The Clinton Plan to Destroy Alt-Right Media Involves War with Russia


    By Jason Charles on 10/19/2016 (7 years 213 days ago) Politics & Government

    This title is not hyperbole, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the Obama administration are so desperate to silence alternative news sources inside the U.S., they are even willing to go to war with Russia as means to do so. But first. Let's celebrate a major "Alt-Right" win before getting into this topic.


    Such a Yuuuge Win!


    Just yesterday Clinton's facebook page uploaded a poorly edited, looping video attacking Alex Jones and Trump talking in an interview where Trump says, "I will not let you down" again and again insinuating Trump gets his talking points directly from Alex Jones. The Independent jumped on this Clinton video and pointed out that the next day even Trump at a rally recently said verbatim what Alex mentioned in that broadcast about drug testing the candidates. The article goes as follow with associated videos.


    "One of Mr Jones' statements which Trump has subsequently repeated was the claim that Ms Clinton is using drugs to keep up her stamina in the next debate.

    Mr Trump has called for the two candidates to undergo a drugs test before Wednesday's debate in Las Vegas - claiming she was "pumped up" at the start of their previous bout." (Independent)


    Hey, Independent, a good point is a good point, and these points go viral fast in the internet age. When we all see Hillary dragged into a secret service van while visiting the 9/11 memorial on its anniversary the public and her political opponents have every right to question her record of health. You can't even drive a forklift without a pee-test in this country. Months earlier it was Hillary and the media questioning Trumps mental health and access to the nuclear codes. That card plays both ways Mrs. Clinton.

    Memes, irrespective of who creates them are seen by millions every day. No, this hit-piece article is evidence of real media scripting, and total conclusion between the DNC, Obama, and the Hillary Campaign as confirmed by Wikileaks emails. It is they that coined the term "Alt-right", it is they who decided to address Alex Jones by name, bringing him into the spotlight and scrutiny of the public eye. I say good luck with that strategy, these guys must not have any idea as to what they are dealing with, or maybe they think they have a plan to deal with all of the alternative press and its adherents single-handily, which we will explore here, and may just be the case.

    Let's face it, the corrupt Clinton machine has its backs on the ropes all because of the alternative press. The Wikileaks DNC email leaks, Drudge Report trend-making, Infowars headlines, Breitbart headlines all have Hillary punch drunk and reeling just weeks away from the General election. The Queen of Corruption, Hillary Clinton looks seriously ready to topple.

    These alternative news outfits have controlled the key stories this election season. Trump, and the stars have all aligned and the weakness and corruption of the Clinton machine has been brought to light. Praise God! We can only thank everyone who has played a part in the destruction of the Clintons, including Donald Trump. The Alt-Right has led with all of the Hillary destroying headlines this election season. Hillary being sick, leaked emails by wikileaks showing collusion between Clinton Foundation and foreign governments, suppression of FBI investigations and now with the new release of the Veritas project videos we have a whole new perspective on the riots and protest tensions surrounding the Donald Trump campaign stops. These too were orchestrated as long suspected, but now unquestionable evidence of such criminality has been demonstrated thoroughly in the clandestine videos. Videos that have resulted in two operatives being fired that were affiliated with the Democratic party. To say the Alt-Right has been effective in countering the mainstream Clinton spin machine is an understatement.

    Watch the Veritas Undercover Videos Here Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 and prepared to be shocked


    In the Cross-hairs of the Shadow Government

    The reason that Hillary and Obama have actually, by named called out Alex Jones, is they think they can marginalize Trump by association. The only problem with that idea is Alex uses mainstream news headlines to source all of his allegations, the media can't discredit him if his sources are that very media. That is what is ironic about this whole thing, the media reports on everything, failing only to connect-the-dots and Alex just points it out with a tempo and energy that is unmatched. Everything he has done over the years has been powerfully presented and extremely professional in presentation. More and more he has been pushing a narrative, that has become accepted among his peers in the alternative press, peers like Drudge Report who sets news trends daily with millions of visitors reading their content. You see this is the new enemy of the U.S., the cross-hairs of the state have shifted to the counter narrative makers in the alternative press. They view these people as a very real threat to the hegemony of corruption within the U.S. government. As such the Alt-right has become a National Security issue.

