Secularism, The Abrahamic Faiths and the Violent Destiny of Humanity


    By Jason Charles on 6/14/2016 (5 years 344 days ago) Theology & Religion

    On the heels of last week's celebrity infused, yet pathetically attended Atheist "Reason Rally" there is a few things we must keep in mind when thinking about the contest between religion and secularism, which is there is no real contest. Why is this? Because God didn't intervene on behalf of the scientific community, no he intervened on behalf of the faithful, mainly Father Abraham long ago and the world has never been the same since.

    Christ Alone DVDWhen we read in the headlines about Muslim terrorists, or Zionist/NeoCon/Christian warmongers, or Jewish power-brokers and the banking elite, realize that what we are reading about is how God is using the Abrahamic faiths to bring His plan for humanity to a head. Atheists and secular humanists just don't get this. They simply don't understand why or how the Abrahamic faiths play such a massive role in the shaping of human destiny. They look at the Bible and all they see is the ramblings of primitive bronze age men, and can't fathom how these myths, as they like to call them, have come to dominate all that we know thousands of years into the future. Yet everything we see in the headlines right now in our modern age is dominated by the power struggle between the 3 branches of the Abrahamic faiths. It's all about the Jews, Muslims and Christians, there simply is no denying this fact. Despite atheist fretting on and on about, logic, reason, science, technology, civilization and the progress of humanity, these things will never be a significant factors for the majority of people in this world, for these people it is all about their personal faith, and the final destination of their souls that truly matters. To truly get a picture of just how befuddled the Abrahamic faiths are for the atheist mind here is a quote from Richard Dawkins in his book "The God Delusion",

    “The oldest of the three Abrahamic religions, and the clear ancestor of the other two, is Judaism: originally a tribal cult of a single fiercely unpleasant God, morbidly obsessed with sexual restrictions, with the smell of charred flesh, with his own superiority over rival gods and with the exclusiveness of his chosen desert tribe.”

    What Dawkins doesn't seem to be capable of comprehending is that no matter how much he attempts to disparage the God of the Bible, nothing he says or does changes the fact that God's intervention has changed the entirety of human history. He is the one under the true "delusion" if he thinks that scoffing and mocking people of faith will have any significant impact on the literal billions that align themselves with one of the Abrahamic faiths. When the God of the Bible said to Abraham in Genesis 17:5 that he will be the "father of many nations" He wasn't joking, and that is exactly what came to pass. If these religions were truly dreamt up by mankind they would have been regulated to the waste bin of history long ago as Dawkins advocates for. Instead they stubbornly persist as if there is some divine supernatural "spirit" pushing us all toward a climatic point in time, something that demands we all take heed to when contemplating our lot, our humanity, and ultimately our final destination as individuals. The reasonable approach would be to look at why, and how the historical record has come to be dominated by religious sentiment rather than a purely naturalistic way of thinking among the vast majority of people groups that populate the Earth. The answer is because there is something to it all.


    The Numbers

    According to a 2012 pew study there are over 2.2 billion Christians (32% of the world population), 1.6 billion Muslims (23% of the world population) and then according to this study there are only 14 million Jews worldwide (.2%). The other larger demographics are made up of 1 billion Hindu (15%) and 1.1 billion unaffiliated (16.3%) but these latter two demographics are not significantly at odds with the larger people groups, unless you believe unaffiliated means atheistic or communistic and then yes maybe the unaffiliated is at odds with religions of all types as seen in Communist China.

    The thing we must realize is that it is the Abrahamic faiths that are the driving force behind all of the world's major political upheaval. They really have become the shapers of human destiny, both in good ways and evil ways.


    The Superiority of the Abrahamic Faiths

    While people like Dawkins like to downplay the important role the Abrahamic faiths have played in the development of western civilization, a proper understanding and knowledge of scripture would reveal that everything we know in terms of law and civil society is based on Biblical knowledge. Knowledge and laws that have been passed down for generations and trace their very origins back to God himself. It was God who gave Moses, a Hebrew descendent of Abraham the Law. As a result Moses is known as the Great Law Giver. These laws have proven to be evergreen in the formation of civil society. The Bible lays out laws that have proven themselves to be indispensable when divining the true nature of humankind. While the rest of the world postulates, and embellishes our standing, abilities and even nature, the Bible ruthlessly cuts to the marrow of who and what we are. Knowing what we as humans are truly capable of in terms of both good and evil is the first order of business when setting out to write laws that will stand the test of time. This knowledge of mankind comes from God Himself, He being the creator of humankind knows exactly what we are capable of and therefore He laid out laws that when followed extend life, liberty and prosperity for all. We are a species of tremendous beauty and creative genius, but we also are capable of unimaginable brutalities that make the animal kingdom look tame in comparison.

    While the worlds atheists would love to see the destruction of the Bible, what that really means is to revert back to an even more primitive time when might equals right as opposed to what we have know. Read how the Bible inspired the U.S. founding documents and Bill of Rights.


