The Kushner Brides and Messianic Kabbalah


    By Jason Charles on 3/21/2019 (5 years 88 days ago) New Age & Occult

    This week, news outlets reporting on a brand-new book by Vicky Ward, honed in on the fact that Josh Kushner, brother of Jared Kushner and successful venture capitalist was apparently shunned by his parents. This apparent falling out occurred over the course of 6 years because his girlfriend, Victoria Secret model Karlie Kloss was in their words a ‘shiksa,’ a term that literally translates from Hebrew as being “detested thing.”

    “Josh Kushner's parents refused to meet his wife Karlie Kloss for six years and 'spoke horribly' about her behind her back, an expose of the family claims.

    Charles and Seryl Kushner, whose other son is Jared, the son-in-law of Donald Trump, banned Kloss from family gatherings because they hated her so much.

    The Kushners hated how Kloss was not Jewish and the family, who were billionaires thanks to their real estate empire, thought that a Victoria's Secret model was beneath them.

    Family friends mocked Kloss as 'the lingerie model' and they feared that Josh had 'doomed' the entire bloodline.

    Jared, whose wife Ivanka Trump is a Jewish convert, also piled in and dismissed Kloss as a 'shiksa', a disparaging and offensive term for a non-Jewish woman.

    He also said that the 'family is going to take care of that', according to the new book Kushner, Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump by Vicky Ward.

    The claims in the book by the journalist author shed new light on Josh and Kloss' relationship, which began in 2012 and had a six year courtship.” (Daily Mail

    Josh, “doomed” the entire bloodline? Outside of money and power how would their bloodline be affected and what does this mean? The answer lies in the type of Judaism the Kushner’s practice.


    Messianic Ambitions?

    If anyone else said such terrible things about someone of another race they would be ravaged as being racists in the press, but if you are a rich and powerful Jewish family you get a pass, right?

    The thing with the Kushner’s is they are not requiring their daughter-in-laws to simply convert to a secular form of Judaism, no, they want them to be adherents to Hasidic Chabadism, a form of Judaism that practices Jewish mysticism called Kabbalah.

    The Kushner’s are heavily invested in Chabad, both financially and spiritually. Forward Magazine writing on their financing of this movement, and the financing of convicted felon Rabbi Pinto said this,

    “Jared Kushner’s famIly Charities have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to a mystical Moroccan rabbi who some followers claim has miraculous powers.

    The rabbi, David Chananya Pinto, is little known in the United States but has a coterie of wealthy backers. Two separate Kushner family foundations on whose boards Jared Kushner serves have given over $210,000 in grants to Pinto’s New York City study center.

    It’s hard to square Donald Trump’s clean-cut, Modern Orthodox son-in-law with the white-bearded mystic who tells a story about a night in 1968 when his father got a ride from a second-century sage driving an Israeli-made station wagon.

    Yet Kushner has shown an interest in Judaism’s mystical corners.

    Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, plan to attend a Washington synagogue affiliated with the Chabad Hasidic group, a movement rooted in Jewish mysticism. And days before the presidential election, the couple visited the grave of the Rebbe — group’s former leader — where believers say prayers may be answered with miracles.”(Forward Magazine)

    Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Trump and wife of Jared Kushner was also told to convert if she intended to marry into the Kushner family which she, like Karlie Kloss did without hesitation. In fact, Ivanka has been seen sporting the red thread of Kabbalah on her wrist, something that has become quite popular in recent years among celebrities.

    “Ivanka Trump has been spotted several times since the early summer sporting a thin red thread tied around her wrist. Set against the backdrop of her meticulously styled “looks,” complete with Ivanka Trump-brand jewelry, dresses and shoes, the red threat might seem out of place — even off-brand. But the bracelet has special significance to some religious Jews — and is a noted symbol of Kabbalah.” (Forward.com)


    The red string, with 7 knots is an ancient magical talisman worn by practitioners of Kabbalah as a means to ward off evil and bad fortune.

    Celebrities like Madonna, LeBron James, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, Roseanne Barr, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, etc, all sport the red thread as a sign of their allegiance to Kabbalah. They often seek out teachers such as Rabbi Pinto, or the now deceased American Rabbi, Philip Berg, founder of the Kabbalah Center as means to gain more insight into this magical tradition.

