John Negroponte: Creating Global Proxy Armies to Bring About the Collapse of Western Civilization


    By Jason Charles on 9/21/2015 (8 years 165 days ago) War, Military, & Intelligence

    Every serial killer leaves their mark, a gruesome calling card left at the scene of the crime flaunting their arrogant disregard for the lives they have taken and especially for the authorities who set out to investigate such matters. They do this for multiple reasons, but the main reason is they are looking to terrorize their victims, the investigators and most especially the communities in which they prey upon. It is these signatures, these calling cards that demonstrate that a deliberate pattern and set of procedures are being followed by what can only be described as a professional killer.

    Most people when they flip on the TV News cast and hear about the violence on our southern border believe it to be isolated to those communities and are due to the rampant abuse by warring factions of drug cartels. Same goes for the carnage in what we see in the Middle East. But nothing can be further from the truth. Whether we are looking at the southern border or the middle east we begin to realize that patterns are starting to emerge, we have seen this in earlier decades and we are beginning to see it again, only this time it is set to bring down all of Western Society.

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    Death has a Resume

    One thing we immediately realize is that both the Cartels and the ISIS terrorists utilize the same murderous techniques when terrorizing and dispatching their victims. Decapitation is a favorite. The Los Zetas and other drug cartels have beheaded literally hundreds and hundreds of people south of the border, they then post those videos to the internet in much the same way that ISIS terrorists do. It is so similar in nature one has to step back and ask what is the connection, why is it that the most violent elements in all the world utilize the same methods of execution and terror.  The answer to this question can be summed up in the career of one US Ambassador. Everywhere John Negroponte has ever been stationed we see drug monopolization, weapons trafficking, and death squads.

    Famed whistleblower and former DEA agent Cele Castillo broke down the incredibly bloody resume of John Negroponte in an eye opening article that opened with this verse,

    "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was death, and hell followed with him." - Revelation 6:7

    He went on to give a rundown of Amb. Negroponte's dealings between 1971 - 1991,

    "From 1971 to 1973, Negroponte was the officer-in charge for Vietnam at the National Security Council under Henry Kissinger. During that period, former DEA Michael Levine was conducting undercover operations in Saigon, Thailand, and Cambodia where our government was smuggling heroin into the U.S. Our government was utilizing caskets and body bags of those "Killed In Action" to smuggled the heroin.

    From 1981-1985, Negroponte was U.S. Ambassador to Honduras, where he illegally assisted the contra war and, most devastating, helped the Reagan administration in "disappearing" close to 300 political opponents in classic death squad fashion. He supervised the creation of the El Aguacate air base, which the Contras used as a secret detention and torture center. In August 2001, excavations at the base discovered 185 corpses, including two American missionaries. In May 1982, a nun, Sister Laetitia Bordes went on a fact-finding delegation to Honduras to investigate the whereabouts of thirty Salvadoran nuns who fled to Honduras in 1981. Negroponte claimed the embassy knew nothing. But in 1996, a U.S. newspaper interviewed Negroponte's predecessor, Jack Binns. Binns said that a group of Salvadorans, among whom was Bordes, who had been captured on April 22, 1981, and savagely tortured by the Honduran Secret Police, and then later thrown out of helicopters, alive. Negroponte turned a deliberate blind eye to a murderous pattern of political killings. He orchestrated the famous death squad Battalion 316, which used shock and suffocation devices in interrogations. Prisoners were often kept naked and when no longer useful, killed and buried in unmarked graves. We have seen similar pictures of those atrocities committed by our service men and women in Iraq.

    From 1989 to September 1993, he was also ambassador to Mexico where he directed our U. S. intelligence services in assisting the war against the Zapatista rebels in Chiapas. Furthermore, he was there obstructing the war on [some] drugs. Seven Mexican drug agents were gunned down in an ambush by 100 members of the Mexican army on the payroll of a drug cartel; Negroponte dismissed the slaughter as "a regrettable incident." The slaughter had been videotaped by the DEA from another plane, which had also been strafed by the army unit.

    Ironically enough, I was stationed in Vietnam as a combat soldier at the same time Negroponte was assigned to Vietnam. It was there I saw some of my brothers laid low from heroin overdose. It was also there, that I promised myself that if I survived that war, I would initiate my own personal war against drug trafficking. In 1979, I became one of the very few Latinos DEA agents.

    From 1985 to 1991, I was assigned to Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. As one of two DEA agents that covered those countries, I observed that our U.S. government was complicit in drug trafficking and human rights violations. The area was rife with rebellion, gunrunning, and a perception that communism was on the move towards our back yards. One of my job descriptions was to train members of their military intelligence on the interdiction of drugs. However, most of my time was spent assisting the CIA in training the death squads. We were utilizing CIA contract agents from different parts of South America, specifically Venezuela and Argentina. In reality, Central America became one huge country, which allowed the death squads to overflow into each other. Mario Sandoval-Alarcon, best known as the godfather of the death squads and creator of the notorious death squad, "La Mano Blanca" ran all death squads. Sandoval was so loved by Ronald Reagan that he got a private invitation to, and attended, Reagan's inauguration."


