Slow-Kill: A Top-Level Look at the U.S. Targeted Chemical Conspiracy


    By Jason Charles on 5/17/2017 (6 years 128 days ago) Health

    Author Note: This article serves as a quick and dirty mind-dump on the larger conspiracy behind chemically induced population control.

    Everybody is sick these day. If I asked you to name someone you know dealing with cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, autism, an autoimmune disease, you probably could without much thought. The U.S. is cesspool of ill-health and disease, and if you pull back and look at the larger perspective you will find in short order that it all is by design.

    Scientifically Managing the Global Population

    The UN is formed as a global policy body that works towards homogenizing a vast network of financial intuitions, corporations and even nations all throughout the world. These international forces all work towards aiding the goals of the UN, which is to protect against global threats. One such threat, in their estimation is the need for population management. They truly believe that the global population is out of control, as such the population has become a global threat to world peace and must be scientifically managed lest we destroy the planet. This policy has been in place and operationally implemented by cooperative corporations and nations for well over 50 years. Here is a few quotes showing that this ideology and objective reigns at the highest levels of our government and institutions.

    Barack Obama’s top science advisor, John P. Holdren
    “A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men....The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control. The capsule could be implanted at puberty and might be removable, with official permission, for a limited number of births.”

    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

    Microsoft’s Bill Gates
    “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

    CNN Founder Ted Turner
    “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

    Please Read this Full List of Quotes by the Global Elite Dealing with Population Control

    Population control has become the central agenda among the higher echelons of the banking elite, multi-national corporate power structures and in-the-know globalist politicians. This policy is set at the UN level and beyond, and corporations and governments adopt these policies and positions as their way to help combat global sized problems. If you really pull apart all of the seemingly altruistic UN campaigns what you find is a series of Trojan horse programs that serve as vector points to introduce Soft-Kill population reducing agents inside people groups all across the world.

    There are two types of population control methods. One is Hard-Kill programs that include things such as war, abortion, and black-market organ harvesting which result in mass deaths. The other is Soft-Kill programs which includes exposing populations to bio-destructive toxins, tainted corporate controlled food and medicine, and destructive social vices that slowly cause mass die-offs.

    Both of these population control mechanisms are very much being enforced in populations across the globe. While other countries are being decimated by Hard-Kill means like war, starvation, abortion, they also are also Soft-Kill targets by the UN with UNESCO vaccination programs and GMO feeding programs.


    Beware the U.S. Based Soft-Kill Programs Leveled at You and Your Family

    The above Bill Gates quote reveals it all, he is quoted as saying this in the below video,  "Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

    Notice by his criteria vaccines, healthcare and reproductive health services are agents of population reduction, not health as they are made out to be, but services that lower population. This quote should be the basis of a grand jury investigation, considering the implications. Despite technological developments overall health and lifespan has plummeted in the U.S. population especially. We have to realize that industry has found ways to create vector points of disease and sterilization among the populations of the world. It is truly a criminal conspiracy by multi-national corporations to use their products as vehicles to introduce disease causing chemical agents into the blood stream and digestive tracts that create a host of disease.


    A Top-level Look at How This is Accomplished

    The way this works is through the cooperation of industry and government. Industry provides the chemical means and entrance points in order to inject a slurry of toxic waste into people, while the government utilizes regulatory bodies like the CDC and EPA to provide legal cover for these industries freeing them from any consequences .

    100 years ago as oil companies like Rockefeller controlled Standard Oil started to unearth massive amounts of crude oil, and chemical companies like Dow Chemical and DuPont  began to dissect the chemical components of the oil molecule. This dissection process beheld a massive spectrum of oil derivatives that were then experimented with and tested. The chemicals were then classified as useful or harmful depending on how these separated components interacted with other chemicals, or how they interacted with biological systems. While some components went on to be used in fuels, plastics, paints etc. the harmful chemicals were labeled as too toxic for human use and discarded as bio-hazardous material. While this was how it was in the early years of the industrial revolution companies began to see that properly discarding the toxic products were entirely too costly. So instead of eating the costs and protecting health and the environment, companies began to develop ways in which they could utilize the toxic waste products and resell them for a profit rather than bury them, incinerate them etc.

