The Greatest Achievement of Mankind is the Philosophy of Natural Law


    By Jason Charles on 9/28/2016 (7 years 204 days ago) Natural Law

    If you were to ask a crowd what mankind's greatest achievement is, you would get 100 different answers. Many would point to Wilbur and Orville Wright saying our ability to fly, some would say Alan Turing and the advent of modern computing, while others would point to Neil Armstrong and the moon landing as maybe the single greatest achievement ever achieved by mankind. Laughably, some would point to the ability to surgically alter the gender of a 10 year old boy to be a milestone of human achievement, I kid you not. But they would all be wrong.

    The single greatest achievement ever made by mankind was our ability to recognize and articulate the philosophy of Natural Law. Without the ability to articulate the principles of natural law, there never would have been a society free enough, creative enough, and prosperous enough to make any of these wondrous, technological-marvels possible.

    Natural Law is the end all, be all of human realization. It has afforded humankind so much in the way of human enlightenment. Yet hardly anybody knows what it is, or how it has allowed us to achieve the things we point to as marvels of human ingenuity. This is by design. In essence it has become lost knowledge, and as a result our society is quickly unraveling at the seams.


    What is Natural Law You Ask?

    Natural Law is a system of justice and order written into the very fabric of creation. There is no escaping its jurisdiction or reach. You can't run from it, nor can you philosophize "IT" out of existence. You can only abide by it, day and night.

    An atheist would look at nature and its laws and say, the order of nature does not denote a creator, and then a creationist would say that the order of nature is evidence towards the existence of a creator.

    Now, irrespective of these two viewpoints, neither the atheist nor the creationist will every argue over whether nature and its cascading layers of order actual exist or not. The existence of an ordered world, that flows within ordered boundaries and laws is what is considered a self-evident Truth. It is a universal truth, all cultures spanning millennia recognized that nature has boundaries and laws. We see natural order in the physical, and we also see order in the building blocks or the "quanta" that make up the physical. There is no getting around this concept of order, the only argument between humans is how it got there, not that it IS there.

    By analyzing these laws both in nature and within the interactions of living systems, we see how order doesn't stop at the building blocks of creation, but it also shows that order and law overlap into, and even govern the animal kingdom. Furthermore it even governs how humankind interacts in community groups.

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    Natural Law Shapes Moral Law

    Now the animal kingdom has its own form of laws and operations that allow them to interact and mutually benefit from the presence of one another. We see this in all shapes and sizes, from how a pack of lions governs itself, to how birds flock together and communicate among each other as they shift in dazzling patterns of flight.

    For example a pack of wolves can be made up of scores of wolves. That pack has governing laws, that are enforced by the strong, but in a balanced way. If it were not so, wolves would not be pack animals. But because laws have been established that are obviously mutually benefiting to the pack as a whole they hunt, roam, and raise new generations of pups together. Every wolf in that pack knows what they can do and what they can't do, these things become so natural as to how they operate it is imperceptible as to how they get passed on, yet none question it because these laws in an obvious way help them, and mutually help the other pack members. Again if it were not so there would not be a wolf pack. Packing together requires organization and intelligence of the natural systems and the systems of pack psychology. Thus inferring that governing and policing as a concept, is a Natural Law. Governing and law enforcement is a fundamental organizing principle exhibited in higher species. It simply takes more organization, and intelligence to pack together peacefully. Sorry anarchists.

    The ability to pack together demands laws, and laws by their very nature must be physically enforced by the strong and just. If they are enforced by the strong and sadistic, like a tyranny in human society, they will dissolve that governing bond being unbearable to maintain that kind of abusive order. So much so that the advantage of being together is lost, and singleness is preferred to abuse. The more intelligent the animal, the more they exhibit laws that enable them to live in harmony and peace. In a similar way human kind has both observed the physical laws of nature, as well as the moral laws of our species that allow us to get along in society. Unlike a wolf pack, we as humans can track, and articulate how these laws have been developed and passed on.

    Aristotle in the Republic, said the ideal community is, "...a city which would be established in accordance with nature.

    The Stoics like Cicero and Marcus Aurelius believed that  "Virtue consists in a will that is in agreement with Nature." (Bertrand Russell in his A History of Western Philosophies p.254)   

    I find that it has been the opinion of the wisest men that Law is not a product of human thought, nor is it any enactment of peoples, but something eternal which rules the whole universe by its wisdom in command and prohibition. Thus they have been accustomed to say that Law is the primal and ultimate mind of God . . .. [M.T. Cicero, DeLegibus bk. 2, ch. 4.]