    The Kabbalah Center is a worldwide organization that is most responsible for teaching Kabbalah to American celebrities. Jerusalem Online reporting on the trend quoted some celebrities in regards to their fascination with Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism,

    “After Madonna became interested in Jewish mysticism to the point that she even opened up more than one Kabbalah center and invested heavily in studying the ancient Jewish tradition, numerous Hollywood stars including Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, the late Elizabeth Taylor, the late Marilyn Monroe, the late Sammy Davis, and Sandra Bernhard similarly expressed an interest in the Jewish Kabbalah.   The question is, why would famous Hollywood celebrities who were not born Jewish become so fascinated in Jewish mysticism to the level that they practice it routinely and in some cases, even convert to Judaism because of it?

    Sandra Bernhard told the Los Angeles Times that Kabbalah eliminated “at least 80 percent of the chaos in my life.”  Paris Hilton concurred, telling Great Britain’s More Magazine: “When I split with Nick Carter, I coped by going straight to the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, told everyone about the break-up and got a new red string Kabbalah bracelet.  I go there regularly.  It helps me deal with my life.” Many celebrity students of Kabbalah feel similarly.  According to the Kabbalah Center website, Kabbalah is “ancient wisdom that provides practical tools for creating joy and lasting fulfillment.  It is an incredible system that will completely change the way that you look at the world.” Chabad stresses that it is the “soul of the Torah” which teaches “the deepest insight into the essence of G-d, his interaction in the world and the purpose of creation. It offers a comprehensive overall structure and plan for the universe, as well as a detailed understanding of the particulars of our lives.” (Jerusalem Online)


    Summoning the Anti-Christ

    What people don’t know is the connection Kabbalah has to the arrival of the Jewish messiah. The founder of the Kabbalah Center Rabbi Philip Berg writing before his death in 2013, said this in relation to the Kabbalah and the coming messiah

    “The Satan, in his attempt to create resistance to Kabbalah and all that it has to offer, finds confusion his most important and significant tool. More specifically, the single concept through which the Satan has been most suc­cessful in fostering confusion is the popular concept of Messiah. In the Satan's desire to maintain a world filled with pain and suffering, he has surrounded this concept with corrup­tion, misinterpretation, and ideas fundamentally in conflict with the true meaning of Messiah.

    The Kabbalah Centre endeavors to provide the methodology, discipline, and teachings that can connect an individual with his or her Messiah‑consciousness. Once we have achieved unity with this consciousness, we ourselves become filled with the Light of Messiah. Chaos is removed and eliminated from our lives.

    We, of this generation are so fortunate to par­ticipate in this Age of Aquarius. Unlike previ­ous generations, awareness of Messiah's true meaning is available to us. Now that we can see ourselves as integral parts of this cosmic event, the task of achieving a Messiah‑con­sciousness is a great deal easier to achieve. Indeed, the cosmos itself now supports and assists us in this effort to reach out to our own Messiah‑consciousness.

    As a direct result of the new age that we are now entering, the old pessimism concerning mankind's ability to bring about the end of chaos – and the related idea that this task should be left to God alone – is losing much of its force. We are truly removing the chains that have kept us imprisoned for so many mil­lennia. In just the past 100 years, man has expanded his limited thinking capacity to an endless, unbounded process that would never before have been thought possible. Why now? What took so long? And why in such a short period of time? The answer lies, quite simply, in recognizing the presence of the Age of Aquarius in the years of the 20th century.

    What has taken place in this incredible 20th cen­tury– an event more significant than any other in history – is the unveiling of the wisdom of Kabbalah beyond a select few to all the people of the world. This 4000‑year‑old discipline and teaching, locked for centuries in ancient vaults, has finally been restored to its rightfulowners.” (Kabbalah Center)

    Despite this sounding like your typical New Age, cosmic-enlightenment mumbo jumbo, what Rabbi Berg was teaching can be simply put; that while the Kabbalah was once taught only to a select few, it is now open to everyone. This mass illumination is a sign of the future coming Messiah. And anyone i.e. Christians, who look to subvert this movement are “the Satan.” Hence the war and persecution of  the saints the world over.

