Something Stinks with the Facebook Fallout


    By Jason Charles on 4/11/2018 (6 years 105 days ago) Science & Technology

    Watching Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg answer questions yesterday by a congressional inquiry and saying he is open to regulations on his company is like watching my long-time suspicions play out in real-time, on live T.V.  

    Facebook may just become the de facto Real I.D. of a Satanic Beast System. No Joke. How you may ask, well let’s look at that.


    Genius Really

    Google, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, etc. have not only become the online gateways to accessing the internet, they have actually become the internet itself.  

    Listen to this clip of Alex Jones in Washington D.C., at The National Press Club. He and other journalists gathered there to address right-wing censorship and the myriad of lawsuits Infowars, and other alternative media outlets have had to endure because of the unfair political censoring of their organizations. In this particular clip Ford Fischer of News2Share specifically asks Alex Jones about this claim that Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are private, and can thus do what they want in terms of deleting user content.


    Notice Mr. Jones answers this question about the rights of private companies in terms of the public commons. This point is critical to understand, these companies can’t bill themselves as public forums anymore and platforms of free speech. They have systematically begun to purge, censor, delete, and throttle the reach of conservatives of every stripe.

    So, if these companies have literally become the de facto internet, then by endorsing and presenting only leftist material they are saying the internet itself is reserved only for the left leaning individuals. Thus, squashing alternative viewpoints and debates the world over. All of the knowledge, luxuries, and conveniences will only be available to those who comport to the new standard of U.N. approved leftist’s speech.

    Now in my mind this reality, as big as it is, speaks to an even larger picture. The power elite are announcing the future rules of the internet. To be on the coming internet 2.0 you must maintain flawless leftist ideals. If you venture from accepted speech into any black-listed territory, censorship, and ruination will proceed. What we are witnessing is more than just a leftist bias by Big Tech, but more like a slow march towards standardizing accepted speech on a globalized I.D. system. A system run by the government regulated industries of Big Tech that have become the gatekeepers of the internet itself.


    An Internet Driver’s License

    So, it is one thing to throttle ideas and limit content produced and posted to the internet, but how would these companies actually deny access to the internet on a person to person basis? This is the billion-dollar question for the global elite. The answer is by government regulation and absorption of Facebook itself as a public utility or hybrid thereof. This is something that is undoubtedly being tossed around as an option prior to the Facebook hearings.

    “Should the leading online tech companies be regulated as public utilities?  Maybe so, according to White House advisor Steve Bannon. His basic argument, according to The Intercept, “is that Facebook and Google have become effectively a necessity in contemporary life.” Thus far, the tech sector and Washington think-tank crowd have not grappled with that possibility in much depth, if at all. This post will provide a look at some reasons that leading tech companies today resemble sectors traditionally subjected to public utility regulation, and then consider some strong critiques of such a regulatory approach.

    Historically, utility regulation has been more prominent where we see: (1) high market share; (2) a service that is vital for consumers; (3) a “natural monopoly”; and (4) barriers to exit by consumers.  For the first factor, one can debate which market measurements to use, but Facebook and Google are unquestionably large. Both have billions of users globally.  Google has about an 88 percent market share globally for search, and Facebook now reaches about 89 percent of U.S. Internet users. As to the second, online services are perhaps not quite as vital to daily life as electricity, but Bannon is likely correct to say that services such as search, navigation, and social networks are “effectively a necessity of modern life.” (Lawfare Institute)


    Mark Zuckerberg in the congressional inquiry earlier said that he would be open to government regulation of the platform.

    “Senator Lindsey Graham asks Zuckerberg whether Facebook is a monopoly.

    “It certainly doesn’t feel like that to me,” Zuckerberg replies, to chuckles.

    Graham: “Why should we let you self-regulate?”

    Zuckerberg: “I think the real question is what is the right regulation?”

    Zuckerberg says that Facebook will provide Graham’s office with suggestions for good regulations.”  (Guardian)


    This is all the open-door government needs to start the process of turning the Facebook userbase into a virtual internet driver’s license. By forcing people to authenticate themselves on this media platform and requiring approved websites to force authenticate every user. This is already possible using Facebook connect technology. If this happens, then government has just created the backbone of the Beast System without a doubt, where nobody can access the internet without having a verified profile.

