The Six Types of Demons and Their Methods of Possession


    By Jason Charles on 12/13/2017 (4 years 162 days ago) Theology & Religion

    If you don’t believe in the supernatural, spiritual realms, and the entities that occupy them, then I don’t know what to tell you other than much of your life will not make sense. The truth is some people are hyper-preceptive to the spiritual forces all around us while most are super-oblivious to these things.

    In 2005 a Gallup poll indicated, “1 in 2 people believe in the paranormal” ( While later a Gallup poll done in summer of 2016 stated a whopping “89% of people believe in God in America” ( That is still the vast majority of Americans still believe in a creator despite the massively funded, government indoctrination against God in the public-school systems for over 5 decades now.


    Fear of the Unknown Limits Perception

    The fact is, despite a willful attempt to scientifically prove, and present evidence that demonstrates a purely naturalist point of view, peoples antidotal evidence and personal experience suggests they believe otherwise.

    FYI to all humanists, if you can’t explain how we perceive you will never explain what we perceive. The scientific worldview and its naturalistic perception has become the ultimate veil on human perception. Focusing only on the physical and the minutia of creation actually limits consciousness. While unique, and fascinating the real wonder and marvel of creation is us. The fact any of us perceive, much less billions of us being able to agree upon a universally shared perception is a miracle in its own right, none-the-less we do.

    The mystery of consciousness and the awesome intricacies of creation will forever place atheists in a minority. There is nothing they can do short of damage our brains to have the vast majority of people lose sight of the concept of God and the supernatural. Which ironically studies have suggested exactly that, atheists are brain-damaged in a particular spot. In fact the threat-center of the brain which would identify spiritual threats as well as physical ones when fully functional.

    “By shutting down the threat-processing centre of the brain, scientists weakened people's faith in God and made them less prejudiced…

    …A joint team of American and British scientists have discovered that powerful magnetic pulses to the brain can temporarily change people's feelings on a variety of subjects - from their belief in God, to their attitude to immigration.” (Independent)

    The people that are oblivious to spiritual things are self-blinded to a reality that is right in front of them, mainly by an acceptance of a worldview that both denies and derides the idea of alternative realities. This is understandable, if they ever dared to become open to the possibility of more than our physical, natural existence they lose control of everything. The possibility of stray invisible entities operating on our psyches in much the same way the magnet cited in the above study disrupts the brain is frightening. Much less the concept of a just God that demands retribution for all one’s sin.

    Let’s face it, compared to the scientists survival of the fittest narrative, the supernatural evokes another level of panic and fear. The worldview of the naturalist, or secular humanist is safe. It is safe to think nothing inside or outside of creation can act on their world. It is old and unchanging. The supernatural summons up images of everything from the angelic to the demonic and more. It is easy to disregard the supernatural as fantasy, it is hard to peak behind the veil and realize we have never been alone.


    The Straight Dope

    There are things we experience every single day of our lives that science will never be able to explain. What is consciousness, what is a thought, what is a dream, what is a feeling, what is driving unconscious functions like hormone regulation, our heartbeat and breathing, what is ruling the quantum, and what created a lawful universe, etc. These are all spiritually worthwhile questions to ask, and the way one answers limits or expands consciousness as much as a hallucinogenic drug might. The impact on consciousness a worldview can have is vastly under-appreciated.

    So, if the majority of us believe that we are not alone by virtue of the supernatural, then the question needs to be asked; how does this unseen dominion work, and why would any entity focus their very dissimilar attention on humankind?

    The answer is “they” these non-human, non-biological entities do not live outside our universe, and are thus subject to the laws of our universe, mainly the laws of Thermodynamics that states,

    “The first law, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system. The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of any isolated system always increases.”

    So, if these entities experience the entropy and decay the same way we do then they too need to harvest energy to sustain themselves. We eat food to produce energy to sustain and bolster ourselves, demon spirits must equally have to sustain their energy levels somehow, right? They do eat. Only they eat our energetic, emotional outbursts as food for them.

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    The Bible, our authority on all matters, and especially spiritual matters talks about demon entities as fallen angels. These fallen angels are spiritual spirits that are conscious, but wander about having no physical inhabitation, other than ones they can manifest into.


    Know Your Enemy

    All demons first manifest themselves as Thought Demons. We all experience what can be described as demons that can invade your mind, and plant suggestions at will. This is the first layer of attack.

    Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 1 Timothy 4:1


    Your mind is not your own. You can learn through disciplining the mind to become conscious of the stream of thoughts and visuals going through your head at any given moment. By meticulously analyzing each and every stray sentence and fragment that floats into your mind you begin to realize that there are whole strings of dialog that seem, revolting, evil, and foreign. All masquerading themselves as your own thought stream of consciousness. These thoughts often stop you in your tracks because of their hideous nature. Everybody experiences it. Thoughts that bash others, that are degrading to others, and downright violent and barbaric can pop up suddenly in unguarded minds. An atheist who believes these thoughts to be products of their core, unadulterated selves could be led to believe that they themselves are obsessing over the vilest of things floating through one’s own head. Let’s face it, an unguarded mind produces liars, thieves, godless atheists, transgenders, murderers, abortionists, cult-leaders, sodomites, rapists, etc. All people who first toyed with an idea or thought, then acted on their internal reasoning. They have no idea that their internal dialog is littered with planted ideas and suggestions from the spiritual realm.

    So, my first point of order when looking to combat these Thought Demons is to recognize that not everything in your head is your own, and when something ugly surfaces rebuke those thoughts as not you in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Philippians 2:9-11

    Rebuke every thought that is of a vile nature in the name of Christ and replace these thoughts and mental obsessions with worship songs, Bible verses, and righteous, loving thinking.

    Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8

    So many people that deal with destructive forces in their lives take their own internal dialog too seriously, I suggest you laugh most of it off, especially the vile things as not you. We are subject to forces that observe our behavior patterns and know us very well. So, they can easy masquerade as our own thinking. The better you get at identifying these thought demons as such the more at peace your mind will become as you bring it under submission towards righteousness.


    The Usual Suspects

    The reason they first come as demonic thoughts is because their goal is to ultimately get you to react. It is these reactions that produce high-volumes of energy that the demon can then feed on, grab a hold of, and even utilize to manifest themselves through your energetic outbursts into the physical realm. Now whether that is something like a poltergeist type phenomena or actual physical possession will almost always depend on the degree of energy at that demon’s disposal.

    So, demons act on people in different ways in order to illicit highly energetic responses they can seize upon like a hyena would its prey as a means to control you and turn you into an easy source of food. If they can manipulate you at regular intervals, they will stay with you forever knowing that you will be a constant source of energy for them. This is their secret, this is their power. My aim is to make people aware of this interaction that you might break the cycle of demonic control in your own life. Whole families have been demonically targeted for generations because these cycles never get broken.


    Here is a list of 6 of the most common demon types and methods in which they attach themselves to humankind


    Fear Demons

    Animal panic fear is a highly energetic reaction. If you recall the stories of the Aztec priests high atop the pyramids ripping out hundreds of hearts in human sacrifice to their gods. These men would be captured and panic as the moment of sacrifice was upon them. The priests or sorcerers learned how to strike deals with demon spirits. They would provide the energetic exchange through the victims sacrifice that would allow these spirits to manifest into the physical world. This exchange is what brought the sorcerers their power, because the entities would honor that exchange with gifts of knowledge and power. In our modern world we usually see these demons act as poltergeists in homes. They often find people who are very much afraid of the demonic and supernatural and manifest themselves when the subject begins to respond in wild animal panic. The more fear the more the manifestations will continue fueling the cycle.

    Protip: Learn to control your panic, and fearful reactions. Know that they can only manifest through your fear and energetic outbursts. Curtail your panic and they will be limited in their function. Couple this with Christian music, peace, love and the worship of Christ and these demons will find something else to haunt realizing you are no longer a source of food and control.


    Anger Demons

    These demons look to control through manipulating people with anger issues. Anger is a highly energetic outburst. When manipulated people turn to blind rage, these demons can seize that moment to fully possess someone. You will know someone is under the control of such spirits when they will literally get so angry they forget things they do or say while raging. They become violent, immensely strong, and even their eyes will indicate that possession has occurred.

    Often times these demons are busy working on other people, like friends, family members and even spouses to create situations that cause the targeted person to rage. They love the chaos because it fuels rage and anger in many people.

    Protip: Recognize that demons can manipulate an individual as well as whole families or circles of friends creating tension and anger. The more they can stir up divineness and strife among large groups the more they can feed and manifest themselves in people’s lives. The key is to bring your mind, and your rage under-control. Doing so limits their ability to illicit the anger response they look to bring about in a person. Also realize others are caught up in situations are under their guidance. Work towards neutralizing these responses with love, mercy, and the peace of Christ.


    Lust Demons

    There is a reason why the notorious occult leaders of the last century like Aliester Crowley dedicated much of their writing to sex magic. Sex like the others has an intrinsic energetic reaction associated with it. These demons manifest themselves through the energetic exchange of sexual gratification. Therefore, the targeted individual is often plagued with lustful imagery and thoughts inside their internal dialog. These images are there to get them to act out on such urges. Pornographers, sodomites, hedonistic fornication is all game as far as these demons are concerned, they love anything that get’s people to gratify themselves. The cycle into depravity like bestiality and pedophilia is the goal, the more and more wicked they become the more and more demons latch onto them knowing that the sexual energy is flowing off of these types of demonized people like water. People that struggle with these issues often report sexual possession in dreams with entities as well.