    The Bible is replete with examples of Natural Law, and is in fact a never ending source of examples as to how the stories of Biblical characters are all framed in both natural law and also God's revealed law and commandments. God Himself often times casting judgment on those that ignore natural law, thus revealing God Himself as enforcer of the natural order and arbitrator of justice. In Job, the oldest books of the Bible, God poetically describes Himself in the measure of nature.

    "God understandeth the way thereof, and he knoweth the place thereof. For he looketh to the ends of the earth, and seeth under the whole heaven; To make the weight for the winds; and he weigheth the waters by measure. When he made a decree for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunder: Then did he see it, and declare it; he prepared it, yea, and searched it out. And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding." Job 28: 23-28


    The Bible is often cited as a source of Natural Law because the main character of the Bible, God, states emphatically that it is He that established both the natural and the moral laws governing mankind as the Creator of all things. This makes it unique among all historic entries that are cited as examples bearing the hallmarks of articulated Natural Law because we supposedly hear from the author of these created laws Himself. In turn we are able to analyze the interactions and stories to see if God's revealed commands indeed jive with what we see in nature. In all cases it does, outside the analysis of the jaded viewpoints of militant atheists of course who love to take things out of context in attempt to back their own bias and position.

    Paul in the New Testament stated, that by nature we interact in society the way we do because our very creative make-up demands us to act in cooperation with the social order. Our conscience bears witness to these societal interactions, and we condemn and praise our fellowman based on what we know instinctively as right or wrong. Parenthesis are my addition in the text below,

    "For when the Gentiles(Non-Jews), which have not the law(God's Law), do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves: Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another." Romans 2:14-15

    In my opinion, in this verse it's Paul that gives us the best description of what Natural Law is. In its simplest form it is a "law written in their hearts." Natural Law is a tangible feeling or internally knowing as to what right and wrong is. Living in accordance to this internal knowing is what makes society work.

    That Heart Law screams don't harm, protect yourself, and repair things that you break.

    If anyone at anytime in human history lived by those simple rules you would limit retaliation and often trouble, thus making a peaceful and long life possible. This is ultimately what the vast majority of people want, we all just want peace to purse the pleasures of life. This is why humankind has banded together quite successfully, we see the benefit of one's participation, and we can live in a mutually acceptable manner that promotes peace.


    The Great Work

    As you can see it has taken millennia for humankind to reason through, and begin to describe what exactly is Natural Law. This is why the body of human knowledge describing these concepts of Natural Law are called the Great Work. It is a work that has bestowed upon mankind our greatest asset, freedom. Not just freedom in concept, but secured freedom under the force of a governing body. A body that aligns with a citizen representation, an agreed upon code of law, and a system of judicial enforcement. Humankind will always prefer consent to be governed over a dictator that rules by human decree, and is given to the passions of human vice.

    It is this ability to govern justly and dispense justice that raises humanity out of the animal kingdom by degrees. Seeing human kind is infinitely more sophisticated than just eat, survive and reproduce, so is our system of laws and governing. This is by nature, it only bodes that as intelligence grows so does the complexity of systems of government. Government is part of natural law, and thus can't be erased from human kind nor could it be erased from ant kind, or bee kind. The compulsion towards governing bodies and lawful organization is part of how we are made. In fact we enter into this world as a child recognizing the governorship of our parents. The first lesson you learn in life is respect for your governing bodies, that is your first demonstration in natural law. Your parents could careless about their 14 year olds anti-government sentiments or philosophies. They just send them to their room and the child must oblige seeing it is not ready to exercise care for him or herself at 14.

    History has shown that we humans are compelled to organize. The only difference is through the study of Natural Law and recognizing our moral conscience we better know what is a bearable arrangement of government, and what is not. When the governing body secures peace and prosperity for its citizens things are good. When a governing body abuses their authority and harms the people, things get chaotic. As the system dissolves, so does order and law.  Like a pack of wolves that can't live under the violent pack leader, they either disband or rebel against the offending Alpha Wolf, in hopes of working towards the restoration of order.

