The Real Reason Obama Characterizes Himself as Lincoln, a Desire for Civil War


    By Jason Charles on 7/10/2015 (6 years 24 days ago) Politics & Government

    The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going. Proverbs 14:15

    We all remember in the lead up to Obama's inauguration the comments he made during his campaign about rereading Lincoln's writings and the allusions he made about himself as to how he intended to rule the nation as Lincoln ruled. In fact, in what can no longer be considered a coincidence he announced his candidacy at Lincoln's former home in Springfield, Illinois of all places. US News

    Back when he announced his candidacy in Lincoln's former home of Springfield, Ill., in February 2007, Obama repeatedly invoked Lincoln's legacy: "Abraham Lincoln...had his doubts. He had his defeats. He had his setbacks. But through his will and his words, he moved a nation and helped free a people. It is because of the millions who rallied to his cause that we are no longer divided, North and South, slave and free."

    At that time in 2008 books were being published, movies were coming out, and the media was a buzz about how grand Abraham Lincoln was. Even the Smithsonian's National Museum was commemorating Lincoln's 200th birthday at the time.

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    The truth about Lincoln is he embroiled our country in a bloody civil war and invaded the southern states, states that wished to secede due to the heavy taxation and tariffs levied unfairly on them as noted recently by Chuck Baldwin in a brilliant commentary on the confederate flag.

    The problem was Lincoln wanted the southern states to pay the Union a 40% tariff on their exports. The South considered this outrageous and refused to pay. By the time hostilities broke out in 1861, the South was paying up to, and perhaps exceeding, 70% of the nation’s taxes. Before the war, the South was very prosperous and productive. And Washington, D.C., kept raising the taxes and tariffs on them. You know, the way Washington, D.C., keeps raising the taxes on prosperous American citizens today.

    As a result, the Confederacy was born, and it had NOTHING to do with slavery.

    Since Obama took office the country has seen the office of the presidency used as a platform to foment racial, religious, gender and sexual orientation tensions between conservatives and liberals like never seen in the history of this nation. I have little doubt that through the manipulations of people like Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett and others Obama has established a team that can literally use the authority of the presidency and media to seize upon random or staged headlines to frame the debate around issues and agendas they set. Politico back in 2013 did an entire piece entitled Obama the Puppet Master that laid out how the Obama team manipulates the media.

    What most people don't know is there is a slew of Executive Orders that have been put in place that allow for the total control of all of our nations media, military, transportation and industries. Read through these linked executive orders, and take special note on EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 which allows the government to handle and control the communication media of all of the major networks. The media isn't just a liberal lap dog, they are compelled by government force to report the news the way the Obama admin dictates it, in the same way it was for the Bush admin. Crisis gives the power to control in ways the common folk can't even imagine.

    Nothing demonstrates how this neo-Lincoln, Barack Obama has used the media to stir the pot towards violence in this country like the Gay Marriage debate and also the fiasco over the Confederate Flag. Why would he be doing this, what is the purpose of stirring up so much hatred in the country over such divisive issues? Because plainly the agenda is to get liberals and conservatives stark raving mad and violently aggressive towards one another.

    Everything about these seemingly random events are really top down, coordinated PR extravaganzas. For example Gay marriage. In years prior we saw the audacious actions of gay couples against Christian businesses and pastors all leading up to the the SCOTUS vote and then a massive PR campaign involving corporations changing their logos, FB rolling out applications to overlay rainbows on peoples profile pictures, and even in the most un-presidential move of all time Valerie Jarrett lighting up the Whitehouse in the colors of the Gay Pride flag.

    Obama brings Gay fascism to America


    Then we have the black church shooter Dylan Roof, another shooter where nothing adds up, and of course he is both on, and carrying the SRRI drug Suboxon that is known to cause violent outbursts just like every shooter EVER in the history of lone gunman shooters. Like clockwork the media finds his racist manifesto detailing his hate for African Americans that get's blown way out of proportion and seized upon by the media. This then cascades into massive media coverage and calls to purge and ban everything related to southern culture and the confederate flag.

    Confederate Flag Conspiracy


    The pattern of abuses by the Obama administration is treason plain and simple, there is nothing civil about these supposed civil rights battles going on in this country.

    Lincoln wished to subject the southern nations through the use of the military in attempt to stop secession. Now Obama has an even more insidious objective for America. He wishes to subjugate the American people to a North American Union and to the New World Order. The biggest opposition to this plan is gun owners. Who are gun owners in this country? Christian conservatives for the most part. You think that this is really about banning a flag? Try again, it is really about banning guns. Just look at today's headlines and how they are saying a failure in the FBI database allowed Dylan Roof to get a gun. How convenient. Ban the Rebel flag of secession and ban guns so no one can secede in the future. Erasing Liberty and the Constitution is the name of the game and we are witnessing it unfold before our very eyes.

    Time to wake up America we are being duped into electing operatives of the New World Order that are using your tax payer money to stage crisis and tensions that will tear this country asunder. All of this is to better assimilate the US into a new global government as predicted by the Bible thousands of years ago.

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