Slow-Kill 2: Promoting Sex as Means of Population Control


    By Jason Charles on 5/24/2017 (5 years 0 days ago) Health

    Authors Note: Last week I wrote Slow-Kill: A Top-level Look at the U.S. Targeted Chemical Conspiracy. This week we are looking at how pop-culture and modern views on sex are being used as a means of population control as well.

    On its face it may look hugely contradictory to say that the "promotion of sex is a means of population control."  I urge you to hear me out on this, and you will see how popular-cultures promotion of  consequence-free sex and reproductive care is really an insidiously micro-managed system to assure that you have  a maximum of 0-2.5 kids. A rate that in no way can sustain the current population, in fact we have been declining rapidly for decades as a result of the acceptance of GMO foods, chemical birth-control, abortion, and hospital assisted births.

    With this said the resulting article is addressed to anyone who buys into the secular world's viewpoints on sex, woman's health, birth control, hospital births, and family care in general. This is a fair warning for all, either male or female, liberal or conservative, married or unmarried, with or without kids. I truly believe the modern view on sex and the resulting reproductive healthcare cycle is perfectly designed to spur the death of the species, not invigorate it.


    Creating Genetic Duds

    The accepted view among the elites is that the world population is out of control. Therefore as unaccountable heads of mega-global corporations and nations they have implemented systems of population reduction as mentioned in the first article of this series. Slow Kill: A Top-Level Look at the U.S. Targeted Chemical Conspiracy. So the premises is simply this, the global regulatory bodies like the U.N. have instituted a carte-blanche call for industry to intervene on behalf of mother earth and help cull the population. You will read how they all answered the call and since the 70's have implemented programs to open up vector points of exposure to disease causing adjunct toxins and also social re-education programs that actually aid in the overall decline of the population. As insidious as this is, the true evil lies in the realm of managed family planning and the promotion of birth-control. Here we will see that there is a multi-layered, complex strata of supporting structures that looks to cut-off from existence as many family trees as possible. They want your lineage dead yesterday.

    Now the obvious "genetic duds" as the sub-title suggests within liberal circles is the sodomite culture that willingly rejects any natural responsibility or urge to reproduce, preferring a lifestyle of drug-use, un-natural acts and licentiousness.  Among the sodomite community life expectance is 20 years less than heterosexuals studies are finding,

    "Despite their attempts to downplay the practical consequences of their research, it is difficult to ignore that the study concluded with the statement that “under even the most liberal assumptions, gay and bisexual men in this urban centre [Vancouver, BC] are now experiencing a life expectancy similar to that experienced by all men in Canada in the year 1871.” Corresponding almost exactly with Cameron’s study, the Vancouver study indicated that “life expectancy at age 20 years for gay and bisexual men is 8 to 20 years less than for all men.”

    The schools, he said, are doing a fine job educating children about dangerous activities such as smoking and the use of illegal drugs. But they are increasingly teaching that homosexuality is the same as heterosexual behaviour. “It certainly isn’t,” said Cameron. “Here we have homosexual activity, which, literally, is much worse than smoking,” and yet the schools continue to teach that it is normative and safe behaviour." (Life Site News)

    Let's just face it, those engaging in sodomite culture die tragically because they routinely engage in risky behavior. Ingesting fecal matter and blood in degrading sex acts, a plethora of equally risky sexual partners, drug use, identity disorders, family dysfunction, and more. In short the liberalized promotion of sodomite sex is nothing more than a rainbow-washed fairytale. It is cover for a very small and very sick, spiritually untreated segment of the population. Those trapped in this lifestyle embody perfectly the desires of the social engineers, by taking themselves out of the gene pool in their sexual confusion they are the first casualties in the elites war on humanity. The promotion of sodomite culture, feminism, gender fluidity and transgenderism, is nothing more than a way to get people to take an axe to their own family tree turning themselves into genetic duds. To think parents are now pushing their kids towards early sex changes and gender confusion. All they are doing is pushing their children into a lifetime of drug use and depravity. They must hate their own children, and their lineage as these kids are the end of their genetic heritage, failing their countless ancestors who struggled for eons to give their progeny a chance at a healthy life.

