The Union is Fallen and Secession is Inevitable


    By Jason Charles on 8/30/2017 (6 years 291 days ago) Globalism/N.W.O

    The Great Unveiling

    This nation, among the civilian population has been divided politically for some time now, this isn't a surprise to anyone; but something has shifted drastically in the past decade that I believe to be a sign of an inevitable war between the states. I call it the Unveiling, a word that describes how U.S. mega corporations, educational institutions and the deep state political elite have unfurled their socialist political flags. They are now working to implement a voracious PC attack culture aimed at conservative, traditional, constitutionally aligned, average Americans.

    In Search of Good Ground

    As a result of this high-level coordinated  attack on conservative valued people, a new trend among conservatives is forming. NPR writes,

    "...a company called Conservative Move whose tag line is "Helping families move Right."

    Founder Paul Chabot, 42, started the company in May after making the move from San Bernadino, Calif., to McKinney, Texas, with his own family. Chabot, a Republican, had recently endured a second failed run for Congress.

    Following the defeat, he and his wife concluded that their home state is controlled by what he referred to as an ultra-far-left ideology. "And that left ideology in California are largely wealthy liberal coastal elites that I believe controlled most of California through politics and fundraising and policies, hands down," he said. But, he added, "when you get to the inland part of these states — the Inland Empire, the Central Valley — these are areas where you have working poor people that are living largely impoverished and forgotten."

    The company was launched in May and already, he claimed, 2,000 families have asked for his help. It's been an easy sell, he said laughing, because Republicans like Stokes — who are trapped in liberal states — are desperate to leave." (NPR)


    Tired of the totalitarian left, conservatives in waves are now moving to states that have somehow remained somewhat insulated from the communist left takeover of Federal and State level politics. States like Montana, Texas, Wyoming, and Idaho will be seeing an influx of people looking to escape the cross-hairs of liberal persecution. Persecution that takes shape as law suits for misgendering trans people, refusing services for a LGBT wedding, displaying religious artifacts on public spaces, etc. Not to mention the constant berating over identity politics and white privilege and obsessive push towards socialist programs that end up turning vibrant communities into inner city wastelands like Detroit.

    In short to live in a liberalized population has become insufferable for the average small government, God fearing American.


    The Looming Specter of Secession

    While the state and corporate rulers oppresses from the top, the Antifa/BLM communist foot soldiers are punching people, desecrating statues and looting out of supposed protest against whitey's privilege. What they are really doing is attacking America's history and Christian culture, in true Marxist fashion, they think they are bringing equality to the masses. But in reality what they are doing is treading the liberties of a vast percentage of Americans into the ground. Americans that hold deeply to their faith and the principles this great nation once safeguarded will not, and should not stand for it. Franklin Graham tweeted recently about the need to fight back against atheist witch hunts on coaches praying before games, he said.

    Because we live in a society that has no respect for privacy, property rights, free speech, free religion, religious assembly, the Bible, or the Constitution; a personal act of prayer by a coach before a game becomes a national issue one has to lawyer-up for, simply because atheist attack organizations are constantly looking to use the state to punish Christians. Literally everything our Founding Fathers fought for has been upended by the blasphemous, God hating left.

    The hilariously, ironic thing is as conservatives are naturally moving to the redoubt locations in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Texas, states like California are ready to rage-quit the Union in protest over Trump's election. A week or so ago a Utah congressman made headlines drafting legislation mocking California, and threatening tariffs on them if they ever went rouge. Utah State Rep. Paul Ray stated,

    “They think that they’re owed a lot and they just think they’ve got the power to dictate, but if they really look at it, they can’t function without federal money going into California and doing business with other states,” he said. “For them to sit there and think they can make their own country and they can do this ... they’re smoking too much of their medical marijuana.” (sltrib)



    The only way for white conservative Americans to maintain a similitude of protection and safety in such societal insanity is to band together in community groups. The Balkanization of America has begun, the states that are perceived as being conservative will inevitably have to pursue talks of secession seeing the Federal government is chief among those who have funded atheism, the religion of evolution, LGBT causes, abortion, and everything else that is abhorrent to followers of Jesus and the Christian religion. The Fed will undoubtedly aid and favor the blue states over the red states, which will force red states to consider leaving the Union out of self-preservation.

    Rand Paul just this morning gave us a stark reminder of the horrors of socialism. Writing for Rare he states,

    "The biggest threat America faces is not the enemy without but the enemy within. As America’s memory of the horrors of socialism fades, some are tempted by the false appeal of socialism.

    American youth seem open to the allure of a doctrine that places fairness above merit. American politicians now openly call for European-style socialized medicine.

    What is our world coming to?

    While America drifts toward the socialism of Western Europe, Western Europe regulates itself in the direction of Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, the failed Soviet satellites of Eastern Europe yearn for the freedom and prosperity that made America great." (Rare)

    Liberal socialism is incompatible with our constitutional republic. Though I agree with Rand on just about everything in his article, we can't forget that this is not just a popular fad that college indoctrinated youth are picking up on. No, this is a hardcore betrayal of our key institutions within society. If it were just the youth popularizing the wickedness of socialism the Union would survive. It is our elected officials, teachers, movie stars, and corporate overlords that are taking us down this road. They have made it clear that they intend to erase Christian culture, our Christian heritage, and persecute through the force of the state and radicalized groups. This is a war for the mainland of America. There is an effort underway to eradicate Christian, constitutional principles from the pages of history. The technocrat social engineers have determined that the biggest obstacle to their transhumanist goals is people who will cling to their God and guns. In fact listen to Ray Kurzweil explain how technology will achieve the goals of Communism.

    Kurzweil: Technology Will Achieve the Goals of... by FORAtv

    This agenda is being pushed from the top down, starting as a directive at the U.N., it then continues down through our federal government, states, schools, corporations, and political class. This communistic, totalitarian, technocratic, surveillance state is the preferred system to replace our Constitutional republic and that is exactly what is manifesting all around us.

    I personally am putting the call out to all Christians, forget about American politics, forget about America in general, it no longer represents you or your value systems. Stop placing your faith in Trump, he has already been neutered by the establishment. Focus on getting to the redoubt states and prepping for a fight. If you value your faith, your family, and your relationship with our Creator, then you will take heed to this warning and do something before it is too late. The pastors of America failed to engage the culture war and resist this wicked usurpation of our great nation from within. They are Judas goats who will only lead you further into the maw of the beast, leave them behind too, and get to a place that preaches truth unabashedly; and to a state that will protect Biblical and Constitutional principles despite the opposition from the Global oppressors. My personal choice was Northwest Montana, I pray many with gumption to fight are headed this way also!

    (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, [that they are] the enemies of the cross of Christ:

    19 Whose end [is] destruction, whose God [is their] belly, and [whose] glory [is] in their shame, who mind earthly things.) Philippians 3:18-19

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