    Cele Castillo author of the tell all book Powderburns: Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War is currently in jail serving on a bogus weapons charge. This article that Cele wrote was in response to the news that Negroponte had been appointed by President George W. Bush as the Ambassador to Iraq in the lead up to the Iraq war, who was  then appointed the Director of National Intelligence in 2005 at the time this article was written. In this article he mentions that Negroponte was in charge of implementing the 'Salvador Option' which was a plan to utilize death squads to round up, interrogate and kill Sunni supporters of Saddam Hussein. The man to help Negroponte do this is what can only be termed as the operational side of Negroponte, the infamous El Salvador death squad recruiter Colonel Jim Steele. An article in March of 2013 that marked the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war Cele was interviewed on the role Steel played in El Salvador by the Guardian and also detailed his role in Iraq,

    " The US Army was facing an unconventional, guerrilla insurgency in a country it knew little about. There was already talk in Washington DC of using the Salvador option in Iraq and the man who would spearhead that strategy was already in place. Steele, the man, remains an enigma. He left Iraq in September 2005 and has since pursued energy interests, joining the group of companies of Texas oilman Robert Mosbacher. Until now he has stayed where he likes to be – far from the media spotlight. Were it not for Bradley Manning's leaking of millions of US military logs to Wikileaks, which lifted the lid on alleged abuses by the US in Iraq, there he may well have remained. "


    "Soon after the invasion in March 2003 Jim Steele was in Baghdad as one of the White House's most important "consultants", sending back reports to Rumsfeld. His memos were so valued that Rumsfeld passed them on to George Bush and Cheney. Rumsfeld spoke of him in glowing terms. "We had discussion with General Petraeus yesterday and I had a briefing today from a man named Steele who's been out there working with the security forces and been doing a wonderful job as a civilian as a matter of fact." (Guardian)


    This article goes on to detail the unbelievable accounts of people tortured in full knowledge of the Bush administration who not only knew about these torture brigades but were praised for their efforts as the above quote indicates. The important thing to note here is that Cele Castillo was right not only did they implement the 'Salvador Option' in Iraq, it has plunged the entire region into civil war. The Death Squads have now many years later evolved into ISIS and are still being funded by the US government to wage a proxy war on Syria, which was the original intent of the 'Salvador Option' all along. It has been confirmed that the Benghazi scandal was a known CIA missiles smuggling operation in just one of many examples of how weapons end up in the hands of these brutal terrorists.

    How are they funding and arming these brutal militant groups? The same way they funded the death squads south of the border. Drugs.

    The amount of opium being trafficked out of the Afghanistan regions is mind boggling, and unbelievably it is being operated by the Afghan Air Force who is literally murdering US Air Force investigators who get too close to the operations like in the case of Air Force Lt. Col. Frank Bryant as reported by the Wall Street Journal in back in 2012,

    "Kabul International Airport featured heavily in the drug-running scheme. At its Cargo Ramp No. 5, “unscheduled aircraft were landing late at night and cargo was being unloaded in a hurry,”  (Wall Street Journal)

    The airport has a tragic significance for the U.S. military. In April 2011, a colonel in the Afghan Air Force shot and killed eight troops and a contractor from the U.S.-led coalition there. Among the troops killed was Air Force Lt. Col. Frank Bryant, who was conducting an own investigation into the drug-running charges against the Afghan Air Force." (WIRED)


    The US presence facilitated the drug trade in Afghanistan, we now know that it had to because that money was going to build the ISIS proxy army. All of the new trucks, the weapons that "accidently" get given to ISIS are for one reason only, they need massive amounts of under the table funding and armaments to build these armies. And therefore the job was handed to those experienced in doing exactly that,people like Negroponte and company.


    Drug Money Funding Off the Books Covert Armies

    Obviously what we are talking about is highly illegal and outside the knowledge and oversight of the US congress and Senate. What plans like the 'Salvador Option' really do is create what is termed 'proxy armies'. These are para-military units put together in secret, and funded through drug trafficking for the sole purpose of keeping the financing off the books and outside the knowledge of Congress.They can then utilize these mobilized native forces to engage in civil war against targeted countries, with the idea that they are controlled behind the scenes by their real handlers at the Pentagon. From the outside perspective it looks like localized chaos, but to the covert operative it is a cover for a military operations.

    South of the US border the death squads operation has evolved extensively from the days  of Negroponte. Though the American public got a small glimpse into the inner workings of CIA backed drug running operations in what is now infamously known as the Iran Contra affair a public scandal where Col. Oliver North and cohorts were forced to testify to their involvement in arming the contras/death squads with the sale of illicit drugs being run into the US. This operation is recorded in Oliver North's own hand-written notebooks obtained by the National Security Archive,

    "In his entry for August 9, 1985, North summarizes a meeting with Robert Owen ("Rob"), his liaison with the contras. They discuss a plane used by Mario Calero, brother of Adolfo Calero, head of the FDN, to transport supplies from New Orleans to contras in Honduras. North writes: "Honduran DC-6 which is being used for runs out of New Orleans is probably being used for drug runs into U.S." As Lorraine Adams reported in the October 22, 1994 Washington Post, there are no records that corroborate North's later assertion that he passed this intelligence on drug trafficking to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration."

