Looking at a Global Economic Collapse Through the Eyes of Satan


    By Jason Charles on 11/9/2015 (6 years 196 days ago) Economics

    Chicken Little Syndrome

    One of the most heated and ongoing debates within liberty minded circles almost always involves speculation as to what a full on societal collapse may look like in the very near future. These conversations almost always unfold exactly the same way no matter who you end up talking to. It usually starts off with someone voicing their disgust with Washington D.C. and the political climate, the radical social engineering programs, the tragedy of unjust wars abroad, the national debt, etc. It then digresses into wild speculation as to how all this means that the American society is doomed and the elite plan on destroying America. These same folks will then reveal their detailed plans as to how they are stock piling food, guns, gold, silver and moving to remote locations in order to avoid and survive the inevitable chaos they see enveloping the American continent.

    Now let me be clear, I total agree with the sentiments, and have made many plans myself as has my family to deal with any one of these scenarios. I listen to and absorb all of the information from the top alternative analysts and agree wholeheartedly with the conclusions they draw. The wars are barbaric and manufactured on behalf of the ever burgeoning military complex, the media talking heads are covering for the criminally insane running our country, the debt racked up by congress and the Federal Reserve has indeed enslaved us all, and the social engineering programs are turning our children and society into depraved perverts. This is a given. What I don't agree with is the conclusion that the elite have it out for America, and will initiate some sort of extinction level event for our society and culture. There are some very good Biblical reasons I believe we will not see anything like a total Global Economic meltdown, Nuclear war or massive civil unrest anytime soon in America. Yes I know this fear does serve the elite well and provides a convenient excuse to keep building up the police state and enlarging Government, but that does not mean that the global elite will allow an all out societal collapse to occur, in fact it is highly unlikely that the elite want or will initiate such an event. On the other hand we can't discount God's judgment because he has, and he may initiate such a fall out as divine judgment on our sickly culture.


    The Devil's Very Real Goals

    Any real study involving the multi-generational goals of the devil would include three things. The devil uses deception and murder to take as many souls to hell as he possible can (John 8:44), he is always working to unite a world government under the heading of a messianic figure (Matthew 4: 8-10), and he intends to sit on a throne in Jerusalem and be worshiped as a god in total mockery of the true God of all creation (Daniel 9:27; 11:31; 12:11; Matthew 24:15)

    The devil has been perpetually working towards this end, it is his obsession. Every attempted global empire since the Tower of Babel was spiritually inspired by the devil. That is what he does in every successive generation is utilize the clash of nations to consolidate power under a false messianic headship. The truth of the matter is the devil will never jeopardize his mechanisms of control especially considering how many centuries he has worked towards the establishment of this, his "Great Work." It is foolish to think that a being as darkly intelligent as the devil would ever initiate an event that would bring about a full on melt down of a system he derives his very power from and has worked so hard to bring it about. He may manage small isolated pockets of crisis in order to better consolidate what is in his view are "rogue nations" that refuse assimilation under the headship of the UN, NATO and the World Bank Global government, but he will never fully bring about a nations full collapse. The Economic crisis in Ireland, Portugal, and Greece are excellent examples of this concept. These are all nations that were not fully integrating with the plan of a united European Union and suddenly, low and behold they were set up by the financial elite through the sale of trillions in garbage derivatives to bring about their financial collapse. This then forced them back into the European Union and they had to take billions in bail out money from the US backed IMF loans to stabilize their countries' economies. These type of crisis' are hyper-managed by the financial elite, and though it looks like the system itself is extremely weak and susceptible to collapse it is really just a tool of globalization. The fear of collapse is an effective weapon towards this end, but the reality of a global meltdown is highly unlikely due to the nature of the beast system. We live in a day and age where computers leverage obscene amounts of money and debt through a layer of bureaucratic systems which can seemingly inflate and deflate economies at will. It is a totally fraudulent system controlled and privatized by the few on the behalf of the few without oversight. We have long ago left the days of actual resourced based currencies behind us.