    This is one way in which social engineering successfully destroys people and lineages, the other is promoting an obsession with sex among straight heterosexuals, and also managing reproductive care in the guise of woman's healthcare and birth-control. Here is some info on how this cycle not only prevents more children, but also destroys the health of woman up to the point of death.

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    Childhood Exposure
    Popular-culture creates incentives for sexual deviants in music and in media, while the public school systems have introduce sexual education to increasingly younger elementary age children. This creates a fascination in minds of children.

    "The earlier a child is exposed to sexual content and begins having sex, the likelier they are to engage in high-risk sex. Research shows that children who have sex by age 13 are more likely to have multiple sexual partners, engage in frequent intercourse, have unprotected sex and use drugs or alcohol before sex. In a study by researcher Dr. Jennings Bryant, more than 66 percent of boys and 40 percent of girls reported wanting to try some of the sexual behaviors they saw in the media (and by high school, many had done so), which increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies."(Psychology Today)

    This fascination turns to hyper-sexualization and is then acted out on, spurring the need for chemical birth-control, usually fostered by the corrupted parents and school counselors. At this point children find their entrance into the death cycle of population control through the reproductive healthcare industry.


    Hormonal Birth Control
    Whether school aged children or adults become hyper-sexualized the need for birth-control becomes immediate. The vast majority of these are unmarried men and woman who are not remotely ready for the responsibility of having a family and children. Therefore they look to "science"  to remove the responsibilities associated with their promiscuous lifestyles. What they are not being told is the chemicals and procedures associated with chemical birth-control can literally kill you along with preventing fertilized eggs from implanting. Most all Birth-Control hardens the uterus lining to prevent implantation. That means they are abortificants.

    Watch this video on the dangers and side effects of the Hormonal Birth Control.


    The worst thing you can do is allow a drug-pushing, know-nothing "doctors" to mess with your hormone levels. Hormones regulate all of the bodies functions and is critical to overall health. Birth-control is being used as means to remove both the mother and child out of the gene-pool first by preventing pregnancy then by destroying the health of the mother through the elevated risk of estrogen sensitive cancers.


    With over 60 million aborted babies in this country it doesn't take a genius to see how abortion is killing off the population. The murderous act of taking the life of your baby is a horrible crime in of itself, but many people do not realize that abortion has its own inherent health risks associated with it. There is something called ABC link, or the Abortion Breast Cancer link.

    "Here's how it works.

    Estrogen, a female hormone, is widely recognized as a carcinogen. This is because one of the things estrogen does is stimulate cell division. But when cell division goes awry, the result is cancer. 

    In a healthy pregnancy, estrogen and other hormones prepare a woman's body for breastfeeding by developing clusters of breast tissue known as "lobules." These hormones increase the number of lobules in the breast, and then mature them from a basic, less stable state (known as “type 1” or “type 2") to a mature one (type 3 or 4).

    Mature breast tissue (type 3 and type 4) is significantly less vulnerable to the harmful, and potentially cancer-causing effects of estrogen

    But when the changes taking place in a woman’s breasts during pregnancy are interrupted for any reason - such as a late miscarriage, a very premature delivery, or an induced abortion - the breasts will only partially develop, leaving much more unstable breast tissue (type 1 or 2) than before.

    The problem is, this vulnerable breast tissue will subsequently be exposed to estrogen, either naturally during a woman's monthly cycle, or artificially if the woman is taking a hormonal contraceptive such as the Pill.

    The long and short of it is, by leaving a woman with unstable type 1 or 2 breast tissue, an induced abortion leaves a woman at considerably heightened risk of breast cancer." (Lifesite News)


    The reality is when a pregnant mother disrupts the hormonal process of pregnancy the results can be catastrophic. The abortion industry would have you belief it is healthcare and is a way to bypass the responsibilities of sexual immorality, but in reality it is another way the promotion of sex produces the catalyst for both mother and baby being killed as means of population control.