    There is no question that the US was cooperating with Central American governments to solidify and control the drug networks in the early 80's. The sad thing now is the CIA control of the cartels has grown exponentially over the last decades. They have gone from hundreds of localized warlords to 3-4 major cartels that have taken control of up to as much as 50% of the country in some cases. For example the Los Zetas cartel started as a death squad group made up of former Mexican special-forces soldiers, this one group alone is the largest criminal syndicate in Mexico and recruits heavily from former Negroponte stomping grounds to train a new generation of murderous gangs.

    "Ex-troops from Guatemala — counterinsurgency experts known as "killing machines" — have been recruited by the Zetas, and the cartel has set up camps around Mexico to train recruits aged 15 to 18 years old. The group continues to pose a threat to citizens on both sides of the border. The FBI believes that the Zetas control several US-based gangs such as the Mexican Mafia, the Texas Syndicate, the Hermanos Pistoleros Latinos, and MS-13. " (Business Insider)

    It is an open secret, top level officials in the Mexican government have accused the US of running the cartels, high ranking members in the Sinaloa drug cartel have stated Fast and Furious was a program to arm and finance the Sinaloa cartel. There simply is an overwhelming amount of evidence that the US manages the cartels South of the Border. Even John Kerry has gone public on this knowledge and is quoted in his response to Whistleblower Gary Webb's Dark Alliance series which is a must read on the subject of US drug trafficking.

    "There is no question in my mind that people affiliated with, or on the payroll of, the CIA were involved in drug trafficking,"

    The violence we see south of the border has it's origins in US foreign policy objectives. They have purposely built up some of the most violent criminal networks on the planet a stone's throw away from our own border.


    The End Game

    We have to realize that on both sides of the planet they are being directed towards a larger goal, which is utilizing the chaos to centralize and re-engineer societies under the secular heading of the New World Order. When we see how effective they have been utilized in the middle east to take down regimes in Libya, Egypt, and now Syria we have to look at the larger picture and take the threat seriously. Our government is in the business of re-engineering not just smaller countries like they did in former decades, but entire regions. The chaos ISIS brought to Iraq and Syria has resulted in a flood of refugees into Europe. This is a perfect opportunity for these terrorists cells to filter into Western Nations and begin to wage proxy battles inside the capitals of Europe. The vast majority of the populations that have been targeted are that of Christian communities. So much of what we are seeing on the world stage is violent elements being raised up to attack Christianity knowing full well that the basis of Western Society is the church of Christ. If these cells begin to activate in Europe what will come of Western Society as chaos begins to destabilize and weaken those nations by the influx of fighters using the refugee and humanitarian crisis as cover?

    This goes for us here in America. The problem with these cartels, is it isn't just about the drugs, money and power. It really is about creating a massive self sustaining proxy army that is fully capable of unleashing untold amounts of chaos in the surrounding territories these forces are being built up in. The US government doesn't just build up, fund, train, arm and manage proxy armies to fight among themselves for power. They are created with a strategic, bloody purpose in mind. The recent reports by Judicial Watch that ISIS terrorists have partnered with the cartels and are using drug and human smuggling networks to bring terrorists inside the United States can only mean the American population is also a target.

    "According to these same sources, “coyotes” engaged in human smuggling – and working for Juárez Cartel – help move ISIS terrorists through the desert and across the border between Santa Teresa and Sunland Park, New Mexico. To the east of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, cartel-backed “coyotes” are also smuggling ISIS terrorists through the porous border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas. These specific areas were targeted for exploitation by ISIS because of their understaffed municipal and county police forces, and the relative safe-havens the areas provide for the unchecked large-scale drug smuggling that was already ongoing."(Judicial Watch)

    The people in control of the American government for the last few decades are absolute traitors. The Negroponte connections between death squads, al-Qaeda, the drug cartels, and ISIS can't be ignored. I truly believe that these forces have been radicalized for one purpose, and that is to collapse western society. The New World Order must destroy Western Society and most importantly Christian culture if it wants to move into the next phase of its demonically inspired incarnation.

    The bloody history of these men show a pattern of serial murder and a willingness to execute their bloody plans, they are extremely dangerous violent people to say the least. If civil war were to erupt south of the border I can see the trigger happy militias all going down there to fight. The problem is that is exactly what the globalists want, of course they want us to bleed the strength and resources out of the Freedomists and militias by tying them up in a proxy war. We must always keep in mind the true enemy is the ones that embroiled us in this mess in the first place and should be the focus of the wrath of the American people when it comes to that. God help us all if that is the true intent of these demons in DC. Time will only tell. The only advise I can give in the face of such evil is pray hard, pray for our country, pray for the poor suffering souls who have lost everything in the middle east and south of the border and pray that we as a nation are prepared to stave it off if they intended to bring the bloodshed here. Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter at for more reports like these!

    Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men. Psalms 139:19

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