    These Kabbalah schools that are supported by Hollywood and the Kushner’s, are in all actuality preparing for the coming Jewish messiah. They believe this revealing to be evidence that we are living in the time of the Jewish messiah. Truly, a classic messianic cult steeped in mystery-religion teachings, preparing for a coming new age. Kabbalah has a long history of being a messanic cult, there is hundreds of would be messiahs that have come and gone through the ages.

    In fact, the revered Kabbalah holy book, the Zohar is said to predict a time when everyone is exposed to the illumination of Kabbalah, and that this era will be preceded by miracles of all kinds. As an example read this recent article talking about how Hasidic Jews believe the spastic movements of an autistic child are somehow predicting the coming Messiah,

    “Two young autistic men in Jerusalem have garnered much attention for several years. The most recent communication, given over by ‘Daniel’ (not his real name), was published on the website Ki La’Hashem Melucha, a Hebrew language website dealing with Jewish mysticism and the end-of-days. Daniel’s message warns that the final stages preceding Messiah are imminent and they will be difficult. He also describes how to prepare for them.

    Daniel transmits his messages via facilitated communication (FC), a technique that has been in use since at least 1985 as a way of communicating with those who cannot speak normally.

    According to some rabbinic opinions, there is a basis for facilitated communication with autistic children as a form of prophetic communication in Jewish sources. The Talmud teaches (Baba Batra 12:b) that “Since the Temple was destroyed, prophecy was taken from the prophets and given to shotim and children.”

    The Hebrew word shotim is usually translated as ‘fools’ but in rabbinic literature, it refers to a person with a distinctive lack of social functioning. This does not refer to their level of intelligence and is clearly not a derogatory expression. In the framework of Jewish law, shotim is understood to be a classification that includes autistic people.

    This special prophetic ability of shotim was also stated in the Zohar, the basis for Jewish mysticism. ” (Breaking Israeli News)

    No disrespect to handicap people in general, but all this celebrity-infused, messianic Kabbalah worship can be summed up as literally, retarded Jewish fables. You can't make it up.



    Unfortunately, these fables have very powerful, very connected people attached to them. People like Josh Kushner and his brother Jared Kushner, who with his wife Ivanka Trump are connected to President Trump. President Trump being connected to the marauding Necons and Christian Zionists in the Pentagon, makes this nothing short of apocalyptic. Trump is as close to this Chabad cult as any president has ever been.

    They truly want the world to be indoctrinated into the new age of Kaballah and illumination. It is no surprise that even Goldie Hawn is launching crusades into the school with Kaballah inspired curriculums, as featured in her MindUP program.

    “Hawn told The AJN her Judaism was a significant factor in motivating her to launch MindUP 14 years ago.

    “I was raised a Jew – and I really take great pride in that,” she said, adding that she has studied kabbalah, and has also immersed herself in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam. She drew a link between faith, “a time when we commune”, and the ability to be happy “that may inform the brain”.

    MindUP is being taught in classrooms in the US, Canada, the UK, Serbia, Finland, Jordan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.” (Australian Jewish News)

    Sickening to think the Kushners and Trump could take the world into war based on the mystical ambitions of the Chabad mafia, teaching their mystery cult in public schools across the world. And the Christian Zionists like Pence in Trump’s Whitehouse applaud and cheer; eager to do their part to help bring about the End of Days.

    Unlike the Kushner girls who choose a mafia-like mystery cult over Jesus Christ, I beg everyone reading this to search their souls, this cult is very real. All of this could be written off as conspiracy if it wasn’t so overtly practiced and flaunted by the elite and celebrities of the world. Everytime you see celebrities throwing handsigns of a pyramid and wrapping their performances in occult symbology you are seeing the power this cult has over the world.

    Don’t be a Kushner bride who rejects Jesus, preferring money, power and Jewish fables over Christ Jesus. The coming antichrist, like the Chabad Mafia will be defiled beyond comprehension. The god of the rich and famous will be like a reprobate celebrity playing the world like a stage.

    Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth. Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate. Titus 1:14-16

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