Trump Has Enough Political Capital to Destroy Big Brother


    By Jason Charles on 3/7/2017 (5 years 77 days ago) Politics & Government

    The Obama/Clinton Russian hacking Big Lie was built as a cover to gain a FISA warrant with unfettered access to the Trump's campaign communications

    We are going to see just how anti-establishment, anti-big brother President Trump really is. Trump, now a victim of what looks to be a FBI wire-tap requested by the Obama administration. This request was made on the basis of false Russian hacking allegations during the 2016 election cycle. As a result of this botched frame-up by Obama lackeys Trump holds some serious political dynamite in his hands. This dynamite can be used to absolutely destroy the Clinton/Obama political machine and also the Bush constructed DHS security state. The temptation of power will be the determining factor as to what President Trump does. Will he like Obama succumb to the power of unfettered access to all of your political enemies communications, or will he do the right thing and dismantle the security state under the greater cause of upholding the 4th Amendment of the Constitution?

    The Nasty Details

    Detractors say Trump's allegations are false, but as a recent Washington Times article points out all of the evidence used against Trump cabinet appointees have been  on the basis of wiretapped interceptions. All of the presented evidence surrounds supposed non-existent Russian connections to the Trump campaign.

    "Wiretapping was essential in retrieving the conversations of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador, which led to Gen. Flynn’s resignation as Mr. Trump’s national security adviser...

    On Oct. 15, 2016, the BBC reported that the U.S. secret intelligence court issued a warrant to investigate two Russian banks in conjunction with the Trump Organization...

    Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has lied about U.S. surveillance and wiretapping under oath...

    Mr. Obama issued a carefully worded non-denial...

    Mr. Obama expanded NSA’s powers in the days before leaving office...

    Journalists readily believe the Trump-Kremlin international conspiracy to rig the U.S. election, but immediately put down the idea the Obama DOJ using FISA against Mr. Trump." (Washington Times)


    Judging by the fact Clinton was planting the Russian Hacking narrative into public circulation as far back as the 1st debate in September, you can pretty much assume at that very moment the smart-phone in Trump's pocket was already compromised by the Intel community. Remember what Clinton said, they were major accusations;

    "CLINTON: But increasingly, we are seeing cyber attacks coming from states, organs of states. The most recent and troubling of these has been Russia. There's no doubt now that Russia has used cyber attacks against all kinds of organizations in our country, and I am deeply concerned about this. I know Donald's very praiseworthy of Vladimir Putin, but Putin is playing a really tough, long game here. And one of the things he's done is to let loose cyber attackers to hack into government files, to hack into personal files, hack into the Democratic National Committee."(Washington Post Debate Transcript)


    And then by the 3rd and Final Debate, Clinton was outright accusing Trump of colluding directly with Putin and Wikileaks. Trump and his people should of known that his people would be under total surveillance when those accusations where levied.

    "CLINTON: But you are very clearly quoting from WikiLeaks. And what's really important about WikiLeaks is that the Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans. They have hacked American websites, American accounts of private people, of institutions. Then they have given that information to WikiLeaks for the purpose of putting it on the Internet.

    This has come from the highest levels of the Russian government, clearly, from Putin himself, in an effort, as 17 of our intelligence agencies have confirmed, to influence our election.

    CLINTON: So I actually think the most important question of this evening, Chris, is, finally, will Donald Trump admit and condemn that the Russians are doing this and make it clear that he will not have the help of Putin in in this election, that he rejects Russian espionage against Americans, which he actually encouraged in the past? Those are the questions we need answered. We've never had anything like this happen in any of our elections before." (Washington Post Final Debate Transcript)


    This is bomb-shell stuff. A sitting president colluding with a presidential candidate and potential successor to wire-tap their political opponent. It is little wonder that people everywhere including the President are calling this bigger than Watergate. Now with the "Vault 7" Wikileaks dump we see that the CIA had the ability to frame Russia by leaving digital fingerprints that are falsified. Russia Insider says it best by saying.

    "We'll keep this short and sweet.

    All allegations of "digital fingerprints" left behind by Russian hackers must now be dismissed as either fake or meaningless:

    Except that "digital fingerprints" are meaningless and the CIA made a habit of stealing Russian malware. We're sure they never used it! From the Wikileaks "Year Zero" dump:

    The CIA's Remote Devices Branch's UMBRAGE group collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques 'stolen' from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.

    With UMBRAGE and related projects the CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the "fingerprints" of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from.

    UMBRAGE components cover keyloggers, password collection, webcam capture, data destruction, persistence, privilege escalation, stealth, anti-virus (PSP) avoidance and survey techniques." (Russia Insider)


    Now here is the kicker on all this, Gateway Pundit pointed out that all FISA warrants have to be signed off by then Attorney General Loretta Lynch. They write,

    "According to ABC, all applications to the FISA Court were signed off on by the Attorney General and therefore if any applications were processed in the past year, they were signed off on by Loretta Lynch.  This means that Lynch signed off on any requests for wire tapping President Donald Trump during the Presidential race.   This is disheartening knowing that she released a video over the weekend calling for the need for more marching, blood and death on the streets.  This also means that she chose not to investigate the Clinton Foundation for illegal activities but rather signed an application to wire tap President Trump.

