The Corporate Support for the LGBT Agenda is a UN War on Christianity and Morality


    By Jason Charles on 4/11/2016 (6 years 295 days ago) Sodomy/LGBT Agenda

    LGBT Social Engineering


    Flashback to the Spring of 2015, in the lead up to the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay-marriage in the U.S., we saw corporations by the droves began to air LGBT friendly television, radio and print ads all aimed at pushing the supreme court to support gay-marriage. You can see a small snapshot of just some of the numerous gay-friendly ads that were produced during this time in support of the decision that happened in late July of 2015. In what was undoubtedly a coordinated Obama Admin propaganda campaign hundreds of corporations all "came out" of the political closet in support of gay-marriage. The Obama administration's involvement in this propaganda push was well documented pointing to Valerie Jarret as the corporate handler and operative behind this push last year.


    "Three weeks ago, Jarrett’s aide Aditi Hardikar, the LGBT liaison in the White House Office of Public Engagement, suggested they illuminate the White House with a rainbow if the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. Working with the first lady’s chief of staff, Tina Tchen, Jarrett and her aides consulted with the National Park Service and U.S. Secret Service and got gay rights organizations to underwrite it so it did not cost the taxpayers money.

    The president accepted the idea matter-of-factly when Jarrett raised it. “It’s a great idea if you can get it to work,” she recalled him saying. " (Washington Post)

    Christ Alone DVDThis editorial sound-bite "a great idea if you can get it to work" supposedly uttered by Obama is as contrived as the gay-marriage campaign itself these last few years. Though Jarrett's attempts to downplay the "suggestion" as spur of the moment ideas as noted by the Post, it was anything but. The fact is this is an extremely complex endeavor to organize support from over 379 gay-friendly mega-corporations that agree to simultaneously produce very elaborate, multi-million dollar advertising spots. It is obviously a huge undertaking to garner the coordinated support of gay-rights organizations to fund the rainbow lighting on the Whitehouse property as mentioned above. Then on top of all that, the ability to push the SCOTUS  to issue a ruling during "Pride Week" and on the two-year anniversary of the court's ruling that struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act is unprecedented. The magnitude of this accomplishment should have even the most ardent supporters of the "gay-marriage" agenda sitting up and pondering just what possible hidden-agenda is behind such a coordinated effort.

    If you simply look at it from a money point of view, all of this cost 100's of millions of dollars to finance, and must of took thousands of phone-calls to corporate heads all across the country to get corporations to sign on to this plan. The rise of the LGBT political and corporate power-base is vastly superior to anything the Obama admin could dream up, they simply are just not that sophisticated of thought to solely organize this push. It had to of come from someplace higher up.


    Who is Really Behind the LGBT Monster?

    The push to embolden the LGBT agenda mainly in the U.S. through the SCOTUS ruling is unmistakably a UN agenda. If you recall September of 2014, The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution in support of LGBT rights.

    "The action, which passed by a 25-14 vote margin after more than an hour of debate, condemns violence and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity across the globe. 

    “We are pleased to see that today the international community is visibly and publicly upholding the rights of LGBT individuals, and thereby we demonstrate ourselves as a global community respecting the rights of all,” said Ambassador Keith Harper, who represents the U.S. on the U.N. Human Rights Council. " (MSNBC)

    In addition a UN budget committee in March 27 also gave UN employees in same-sex unions special benefits,

    "In an animated and unusually packed budget meeting this week, UN member states gave the go ahead to special benefits for any UN staff in same-sex legal arrangements.


    Sources say the result of the vote should not be seen as a global show of support for LGBT rights as much as proof of the complete domination of wealthy donor countries on the UN budget and administrative issues. The result furthers the perception that member states that don’t share the social agenda of wealthy donor states have less buy-in in the system.

    Even among those 80 countries that voted with the Secretary General, at least half of them do not afford same-sex couples special benefits in their national laws. Marriage between a man and a woman remains the norm in the vast majority of countries in the world and no more than 40 countries around the world afford special benefits to same-sex couples through laws that sanction so-called “gay marriage” or civil unions. Even in Europe few countries sanction such arrangements without qualification." (Life Site News)

    As proof that this is an international conspiracy by the UN and power elite to push the LBGT agenda simply look at the outrage sparked by this McDonalds commercial in Taiwan featuring a son coming out to his father as "liking boys" at McDonalds.

    "Religious groups in Taiwan are calling for a boycott of McDonald’s after the fast food giant premiered a commercial they say promotes “gay issues.”

    The minute-and-a-half ad features a boy coming out to his father by writing, “I like boys” on a McCafe coffee cup and sliding it across the table." (Fox News)


    As noted in the above article, this McDonald's ad sparked major controversy in Taiwan by religious groups in the same way it has here in America. Business ethics and simple common-sense tells us large corporations should not weigh in on political issues for the simple reason it could negatively impact their bottom-line as large people groups boycott their products. So what exactly is the incentive for companies to actually engage in this highly controversial subject when traditionally corporations never, ever engage in social issues of any sort! The answer will shock you.


    A Seat at the Table

    The real reason these corporations have become social attack dogs on controversial issues such as gay-marriage is because it is a globalist agenda and they are pandering for international favor, but what is more is they are also being given political power. This report in Fortune demonstrates how corporations that engage in this issues are being given "influential seat at the political roundtable" as quoted,

    "As conservative legislatures in Southern states continue to plow ahead in the battle pitting religious freedom against LGBT-rights, mega-corporations like DIS -0.16% Disney, KO -0.92% Coca-Cola, and FB -1.48% Facebook have earned an influential seat at the political roundtable. Earlier this week, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed a far-reaching religious freedom bill after facing pressure from these and other corporations threatening to pull their business out of the state.