    Abraham's Children and Working Out the Knowledge of Good and Evil

    There are two things atheists continually dance around and play word games with. One is the inherent design, intelligence and majesty of creation all of which infers a designer, and two, the presence of a collective moral law on the hearts of mankind. When it comes to arguing and theorizing about creation and the moral law, atheists arguments are seriously lacking depth, logic and testability of concept.

    The problem with maintaining that all things must conform to logic and reason is there is nothing logical about how creation got here and why we are beholden to a moral law. Logically nothing should exist period, much less intelligent enough to comprehend a moral law. For something to exist at all defies logic. Creation truly is a paradox, and paradoxes by definition defy logic. To even be capable of contemplating on this paradox of creation means not only do we exist, but we exist with enough inherent design and intelligence to contemplate our existence. This simply is not a logical position to maintain based on what we know about the magnitude and complexity of the created order, and therefore creation itself defies logic at its core. It is not logical to maintain that everything must be logical considering creation itself defies logic. This isn't a battle between religion and science, or reason and faith, no this is a battle for your soul as the Bible says. We either recognize the divine nature of creation as did Abraham who began to trust God in faith, or reject what we internally know, and what our eyes comprehend, and thus reject God. There is no ifs and buts about it. Atheists as well as religious people reject God's truth every day. While Atheists reject God and His laws all the time, so do a lot of Christians, Muslims and Jews when they go against every God given commandment and begin to lash out against others in anger and incite one another to violence.

    What we really see happening in the world through the children of Abraham is the working out of the knowledge of Good and Evil. While many people scoff at the Bible  the Law, and God, what they can't scoff at is the moral and natural law written on their hearts. The very real sensation of one's conscience is there, it plagues us daily in everything we do. The patriarchs of the Bible experienced all of this as do we. They saw the complexity of creation, they recognized the moral law on their hearts and they choose in faith to follow that law, and to listen to the commandments of God, and watch how he unfolds layer after layer of His plan to His creation.

    It is amazing to realize that humankind has split into either spiritual beings who follow the divine tenants and laws of God and then there are others who claim to be children and descendants of Abraham and instead find reason to kill and rationalize perpetual war within the world in direct violation of the very laws they profess to, to the point of causing mass havoc in the world. This is to be expected considering how the same things happened in the life of the patriarchs of Judaism. You look Esau and Jacob, they split, one going the way of Cain and one following after God, the same goes for all of the Children of Israel, some went after false God's and left their natural estate preferring the base states of the Children of wickedness. Everything we are witnessing in the world is fundamentally related to the knowledge that was given to us on our hearts, the laws of God, and how we choose to live in this world.


    Christian Zionism, Rabbinical Judaism, Fundamental Islam all have at their heart a claim to the teachings and knowledge of the Law, and Moses, but they all have chosen instead to fight and maintain rabid hate for one another instead of exercising that knowledge. This hate and this blindness to the reality of who and what God is, what he has said, and how he expects us to live is how we have the political situation we have now. The Abrahamic faiths and their internal feud will continue to shape the destiny of humankind. This will go on until all of them realize that everything that God told Abraham was fulfilled in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    The promises God gave Abraham are fulfilled in not only the knowledge of Christ, but also the change of heart that comes when we give ourselves over to the spirit of peace and unity He alone represents. So much of the hate among these factions of the Abrahamic religions resides in this misinterpretation and knowledge of what Christ did for us all on the cross. As long as there is a spiritual enemy Satan seeding these types of conflicts and who can use the Abrahamic religions to foment wars we will always be the pathetic species we see now. It isn't until we all realize that Christ is our final prophet, final sacrifice, final redeemer and the personage of the Creator Himself will we come to understand peace on this earth. No amount of religious fundamentalism, science and rational thinking by Atheists will bring this to an end. Only Jesus Himself will bring the blood lust and feuds our world endures to an end when He sees fit to do so.

    The fact of the matter is everything we see shows that no matter the spiritual heritage we may come from the propensity to get caught up in the wrong ideologies and thinking can equally be a road to death. Humanity must undergo a spiritual change, and that spiritual change can only come through the path laid out for us by Christ Himself. Anything less just emphasizes and distorts our view of the creator, our brothers and sisters that populate this world and even our own self-image. As a result we can only continue the cycle of bloody hate, animosity and conflict. I pity those that get caught up in the battle of faiths or lack there of, all these things are used of Satan in this world. What we all need is to see that we are one in Christ who is the Prince of Peace if we are to pull ourselves out of this cycle of violence in the world. The only rallies we need are revivals, not rallies glorifying the misplaced idol of Reason.

    "For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." Galatians 3:26-29

    So I truly understand the desire for the reason rally, I value reason myself immensely, but let's face it, the destiny of humankind is caught up in an ongoing spiritual struggle that will not end anytime soon, and when it does it will end in untold amounts of violence according to scripture. The forces at work defy reason, and it is better to understand these forces through the words and efforts of God Himself. So when it comes to injecting your "Reason" into the political sphere, all I can say is good luck because you are literally working against thousands of years of history and even God Himself. The Atheist is intimidated by this realization, and that is why they seek state control to rid and purge all of religion adherent. It simply is a pipe dream that will never come to be.

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