    Anyone trying to analyze the global economic picture in traditional terms can't tell you anything other than everything is upside down and backwards, which it is because the system has willfully been purged of all the traditional metrics and financial analysis in favor of a truly global and digitally backed currency. A currency that is backed by the dynastic monetary holdings of central bankers rather than the actual GDP and production of nations. The elite have literally robbed the world blind through the central banking system and now hold all the cards. That is why nothing makes a lick of sense anymore in the way of economic statistical analysis. The system should have gone up in smoke years ago, but it doesn't, it is a Beast unto itself now that is beholden to no one. It empowers whom it wants and destroys who it wants.

    Take the American empire for example, America is the engine of Global Government. It is our war machine, our propaganda media, tax dollars and foreign policy that is the driving force behind Global Government. If we were to remove the powerbase of the American military, our IMF backing, and the billions of dollars of financial foreign aid we give to nations all over the globe, the cohesion of the New World Order would collapse overnight. One of those nations we pour out support for is the nation of Israel. It can be said that without American support in 1948 towards the formation of Israel, the modern weapons we arm them with, financial aid, and our foreign policy objectives in the Mid East on behalf of Israel they simply could not exist in such a hostile region. This is a fact that so many people overlook when discussing possible scenarios as to how the US will be exterminated by the global elite. America is now well over 18 Trillion dollars in debt but it still lumbers on like a zombie state, artificially kept alive by the machinations of the Federal Reserve and the Global Elite. Why? Because America is THE chosen vessel bringing about the New World Order.

    So taking these facts into account, ask yourself why would the devil ever jeopardize the American continent with an all out civil war, economic crisis, pandemic or any other massive causality inducing crisis that often I hear people speculating about. It doesn't make sense in spiritual terms for the devil to do such things, and it doesn't make sense in purely secular terms for the global elite to ever do anything along these lines. If there is one thing I know about the global elite it is they will never jeopardize their own systems of control and power. They most certainly will throw their lackey's under the bus to escape system wide change but they will never let the system experience total collapse. This is how they derive their power, this is how they drive their agendas forward, this is how they maintain a monopoly of control over their fellow man. To think that a massive fall out would occur is not a reasonable position to take, and I suspect people who talk like this as a real possibility are really just hoping that America comes crashing down. They secretly can't wait to see America fall, they can't wait to crawl into their bunkers and hole up like cowards, or they can't wait to get in a shooting war with the military or police.

    Misplaced Anger

    I get it, I understand fully the reason so many people are moving in the prepper direction. Our government is a body that has been possessed by demonic wickedness. Its evils are on full display for all the world to see and it fills all of us with spiteful hate. Many of these prepper types are veterans who fought for our freedoms and had friends and loved ones die for this country. To watch our country circle the drain is more than any one person can bear at this juncture in our history. It would be preferable that we did just collapse by some cataclysmic event than to slowly fall into a despotic tyranny.

    I often wonder why so many choose to hoard guns and food, and hole up in their respective caves hoping for a hot war to unfold on the continental United States.

    I personally think it has a lot to do with the dispensationalists' faulty interpretation of prophecy ONCE AGAIN. Christians have heard over and over the mantra that the United States is curiously absent from Biblical prophecy, and that the US probably will not exist when the anti-Christ comes onto the scene? Pretty much anyone who has looked into such things has heard this repeated time and time again. So all of these folks that believe this version of prophecy are assuming that means America is going to be destroyed. Really? America, the nation who featured prominently in the formation of Israel going all the way back to 1917 and the Balfour Declaration, who to this day has supported it with military and financial aid, and literally could not exist in the region without the backing of the United States. No, America has played heavily already in history, it is the backbone of the devils beast system, and it will continue to be unless God decides to Judge this nation. The modern day false prophets that keep recycling this idea that the Bible has no mention of America have perpetuated this idea that America will be destroyed. This is why so many people are running for the hills, this is why they would rather hide than engage in the political process and try to take back their country. They are operating under the foregone conclusion that it is hopeless to get involved and they had better just tuck tail and run.

