The One Spiritual Question that Creates the Left-Right Divide


    By Jason Charles on 9/12/2018 (3 years 254 days ago)

    All philosophy and spirituality is a derivative of one prime question. That question is, “Does God Exist?”

    While the spiritually minded individual would most assuredly say “Yes!” and the atheist emphatically saying “No!” the reality is however you answer this question will ultimately shape your morality and decision making throughout your entire life.


    Answering the Question

    Here is my personal synopsis on how the God Question ends up being the persuading factor on how people homogenize into one of these two political factions.

    The lefties say no, God probably doesn’t exist and won’t help us; we can only rely on the collective good of mankind and its institution. Humanities great institutions help police societal norms, behavior and harnesses humanities ingenuity as a means of refining our species towards a techno-utopian future that one day will colonize the stars. It is this vision and faith in humanity that stirs passion and purpose, not the idea of a God. This idea of God is actually a regressive one that impedes humanities progress and needs to be opposed.

    The right leaning persons believes that creation itself makes a Creator God self-evident, and thus the emphasis is on defining those laws in nature and via holy writ as a means to find harmony and purpose in creation. It is this common belief in an organized and lawful Creator that produces a natural ability for humanity to organize and institute laws in like fashion. That law itself is objective, and individuals as well as the collective are accountable to the Creator. Thus anyone that denies and accepts these tenets as fact, create unstable moral conditions that desecrate the institutions that uphold and police these bedrock values and ethics, leading to their eventually failures.

    Both the right and the left project political visions that capture the imaginations of people based on how they answer the God Question. They then strengthen and police the collective through fear. The left fears the rights fundamentalism, while the right fears the suspect and shifting morality of the left. The fear of one another becomes useful in the hands of those who know how to harness that negative energy towards control. Stir the fears of your base, and then calm those fears with the promises and vision of the party platform. The success of the Republicans and Democrats in America is not based on political propositions, but on how well they manage the fear and vision of their base according to the dictates of their fundamental worldviews. The most active people in these two political parties are almost always acting out of fear of the others belief system and political motives, or out of passion for the vision projected by the party leadership.

    This is how these two parties are monetizing and controlling the passions of the masses, and sadly they don’t even know it is being done to them. The parties never speak to the actual spiritual question at the heart of the divide, everything is peripheral in nature; it is only assumed that the republican or democrat party represents the values of their constituent worldviews.

    No matter what nuanced path you take on your quest for spiritual answers, the powers that be want to cram you into these two camps so they can infinitely manipulate the passions of the masses along these two competing worldviews.

    Think about it, the left can’t prove God doesn't exisit, while the right can’t compel God to show Himself to the world, yet we are all being completely manipulated all the same. That is the power of the God Question. The elite know it, but the masses fail to see it. As such people continue to fall head long into the widening political divide.


    What About Independents?

    So, what happens when people fall outside of this basic divide in philosophy, what about all the people who don’t care about spiritual questions nor care about politics in general? What about the independents right? In the latest Gallop poll it is said there are over 42% of people in the US that now identify as an independent. Why is it these parties are becoming less and less effective at drawing the nets around their base, why are so many people becoming completely apathetic to spiritual and political concepts all together?

    Could it be the raise of the Apatheists?

    I read an interesting article on the collapse of the New Atheist movement, and the rise of what is being termed as the Apatheists,

    “If you want to find the real wolf steering sheep away from the flock, look not to fedora-bedecked atheists, but to your average apatheist.  

    While new atheism has undoubtedly been disastrous for Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other religious communities, leading countless men and women into nonbelief, the question of God's existence was at least considered relevant for the new atheists. Today, however, the greatest threat to Christianity is found not in the arguments of the atheist but in the assumptions of the apathetic. The danger is not a hostile reception of belief in God but an incurious indifference to the idea. 

    Although humanity’s concept of God or the gods has changed and progressed throughout history, as recounted in Robert Wright’s book The Evolution of God, human beings have always cared whether or not there is a divine power ruling over them and wanted to know the attributes and nature of that divinity. Today, increasingly, that is not the case.” (Mercatorn.net)


    The article points out that more people are becoming indifferent to the political and spiritual debates of our time. The questions that humanity have obsessed over for eons are largely going ignored and avoided. People are becoming tired of the bitterness, resentment, fear, empty promises of the political spectrum and checking out all-together. Say what you will about your political opponent but at least they have attempted to answer the fundamental God Question and taken actions according to their beliefs. But what do you do with a almost half the population that could care less about such pursuits and the consequences of being less than vigilant in the public arena?

    42% could be the real sign of the times, a total indifference to the questions that are fundamental to the human condition.



    What I am saying should make sense to anyone that follows spiritual and philosophical ideas that permeate our culture. These ideas are being vacuumed up by the political party leaders and repackaged as hate and animosity for the opposing party.

    It amazes me that one of the most important and ultimately personal questions that anyone can attempt to answer in this world is turned into a weapon by the elite. And the people allow it only because they are completely ignorant of the spiritual Question that drives this divide.

    We must be diligent in answering these questions and reframing the debate along the central issue driving this divide. It is a noble pursuit to answer thiese questions. If the people of America want to retain their nobility and not decend into infighting and division then we must reignite our passions for the noble pursuit of wisdom and understanding as a means to heal that divide.

    "Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding;  If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God " - Proverbs 2:3-5


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