    Protip: Realize that God created the institution of marriage as a means of protection from such entities. Inside the confines of a marriage relationship both the man and woman are protected from such things. Understand that marriage is God’s authority and jurisdiction, sex outside of that jurisdiction is fair game for demonic forces. Marriage is protection and relief from the sexual urges we all have when cultivated in love and the knowledge of Christ Jesus.


    Drug Demons

    All drugs create micro shifts of consciousness to some degree while other drugs like hallucinogens may cause massive energetic shifts of consciousness. These shifts leave ourselves open to the influence of demons because the drug itself is a vehicle of demonic influence. You can’t just disregard the thinking while under the influence, especially in the case of hard drugs and alcohol. You literally just left the door open to demonic spirits for hours and in the case of LSD or Meth sometimes for days. Drug demons utilize the fog of consciousness and desire to escape as a means of permanent control in someone’s life.

    Protip: Realize that drugs remove the natural defenses from the supernatural sobriety offers. The first rule of warfare is never fight on your enemies home turf. The smart person will limit the amount, or totally disengage with the use of drugs knowing that the clouded fog of drug induced perception is the battle ground of the enemy. Christ can deliver us out of everything including habitual drug use. Lean on Him and remove all of the people and influences from your life that causes this self-destructive lifestyle. That really is the only way, you must embrace the sober state as a means of protection, and stop trying to escape from it constantly placing yourself in spiritual jeopardy.


    Depression Demons

    These demons create anxiety to such degrees that people become hopelessly lost and isolated in their own minds and feelings. Depression demons are extremely successful thought demons that will have people so caught up in their contrived fantasies that they are literally shadows of their former selves. They simply feed on the anxiety caused by the inner turmoil of a targeted individual in hopes of causing death. When someone dies think that is a highly energetic reaction once the soul releases from its physical body. This is why suicide is so common among those caught up in this demonic cycle. That is the goal. The anti-depression drugs that are given to these types often infuriate the problem leaving these poor tortured souls even more susceptible to the demonic influence.

    Protip: Understand that depression is an uncontrolled internal dialog in which people become so entangled in that they think they have to die to free themselves from the spiritual abuse. That is not the case they can flood their minds with scripture, prayer and worship songs causing these demons to flee.



    I classify arch-demons as demons that are so powerful through their network of oppressed individuals that they are almost fully capable of physical projection at will. These demons often surround themselves with highly compromised individuals in powerful positions the world over as a means to create massive events of energetic release. Think about how much fear and anger starting war produces. Or how much energy becomes available via networks of child sex trafficking for purposes of occult ritual and manifesting demons. These demons attach themselves to people who have willing aligned themselves with evil forces for purposes of their own power and desires. A demons cardinal rule is to never reveal themselves to lesser people, but in the case of certain wicked human agents they do readily reveal themselves with promises of power and knowledge that these people desire.

    Arch-demons are found among the rich and wealthy, often connected to exploited dynasty powers and have networks of demons at their disposal. They are evil to a degree that is unimaginable to our human minds. These serve as the gatekeepers of worldly power, all the institutions on earth serve as proving ground for humans. The more wicked a person is, the more they are allowed to engage in the higher echelons of demonic power and authority in all the earth. If someone proves themselves to be unworthy and not capable of the same degrees of wickedness then they are shut out of the power structures.

    Protip: Realize that these demons are operating on borrowed time. The only thing that can bring them into subjection is Christ himself at the last judgment. God has allowed a space and time for them to plunder and plague humanity, but at some point, that will all come to an end.


    Bonus Demon Type: Always be on the look out at church and among Christian circles for religious tyrants. These people are demonized by religious specialists and look to pervert right and true doctrine.


    While all of these demons can and do work in concert and can utilize all these different methods, there are specialists just like in any army working to disrupt the purposes of God and destroy human souls.



    The only person we read about casting devils out of people is Jesus Christ. While he gave us authority to cast out devils they can come back if one’s mind and heart are still open and susceptible to the tactics of demons. You must close the doors of attack as well as pray for deliverance if you feel you suffer from demonization at some degree. Please Sign-up for our Newsletter and Like us on Facebook, for updates.

    I highly recommend reading every account of Jesus interacting with demonic forces in scripture. You will find examples of every type of the above mentioned demon classes in his interactions if you look for them in scripture.

    Read them over, and identify the types of spirits they are, and also identify how Jesus talks to them and commands them. It will be very enlightening to the say the least, especially considering the information provided to you in this article. Remember to protect your mind, and know that God is at work equally as hard toward the cause of righteousness and His Kingdom. Like Satan He is looking for willing vessels make sure that you stand up and count yourself among the saints of God through trusting in Jesus. That is your greatest provision and protection against the demonic spirits that we share this world with.

    But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you. Luke 11:20


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