    Hillary Clinton is viewed as the protector of state secrets, and thus her state protection. The real powers behind the presidency are very concerned with Trump's Alt-right leanings, knowing it could mean trouble for the Shadow Government. A candidate like Trump siding with Alex Jones is more a threat to the infrastructure of the shadow government than anything. They can't allow a man to achieve the Presidency that will dismantle the shadow networks. Trump just this last week took the gloves off in West Palm beach and made a speech that in my opinion is the most dangerous speech ever given by an upcoming presidential candidate. Listen to the charges he lays against the globalists in this speech. Absolutely incredible!

    MUST Watch video: Trump calls out the criminal establishment in Groundbreaking speech!

    Also watch this powerful, video of Alex Jones describing the C.O.G. or "shadow government" government system who has recently been referenced in FBI leaked emails. You can see why they view him as a threat, he educates his viewers on the behind the scenes baseball on every issue.  And this election season that issue is the obscene amount of media collusion as well as government cover up of Clintons nasty political manipulation.



    The Russia Connection

    Ecuador, who is housing the political asylum seeker and wikileak frontman, Julian Assange, admitted that they cut Assange's internet link citing election tampering as the reason, but Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa is known to be a Clinton backer as noted in the Huffington Post article,

    "WikiLeaks said it activated “contingency plans” after Assange’s cut-off, and Ecuador said that its action did not stop the group continuing “journalistic activities.”

    Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa has long backed Assange’s right to free speech and has also supported Clinton publicly.

    “For the good of the United States and the world ... I would like Hillary to win,” he told broadcaster Russia Today last month." (Huffington Post)


    The operation to protect Hillary and get her elected has now gone up the chain, beyond the bungling of the DNC and the Clinton campaign, and is now a front-burner issue for the Shadow Government as pointed out in Alex Jones' above video breakdown. This is where the link to Russia becomes important.

    A Trump presidency is not an option for the powers that be, this is why Hillary's every mention of Alex Jones and Trump's Alt-right ideological leanings are almost always associated with allegations of being President Putin's American moles looking to disrupt the elections.

    Here is Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, an unfortunate subject of the leaked emails saying it was Russian hackers,

    “I’ve been involved in politics for nearly five decades,” Mr. Podesta told reporters aboard the Clinton campaign plane. “This definitely is the first campaign that I’ve been involved with in which I’ve had to tangle with Russian intelligence agencies,” he added, “who seem to be doing everything that they can on behalf of our opponent.”

    Without verifying the authenticity of the emails, Mr. Podesta said that he had spoken with the F.B.I. “as a victim” of hacking. The Obama administration, like Mr. Podesta, believes the Russian government has been trying to help Mr. Trump with its hacking, including the theft of emails of the Democratic National Committee this year.

    Mr. Podesta said Mr. Trump had “essentially adopted lock, stock and barrel” a foreign policy that would favor the interests of President Vladimir V. Putin." (New York Times)


    What the Hillary camp is trying to do is activate war-time powers with these allegations of Trump and alternative media collusion with Russia. By doing so, measures put in place a long time ago by the C.O.G apparatus can be enacted, and thus utilized to target enemies of the state. Those enemies are being defined as anyone Hillary has identified as aligned with "Russia propaganda" outlets inside the states. Namely, the Trump campaign, Wikileaks, Infowars and Alex Jones, and others.

    Russia poses a very real risk of destroying U.S. ISIS assets in the mid-east, something Trump would love to help accomplish knowing very well that Hillary was instrumental in the creation of said terror groups as proxy armies at war with Syria. This is hardly a secret, seeing Trump brings it up in debates and also something Rand Paul has said continually knowing it to be true. The U.S. is the state sponsor of terrorists that rape, murder, and brutalize populations in democratic countries, thanks to Hillary and her bosses.

