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    By Jason Charles on 8/17/2016 (7 years 276 days ago) Theology & Religion

    There was a time in this country where men and woman were so imbued with Christian morality, values and principles they would rather die than give up those Christian beliefs. Their way of Christian living celebrated morality, chastity, Godly devotion, modesty, humility and truth. This was back when God was feared rather than ridiculed.

    "If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin." Samuel Adams

    The ignorant masses that now make up America love making sport of these virtues. Current American society would rather celebrate displays of lewdness, kids are publicly educated to hate God, little girls are whores from 14 years of age on up, men are rewarded for bombastic displays of ego and thrill seeking, and the mantra of the culture is there is no accountability corporately or individually. What America has now embraced is the text book definition of Satanism. Here is a quote from the Church of Satan's website as to the definition of what they believe to be the core values and absolutes of a satanic world view,

    "In The Satanic Bible, LaVey rhetorically asks whether Devil-worshippers are “practicing Satanism in its truest sense.” He points out that previous definitions of Satanism were merely Christian propaganda, whereas he is expressing “Satanic thought from a truly Satanic point of view.”

    Unlike its theoretical caricature, genuine Satanism evolved from atheism. After all, the mythological Satan doesn’t worship any gods above Himself. Neither do we. Every Satanist is his or her own god. You can’t get more Satanic than that!" (

    You see that, Satan doesn't worship any God, being a god himself. This is the worldview and path that our media, universities, politics and culture promotes now, they all say there is no accountability above oneself.

    The Idols of the New American Religion

    As defined above by the founder of satanism, satanism is self-worship. The kind of self-worship that is so absorbed in one's own lusts, thinking, and behavior that they have no concept or ability to view the world outside of their own perspective. This new religion in America has manifested any many ways, seeing that there are many paths that lead to satanism. Most of which are provided by the cultural obsessions that have now become idols. Sports, Sex, Music, Money, Entertainment, Popular Culture, and Political Theater all carry with it the universal demand of worship and obsession. These things have all been used to choke the virtue out of our society as people flock to the altars of these idols.

    Satan loves these societal idols, they all create self-pleasers and moral relativists just like him. No matter what it is, those who buy into our satanic culture become his followers, they bear his mark as those that put their own lusts, pursuits, and obsessions above the responsibilities and duties to their families, communities, mankind, and our creator God. Again this selfishly devilish way of thinking manifests in so many ways, but here are some theoretical examples of how people start down the road towards Satanism.


    Christ Alone DVDGiving Yourself Over to Cultural Demons

    One weekend night a 15 year girl having watched thousands of hours of TV, and listened to thousands of hours of hyper-sexualized music is easily pressured into having sex with her equally sexualized boyfriend. She gets pregnant and is now waiting in a Planned Parenthood clinic hoping they can kill the baby, before the baby kills her future. She is now fully actualized into the satanic worldview, she is the god of her own destiny.

    A young teenager influenced by the rhetoric of #blacklivesmatter is running with a mob in a Milwaukee suburb when he spots a car with an elderly white couple in it. He incites the mob to attack the car in which they pull the couple out and beat them to death as a way of atoning for slavery. He is never found or convicted of the crime and as a result he feels like he was justified in his actions. He has become judge, jury and executioner and has rationalized this evil just like Satan would have him do, he has embraced his satanic impulses.

    A middle-aged man, is sick of hearing his wife interrupting his football games every Sunday with requests to take the garbage out, mow the lawn, help with their 5 month old baby and in a fit of drunken rage he hits her so hard it shatters her eye socket. He has no remorse, nor does he take personal responsibility for the damage he caused his family when she leaves him. He has accepted his own will over that of the care and responsibilities of the family God placed him with, just as Satan would have him do.

    A financial planner, enters into a contract with a client. The client trusts that he will honestly and thoroughly invest a large sum of money that he had just inherited. Instead he invests a portion of it and sets up an hidden account to embezzle this money into his own holdings. His conscience sees nothing wrong with this and he simply discounts it as an additional fee for his superior knowledge and talent that he levied not only on this client, but many others for his own personal enrichment. As a result he can use that money for his satanic selfishness to gamble with in Vegas and see prostitutes. His lust and love of money has become his obsession. In so doing he has bowed himself to the idols that Satan had set up in his life.

    A Pastor of a large church, who has a vast knowledge of scripture knows that Jesus and His Disciples warned against the perverting nature of the Judaiziers mentioned in scripture. One day he receives a phone call from a prominent Zionist that tells him that there are large donations, private planes and donations available to him if he would teach that Christians must support the nation of Israel if they are to be blessed. As a result of these promises he compromises the truth he knows to be in scripture for the power and monetary enrichment promised to him by the Zionist influencer. As a result he becomes a false prophet of the devil as he begins to water down his messages in favor of a Israel first doctrine.

    A politician who is deeply embedded into the shadow government infrastructure of the Pentagon, is requested to find ways to secretly funnel money and weapons to a proxy army called ISIS in a secret war against democratic regimes. She having an intimate knowledge of the underbelly of government and intelligent assets decides to empower a group of drug lords who can then use the drug money to create an endless supply of money that is off the books. With this drug money she begins making large purchases of weapons and equipment from a foreign government. These weapons are then used to harm not only the targeted state but because of the erratic nature of the ISIS terrorists they also use those weapons in retaliation against Western Countries. She could care less about the damage and blowback of her actions to her own countrymen and ally countries, all she cares about is the march to power. She is a god in her own mind, without accountability to government or anyone. With this knowledge and protection she goes on to steel a primary election, and potentially the highest seat of political power. Satan rewards those who prove themselves worthy of his call on their lives.



    In Romans the Apostle Paul talks about how God literally gives people over to the satanic mind. It is part of societies punishment for forgetting the commandments and laws of God.

    "And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient" Romans 1:28

    This is what has become of our American society, the paths people take are all part of the mechanism of evil that Satan has institutionalized in this country. There are more people walking the broad path in this country than walking the straight and narrow path of Jesus Christ. As a result everything has become polluted and corrupted with selfish men and woman. They are in government, teaching our kids, our neighbors, our bosses, even the pastors of hugely recognized churches have bowed themselves to the idols of our culture.

    As a result, this country is no longer populated by selfless people who love righteousness, but a culture that is populated by animals with no concept of right or wrong. Our society is no longer God's, welcome to Satan's America, and as long as it is Satan's we can only expect things to get infinitely worse.

    The Bible speaks of the broad path and the narrow path. The broad path being Satan's, and the narrow being Jesus Christ. As the broad path grows bigger and bigger in these latter days, and the narrow path is shunned, ask yourself how has our evil culture impacted you? How have you compromised yourself to some of the cultural idols? How are you going to help rid ourselves of these idols seeing that it is the path of societal destruction? Please Sign up for our Newsletter and also help build our facebook page by liking it.

    As you begin this journey away from Satanic America I would just remind you to always remember we can do nothing without Christ Jesus, and the first step one must take to remove themselves from the broad path is to accept Jesus as Lord and savior of your life. Then allow him to use you to help others down that path as well, before the full wrath and judgment is poured out on this nation. Something at this juncture seems like and inevitability.

    "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
    " Matthew 7:13

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