Trump, Kanye and the Void in Christian Discernment


    By Jason Charles on 10/30/2019 (4 years 172 days ago) Theology & Religion

    The lack of Christian discernment among the American church today truly rivals that of the Christians in Nazi Germany, or the protestant persecution under Dark Age Romanism. Those trapped inside these hellacious religious systems became increasingly blind to Truth, and the blatant errors associated with their persistent adherence to popular dogma.

    Why and how Christians in Nazi Germany could get suckered into Nazism or how they could get bamboozled into Catholicism, or any perversion of Christianity comes down to one thing, ignorance of the plain words of the Bible.

    Nothing exemplifies this reality more so than the unbelievable Christian support for Donald Trump and the nauseating Christian acceptance of superstar convert, Kanye West. These two have been bubbling-cauldrons of moral putrescence for the entirety of their adult lives, yet with a billion dollar campaign makeover, a year of PR stunts and shuffling through the media circuits they are both magically remade into celebrity Christians and champions of conservative values.

    Yet, both reek of a political sheep-dip operation. Everything about their new personas are painted on, staged and scripted.

    Why should we believe anything Kanye West is saying or doing right now? He has had presidential ambitions from the start going back to his meeting with Trump in Trump Tower in 2018 where he avoided questions about promises of a 2020 run, and if that is what the two were talking about. My bet is he was amazed with Trump’s rise to power and wanted to know who Trump’s PR people where so he could book them in 2024. If they could turn Trump into a conservative cult hero, surely they can remake a clown like Kayne into one too.

    Now he is again teasing Presidential ambitions in 2024, while promoting his new Christian album debut,

    “In a wide-ranging interview promoting his newest album, Kanye West revealed that he is going to run for president someday.

    After West debuted his album “Jesus Is King” at a listening party in Los Angeles Wednesday night, Apple released a two-hour interview with the mercurial rapper where he referred to wearing a red MAGA hat as “God’s practical joke” and commented on his political ambitions.

    West called himself “the most liberal human being" and was working on a plan to run for president, as soon as 2024.” (Daily News 10/24/2019)


    Not even a week in, he has switched his tune from its all about Jesus to its all about me running for president. And get this; your average Christian will call you condemning for judging Kanye and Trump as babes in Christ.

    I have to say though if you want a brilliant take-down of Kanye West and his supposed Christian conversion, watch Steven Anderson’s sermon entitled simply Reprobate Kanye West Pastor Anderson brutalizes anyone who naively gives the blasphemer Kanye a quick pass.


    People with millions of followers don’t get the luxury of saying they are baby Christians and spew error from their platforms. Being an influencer on that magnitude means you get one chance to prove the fruit of your conversion. That is making known the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and that salvation comes through faith in Christ Alone; real simple, yet this is something neither of these two have ever taken the liberty to do in all their public lip service to Jesus.

    It is obvious they both are not interested in the nuisances of Christian fundamentalism, they only care to know enough that they might leverage Christian lingo and Christian wedge issues towards political power.

    Trump who has had ample time since his great conversion has only solidified himself as a loyalist stooge to Israel and their war first policy in the Middle East. Hs fruits are obvious now, he aids in the stealing of Palestinian land, he helps starve and bomb Yemen civilians, bombs Syria, publicly uses God’s name in vain, drops more bombs than Obama and Bush combined, signs mass spending bills, surveillance bills, total disregard for due process promoting Red Flag laws, you name it, he is deepest of the deep state because he is so good at using the cloak of Christianity and mesmerizing his base. As such he is untouchable.

    Looking out over the whole of Christendom, the landscape is bleak, hardly a truth-teller anywhere. Like those inside the Confessing Church movement who fought against the Nazification of Germany, or the Reformers who dared render the Bible in other languages outside the authorization of the Roman Church, people who see the lies of their day are far and few between.



    Biblical Discernment

    The beautiful thing about the sayings of Jesus is they are all plainly grounded in natural law principles, which is fitting, seeing scripture teaches us that Jesus Himself is the Word and author of all the created order (John1:1-18).

    One superb example of Jesus using natural analogies to convey hard, convicting Truths, is the example of a fruit tree found in the Gospel narratives. Quoting Luke’s Gospel,

    "For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. For every tree is known by his own fruit.” Luke 6:43-45


    The operating word in this verse is “Bringeth forth” signifying a process of time, demonstrating what all trees do, which is sprout from seed, grow, and in due season put forth actually fruit. Fruit in scripture without question is defined as soul-winning. They instruct others to go and win souls based on the wisdom of scripture. It is a multigenerational endeavor that first starts with understanding the simple, fundamental Gospel message, and then growing in faith and knowledge of the full counsel of scripture.

