Scientist Creates Fake Fossils by Mimicking the Conditions of a Global Flood


    By Jason Charles on 8/1/2018 (5 years 320 days ago) Science & Technology

    Researchers trying to reproduce fossil replications for study happened on a process that reproduces perfect fossils by simply adding water, sand, pressure and heat. While they didn’t report it in the article as such, all they did was recreate the exact conditions of a global flood, and presto they had their fossils.

    "When he tried it with feathers, he ended up, not with a nice fossil, but a stinky sludge.


    The missing ingredient, Saitta thought, might be sediment. This is where fossils naturally form; the porousness of the material might allow for any stinky liquids to drain away, leaving behind a nice dry fossil.

    He teamed up with Tom Kaye of the Foundation for Scientific Advancement to devise a method of creating carbonaceous fossils out of current plant and animal specimens.

    They took samples from modern day lizards, bird feathers, leaves and resin, and for the first time used a hydraulic press to tightly compress them into small tablets of sediment, about 19 millimetres (0.75 inches) in diameter.

    These were then placed in a seal metal tube, and heated in a laboratory oven at a temperature of about 483 Kelvin (210 Celsius or 410 Fahrenheit), while maintaining a pressure of around 240 bar (3,500 psi). This part was already established for artificial maturation. The resulting fossils were spectacularly well preserved.

    The approach we use to simulate fossilisation saves us from having to run a seventy-million-year-long experiment," Saitta said.

    "Our experimental method is like a cheat sheet. If we use this to find out what kinds of biomolecules can withstand the pressure and heat of fossilisation, then we know what to look for in real fossils." (ScienceAlert)


    The Bible records all three of these things occurring in the narrative of the Global Flood. A worldwide catastrophe that involved earthquakes, lava flows, tectonic movement and incredible pressures beneath the water.

    In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights. - Genesis 7:11-12


    Follow the Fossil Recipe

    We know that water that comes up from the ground is extremely hot, easily reaching temperatures of the above quoted 410 Fahrenheit. In fact the Water temps of Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park has been recorded to be upwards of 350 Fahrenheit. Heat from the waters of the depth, and tremendous force and pressure on top of the layers of eroded sediment from the floods cause the carcasses and biomaterial to instantly fossilize. The force and pressure required above is said to be 3,500 psi. At the bottom of the ocean the pressure is recorded to be upwards of 15,000 psi and more in certain ocean trenches. That is all the pressure, heat and sand one needs to create a perfect forgery of a fossil.

    The quoted article even states that the process was a flop until they happened to copy the conditions that were present during the Global flood verbatim. Then and only then were they able to achieve perfect rapid maturation fossils.

    The sad thing is the researcher conducting the experiments precludes his own statement seeing he demonstrated handily that time is not a necessary component to the fossil equation.

    To get fossils you don’t need heat, sand, pressure, and TIME like evolutionists suggest. No, as the Bible indicated you only need heat, sand and pressure. They said now it only takes a day not 70 million years to generate a fossil as quoted in the above article,

    “The approach we use to simulate fossilisation saves us from having to run a seventy-million-year-long experiment," Saitta said.

    But now a team of researchers has figured out a way - by compressing that incredibly lengthy process into a day.”

    So, if fossils can be so easily faked, what does this mean for the field of paleontology? It is not good, and further demonstrates that the entire field is riddled with hoaxes that taint any and all conclusions they have made.


    Faking Fossils is Big Money

    In an article in Scientific America it discusses how the millions of fake fossils produced in China have had an adverse reaction on the field of palentolgy. Faking fossils is big money, and poor Chinese farmers have become experts at finding and faking fossils. Especially so-called “transitional fossils” that supposedly demonstrate dinosaur and bird combinations. These poor farmers are eager to give paleontologists fake goods who are greedily buying anything that even remotely looks a like a transitional fossil in hopes to prove the dying Theory of Evolution true, get there write up in prestigious journals, and millions in grant money. The motive to fake at every level is incentivized to the extreme.

    “Currie saw one example in China while on a research trip with Xu. ‘He got a call that a very nice specimen had been found and it looked like Archaeopteryx’, he says. ‘And so we flew to another part of China … and when we got there, it took just seconds to realize that it wasn’t a real fossil at all. It had been basically ground-up bone, glued back together in a certain way to look like the Archaeopteryx.’

    An investigative report published in Science in 2010 revealed that as many as 80 per cent of marine reptile fossils on display in Chinese museums had been altered or manipulated. Unfortunately, there are few solutions to the problem of faked fossils in China. Laws that forbid the sale of fossils have stemmed some of the trade (they have harsh penalties – ranging from significant fines to execution – but are rarely enforced), yet much of it continues on the black market.” (Scientific America)


    Chinese forgers are eager to sell fakes and the market has become so saturated with repairs, replicas, restorations, combinations, and outright fakes that anything and everything can be created to support all false presuppositions about the past and evolution.

    This environment of lies and misinformation is how evolution has thrived for so long. There is a long list of fossil hoaxes on the books, it is simply too enticing for a unscrupulous person to take crushed bones use epoxy and resins to arrange bone fragments to look like transitional fossils seeing they will fetch the largest check.

    Yet this is really what the study of evolution has truly evolved into, an industry of fake science based on faked artifacts. Everything they come up with is computer models, artist renditions, crushed monkey bones glued together to fit the preconceived notion of million-year-old transitional fossils.

    The surprising thing is they call this science, when it is demonstrably built on false assumptions. Paleontologists came up with a theory of dinosaur bird transitional fossils and low and behold China has now produced the largest collection of so-called half-bird half-reptile fossils on the planet. Go figure, right?



    I would like to see these faked fossils carbon dated, I bet they would show millions of years just like their real counterparts knowing how carbon dating is very fallible and unscientific.

    There are forgers right now in China reading the above article thinking to themselves “wow” we now have a method of producing fake fossils out of basically anything. We don’t even need to wait 70 million years and go through the tedious effort of crushing bones, mixing them up and gluing them all back together. Now they can just mimic the Global Flood conditions and an unsuspecting buyer will fork over millions if it contains the right amount of chicken bones and iguana bones cleverly flattened, arranged and heated.

    Jesus talked about the rocks crying out if his disciples ever where to hold their peace about God and creation, and the salvation in Jesus Christ.

    And some of the Pharisees from among the multitude said unto him, Master, rebuke thy disciples. And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out. Luke 19:40

    Now that it is shown in a practical way that fossils can be perfectly recreated without the element of time, it seems the fake rocks are crying out and demonstrating that indeed God did create everything in a day and that evolution is a quack scientific racket.



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