New Petition Voting NO CONFIDENCE in The U.S. Government


    By Jason Charles on 9/14/2017 (4 years 252 days ago) Politics & Government

    Vote of No Confidence

    Define: A vote showing that a majority does not support the policy of a leader or governing body.

    Please follow this link and sign the Vote No Confidence in Federal Government Petition on

    If every American had a button that voted either yes or no on whether they fully trusted the Federal government ,  I suspect that the vast majority across the entire political spectrum would vote no. No, they don't trust their government. This is the essence of the No Confidence vote, it gives us the voting public an opportunity to process all of the two party corruption in the last couple decades, and vote their gut against it. Honestly ask yourself is the government protecting our rights and nation? If your stomach drops with the realization it has hugely failed the citizenry, then you too have No Confidence in the U.S. government.  

    Please follow this link and sign the Vote No Confidence in Federal Government Petition on


    The Usual Suspects

    The U.S. government is made up of a long list of departments, agencies, and corporate partners that supposedly oversee the benefit of the civilian population.

    You can find the mind-numbingly long list of department and agencies that are currently tax beneficiaries right here. . Yes, for small government types this is truly a nauseating list to troll through. Nothing but hurt in the form of regulations, taxes, bureaucracies, and unfair penalties levied against the average American citizen.

    Now, take the above list and multiply it by the 1000's of corporations that contract with the U.S. government that bilk tax payers for all we are worth decade after decade. Again to your great displeasure please peruse this list of corporate contractors and especially take not of the military some almost a half  trillion dollars taken in just 10 years of war.

    Just think, each one of these entities have their own will and a voracious appetite for taxpayer money, and on top of that political enablers and lobbyist who service these industries like whores. These are the institutions that are directly competing against the will of the people.

    WE the People have lost Representational Rule, and thus lost the Republic.

    As a result I have put a list together of 7 bi-partisan areas in which I feel we can all agree that our government has failed us and needs a total overhaul or better a dissolution among the states.


    Politics: As of August 2017 Congress has a 16% approval rating. As a result I have NO CONFIDENCE that the Congress of the United States represents the will of the people or can uphold the Constitution.

    Economy: With Trump raising the debt ceiling to $20 Trillion dollars , Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska recently estimating the real U.S. debt amount at $70 Trillion dollars and the Derivatives Market reaching upwards to an astronomical amount of $1.2 Quadrillion in unsecured debt, I have to vote NO CONFIDENCE in the federal government to protect the U.S. public from a catastrophic economic collapse.

    Foreign Policy: The War on Terror has cost the U.S. Tax payers over 2.1 Trillion dollars over the last 16 years, and has become an unjust, aggressive war that has done more to permanently damage the liberties and freedoms of the U.S. public than terrorism could ever have. Here are the failed numbers behind our perpetual empire building and interventionism over seas. Due to the rabid nature of the military industrial complex and its control of our politicians, to suggest NO CONFIDENCE in our foreign policy is a no brainer.

    Public Education: The federal control of our public education system has prioritized the indoctrination of sexual perversion rather than focus on teaching our kids. The failures of the public school system are epidemic leading to 25% of students failing to graduate, and leaving a whopping 67% of children who are not even proficient in reading and math. Not to mention the fact, many teachers, both male and now female have become sexual predators rather than educators, the amount of sexual abuse by teachers in our schools has reached epidemic proportions. Anyone with any sense will vote NO CONDFIDENCE in the Public  School system run by the Federal government.

    Anti-Trust: The United States government has protected and partnered with corporations that represent a direct threat to the liberties and wellbeing of the American people. Whether it is Google actively censoring political content it deems offensive, Youtube censoring content creators, Facebook censorship, and even Amazon deleting one star reviews for Hillary on her new book. You then take into account how corporations like Big Pharma or Monsanto virtually run the FDA, etc. Any industry you look at you can find examples of monopolies that need to be broken up as a means to protect consumer privacy, health and safety. This is something the federal government has failed to do for decades allowing these industries to trample the rights, and liberties of the people. As a result, a NO CONFIDENCE vote in the federal government's ability to protect its citizens from the ravages of unrestrained industry is a must.

    Police Militarization: A major cause of civil unrest is a result of the DHS takeover of the police forces around the country. Civilian deaths have skyrocketed, due to the federal training and involvement in police departments, and when a shooting by police occur, the officers involved in shooting deaths are rarely punished or convicted. Trump's selling of military gear and the continued militarization of police forces is a grave threat to the liberties of the American people, and a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the federal government to curtail this alarming trend is a must.

    Surveillance State: The fourth amendment right to privacy has been usurped by the federal government. Organizations like the NSA, CIA, FBI, and other agencies have been using big data and big tech firms to spy on every aspect of Americans lives. This is unconsciousable in a free country and the fact that the federal government continues to sweep up every packet of data in the nation under the guise of national security is an abridgement of our rights. As a result we must vote NO CONFIDENCE in the federal government to protect our Constitutional right to privacy as laid out in the Fourth amendment.



    This issues listed here, truly should be a non-partisan list. Each one of these areas represents egregious violations of the Constitution that have gone on unchecked with in government, despite multiple presidential administrations. The ability of a president to restrain government has become obvious, no matter who is in charge, unjust war, spying, industry, and politics continues to work against the best interest of the American people. Please do not look at this as a partisan agenda, but a general vote of distrust in the government. My hope is you will forward this petition to as many people as you can. If we can get millions to simply vote no confidence in the U.S. government without layering partisan issues into the discussion we can demonstrate that the U.S. government has long since stopped representing the will of the people. Again please fill out the petition and forward this to your friends and family members asking them for their vote of NO Confidence in the federal government. If the American people do not get a handle on the overreach of Government a split in the Union is inevitable.

    Please follow this link and sign the Vote No Confidence in Federal Government Petition on


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