The Fragile Nature of Authority Structures


    By Jason Charles on 10/16/2019 (4 years 282 days ago) Natural Law

    We were given two prime examples these past weeks as to how fragile authority structures can truly be in this world. Even the largest governmental and economic systems on the planet, can suddenly implode because confidence and trust erodes in the system.

    The first example comes to us in the form of mass protests and rebellion in Hong Kong. Without question legitimate abuses have been lamented by protesters. Charges such as official corruption, human rights abuses, ethnic targeting, suppression of religious freedom, civil liberty abuses, one-party totalitarianism, and more. Hong Kong has a unique, dual-system arrangement that affords them a couple liberties in terms of speech than the rest of mainland China, something Chinese president Xi doesn’t seem to care about in the least,

    “Chinese president Xi Jinping has warned against separatism, saying any attempt to divide China would end in "bodies smashed and bones ground to powder." (BBC News)

    Protestors, unarmed by the communist government decades ago are once again throwing themselves against the cogs of a merciless and godless machine.


    The second example is the U.S. Congress initiating impeachment proceedings in the house, and President Trump, VP Pence, and Trump counsel Giuliani in the Whitehouse speaking through lawyers saying they will not comply with their unconstitutional inquiry,

    “Attorneys for Vice President Pence and Rudolph W. Giuliani informed Congress on Tuesday that neither man will cooperate with the House’s impeachment probe, as Democrats gathered at the Capitol to plan their next moves.” (Washington Post)


    What we have here is a Mexican standoff between two branches of Government just as the founders intended. We can only hope that all of these career criminals’ crash and burn together as the proceedings get underway. Forget oil in the Ukraine, every single one of them can be connected to the AIPAC/Mossad/Epstein Op, can’t wait until someone throws that rock.

    This is what you get when government authorities fail to maintain the essential ingredients necessary to secure public trust.


    The Nature of Authority

    People foolishly believe that authority is nothing more than the ability to control. Like a crying toddler made to sit up, stop crying and be forced to eat, control gives the illusion of submission for a short space, but try doing that to a strapping teenager and you will find it no longer works. In fact, it only breeds resentment and rebellion by that young person. The tyrant, not understanding the nature of authority continues to try and force their will through violence long after it is reasonable or wanted.

    This illustration can be universally applied to any authority structure, one as large as a nation state, as well as that of a small family. The nature of authority doesn’t change; it is a universal construct and grounded in natural laws.

    When trying to determine whether an authority structure is just, ask,

    Is it a system that protects life and liberty?
    Is it a system that works to enforce and adjudicate justice?


    Almost always, if these two questions can be answered in the affirmative, then 98% of the people living under such an authority structure will rightfully suffer under the nuances of any particular method of governing. It is just human nature to go alone with something as long as it doesn’t impede their basic welfare, and heck if it improves it by any degree they will put up with just about anything history has shown.

    If the answer is an adamant no, then you are living under an unjust system and things will inevitably get ugly from there as tyrants employ violence to regain control.

    In the examples above, we have two totally opposite systems of governing, one communist and the other capitalist, yet both are unraveling because they fail to maintain a semblance of just governing.

    Anarchists would have you believe that all authority is unjust, that submission to authority is a slavish construct, and humankind would be better off without authorities of any type. This simply is not true, authority structures are as natural as babies being born into the care and protection of a mom and dad, who themselves are alive because the care and protection of a social groups thriving for eons. We can’t extract ourselves from natural authority structures anymore than we could social authority structures, they aid in the very survival of the species, fulfilling much of the two proofs referenced above. It is the un-just authorities that become burdensome and unbearable, and are rightfully rebelled against.



    An interesting point to end on is to recognize that even God, as the ultimate authority of the universe is in the midst of spiritual and physical rebellion by creation. This unfolding drama gives us insight into how God deals with rebellion to His just authority. As God of the universe, He could leverage His infinite power against the rebellious angelic and humankind in tyrannical fashion, instead He gave space to allow for His Natural Laws and Revealed Laws to permeate in universal form throughout the millennia. History has shown us that no matter the configuration of any governing structure when it because abusive to life and liberty and perverts justice it fails in due time. Force will never re-establish respect for an authority structure, instead the opposite occurs, as people wake up to the unjustness, they rebel seeing in their own hearts the system is no longer worthy of respect or submission.

    God in the personage of Jesus Christ, demonstrated once and for all what proper authority looks like to all humanity. He simple taught God’s Laws and rebuked the elders that taught error and ruled by force. When the Jewish powers arrested Him by force of arms, and unjustly crucified Him it demonstrated that might never makes right. Might used in an unjust fashion delegitimizes that institution faster than anything else ever could in eyes of the people and of God.

    Jesus has been given complete power, and could have destroyed Jerusalem with a snap of His fingers,

    And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Matthew 28:18

    But to do so would not legitimize His authority, instead His death gave us life, and His teachings extended thousands of years into the future bringing understanding to many people in terms of what a just authority looks like in both Heaven and on Earth.

    Many nations, including Jerusalem and Rome fell because those Truths worked in the hearts of man over time, and man seeing the justice inherent in God’s law then worked towards the destruction of tyrants in their day.

    This is why Jesus said this at His arrest,

    But Jesus said to him, “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword. Or do you think that I cannot now pray to My Father, and He will provide Me with more than twelve legions of angels? How then could the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it must happen thus?”

    In that hour Jesus said to the multitudes, “Have you come out, as against a robber, with swords and clubs to take Me? I sat daily with you, teaching in the temple, and you did not seize Me. But all this was done that the Scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled.” Matthew 26:52-56


    He had the power to decimate all of Jerusalem in that instant, but held back that power, and instead worked towards the fulfillment of God’s Law and justice. He demonstrated proper authority and proper submission to us all. In fact, we can sit back and look back through all of history and see how God is working towards gradual reestablishment of His authority without the threat of pure unadulterated force of power, but one of justness and laws. Jesus’ work on the cross, and His humble submission to the authority of God is that Great work, and for those who recognize it as such, joyfully and willingly can submit to such righteous authority. A lesson the President Xi and the Trump admission and Democrat tyrants of the world need to learn seeing they jeoprodize the whole system with their hubris.


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