Tim Tebow is Feminists Worst Nightmare


    By Jason Charles on 11/30/2015 (6 years 176 days ago) National News

    News outlets out to shame Tim Tebow and his Christian faith ran with headlines accusing Tim Tebow's "girlfriend" Olivia Culpo that she broke it off with him because of his commitment to abstinence and that she couldn't take it.


    The Daily News Headline read, Tim Tebow still can’t find the end zone as girlfriend Olivia Culpo breaks it off over lack of sex. In the article a source close to the former Miss USA model was quoted as saying,


    "He was really into her, he was sending her love letters and cute notes and professing his love for her. She had to break up with him because she just couldn't handle it. He still hits her up, but she just can't deal with the sex thing. He's pretty adamant about it, I guess."

    As a result of this one article the liberal media pounced on Tim Tebow, hammering his Christian faith and his values. The article title reads he "can't find the End Zone" is as much an attack on his football career as it is his Christian value system, inferring the problems he has experienced on the game field and his dating life is a direct result of his unreasonable and outdated puritanical Biblical views.

    Unfortunately, Tim Tebow never dated Oliva Culpo and the whole thing is an opportunistic, media publicity stunt attempting to ridicule his Biblical values on a national level. According to TMZ, who actually had the journalistic integrity to contact Tim Tebow's people, the two never where officially dating.

    "Well, sources close to the situation tell us Tebow and Culpo's romantic relationship never went beyond the rumor stage. We're told the chatter started after Olivia and Tim met in church a few months ago -- and even though their reps denied it, a lot of people ran with it.

    Our sources say Tim did show interest in Olivia, and they hung out a few times WITH mutual friends ... but never had a one-on-one date."

    The Male Disempowerment Movement

    Whatever the case may be here, Tim Tebow is a credit to his gender and to the Godly, Biblical principles that he both stands for and is constantly being mocked publicly for. The liberal media has made it their professed goal to demonize and emasculate every male on the planet. This global movement has branded themselves the feminist movement, but I call it the "Male Disempowerment Movement" which is a much more accurate name. Their goal has nothing to do with the search for equality, but it instead uses female sexuality to disempower men. If they truly wanted equality they would focus their efforts in countries like Saudi Arabia who truly enslave and oppress women, but they never do that do they. We see the media, giving these "women" constant media coverage, for campaigns like Free the Nipple and the Slut Walk. The women that head these groups are hideously ugly women inside and out who expose themselves in public, free bleed, and publicly blasphemy anything having to do with traditional gender roles and the nuclear family.

    This destruction of men and traditional gender roles is a divide and conquer strategy set in motion over 50 years ago by the elite in the form of the sexual liberation of the 1960's. Nothing is more effective towards the destruction of a nation than the outright assault on the building block of society which is the family unit.

    Christ Alone DVDThe way this works is simple, first create a hyper-sexualized society through the promotion and worship of female sexuality in the media, pop culture and internet porn. As a result, the power that woman have over men will grow exponentially to the point that men are no longer in control of their faculties. They will then in a grotesque, Pavlovian fashion lie to woman, cheat on them, drug them through alcohol and narcotics for sex, and even rape them to satiate their programmed sex drives. These are all things that assault women on a core, fundamental level. Woman are hard-wired for procreation, yes, but they also want to be desired, loved, respected and raise well-adjusted children alongside a strong man who seeks the provision and well being of the family unit. The hyper-sexualized, moral decay fostered in this country by liberal elites is acid on the face of this great country. Instead of demanding men to act morally responsible and to deny them access to their bodies until marriage which is truly empowering, they do the opposite. They destroy themselves and the males they hate by seeking to leverage the little power they have through the exploitation of their bodies in public forums. For example Clementine Ford a feminist media darling who wrote "Get F****d" on her bare breasts went on to get a man fired from his job for calling her a "slut". This mentality is the height of liberal insanity. It is the equivalent of saying don't objectify the objectifying of myself, or I will destroy you via the national media.

    We are now in the last phase of this deadly cycle. This is where the liberal university systems utilize the resulting fallout from the very moral decay THEY caused by whipping the "sexually liberated" into a civil rights frenzy. An agenda that only works on weak minded woman who can't see the irony in it all apparently. The liberal cult loves objectifying woman, yet they then march naked down the street in an effort to shame men...huh? Lunacy, and our whole culture is infected with it. Let's face it turning woman into dominatrix type bullies, and men, into feminized, sodomite, sexual deviants means that the elite will never face opposition from a force of masculine leaders or principled women in this country, and that is why they adamantly drive this agenda forward.

    In Praise of Tim Tebow

    This is why the liberal media must destroy Tim Tebow and everything he represents. He is an icon and a role model that kids and adults look up to and wish to emulate. The left hates him because Tim Tebow is an incredibly famous, talented and handsome man who demonstrates that the sexuality of women has no power over him no matter how beautiful a woman he may date might be. This one fact destroys every illusion and bit of power the feminizers think they have over men. They simply can't stand the fact that there are men who will not be guilted into rolling over for the feminist agenda, why? Because Tim Tebow and others who are not ashamed to wait until marriage are not guilty of exploiting woman and instead respect woman as they truly deserve. That right there is the power of Biblical principles at work on our culture. What the liberal media did was attempt to shame Tebow, but it will only backfire as other men follow suit stripping the feminists of their weapons of hate and shame.

    This false respect and bully mentality the feminists demand from men is based on the guilt men have, they feel they are sexual predators and woman are exploiting that feeling pretty effectively. Men, our response ought to be simply to reclaim our own manhood by taming our sexual desires and then in turn demanding that woman put their dresses back on and to start living like a Proverbs 31 woman as the Bible commands. That should be the standard of what an attractive woman ought to be in our society and an attractive man should be. We must do this, this attack on manhood and Biblical values is a critical strategy by the global elite that must be neutralized if we want to rip power back from the haters of our country, our families and our God. Thank you Tim Tebow for demonstratating what it means to be a real man in our day and age.

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