    The Scofield/Dispensationalist interpretation of prophecy has become synonymous with false doctrine, and continues to cause many Christians to stand down in the face of abject wickedness in our country. These people think they will either get raptured away before any tribulation comes to America, or they think Israel is a representation of God's actual glorified Kingdom on Earth when it is obviously a very evil secular state that promotes homosexuality, unjust wars, and killing civilians in Palestine. There is nothing holy about modern Israel just as there is nothing holy and exceptional about the American war state.

    I will never get how Christians can read scripture, understand that the devil wants to literally establish the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem, institute a counterfeit Mosaic sacrificial system, and sit on a throne in the Holy of Holies and be worshiped as God in the city of Jerusalem will still fervently wave Israel flags and bless and pray over Israel. (Daniel 9:27; 11:31; 12:11; Matthew 24:15) When this all occurs and how all this occurs only God knows, and rightfully so. But it is crystal clear that the devil is extremely interested in Israel and if that be the case how can anyone justify support for Israel as a "nation." So ask yourself, are you going to wave those Star of David flags and celebrate the nation of Israel right up until the anti-Christ sets up his throne and then you will withdraw support? Do you think he will sacrifice humans? What do you really think will happen, when it is all said in done?

    So this concept of America collapsing and worshiping Israel and all the other crude that comes out of the mouth of false prophets needs to go away and fast. The devil is going to continue to utilize our nation to manifest his evil plans, he won't destroy it, he will only consolidate if further into his perverse, futuristic, transhumanist corrupted view of creation. The world will more than likely resemble a dystopian nightmare rather than a group of fragmented war torn failed nation states. The Beast system is a machine that perverts souls and grinds them up in wars and addictions towards their death. It is everything the enemy could hope for in the way of an efficient means of sending people to hell.

    It is time Christians wake up and stop making excuses by saying that all this is meant to be and there is nothing we can do about it. That some highly immoral guy named Darby figured all the prophecies out and fingered the role of all the nations on the planet, etc. It has all played out and he has proven to be totally wrong.

    We still can take this country back, but we can't come at if from a place of defeatism. God gave Israel hundreds of warnings ahead of time on multiple occasions across multiple centuries that they were headed the way of destruction. We know what is expected of us if we want to prosper our nation. (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, Micah 6:8)

    We need to work to expose the evil, take back our systems of government, education, churches and industry. Create havoc for these elitists, they have used the fear of system wide collapse for far too long, call their bluff. It is time we disrupt their council meetings, follow them to their whore houses, hire PI's to investigate them, send drones into their Bohemian Grove gatherings, get radical, expose them for what they are. That is what it means to bring evil to light. Sitting back on our haunches waiting for the destruction of America is not going to do anyone any good especially since it probably won't even go down that way. If God decides to judge this nation it is because there isn't any one left in all of America who will put on the mantel of a prophet and call our nation towards repentance. I don't think we are there yet, not even close. So it is not the devil who will crash our economy and our country, no he struggles everyday to consolidate, centralize and embolden his powerbase. Nor is it the elite we have to fear, they are power hungry shadow puppets who desperately fight and squabble and try to maintain control themselves. They too would never initiate a system wide collapse seeing that it is the system maintained by the millions that they derive their power from. The elite are business as usual, corrupt our political system, eradicate our Constitution and Liberties, pervert the innocence of the younger generations in our schools, and destroy any opposition. They are achieving their goals why would they ever stop now?

    No, it is God whom we must fear, it is God and only God that can and will judge this nation back to the stone age. So stocking Guns and Gold will not buy you the favor of God nor will it allow you to shoot your way out of the situation. The only thing we need to do is rightly identify the wickedness of our nation and other nations and resist it in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit offered us through the blood of Jesus Christ. Remember the King of Nineveh who took heed of the words of the prophet Jonah and repented, nothing is impossible with God (Jonah 3:4-10).

    And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not. Jonah 3:10

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