    Knowing full well that these chemicals were toxic, and harmful to human health, they knew that by reintroducing these chemicals into human circulation there would be a fall out in overall human health in the nation by virtue of exposure to such toxic substances. So they lobbied government and bought politicians to create regulatory bodies that would provide a layer of protection from legal action. What looks on the service as government bodies that look out for the welfare of the average American are really covert institutional bodies to protect the practice of toxic waste titration into the food and healthcare systems of America. Instead of disposing of their toxic industry waste, Rockefeller and other Robber Barons of that era simply found ways to profit from it all. Mainly as processed food additives, pharmaceutical drugs, and agricultural pesticides.

    IMPORTANT: Please read this timeline demonstrating the Rockefeller methods of monopolizing the healthcare industry and government.


    The knowledge of these chemicals and their effects on human reproduction and health have been known for decades.


    Population Fear-mongering

    During the 1970's global bodies started sounding the alarm bell of population crisis. Projections were created that demonstrated population would exploded in the upcoming decades that would create a global crisis. The projections were used as the rationalizations encouraging industry and governments to begin taking drastic measures to curb population growth lest we run out of resources, food and housing in the decades to come.

    In a pew research study asking scientists how concerned they were with population growth we read,

    "When the English scholar Thomas Malthus published An Essay on the Principle of Population in 1798, the number of people around the world was nearing 1 billion for the first time. “The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man,” he wrote then.

    Skip ahead to 1968, when the world’s population had risen to around 3.5 billion and the annual rate of growth peaked at 2.1%: American biologist Paul Ehrlich revisited the Malthusian principle in his bestseller The Population Bomb, starting a movement to hedge the trend. “The basic point is so simple,” Ehrlich told Retro Report. “We have a finite planet with finite resources. In such a system, you can’t have infinite population growth.”

    In 2015, the global population is an estimated 7.3 billion, according to the United Nations, and many of Malthus’s and Ehrlich’s predictions have yet to come true or have been proven false (such as the “increasing” death rate, which has actually decreased)." (Pew Research)


    In this study we see that the average population growth rates started to decline literally in the same years these false projections were being made. This is because industry and governments immediately responded to these reports propagated through UN globalist bodies and began to create ways to curb the global population. Knowing that a certain spectrum of chemicals caused deleterious impacts on human health, these chemicals were titrated into the human populations by utilizing food and healthcare as a means of delivery.

    The CDC and EPA adjusted their rates in which caustic chemicals could be added without supposed repercussions. Industry then began using a slurry of chemicals in their products under the guise of pesticides, preservatives, and additives.

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    Immune Response

    Food additives and vaccine additives were knowingly placed in the corporate food chain and healthcare system. These were vector points of exposure. The desire was to create immune responses within the human body. All of modern diseases that have become epidemic here in America are a result of the increased titration of toxic waste products in our environment, food and healthcare systems.

    The resulting diseases have been falsely labeled as genetic disorders in order to cover-up for the fact that they really have their genesis in the chemicals we are purposefully being exposed to. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Autoimmune Disease, Cancer, etc have all been labeled as genetic, but in reality can be attributed to the diet and vaccines almost every person has been exposed to.

    The idea is to create an immune response in the human body. The human body only can digest and utilize chemical compounds it recognizes, like proteins, fats, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, etc. Everything that it does not recognize creates an autoimmune response in the body. The more chemicals and unnatural substances it is exposed to the more likely a autoimmune response will occur. As you can imagine chemicals of any sort are not recognized by the body, neither does it recognize Genetically modified foods, or foods mutated and disintegrated by radiation like microwaves. The body treats these chemicals and mutated molecules as foreign objects that must be destroyed, eliminated or encapsulated. In the process it sends the body into a chaotic state because the human body doesn't know how to deal with these unknown substances and thus attacks itself. The CDC admits that vaccines utilize adjuncts like aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, and foreign tissues like aborted fetal tissues and monkey tissues to spur an immune response in the recipients.

    "Some vaccines made from weakened or dead germs contain naturally occurring adjuvants and help the body produce a strong protective immune response. However, most vaccines developed today include just small components of germs, such as their proteins, rather than the entire virus or bacteria. These vaccines often must be made with adjuvants to ensure the body produces an immune response strong enough to protect the patient from the germ he or she is being vaccinated against." (

    No matter what you believe about vaccines and their efficacy, the adjutants and the resulting immune response is hugely problematic. There simply is no such thing as a clean vaccine, they all have adjutants in them as a means to create an immune response. Please sign-up for the Wake the Church Newsletter and Like Us on Facebook.