    It takes time to throw off all of the false illusions the human mind becomes infused with over time. Everything from pride, the acceptance of false maxims and premises, false understandings, habits, short-comings, and demonic attachments to the old you all can cloud the effectiveness of one’s witness and testimony. We must be humble, yielding in all these areas of our life over to God. It is the time and consistency of the message that will determine whether your fruit is corrupt or goodly in the eyes of almighty God.

    Additionally anybody reading these verses on Biblical discernment in Luke 6, or in a parallel narrative like Matthew 7, will know that Jesus was specifically addressing the topic of false converts, false prophets, and false brethren that will be at work among the body of Christ in these chapters.

    Judging the fruits of a new believer over time is literally how we determine who the wolves are working their way into the flock of Christ Jesus.

    Discernment requires a season of time, a space for proving the core elements of Christian salvation are at work in a believer’s life. Right now neither Kanye West nor Trump, in all of their public ramblings about God and Jesus have ever once recounted the death, burial and resurrection of Christ to their audience. I haven’t found one instance. It truly is emotional appeals and word salad, anyone trying to piece together the true Gospel message based on their example would fail miserably without parsing the scripture for themselves. So, in that sense, they only do people a disservice, appeals to Christ without the fruit of Christ is rotten fruit.



    Any billionaire can hire a PR team, reinvent themselves as a conservative, run and obtain the presidency by simply invoking the right Christian words and emotional appeals. And Christians everywhere will eat it up because they too are the result of rotten fruit, mistaking these things as proof of conversion.

    So, how do we determine if a conversion is legitimate? How do you spot the wolf? We carefully watch someone over time, are they consistently and readily articulating the simple nature of God’s plan of salvation towards the converting of souls. If they can do that, well praise God that is good fruit! If not, the fruit of a false gospel is rotten like a dying corpse, there is no life in a false gospel. Whether putting Miriam Adelson’s Book of Trump in the Bible or the Gospel of Kanye’s rambling and incoherent gospel album, all of it is corrupt. There must be a complete rejection of the former life before they can ever be taken seriously by any Christian with an ounce of discernment.

    Kanye West instead brags about a $68 Million dollar tax return, attributing it to God, as if God is going to hand him money based of the profits of his past blasphemous works,

    “Last year, I made $115 million and still ended up $35 million in debt. This year, I looked up and I just got $68 million returned to me on my tax returns.’ That’s West giving a glimpse into his tangled finances to CBS host James Corden during an “Airpool Karaoke” segment.

    Backed by a plane full of choir singers, West gave thanks to a higher power for his sudden windfall this year.

    “People say, ‘Oh don’t talk about these numbers,’ ” he said. “No, people need to hear that someone that had been put into debt by the system talk about these kind of numbers now that they’re in service to Christ.”

    Corden then asked if his spiritual awakening is part of his success.

    “Absolutely. [God’s] showing off. He’s just showing out,” West said. “Yeezy worth $3 billion ... Kanye West works for God.” (Market Watch)


    He sounds like a TBN prosperity pimp, not someone repulsed by the methods he obtained his fortune. If you are in debt then that is a perfect opportunity to follow the example of Christ who instructed the rich man to sell what he owns and follow Him,

    “Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me. And he was sad at that saying, and went away grieved: for he had great possessions. And Jesus looked round about, and saith unto his disciples, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God!” Mark 10:2-23

    While we know there is no works needed to claim salvation, for a rich man Jesus had a prerequisite.


    Anybody being drawn to Christianity via Kanye and his “Jesus is King” album will be assaulted with Christian platitudes and salutes to Trump culture nothing more. You will never find a plain rendering of the Gospel message in any of the lyrics. Anybody looking to mimic their faith and walk will wallow in false hope seeing the substance critical to the Christian faith is never followed through with.

    All of this nonsense out of these celebrity Christians is being mobilized to further a political agenda, whether Trump or Kayne, both are manipulating Christians for personal gain and power plain and simple. Trumpism and the new conservative right are completely divorced from true Christianity and constitutional principles. The ultimate proof of Christian lack of discernment is the mass support for Zionist Israel. Mission accomplished devil, Christians are dumb as bricks.

    It is all made possible because Christians in America love being duped, and consistently demonstrate a complete lack of discerning faith. And where are the pastors, the ones charged with teaching the true Gospel and Biblical instruction to their Christian congregants? They are all falling over one another trying to flatter their way into Trump's inner circle.

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