    This knowledge of what is a tolerable allowance of tyranny took a long time to develop. It wasn't until Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence did that knowledge finally after hundreds of years coalesce into action. The people through their representation within the colonies, recognized the unjustness of King George's system, and as result disbanded their allegiance. King George in true rabid, Alpha-Wolf fashion declared war and sought to force the colonies back into subjugation. That is the definition of tyrant, we have a natural right to breakaway from relationships that harm us. Note that this breaking away was based on the representation and mutual will of the people, that is what makes it legitimate and a successful seeing it takes many people in cohesion of force to wrest power away from a tyrant.

    These analogies translate perfectly between the animal kingdom and humankind because natural law is a universal maxim governing all. Harm is unacceptable thus self-preservation is the eradication of the source of harm. In fact the eradication of the offender is not only a natural act, it is a moral act based on the preference towards peace by the majority.

    This is why the principles and observations of Natural Law are so vitally important to humanity, it gives us an ability to acknowledge order and the moral foundation for rebelling against systems that pervert that order.


    Liberal Philosophy Intentionally Works to Obscure Natural Law

    Secular humanists have laid claim to the study of the natural sciences and laws by layering its study in generalizations and pseudo-facts they think dispel the "myth" of God. By saying the jury is still out, provide more evidence, and that God can't be tested, thus can't be real, they reveal the true motives of their position. Denial.

    Organization in the universe infers intelligence, and intelligence infers a grand consciousness, that is the logical progression and reality of what we see in nature. Science, and its anti-God premises is devoid of that logical progression. As a result science and liberal, anti-God philosophy lives in rebellion to God.

    Liberal philosophy is replete with natural law violations. In fact it can be said that Liberal philosophy purposely clouds understanding of Natural Law and perverts it at every turn. Everything about the New World Order and those steering it hate God's order because they feel they should be able to mold, shape, and manipulate our species however they like. Rebellion against Natural Law is rebellion against God, it is little wonder every concept within liberal philosophy seeks to pervert that order. This is why these philosophies are so challenged and create so much chaos in society, it deviates from the obvious laws and truths found in nature.

    Among those are;

    Abortion: It is a natural law that mothers desire to protect and care for their young. Yet under liberal philosophy, it is celebrated and empowering to kill their offspring for purely selfish reasons. This is a total perversion of our natural instinct.

    Homosexuality: The success of the species is dependent on male and female reproduction. This is a universal norm in higher species. It is self-evident. Without question the promotion of homosexuality is rebellion against nature and is the equivalent of species death.

    Stealing Ones Labor: Liberals through the force of government taxation take from one group that works and gives it to groups that do nothing. This is a total violation of natural law seeing we are entitled to only what we work for, nothing more.

    Promoting Mob Justice: Liberal philosophy encourages groups like Black Lives Matter to loot and riot as a means of creating social conflict solely for collectivizing groups of people into political instruments. Ignorance of natural law creates the conditions for mob rule.

    Scientific Ethics: Genetic manipulation, cloning, bio-weapons, etc show a total disdain for the natural order. This is why there is such an anti-God zeal among the scientific community, by denying God they feel no moral constraint to act outside of the natural order and even manipulate that order like gods themselves, without thought towards the consequences.

    The Banning of Nature: Whether it is a plant like Marijuana or a steel tube fashioned in the shape of a gun, liberals are always seeking to ban inanimate things. By what authority can they ban anything that is a product of nature? Truly the height of arrogance, banning nature of any sort is a high crime against the natural order.

    Transgenderism/Transhumanism: The physical manipulation of one's body for technological augmentation or to transform from one sex to another is an abomination. We came into this world as we are, our sex and form was predetermined, to go against nature is again, to go against God.

    Feminist Philosophy: Feminism looks to usurp and destroy men's natural roles as providers and protectors, while disrupting the nature of females as nurturers and caretakers of the home. This too is a direct violation of the obvious roles and physical features inherent in the two sexes.



    The list could go on and on. We live in an age that not only hates God, it is looking to change, and pervert everything about God's natural order. Liberals and Conservatives alike have core ideologies that allow for the perversion of the natural order. It has been demonstrated that society must enact laws that are built upon Natural Law principles. Laws that reflect what everyone sees in nature is what is considered Good Law, seeing it reinforces what most already know instinctively. Bad Law deviates from Natural Law and does not resonate with our inner soul, in fact it throws us into confusion seeing the Law of the Heart is at odds, and is in confusion with what we see in nature. Tyrannies and societies that pervert Natural Law fail, and fail quickly. Divorcing our Laws from the Laws of Nature is what causes chaos in society. Read these quotes of some famous philosophers and legal experts as to the importance of establishing laws with Natural Law in mind.

