the U.S. debt is really at $65 Trillion (The Hill). This is without question an unsustainable debt burden that alone can destroy this country through insolvency.

    The third point cited was the split and rise of the Eastern Empire. It was the Emperor Diocletian who divided the Empire into two halves. The Western half ruled from Milan, while the Eastern half ruled from Constantinople. This can be represented here in America in two ways. The divided political paradigm in the form of Republicans and Democrats without question has torn this country asunder, pitting free Americans against one another over issues of political ideology. And it can also be represented by the power grab of Washington D.C. that since Lincoln has effectively enslaved the independent states. This D.C. power grab has dragged the states into costly wars, unbearable debts, regulations, fascists partnerships with corporate power structures, and more. All of which has eroded the foundational principles in which the Union was founded upon. At this point, it can be said that the burden placed on the states by the federal government runs counter to the best interests of the states. This too is unsustainable, and will undoubtedly provide the circumstances where the states start to secede from the Union as these burdens become increasingly unbearable. The withdrawal by the states from the Union will undoubtedly crash the American Empire.

    The fourth point stated is the overextension of military power and control throughout the world. The cost of wars and empire expansion ultimately become too costly and does more to weaken the infrastructure and power-base of the empire rather than strengthen it. The promise of more resources only sets up the circumstances for aggressive invasions that turn into long drawn out occupations that require more funding, and more infrastructure to maintain than the reward of resources ever provides. Ultimately the corporations and the politicians get rich, while the country suffers trying to maintain these burdensome unlawful excursions around the world. Like a game of risk once someone spreads themselves to thin collapse is inevitable.

    The fifth stated reason Rome fell was Government corruption. The Declaration of Independence noted that governments must operate with the consent of the governed. This means the civilian body must feel at all times that the government body represents the will of the people. As soon as the people feel that they are not adequately being represented, the political bonds that tie us all together begin to erode. The politicians who begin to work for and favor corporate and empire objectives over the will of the people are essentially throwing a noose around their own necks. It is not the corporations and the financial backers that hold this Union together. No, it is, and always will be the will of the people. When the people begin to see through the lies of the political class, it is only a matter of time before the empire collapses as the corruption takes its toll on the patience of a civilian body.

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    The sixth point is the arrival of the Barbarian tribes. Though we can again talk about illegal's and Muslims here, I want to instead draw your attention to the clashes we see in the streets by Communist Black Bloc Anarchists and White Supremacists. These two groups see the oncoming collapse and are looking  to utilize violence to secure themselves as the new leaders of a new order as the American empire collapses. The problem is that both of these groups represent past ideologies that have failed horribly, they have no unifying operating principles outside of pure hate for their opposition. They are both in essence barbarians that can use nothing more than violence to seize power. They have no common creeds, ethics, principles, or laws that can replace the system of government we currently have, meaning they represent a factious minority without representation of the whole of the body politic in the U.S. Allowing these groups to continue unabated simply because they are politically useful to the corrupt body of politicians only spells certain disaster for the Union. If nothing else it will just provide further justification of ramping up the already massive police state which in turn will further inflame the already divided country towards civil war.

    The seventh point made in the article spoke about the loss of traditional values among the people. America was established on Biblical and Natural Law principles. This is a fact. A Bible verse can be applied to every single one of our Bill of Rights (Chuck Baldwin Live). The common morality of the people is the glue that keeps us civil to one another, it is also the basis in which we subject ourselves to the law itself, seeing we agree with said laws because they are based on a common understanding and belief. When America removed God, prayer, the Bible, church life, and its principles from civil society it removed with it the underpinnings  of both society and government itself. As a result we have politicians that can subjectively corrupt the law, we have people who subjectively apply morality to themselves and others, and we have corporations that operate without ethical bounds. The ramifications of systematically removing the common morality alone will crash the American empire, and now we have Communists and Nazis wrestling for control to reestablish a system of law and morality that can successfully fill the moral void in our society. They are wrong, and they will fail, as will the American system that allowed itself to systematically uproot the common morality without thought or foresight as to future consequences.

    The eighth point made is the weakening of the Roman legions, which was described in the article as the meshing of Roman soldiers with that of Barbarian mercenaries that had little allegiance to the empire. Now without question the American empire has its fair share of mercenaries at work. Corporate mercenaries used by the American empire comes from companies like Dyncorp, Blackwater, or Craft that extort billions from taxpayers for their "services" overseas. Then you have proxy armies in the form of cartels south of the border that are maintained and run by the CIA and also the proxy armies that have been trained and deployed in the mid-east in the form of ISIS and Syrian rebels also funded by the CIA. These armies are only useful as long as the money and armaments flow, but quickly become useless if the money dries up seeing their loyalty is to profit and power and not the objectives of the U.S. empire.

    What I want to focus on though is the toll unjust wars have had on our fighting forces. When military men are deployed for 4, 5, even 6 times in wars that are unconstitutional, in theaters that are filled with innocent civilians who are being killed all around you the conscious of the solider becomes blackened. This is why so many returning vets are coming back with PTSD. Then you couple that with the medications that soldiers are being put on, antidepressants and anti-psychotics that literally state on the box side effects include suicidal thoughts you have a recipe for disaster. Our armed forces simple cannot keep up the pace that their corporate slave masters require of them and most end up homeless, divorced, broke and eventually take suicide to end the pain they have lived with as a result of their service. This is the state of our armed forces, it is unable to keep up with the demands the military industrial complex and American empire places on them.



    The similarities between both the American empire and the Roman empire are uncanny. Almost all of the same issues that resulted in the destruction and decay of the Roman empire are present in the modern American Empire. This is not something that can just be reversed. The moral decay, the greed, the corruption took many decades to infest our systems and institutions, it would take equally as long or longer to reverse this trend. There simply is to many forces at work that seek the ultimate destruction of the greatest nation the world has ever seen. What we see on the news, in our jobs, on our TV's, in our institutions and in the streets is just the tip of a larger iceberg that spells out certain destruction.

    The churches and pastors I feel are mainly to blame for the fall of our nation. It is their God ordained duty to espouse the Biblical principles that formed this nation, and rail against the corrupt politicians and leaders who would tear this country away from these truths, something they have failed to do at every turn. The only way to reverse such a trend is to bring this country back to our common morality, repent from the evil we have allowed to envelop our lives, and seek God in everything we do as a nation once again. God made it clear no matter how fall we have fallen into total despotism we can still repent and comeback from the precipice. One thing is for sure, if we don't begin the long journey back to God, then one thing is for sure, it only gets worse from here. Please Sign-up for our Newsletter and Like us on Facebook, for updates!


    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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