    Hospital Births
    For thousands of years midwives attended the birth process without drugs and without surgery. Now in modern cultures woman live in fear of the natural birth process opting to have doctors deliver the baby which almost always involves powerful sedatives, drugs to speed up delivery and contractions like Pitocin, and cesarean surgical procedures. All of these things are unhealthy for baby and the mother. There simply is no need for these procedures but the industry promotes these things as necessary and fear-mongers pregnant women into thinking medical intervention is a must for a safe labor. Nothing could be further from the truth. What is happening is woman are being given Pitocin and the resulting violent contractions make it necessary for a doctor to perform a c-section. The rates of c-sections are through the roof in the U.S., the current rates in the U.S. is 1 in 3 woman are having a c-section opposed to a vaginal birth.

    "In the United States, however, about one in three births happen by C-section, a rate that has risen dramatically over the past few decades, from 5 percent in 1970 and 20 percent in 1996. By contrast, about 16 percent of births in Finland and 24 percent in the United Kingdom are from C-sections." (State News)

    While this cited article points to limiting malpractice as a one reason the U.S. has such a high rate of c-sections another view is because cutting into the cervix creates scar tissue that limits the amount of children a couple can have. This scarring and cutting puts a cap on any and all future pregnancies deeming them unsafe due to the amount of scarring that occurs in the uterus after each c-section.

    Thus hospital birth c-sections are artificially induced with Pitocin, the resulting chemical intervention creates a violent response and then doctors in a rush cut into the mother ruining her chances of birthing more than 3 children on average. This managed approach effectively becomes a population control method, purposely sabotaging woman's ability to have safe pregnancies and labor.

    This is exceedingly troublesome, and then you take into account how damaging it is for doctors to remove the fathers from the room while delivering a baby, almost purposefully destroying the connection they would of had if they would have delivered their child in natural midwife setting. I truly believe by disrupting this connection the mother has with their child by sedating her, and also removing the father denies a very important part of the family bonding process, and is probably an unconscious factor in many family break ups. The vital emotional connections during the birth process are severed because of medical interventions that are important to a healthy family unit. This article shows exactly what I am talking about in this regards,

    "But having been involved in childbirth for 50 years, and having been in charge of 15,000 births, I have reached the stage where I feel it is time to state what I - and many midwives and fellow obstetricians - privately consider the obvious.

    That there is little good to come for either sex from having a man at the birth of a child.

    For her, his presence is a hindrance, and a significant factor in why labours are longer, more painful and more likely to result in intervention than ever." (Daily Mail)



    No matter how you look at it, at every turn, the medical system is set up in a way to promote sex, get kids and adults hooked on dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, implement surgical procedures that limit the population and also destroys the health of woman. Simply put nothing is more destructive on family planning and women's health than the "women's healthcare" industry, a fact that all of these women's lib marchers neglect to mention. They think the war on woman comes from conservatives but fail to see how they are becoming genetic duds by promoting an industry that has had its genesis in eugenics, sterilization and population ideologies in the early 1900's.

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    By following after the world's systems, and buying into the demonic lies they are only killing themselves, and their future progeny. Nothing is more pitiful than watching people disrupt their own reproductive drive. Liberal's have embraced these lies as being human rights, but sadly so many conservatives have as well. They fornicate and take the pills and have c-sections at virtually the same rate.

    God told us to be fruitful and multiply, the world tells us to be a sexual degenerate and kill your children with pharmaceuticals and horrible murderous procedures such as abortion. I choose God's blessing and have removed myself and my own family from this cycle of medical instituted population control. Let the liberals bring the curse of infertility, child murder and unnecessary medical procedures down on themselves. Deep within their ideology lies the seeds of their own destruction, this is something Christians should flee from, looking to have more children not less seeing we can take this country back in a generation if we follow the Biblical mandate of being fruitful and family oriented unlike the left. So now you know how promoting sexual promiscuity becomes a managed cycle of population control. Time to wise up to the fact the elite want you dead in more ways than you can count.

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