    This immune response is what they are after. The body being exposed to any number of things it doesn't like will trigger an over active immune response. It doesn't matter if it is the adjuncts of a vaccine or the GMO food you eat. These things being unrecognizable will trigger a massive response in an attempt to cleanse itself and many times will actually start attacking healthy organs as a result. This is why there is such an epidemic of autoimmune diseases. Our bodies are literally attacking themselves as a result of these chemicals. Some people are more susceptible to these attacks than others and develop conditions that supposedly the medical establishment has no known cure for. Diseases like Crohns, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lupus, arthritis, diabetes, celiac disease are all a result of massive inflammation caused by a overzealous immune response. These diseases are treated with more pharmaceutical chemicals and are said to be genetic in cause hiding the true cause. The pharmacy treatments are expensive, and only serve to inflame the toxic situation that is at the cause of these diseases.

    The reality is there is collusion among industry to populate their products with heavy metals, cancer causing foreign tissues, and chemicals that in turn create a massive spectrum of disease. This allows the Pharma companies to develop costly medications that do nothing to resolve underling issues. The profit motive alone to participate in this cycle of disease management should warrant investigation, then on top of that the added goal of reducing population has created a situation in which both government and industry are culpable in a criminal conspiracy to destroy the very population it is chartered to protect.

    In the U.S. the cancer rates are now at 1 in 2, autism rates are 1 in 50, heart disease 1 in 4, 29 million Americas have diabetes, and so on. These rates are astronomical, and demonstrate that it is not genetic in origin seeing they have only existed since the industrial revolution has taken hold, meaning chemicals are now in everything.

    One of the reasons why pregnant woman are being targeted with flu shots, is because the resulting immune response has the added effect of mistaking the fetus for a foreign body and attacks it. The food and vaccines can also be attributed to the rampant rates of miscarriage which is now conservatively 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage. The CDC itself recommends pregnant woman get flu shots knowing full well they will cause the dreaded immune response and impacting mom and fetus.

    While it is said that vaccines have caused infectious diseases to plummet what really happened was the advent of modern plumbing and sewer systems along with good hygiene practices are why these diseases have died out.

    Read about how modern plumbing has eradicate infectious diseases

    So while infectious diseases have plummeted environmental exposure and lifestyle diseases have gone through the roof. Conveniently the medical establishment has no known cure for these diseases, only can prescribe petro derived drugs as means to ease the symptoms that disrupt health. Doctors are absolutely ignorant and purposely so, seeing that the establishment keeps them in the dark as to what is in the drugs and vaccines they prescribe. In fact next time you run into a doctor, ask them to name the ingredients in a common vaccine. They won't be able to, they are glorified drug pushers that serve as vector points to inject caustic chemicals into the population that later develop into full blown diseases.

    That is their purpose, and that is it. Doctors are to prideful, and would never attack the industry that protects them from malpractice suits and they also derive there financial wellbeing and sense of self-importance from. Don't expect them to question anything or tell you the truth about any of this for that very reason.



    The UN agenda is also big on gun control, the U.S. gun ownership numbers scares them. They really have targeted the U.S. with soft-kill programs because they want us too sick to be able to pick up a gun and defend ourselves and throw off these global tyrants who implement such programs.

    There is only one way to avoid becoming a statistic. That is to avoid the corporate food chain and eat totally 100% organic foods, and also become vaccine and pharmaceutical drug free. These two things are the main vector points of exposure to a toxic waste. Educate yourself on the alternative research surrounding health, and this population control conspiracy. The infrastructure, and monopolization of government is too pervasive to combat or reform. The profit motive is entirely too high. It is much like the war industry, there will be no reforming, only more war and more death seeing it is equally as effective towards the decimation of global populations. The only thing you can do is remove yourself and your family from its influence and methods that expose you to this cycle of death and sickness that is being levied onto our society.

    Society is being split into two distinct categories. One which will never question the status quo, doctors, the corporate food chain, or government and the other those who question it all and remove themselves entirely from its influence.

    A wise person with eyes open to this criminal conspiracy will at the very least look into this information. There is a reason why a desire for organic foods and alternative medicine is exploding. Many people are starting to see this demonic system for what it is and the facade is quickly falling away. Unfortunately for many it is too late, their bodies are so filled with these adjunct chemicals they will face health issues. Don't let this happen to you or your family.


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