    "God is related to the universe as creator and preserver; the laws by which he has created all things, are those by which he preserves them. He acts according to these rules because he knows them; he knows them because he has made them; and he made them because they are relative to his wisdom and power. . . . It would be absurd to say, that the creator might govern the world without those rules, since without them it could not subsist." [Montesquieu, 1 Spirit of Laws, ch. 1 (1751).]

    "Man, considered as a creature, must necessarily be subject to the laws of his creator, for he is entirely a dependent being. . . . And consequently as man depends absolutely upon his maker for every thing, it is necessary that he should in all points conform to his maker’s will. This will of his maker is called the law of nature. These are the eternal, immutable laws of good and evil, to which the creator himself in all his dispensations conforms; and which he has enabled human reason to discover, so far as they are necessary for the conduct of human actions." [W. Blackstone, 1 COMMENTARIES ON THE LAWS OF ENGLAND *39-40.]

    "The law of nature, by the obligations of which individuals and states are bound, is identical with the will of God, and that will is ascertained . . . either by consulting Divine revelation, where that is declaratory, or by the application of human reason, where revelation is silent." [James Kent, COMMENTARIES ON AMERICAN LAW 2-4 (1827).]


    Ultimately Natural Law, or the Law of our Heart is put there by God, as means to test our allegiance to observable Truth. Whether individual or within society. Those of us that study these things have to come to conclusions as to the implications of what it means to accept the concept of order and law within creation. It means we can no longer work from a place of denial, we must deal with the reality of this order and law and then we must go even further and begin to ask even more questions. If God has written laws in nature and demands that they are respected, then what kind of prescriptions has he also established or communicated, and what kind of work has He done to reveal Himself to us further.  

    Just because some people say Natural Law doesn't exist, doesn't make it so. Paul the Apostle said Nature reflects God, and to deny God is tantamount to denying obvious aspects of creation. So when these law breakers stand before God as dispenser of Natural and Moral Law, they will stand their without excuse seeing that all of nature worships God as His handiwork. The Bible is a gold mine of Natural Law Principles, yet those who teach the Bible today, mainly Pastors have totally forgotten these principles and fail to seed them into humanity as foundational to Biblical instruction like the preachers of our founding era did.

    For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Romans 1:20


    So in summation, it has taken humanity well over 2000 years to even begin to recognize what Natural Law reveals as Natural Rights within our human sphere. Once articulated it was only a matter of time that humanity began to throw off its oppressive governing tyrants in exchange for beneficial arrangements like what our Founders in America did back in 1776. Nobody has the right to harm, and nobody has the right to force others to recognize, or codify perversions of Natural Law. The only reason the elite look to eradicate Natural Law is because they themselves want to play God, by manipulating the species, and creating wars, and chaos that allow for the re-invention of humankind and thinking. This is a way of thinking that has no frame of reference for Nature, God, and His Truths preferring their own. This is a dangerous place to be, and is what Jesus said this is like foolishly building your house on sand as opposed to a rock foundation. Jesus being the Word of God, and author of all creation knew to divorce yourself of these principles is to divorce yourself from God, and thus rule in tyranny and vain imagination devoid of Truth. It is what the old philosophers called Ruling by Decree or the Divine Right of Kings. We either trust some tyrant to know what is best for society, or we trust foundational principles found throughout Nature. Please like our Facebook page and Sign up for the Newsletter.

    This is why it can be said that Natural Law is the greatest achievement of Mankind. By recognizing God's hand in establishing Law, we can build societies on foundational principles that are obvious in nature, and not on the dubious motivations and shortsightedness of some prideful human being. Thus giving rise to a level of freedom only available to us, when we live in the Good graces of our creator. A creator that does not take kindly to deviations from His created order. Rebellion will not be tolerated, let the reader beware. It is our job to police the police. If rulers are raised up that refuse to recognize the Natural Order, and Right and Wrong they will harm the whole of the population. It is a Natural Right to rid ourselves of such predators thus securing for ourselves peace.

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