The Achilles Heel of the New World Order


    By Jason Charles on 2/11/2010 (14 years 100 days ago) Globalism/N.W.O

    The Dream of King Nebuchadnezzar as interpreted by Daniel the prophet,

    You are that head of gold. "After you, another kingdom will rise, inferior to yours. Next, a third kingdom, one of bronze, will rule over the whole earth. Finally, there will be a fourth kingdom, strong as iron--for iron breaks and smashes everything--and as iron breaks things to pieces, so it will crush and break all the others. Just as you saw that the feet and toes were partly of baked clay and partly of iron, so this will be a divided kingdom; yet it will have some of the strength of iron in it, even as you saw iron mixed with clay. As the toes were partly iron and partly clay, so this kingdom will be partly strong and partly brittle. And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay. "In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.

    Daniel 2:38-44

    This prophetic dream of the Babylonian King speaks of four empires that will rule the Earth, each in its turn. Starting with Babylon the Great and the golden head, each layer grows weaker and weaker representing each major empire in its turn.

    Here we are many centuries later watching the collectivist impulse in the human species being carried out once again, yet the dynamics are very different as Unified Europe seeks to pull down the whole of the world into a Global Oder.

    This 'new Babylon' has replaced priests with PhD's, Kings with Presidents, merchants with brokers, centurions with drones, and God with the self. The only difference is the whole of the global empire is teetering on the incredibly fragile infrastructure, everything about it says it's going to collapse in on itself.

    The lumbering giant, symbol of tyranny and oppression will collapse as its feet of clay and iron crumble before it's beastly weight.

    The Golden King

    The Babylonian system represents a convergence of political might,  economic might, and military might exercising uni-lateral authority over competing populations and its own. Babylon was known for it's great wealth conquering the once rich nation of Israel and many other nations, taking with it incredible riches and the spoils of war.

    The support for the Babylonian kingdom among conquered nations was achieved by kidnapping and indoctrinating aristocratic youths into their system of empirical control. They would then insert them back into these conquered and domesticated cultures to maintain the illusion of popular support. These princes who under went Babylonian re-education would proclaim the superiority of their system, and as trade and wealth pored into their cities,  discord soon waned among the people in invaded nations as time went on.

    Support for the kingdom was waged more in the mind of its subjects than through the swift and devastating blade of military domination.

    Babylon through superior economic leverage,  and military force of arms,was quite impressive and was able to dominate the surrounding cultures through this method of suppression,  but the true show of absolute power was focused in on their own people.

    "That at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, dulcimer, and all kinds of musick, ye fall down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king hath set up. And whoso falleth not down and worshippeth shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace." Daniel 3:5,6

    Total worship of the king and his image was demanded of the Babylonian nation states anyone who denied that all power and authority was present in the king and wielded godly authority on the Earth was quickly put to death. Life was good unless you set yourself against the edicts of the king.

    The Alloy of Empires

     The Babylonian system represents the holy trinity of the god-state,  where all power and authority was recognized in one supreame executive that was worshiped as a god.

    Every empire goes through a period of expansion and tremendous growth, but due to the corruption and hubris of competing factions with in,  the empire will eventually experience a period of decline.


    The Iron Legs of the Roman empire prove to be an excellent example of how an empires military can be incredibly disciplined and achieve total spectrum domination on the battlefield but due to the rock star excess and egotistical indulgence on the part of the emperor class, they remained forever politically unstable and subject to collapse. 

    As a result, empires moved away from the universal executives overt rule, and began to rule by more cunningly covert methods of control. Colonial rule, exercised by the British empire seemed new at the time but was really a revival of the old Babylonian system of waging economic war and buying influence through it's colonial agents. Agents who used the empires vast riches to ensnare the countries support through, treaties, banking deals and taxation to the crown.

    What used to take thousands of foot soldiers to conquer, the resources and wealth of nations were now being spoiled through economic leveraging and the backroom dealings of shady colonial puppets with the empire.

    The real gut wrenching example can be found with America succumbing to British control through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The subversion of the old emperical system of monatary control won out against the free people of America bringing them back under colonial British rule without the peoples knowledge. The super wealthy, Bank of England and the Rothschild family simply bought out the American government as share holders of the Federal Reserve Bank, as debtor is subject to lender so is the U.S. Treasury and thus the tax payers subject to the Federal Reserve.

    Rebuilding on Unstable Ground

    Here we are in the present, this system of colonial rule has developed considerably. Technology has exploded integrating human kind on a level never before seen. Everything has been wired together quite literally in vast networks of computers, fiber optics, satellites and economic channels across the globe.

    The lines between commerce, and nation states have been blurred and the global elite have monopolized industries seeking to once again coalesce its power into a centralized empire. The old westernized world of the European elite, which houses the financial and political authority inside the newly constructed European Union, and it's mechanized military partner America have now begun the process of collapsing their respective economies in favor of a universally ruled global government made up of G20 nations.

