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    By Jason Charles on 11/8/2016 (7 years 259 days ago) Politics & Government

    Satan was defeated this Election

    I am writing this in disbelief. Donald Trump is the President elect of the United States of America. Come January 2017 we all will witness this man place his hand on the Bible and swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, so help him God. If he aims to keep that oath, and all of the promises to the American people that he has made this election season, then he will need all the forces of God to come to his aid. Why, because he just royally ticked off, the establishment in both the Republican, Democratic, global and also the demonic realms, and that’s no joke. I say that hoping you have been following the Wikileaks emails and some of the work being done by internet journalists uncovering the demonic, occult, and child trafficking networks connected to the Clinton campaign heads.

    If not watch this quick rundown on what I am talking about on this video below. Prepare to be horrified, by this grizzly truth.



    Yes, Clinton campaign heads have pedophile code words and signs of overt occultism in their email transactions. Wrap your brain around that. The demonic establishment just suffered a massive loss, the globalists have experienced a mega roadblock, and Clinton I hope and pray that within the next few years she sees the inside of a jail cell…and hopefully an exorcist. The Clinton camp literally campaigned with professed Satanists Jay-Z and Beyonnce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna and the child whore Miley Cyrus. All of whom flaunt their occultism in our faces constantly in their music award ceremonies and the Super bowl. They sacrificed, lied, and saluted their dark lord and still lost this critical election. Just WOW! They all should be very worried right now without question. Together between the Bush administration and the Obama administration there is a lot of skeletons in the Pentagon closet, and now they all are subject to Trump scrutiny. So the question is what does President Trump do now?

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    Protect Yourself Mr. President

    Mr. Trump your enemies are murderers, they are destroyers of nations. The Clinton cartel is steeped in corruption. As bad as Hillary is on a spiritual level, the biggest battle is yet to come for you. I have spent previous articles showing the hand of the shadow government in this election and in government. The push for war with Russia doesn't stop with your election, it will be a on-going issue without question as long as the Shadow Government is still influencing the Pentagon top brass. They need to be removed, if for nothing less your safety, but also for the safety of the entire world.

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    This is the true enemy; this is the true power structure that can find means and opportunity to assassinate Trump. Here is a list of things I feel should be on Trump's mind knowing that the apparatus of government he inherits may have many, many moles and even threats to his well-being. Choose your friends and advisors wisely.

    • Unite the people, dispel the fears of the minority populations ready to loot, and loot they will. Obama promised them free stuff, and that is how they get it.
    • Get your trusted cabinet together, meaning people who worked tirelessly for the campaign and put them in major positions of trust. Then charge these people to shake the trees and find out who has carried water in both small and very big ways for the war machine and shadow government and get rid of them in official form. Do whatever it takes to remove them from power.
    • He has to strip every agency of Neo-con/CFR style advisors and contractors. Without question these people will manufacture the scenarios necessary to continue the war machine.
    • Cut out the Main stream media out of official press announcements. They are enemies of the state and need major purging themselves, and can’t be trusted.
    • Make good on your contract for America and force Main stream media to cover these successes.
    • Realize Obama has trampled justice especially with the sell of baby parts by Planned Parenthood. Justice must be followed through with, and people need to be prosecuted for their involvement in this ugliness that has marred our society.
    • Realize that Obama is still in power and will be working hard to hamper your ability to learn the full extent of the war crimes and state secrets.
    • War crimes need to be investigated and a new investigation into 9/11 is needed to thoroughly get to the bottom of such crimes seeing it all originated there.
    • Work immediately to deescalate any hacking tensions with Russia and Syria that the Clinton's will undoubtedly stir up in response to their failed bid for the presidency.
    • Work to uncover the Soros network of social agitators and funding apparatus that he has used to cause un-imaginable violence in the streets.
    • Dissolve any tension Soros may cause with these groups immediately.
    • Get rid of the DHS, seeing they are culprits behind the militarized training of police that has stirred up the violent protests in the inner cities. This is something Obama could have easily done, but social agitation via military police abuse was apart of their agenda all along.
    • Soros should be investigated along side any Clinton investigation. Obama, Clinton, and Soros have all been working hand in glove towards mass civil chaos for a long time.
    • Be skeptical of the advice and friendship of known big government politicians and advisors that will now try to cozy up to you as the President elect. They betrayed you during the election and they will find opportunity to betray you again.
    • Know that Wall Street and the lords of finance are the dark hand behind every destructive thing in this country.
    • Promote Biblical morality, and Constitutional government at ever address as a means to right the evils of our society.
    • Distance yourself from the entangling alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel and their allies in the US for sure, they are not allies but use American soldiers as pawns for their own agendas.
    • Like Putin call liberals what they are, Godless communists that seek the destruction of religious speech and freedoms.
    • Finally, get your heart right with the Lord and pick advisors that have their hearts right with the Lord also. Pence is a great start.


    This is just a quick list of thoughts having analyzed this election season. Obama and Hillary risked dividing the nation with their race baiting and bigotry politics. The nation needs a period of healing. I imagine the New World Order , globalist cabal will be throwing the markets into chaos in protest as they did after the Brexit vote.

    It really is amazing what Trump's election has already accomplished. Simply amazing! This morning Putin is saying he is ready to restore relations with the United States. That is huge, WWIII may just have been put off as a result of the election results just like that.

    We heard [Trump's] campaign rhetoric while still a candidate for the US presidency, which was focused on restoring the relations between Russia and the United States,” President Putin said, speaking at the presentation ceremony of foreign ambassadors' letters of credentials in Moscow." (RT)

    While liberals are wallowing in their own tears here in America, the world is sighing a collective sigh of relief that the warmongers are being kicked to the curb.



    For these people that associate with the occult and wield political power like the Clinton's, this truly is a spiritual war for them. They have chosen their side, engaged in hideous acts sealing their fates together in luciferian rites and have pledged themselves against all things that are good, and Godly. The only thing they have is success in this world because all they have to look forward to is God’s wrath in the world to come. God, through Trump just took that success away from them, making them jilted enemies, that will seek revenge without question.

    Please like our facebook page  and also sign up for our newsletter. I would hope that all of the reports by mainstream Christian evangelists are true, that Trump did truly give his life to the Lord. We will see in the years to come. The best thing anyone can say to Trump is pick righteous advisors, heavenly favor may have fallen on you at this moment, but God will only continue with you if you walk justly before the Lord. Find people that will help you fulfill that mission, because with Clinton we just saw what the wrath of God looks like. Be teachable, learn the constitution and follow it in Ron Paulian fashion, learn the Bible and work to apply Biblical principles in your presidency. There is so much work that needs to be done to right so much of what the left has wronged over 8 years.

    My prayer is the right people come behind Trump and help him and enlighten him on what it means to be a righteous judge of the earth.

    Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. Psalm 2:10

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