    The problem with this Russian hacker narrative is, it's not true. Whistleblower sources track the actual leaks to the NSA, saying that the missing emails would certainly be in the NSA's possession.

    "Binney was an architect of the NSA’s surveillance program. He became a famed whistleblower when he resigned on October 31, 2001, after spending more than 30 years with the agency. He referenced testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in March 2011 by then-FBI Director Robert S. Mueller in which Meuller spoke of the FBI’s ability to access various secretive databases “to track down known and suspected terrorists.” 

    “Now what he (Mueller) is talking about is going into the NSA database, which is shown of course in the (Edward) Snowden material released, which shows a direct access into the NSA database by the FBI and the CIA. Which there is no oversight of by the way. So that means that NSA and a number of agencies in the U.S. government also have those emails.”

    “So if the FBI really wanted them they can go into that database and get them right now,” he said of Clinton’s emails as well as DNC emails.

    Asked point blank if he believed the NSA has copies of “all” of Clinton’s emails, including the deleted correspondence, Binney confirmed.

    “Yes,” he responded. “That would be my point. They have them all and the FBI can get them right there.”

    Binney then went on to speculate about something even more shocking: that the hack of the DNC could have been coordinated by someone inside the U.S. intelligence community angry over Clinton’s compromise of national security data with her email use." (Zero Hedge)


    Also crazier yet Assange has implied that the DNC email leaks were given to him by murdered DNC staffer.

    "When the interviewer interjected that the murder may have been a robbery, Assange pushed back.

    "No," he said. "There’s no finding. So… I’m suggesting that our sources take risks."

    When pressed as to whether Rich was, in fact, the leaker, Assange stated that the organization does not reveal its sources.

    Police have said they believe the motive was robbery, and that there is no evidence Rich's murder was connected to his work. But Rich's father has said the 4 a.m. murder, in which Rich was shot several times from behind, did not appear to be a robbery, as his son's wallet and watch were not taken."

    In fact you have to watch Putin's response to Biden saying they intend to Hack Russia.

    Putin isn't stupid, he knows the Criminals Obama and Clinton are framing him to distract from the email leaks.



    The emails are so damaging to the Clinton campaign it has sparked national outrage, everything we see now with Trump being supposed "Alt-right" and connected to Russian-hacker media outlets is a desperately pathetic attempt at trying to enact said war powers. It isn't really about Russia attacking ISIS, it is more about her being so criminally insane she would escalate tensions with Russia to create a hacker narrative among U.S. media opposition. It isn't enough she has total subservience from the mainstream news and Hollywood. Alex Jones and the rest must go. Good luck lady, the New World Order would be smart to drop you like a bad habit, no single globalist presidential-operative has mucked up things like she has. At least the Bush's were able to hand off their dark 9/11 secrets to Obama without incident, but Clinton and Obama are bungling it beyond belief. Something Trump can instantly capitalize on in this last debate. Please like our FB page and also sign up for our newsletter

    It is simply amazing to watch the deck of cards crumble. The last debate scheduled for Oct. 19th on Fox will be a barn burner for Trump. He has so much political ammo, Hillary Clinton will be Swiss cheese by the end of the night. Instead of getting fed the questions early and staying up studying she would be wise to sit this one out. The only hope she truly has left is creating this war narrative with Russia, that will give Obama the power to round up and extinguish anyone in the alternative media they believe to be a threat. That is a scary prospect, but something they are already trying to do through the partnership with Google. Silencing the alternative media is a big part of what the Hillary debate "fact checking" rhetoric is all about. She knows Google, Facebook and Twitter are gaming the search results on her behalf, more evidence this is a state op.

    Don't fall for it, pray for Trump, and pray for America, the powers that be will not let their power hegemony go without an ugly fight.

    Ye shall not fear them: for the LORD your God he shall fight for you.
    - Deuteronomy 3:22

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