    What seems to be a well orchestrated plan over the last century to erode national sovereignty of colluding nation states has begun, and out of this inevitable collapse a new world order has been announced, in which representative rule in a global union will provide the facade for the real power brokers who remain behind the scenes exercising influence in privatized kingdoms, a council of industry titans that reside outside the law in this technological brave new world.


    Iron doesn't Mix with Clay

    The old world tendencies of war and iron-fist oppression is still present in today's elite ruling super-class, but technology has far outpaced even their diabolically dark intellect and the human dynamic has exploded on to the scene, making the people hyper-aware of the danger they face in this next decade.

    We humans are the unpredictable wild card in all of this, technology has opened our eyes, and danger lurks on the rim of our vision. The New World Order , this old world iron is evil and it must be opposed. As the new Babylonian beast attempts to arise, it will find its feet are in-sufficient to support its un-godly weight.


    Weakness 1: Technological Infrastructure

    This is probably the most exposed aspect of the New World Order system, the entire military, financial system and 'Big Brother' control grid derives its power from the heavily integrated yet wholly outdated and fragile telecommunications infrastructure. All the computer systems of the world are wired together in a series of networks run by a gaggle of private and government based companies. Linked up by satellites, and telecommunications hubs  all across the world.

    There are literally hundreds of these network operating centers (NOC) and telecom Central Offices (CO) in each community switching massive amounts of data, plugged into military bases, financial institutions, and even key infrastructure complexes like nuclear power plants. It has been reported that one slip by a contractors shovel can cost billions of dollars of damage in down time.

    The beast is literally wearing it's tender genitalia on it's face, and if it gets overly heavy handed the peoples of the world could easily grind this whole system to halt without a a single shot fired.

    The technological advances and sophisticated military systems are so inter-dependent on diverse highly specialized manafactured components from companies all over the globe the right cable cut could ground i.e. fleets of F-16's and other key military supply lines to a halt, and in a matter of a year or less would be useless pieces of scrap metal.

    NSA, DARPA, the Pentagon, Special Ops and everything is so heavily reliant on this technology if absent the playing field will once again be leveled back to the days of black powder where a man has to face his opponent on a open battlefield.

    The elite are working to fix the problem, but it is and will remain to be the tender underbelly of the BEAST system. They sure as hell fire don't want the free peoples of the world to know, but anyone with a IT background knows this to be so and the secret is out.


    Weakness 2: The Enemies Tactics of Control Exposed

    There have been a number of critical errors on the part of the establishment, believing they can utilize technology to enslave the westernized nations has proven to be a costly error. Yes, propaganda, and t.v. media have shaped our culture into arrested developed dysfunctional, but the exponential spread of information has proven incredibly damaging as people wake up to the systems of sophisticated mind control that keeps men and women working their 9-5 and voting in rigged partisan political politics.

    People are now capable of accessing, understanding and disseminating the elites own manuals regarding the complex systems of population dominance. A art once reserved to the upper echelons of dynastic rulers, or confined to the whispers of hidden mystery schools are now the subject of discussion on 1000's of forums across the internet.

    The lies used to keep the hegemony of power in civilization under wraps, have already spilled their way into the consciousness of the people. Blogs, radio shows, and guerrilla video news have erupted and give little wiggle room to the current batch of charlatans and salesmen of the day.

    Here are few of the tactics the elite use that have quite literally been snatched from their diabolical control freak hands. The information revolution has rendered these tactics useless like an exposed magicians parlor trick.

    False Flag Terror Attacks - War build up is very profitable, and if there is no wars then the idea is to start them. How you ask? Simple, dress up your own people in opposition colors have them attack your own stronghold and sit back and wait for the outrage of your people to mount driving the nation to war.


    Double Think - Derived from the works of George Orwells book 1984, we see how a person can quite literally hold two paradoxical views in their heads that would quite easily cancel each other out under normal and less politically stressed conditions. I.E. "A country spending it's way out of bankruptcy", "War = Peace", "A jobless recovery" or "we have to give up our freedoms to secure liberty". These are purposely put forth to freeze critical thinking within a society.

    Political Correctness - This is a method used to limit free speech in an open society, by setting up protected classes of people, whether religion, sexual orientation, political ideology or race this stifles any type of debate and progress with in the targeted society.

    Divide and Conquer - A method to divide a unified group of people into factional categories along political, racial, religious lines. The more ways one can fracture the population the easier they are to manage and misdirect the force of their collective intent. Keeping one freeman at another freeman's throat allows the manipulators the opportunity to seize control amidst the chaos.

    Problem, Reaction, Solution  - Never let a good crisis go to waste, or just artificially create one. Fear is a powerful motivating force, simply engineer a crisis, fear and chaos ensues, and then people will react in panic, calling upon government to offer up the solution. Which usually means more, military, legislation, and money thrown at the problem giving those in power an excuse for more executive power to be centralized in a person or party who has the perceived "solution" ready to deploy.

