Trump is Marshaling Support for a New War on Anti-Semitism


    By Jason Charles on 10/31/2018 (5 years 201 days ago) Israel/Zionism

    Speaking out against the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter at a recent campaign rally in Murphrysboro, Illinois, President Trump had the crowd erupting in applause as he pledged revenge on the enemies of the Jews.

    He stated,

    "The Jews have endured terrible persecution, and you know that, we've all read it: We've studied it. They've gone through a lot and those seeking their destruction…we will seek their destruction." (American Thinker)


    Repaying Evil with Greater Evil

    What is odd is the gunman Robert Bowers was captured and is facing the death penalty for this criminal act, which should be the end of it once justice is served, yes? You would think so, but instead what we get is a statement by President Trump appointing himself the champion of the Jews, mixed in with his call for the death penalty of Robert Bowers. The two are seemingly unrelated of course, unless you realize he is implying support for Israel as well as for the continued support of the War on Terror in the Middle East.

    The American Thinker who posted the video of this recent campaign rally captures Trump’s posturing perfectly by saying,

    “This is a message to not only neo-Nazis, it applies to the Middle East. It is a promise to destroy those who seek to destroy Judaism, and by implication, Israel. Destruction is not mere condemnation, and goes far beyond punishment. It is biblical in scope. History, ancient and modern, is littered with nations an empires that tried to destroy the Jews and which themselves passed from existence, from Egypt and Babylon to Hitler’s Germany. Trump has just promised to add America's might to the continuation of this pattern, almost as God's willing instrument in protecting His Chosen People.” (American Thinker)


    This is eerily reminiscent of the Obama’s administration’s uncanny ability to identify and address localized stories as a means to generate political capital to further their national agenda. The way this works is any domestic headline that fits the administration's agenda quickly gets pounced on and spun into the national spotlight in an effort to shift public opinion and mobilize legislators. This event is shaping up to be no different.

    Trump and his cabinet are using this event as a means to create political capital for continued military support for Israel and the War on Terror. These are not idle words as you will see.


    Rally the Troops

    Netanyahu, who back in 2008 was quoted as saying that 9/11 was “good for Israel” and has never since failed to capitalize on American tragedy, echoed Trump’s statement verbatim,

    “…and now we have seen the worst antisemitic attack in U.S. history against worshippers in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, a particularly heinous crime that we in Israel have unfortunately experienced as well,” he wrote.

    “While these attacks are nothing new in the history of our people, what is new is our ability to fight back against the antisemites. Israel does that every day.

    “But the Jewish people are also blessed to have many friends around the world who reject and fight antisemitism,” he noted, and expressed his appreciation to President Trump for “unequivocally condemning this heinous crime and for pledging to fight those who seek to destroy the Jewish people.” (The Jewish Press)


    It is important to note here, both Trump and Netanyahu are speaking about this atrocity in terms of fighting a new war front, a War on Anti-Semitism, and thus linking anti-Semitism to the fight in the Middle East and War on Terror.

    This similar rhetoric by Trump and Netanyahu could easily be dismissed as coincidence until you realize that just today the NY Times revealed who was really behind the scenes framing the language being used by these two world leaders,

    “… Jared Kushner, who keeps a photograph of his grandparents, both Holocaust survivors, in his West Wing office, and a mezuza on the doorway, as well as his daughter Ivanka, who converted to Judaism to marry Mr. Kushner, have quietly and persistently shaped the president’s response to one of the nation’s deadliest cases of anti-Semitism.

    In the immediate aftermath of the shooting on Saturday, their conversation with the president led to a marked change in his language. Within hours, his remarks went from a vague statement — “if they had an armed guard inside, they might have been able to stop him immediately,” he said — to a plea to a rally crowd in Illinois to combat “the scourge of anti-Semitism.

    And it has been Mr. Kushner, in particular, who has been phoning Trump allies and encouraging them to support the president, who has grown frustrated over being accused of engendering a politically volatile climate.” (NY Times)


    Jared and Ivanka have routinely been used to homogenize the rhetoric, and agendas of U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They without a doubt serve as a liaison between the two nations in an effort to expedite and embolden the objectives of the War on Terror. The distinction between Israel and the U.S. interests, if there ever was one to begin with has become completely lost under President Donald Trump.



    This announcement has far reaching implications seeing that the War on Terror is mainly something fought abroad, but a War on Anti-Semitism, especially on the heels of a domestic terrorist attack would involve identifying and targeting anyone deemed an “enemy” of Israel. Does this mean people who shoot-up synagogues only? Or can it be broadly interpreted as anyone who speaks out critically about Israel in general. Not supporting Israel is quickly becoming akin to hate speech, support for terrorism, and support for Jewish genocide under the Trump administration. Law makers are already stating Trump will be filling a "Anti-Semitism" envoy to help combat Anti-Semitism as well as stated in this linked article.

    Will anti-Semetic hate speech be added to the next incarnation of the Patriot Act making anyone accused of such an enemy combatant by virtue of their stance against Israel for any reason? After all if you don’t support our ally Israel then you must be sided with the Muslims and neo-nazi's right?

    The left who has been long accused of creating politicized language and hate speech laws to squash opposition, is finding new competition in the Trump administration who is now defining hate speech and anti-Semitism along the same lines. It is quickly becoming a means to silence dissent for Israel and the War on Terror as well.

    The sad thing is all this will do is further capitulate American Christian Zionists who already have an idol like love for Israel, and will cause them to further turn a blind eye towards the crimes of Israel and the U.S. in the Middle East with their un-Constitional, undeclared wars of aggression in the region. They will never think critically about their support for Israel fearing the label of anti-Semitism. The strong delusion these Christians are under in terms of support for Israel will only get stronger from here.

    Underneath those MAGA red hats in every crowd Trump speaks to are people who at their core are Fox News watching Christian Zionists. Trump and his administration knows this beyond anything else, and when they frame their message for political rallies it will always be hedged in words that motivate that base towards political action. That is the power Israel has over the minds of Christians.

    This appeal to his base along these lines should tell us that he is not a nationalist as he claims, a nationalist would not allow the military to be used in aggressive wars on behalf of other nations. He is an internationalist, completely tied to the Zionist war machine, and uses this as a means to marshal the political support of his base. It is purely spiritual manipulation preying on the faulty believes Christians hold in terms of support for Israel. This should be obvious to anyone, but to create a War on Anti-Semitism reveals further that the intent is not to just support Israel but to squash opposition to Israel on a military front in the Middle East as well as domestic front. The language that he uses reveals the true nature of his agenda despite the lies of nationalism and love for America. Overriding the 1st Amendment, using hate speech laws, and pledging obscene amounts of money, armaments and American blood to the failed War on Terror is an outrageous betrayal of American ideals and principles. When Christian supports Trump you become party to his crimes and sins, plain and simple.

    A man that doeth violence to the blood of any person shall flee to the pit; let no man stay him.  Proverbs 28:17

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