    Finally, another very disturbing fact about the wire tapping request of President Trump is that the FISA Court turned down President Obama’s Administration’s first request to wire tap President Trump that was evidently signed off on by Attorney General Lynch.  With only two applications denied out of 10,700 from 2009 through 2015, the fact that the Obama Administration’s application was denied by the FISA Court is very disturbing.  The odds of this happening were 0.02%." (Gateway Pundit)

    Now we know, what AG Lynch was meeting about with Bill Clinton on the Tarmac. She had to of notified him that the Trump campaign was being investigated for Russian connections by Obama, and that she would not pursue charges on the Clinton Foundation or Email Scandals, per the wire-tapped data.

    Like I said, the political capital Trump has on all of this is outrageous, if he doesn't use it to majorly overhaul the intelligence complex and destroy the Clintons and Obamas then without question the country will be paying a heavy price down the road.

    The funniest thing about all of this is even with all the wire tapping, debate question cheating, bird dogging at rallies, and voting fraud, Hillary STILL didn't win. That just tells you how bad she was as a democratic presidential candidate.

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    What Does this Mean for the Public

    The conspiracy theorists(realists) have been saying it for years, and now it is truer than ever, your phones are bugged 24/7. With the Wikileaks "Vault 7" data-dump we see that all of our greatest fears are true. We truly live in vast Orwellian police state that has every moment of our lives under scrutiny. The best summation of the Vault 7 leak, that details out the capabilities of the CIA towards cyber-espionage is done by Milo.

    1. The CIA can masquerade its malware as belonging to a foreign intelligence agency.
    2. The CIA stole hacking malware from the Russian Federation for their own use.
    3. The CIA is hacking everyone, including US citizens.
    4. Every microphone and webcam is remote controllable.
    5. The CIA’s exploits have been leaked internally and can be used by unauthorized people to gain access to virtually anything.
    6. CIA malware can infiltrate iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones, and even your smart TV.
    7. The U.S. consulate in Frankfurt is a covert CIA hacker base.
    8. The CIA created air gap jumping viruses that infect CDs, DVDs, flash drives, etc.
    9. The CIA created malware that specifically evaded certain anti-virus programs.
    10. The CIA can hack cars for “undetectable assassinations”
    11. CIA malware can infiltrate your macOS and Windows computers.
    12. CIA malware infiltrates your smartphone to read messages on encrypted apps, before you send them.
    13. CIA malware can infiltrate Linux and routers.
    14. The CIA was supposed to reveal major vulnerabilities, but instead, hoarded them for their own use.
    15. Notepad++, a popular text editor, has a DLL hijack. 
    16. The CIA steals saved passwords from Internet Explorer
    17. CIA can bypass Windows User Account Control
    18. CIA has Android malware that makes Android phones bulk-spy on WiFi networks around them.


    Simply put, every device you and your loved ones own is a window into your most private spaces, recording you when you are at your worst moments and even naked. But the major take away point is all of these hacking tools were acquired over the black market by the CIA. Meaning they are available to anyone with the means to acquire them. I tell you the truth, live everyday around these devices like a stranger is watching and listening to you through the cameras and microphones on all smart-phones, laptops, TV.s video game consoles, etc.

    In a practical sense you want to know where all the child-porn is coming from online? Just think how many perverts have access to your phone camera while you have sitting next to the bathtub while you bath your young child. The entire gambit of our technology has been weaponized against us by our government.

    Rand Paul, when speaking too Alex Jones made mention of two reasons why this all is so disconcerting, those two reasons were as follows,

    “It lets the deep state have so much power that every American will ultimately live in fear of their phone conversations being listened to,...I think the most important thing that I’m hearing is that private conversations between our officials, our President, NSA are being monitored and then leaked,” Paul said.” (Infowars)

    The CIA has placed the entire country in fear considering 85% of the worlds smart phones were weaponized by the CIA as reported by RT.

    Criminals traffic in hacking tools, and criminal agencies like the CIA use them to subvert an incoming president.



    I was one of the earliest people to point out that something was infinitely suspicious about the Clinton/Obama frame up of Donald Trump as a Russian agent. I knew this was the biggest story of 2016 and it would continue into 2017. So much was impregnated in this story, everything was on the line including the possible lead up to WWIII with Russia. Please like the Wake the Church facebook page, and also sign-up for our Newsletter.

    Depending on how the Trump administration pursues these criminal acts could very well result in the biggest shake up of the Intelligence community we have ever seen. Trump has every excuse in the world at this very moment to go nuclear on Obama at the very least. But he really should go nuclear on the whole pedogate network as well considering all of this ties back to what was found on Weiners laptop, right?

    To do anything else is a perversion of Justice. If Trump refuses again to prosecute the Clintons and Obamas for tampering with the election, then he in a sense is condoning their actions, and the chance to destroy the deep-state will never come again. This truly is a once in a era chance to eliminate and purge the corrupt elements in government internally, the only other chance will be the eventual violent revolution down-the-road.

    The Bible calls people who spy on others to ensnare them as the wicked, and righteous rulers, have a duty to bring these people to justice for two reasons. As a means to uphold the law, and to make example of them in an attempt to dissuade other wicked man from the same crimes.

    The wicked watcheth the righteous, and seeketh to slay him. Psalms 37:32


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