    North Carolina received similar scrutiny after passing House Bill 2, a sweeping religious freedom bill that essentially prohibits municipalities from passing LGBT-protective laws. The Charlotte-based Bank of America, Apple, and 80 other CEOs and business leaders signed onto a letter demanding that North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory repeal the controversial law." (Fortune)

    This favored status offered by the political elite, encouraging corporations to go on the attack against any state promoting religious freedom bills has reached a climax. Back in 2013, Rhamn Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago and former Obama adviser was quoted as saying, the "Gays are the next Jews of fundraising", meaning there is big money available for anyone pushing the "Homosexual" debate in America and now everyone is attempting to cash in as this prediction by the Obama insider, Rham Emanuel comes to fruition. Whether you are talking politicians issuing travel bans, about musicians like Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen boycotting Religious Freedom states recently like Georgia, Mississippi and North Carolina, or companies like Disney who are saying they will not film in these states, it seems everybody wants a piece of the political and monetary favors being offered up by the Obama administration.

    The two things we have to note in all of this is obviously it is a horrendous trend to allow mega-corps to weigh in on social issues such as gay-marriage, but what is more is the fact that corporations that target children almost exclusively in their marketing and products are promoting deviant sexual practices when pushing the LGBT agenda.


    Totally Inappropriate Corporate America

    The most disgusting aspect of all this is how little discretion these companies really have. For example Disney and Marvel who create movies that are predominately geared towards children in both their marketing and also their merchandising have been some of the most vocal in their advocacy for LGBT causes, even to the point of threatening state governors if they do not veto bills dealing with Religious Freedom. AV Club writes,

    "Disney and Marvel have constructed a lot of their superhero universe in Georgia. However, on the grounds that the bill would have legalized discrimination against members of the LGBT community, the companies claimed to be ready to move productions like Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 and Avengers: Infinity War to another state that looks good while exploding. Other organizations, including the NFL, Live Nation, Time Warner, the Motion Picture Association of America, and AMC Networks—which films The Walking Dead in and around Atlanta—have also publicly opposed the bill.

    Upon vetoing the legislation, Governor Deal said in a speech, “I do not think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in Georgia.” Deal added that the bill “doesn’t reflect the character of our state or the character of its people.” However, he criticized Disney and Marvel’s tactics of threatening to take their Infinity Stones elsewhere, saying:

    Some within the business community who oppose this bill have resorted to threats of withdrawing jobs from our state. I do not respond well to insults or threats. The people of Georgia deserve a leader who will made sound judgments based on solid reasons that are not inflamed by emotion." (AV Club)


    Fisher-Price another company that deals exclusively with children targeted marketing and products also have not only supported the LGBT agenda, they put up a gallery called "Proud Parenting" that features LGBT couples with their children.

    "Fisher Price is sponsoring a new parenting photo gallery, showcasing some of America's three million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) parents. The company (owned by Mattel, which makes some of America's most iconic toys, including Barbie, Hot Wheels and American Girl) is partnering with Proud Parenting, an online community forum for LGBT parents." (CS Monitor)


    Companies that gear their products to children have no business coming out publicly in support of issues of a sexual nature. You would think the preservation of children's innocence would be enough to deter companies from wading into this debate, but that is not the case. Obviously the incentives are to great and companies are lining up at the door.



    Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. Titus 1:15

    The Bible states that to the profane nothing is sacred. This is absolutely true in the case of corporations and politicians banning together to create this false narrative of supposed, universally perceived support of gay-marriage.

    Mark my words this whole episode will drastically change the course of politics in America. When corporations are weighing in on controversial social issues for the sole purpose of gaining favor among political elite you know you have entered into a new era of corporate fascism in this country. Obama has used the presidency to organize a campaign that pushes his own personal LGBT value systems onto the military, the public school systems, into the supreme court and into the corporate sectors. This has got to be one of the most vile, disgusting, and heinous uses of executive power ever recorded. The presidency was not intended to be a tool of social engineering by our founding generation. The founding fathers would be appalled at the unethical and morally corruptive behavior these corporations are engaging in, and there is no way they would have stood for it either. Yet no where do I see churches or anyone calling for boycotts of any of the 379+ companies that have publicly taken up the LGBT cause. The corporate persecution of legislative efforts is a direct threat and offense to the sovereignty of the states. The consequences of letting these corporations run rough-shod all over the political process is truly a Pandora's box of evils just waiting to be loosened on future generations.

    The church must organize and call for boycotts of these companies, they only take note to their bottom line and they will continue to engage in this unethical behavior unless it is felt in their pocketbook. This is the only way in stopping what can be one of the most horrific new trends in this country. Corporations policing and enforcing social justice causes are a globalist tool, and powerful new method of fomenting political correctness and stifling religious liberties in this country.

    Preventing states from passing religious liberty bills is without a doubt a persecution tactic looking to destroy the business and reputations of Christians everywhere that refuse services based on their own personal religious sentiments, and amounts to a powerful new front directed at stifling religious decent in this country. In no uncertain terms, it is a U.N. backed, politically driven, massively funded, coordinated war on Christianity in the U.S. and across the globe.

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