    Economic Enslavement - The central banking system is a ingenious way to enslave entire populations, simply use the control of money to encourage nations or people to take out loans at interest rates they could never pay back. When the debtor files bankruptcy the bank then seizes all property and assets or real value with in a society.


    Destruction of the Family Unit - A incredibly damaging tactic of control is to break up and confuse the long established relationship between male and female. The family being the building blocks of all healthy societies have been targeted by the elite. By confusing the roles of husband and wife through eloborate social revolutions and empowerment movements with in a society one gender over the other and vise versa conflict arises disrupting this basic unit of society and can cause tremendous damage to the fabric of a nation. A society with out a strong family unit raises increasingly dysfunctional and self-destructive children, and is exponentially degenerate as generation passes this behavior on to their children and in turn their children.

    Multiculturalism - Another way to destroy a country is to introduce a massive influx of cultures into a society that fail to learn the language and integrate into it's system of laws. The tide of illegal immigrants into the United States serves as a perfect example of this tactic at work in today's world and has proven to be incredibly taxing on the nation as a result, stressing it to a breaking point.

    Front companies and co-intel pro - The wealthy have long known it is far easier to fund and train their own people to set up institutions, and organizations that cloak themselves as allies of the their opposition to slowly mobilize support and then when the time is right use their influence to create dissent and confusion with in the co-opted organization. This device works very well in rendering a collective useless and fighting among themselves.


    Left/Right Paradigm - The real power is those with enough money to control the outcome of any election, the hidden hand behind all governments is the central banks controlled by the Rothschild family international agents. The political theater that bears down on us in all it's media glitz every four year is a distraction serving only to pacify a society not enrich it.



    All of these tactics and more are currently being waged against the populations of the globe in a concise and orchestrated fashion to centralize power and support for the New World Order now emerging.

    Weakness #3 Scientific Hoaxs and Social Engineering Uncovered

    In order to establish a New World Order, the nation states of the world would have to willingly give up their sovereignty. This has posed a very, very big problem for our would be global masters. Especially here in the United States were we are exceptionally nationalistic. Billions of dollars have been used to create "think tanks" and UN backed scientific institutions to develop white papers on how exactly to do break the backs of nations who have proven to be uncooperative. The problem is most of their global empire is built on the "big lie" which is to say, tell the lie long and often enough and people will eventually come to accept it as true. This only works if information to the contrary is not ready available and easily disseminated which it is via the internet rendering these lies in-effective out of the gate.

    You can challenge yourself by determining which "tactics" of empirical control come into play. I.e. "climate change = problem reaction solution". It's easy when you know the elites games.

    Climate Change - The laughable "science" of global warming which has been proven an audacious lie to fund and build the bureaucratic constructs of a global system of governance have been exposed as a fraud. Which for the elite has literally been forced fed to populations as a global issue that can only be resolved by a global regulating body of some sort.

    The swine flu pandemic - Another hoax that was perpetuated by big pharma and the global health organization body called the World Health Organization (WHO), aiming to create a crisis without a borders that can only be solved once again by global governance.

    The War on Terror  - Al-qaeda is a global specter and a instrument of political control, and not a real threat in the least. An establishment boogie man to induce a state of perpetual war.


    Eugenics and Population Control - Another false specter with "global implications", pushed into our consciousness. The maxim is simply we need a global government in place to curb the population explosion. This is another false reality, in most western countries population is declining, yet in the 3rd world population is a problem because the rate of infant death is extremely high, making it necessary for families to have 4-5 children assuring a chance of survival.

    The answer is to simply economically empower these 3rd world countries which naturally reduces the need for large families as access to medicine and food become readily available.

    Instead they and the western nations have been targeted by the global body of social engineers for population reduction. The rise in cancer rates, and debilitating disease in western societies and rise in AIDS and sterilization programs in the 3rd world have risen astronomically. The population is undergoing what is termed "soft kill" extermination programs and have been under way for decades. The water is full of poisons and heavy metals, food is tainted with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and artificial chemicals that have been proven to destroy healthy function in the body. This is by design and has impacted you and your family. 


     Pulling Ourselves from the Rubble

    As more and more people learn to read between the lines in this "new" Babylon system, the less likely the super-class will succeed in bringing their master plan to completion. When one realizes that these tactics and lies are what they have built their power base on, it becomes obvious that we simply can't allow such morally deficient, sociopaths to wield any sort of power on this planet much less universal power. They have shown their hand, the outrage is mounting and like the dream of Nebuchadnezzar God is raising up a new Kingdom, a Kingdom of sovereign individuals that the Babylon system will hurl itself against only to be smashed to pieces. It simply can't stand when built upon a foundation of lies, brutality and a flimsy technological infrastructure.

    People have been awaiting a new age, a evolution of consciousness and for those who can see it, we have arrived. The Beast must fall first though, as the system realizes the people have indeed awakened to its dark implications it will attempt to lunge forward without having completed its formation, causing its un-timely demise. Set your spiritual and physically house in order and may God Bless the people of the 'New Kingdom'.

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