    Facebook connect has been around for a while and I am sure many reading this article right now are using it,

    “As security professionals debate whether the Internet needs an “identity layer”—a uniform protocol for authenticating users’ identities—a growing number of websites are voting with their code, adopting “Facebook Connect” as a way for anyone with a Facebook account to log into the site at the click of a button.

    Facebook introduced Connect back in July 2008, offering third-party websites tools to coordinate with the user information that Facebook holds, including logins. Thus websites had the option of allowing Facebook users to identify themselves with their Facebook identities.” (Technology Review)


    The technology, and the means are there for exactly this monstrosity to happen, and regulation into these industries by government brings us one step closer to this universal I.D. The claim being, by verifying all internet users they can stop fraud, election manipulation, hacking, fake news, cyber terror, etc. The stage has been set and mark my words this crisis with Facebook and the stealing of user data by Cambridge Analytic is a giant Trojan Horse to set it all up.



    These companies have grown in such size that most lay-users using them daily have little to no concept of just how psudeo-omnimpresent they have become. The glimpse into our lives has become obscene to a level that demands congressional inquiries and regulation.

    What many don’t know is how the nuts and bolts work behind the scenes. These companies are in reality just a collection of servers running sophisticated software, in massive datacenters. These data centers are so incredibly expensive to operate that it is a near impossibility for competition to enter into this space. As a result, Google and Facebook and others have become complete monopolies. While there have been attempts at competition these companies will never be able to achieve what Facebook and Google have begun to do.

    “Facebook doesn't say how many web servers it uses to power its infrastructure. Technical presentations by Facebook staff suggested that as of June 2010 the company was running at least 60,000 servers in its data centers, up from 30,000 in 2009 and 10,000 back in April 2008.

    Recent guesstimates have placed Google's server count at more than 1 million. But new data on Google's energy use suggests that the company is probably running about 900,000 servers. Google never says how many servers are running in its data centers.” (Source)


    Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg talking about the incredible expense needed to operate these platforms said without the revenue generated through the sale of user data Facebook could not exist. She hinted at maybe a paid platform to protect user data and cover operational costs, but let’s face it, that is just another form of an officially verified account.

    “Could you come up with a tool that said, ‘I do not want Facebook to use my personal profile data to target me for advertising.’?” Sandberg was asked by Today’s Savannah Guthrie. “Could you have an opt-out button – ‘Please don’t use my profile data for advertising’?”

    “We have different forms of opt-out,” Sandberg replied. “We don’t have an opt-out at the highest level. That would be a paid product. There’s no indication that Facebook actually plans to introduce such an option, but Sandberg’s admission makes explicit that Facebook’s revenue depends almost entirely on monitoring its users’ taste and behavior. Taking that option away would requirze replacing ad sales with subscription revenue. ” (Fortune)


    Besides ads, and paid accounts there is only one other way to provide revenue to operate these social media platforms, and that is to turn it into a public utility. Meaning instead of just banning people for restricted speech for 30 days, there will be fines and penalties attached. The A.I. technology and 15,000+ people employed by Facebook to oversee speech on the platform will be turned into internet cops, policing the way internet users are behaving and fining them if the do not adhere to strict speech and use guidelines. Glorified revenue generators, like real cops can kill people without consequence. Only instead of shooting people, they turn off the means for people to conduct business and gain access to the amenities of the internet, which is much like a death sentence. The evils of the Mark fo the Beast is starting to flesh out right in front of our eyes.

    This is the danger we are facing. We all know that the Cambridge Analytica scandal is a big red herring. Anybody with any common sense knows that our data has been scraped and resold to a number of entities including governments. This faux outrage over the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Russian bot manipulation of elections just serves to provide the right crisis for Facebook to begin a transition into a public utility. Zuckerberg has already sold much of his holdings, does this indicate he is ready to give up control, we will see won't we?

    It is only a matter of time before the internet as a platform of anonymous access turns into a system much like our road ways. A place where only the licensed, taxed and regulated will be allowed to access it.

    My advice is, download everything you can, books, how to videos, ghost gunner 3d printing files, survival manuals, off-grid educational materials, and also have unconnected devices to access them in the future. This stuff will no longer be available and will be contraband material in no time. That is the direction this is all headed and a wise man will take the necessary steps to prepare.


    A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. Proverbs 22:3



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