A Coming Theocracy: Christian Zionism, Domionism & Noahide Laws


    By Jason Charles on 11/20/2019 (4 years 151 days ago) Israel/Zionism

    The biggest obstacle the New World Order must overcome, is unifying a religion that satisfies the demands of both secularism and the Abrahamic faiths. An impossibly tall order to fill, so as a primer please read my past article entitled Judaism Provides the Melting-Pot of a New World Religion.


    The Trump administration has pursued an Israel first agenda far more so than a nationalistic, American first agenda. Proving this point is the example of the embassy move to Jerusalem, the gifting of the Golan Heights, perpetuating wars and regional conflicts, billions in Saudi weapons deals, empowering settlers, electioneering for Netanyahu, giving state sanction to an expanding definition of anti-Semitism and more. But in the U.S., we just get twitter rants and Red Flag, pre-crime gun confiscation initiatives like Barr’s Project Guardian.

    With all these points in mind, we now have a new Trump admin, policy shift, towards affirming settler rights in the West Bank,

    “A U.S. decision effectively backing Israel’s building of settlements in the occupied West Bank, long a cherished item on conservative Christians’ wish list, is expected to strengthen evangelicals’ support for Donald Trump as he seeks re-election in 2020, according to a leader of the president’s evangelical advisory group.

    Though an intense push by evangelicals set the stage for Trump’s Jerusalem moves, Mike Evans - Texas-based founder of Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem - said evangelicals felt no need to mount a similar campaign with the administration over settlements, one of the core issues of the decades-old Middle East conflict.

    “There was virtually no lobbying for the policy shift because he (Trump) knows us, he knows what we believe,” Evans told Reuters in New York. ” (Reuters )


    This is a very revealing quote by Mike Evans of the Friends of Zion Museum, “(Trump) knows us, he knows what we believe.” So what is Trump privy too in terms of belief here? What is Mr. Evans referring too?

    The answer in my opinion is the coming covert merging of evangelical led Christian Zionism/Dominionism, and the messianic goals of Chabbadism through their multinational Noahide Law initiatives. Both, I feel are working hand and glove toward a true global theocracy that homogenizes the Abrahamic religions towards acceptance of a secular New World Order.

    To even approach these areas or topics, I feel we must first rightly define Christian Zionism, Christian Dominionism and also Chabaddism to even continue.


    Christian Zionism

    Defined: is a belief among some Christians that the return of the Jews to the Holy Land and the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 were in accordance with Bible prophecy. The term began to be used in the mid-20th century, superseding Christian Restorationism.


    Christian Zionism as defined is predicated on ones understanding of prophecy. The assumption being modern Israel is a prophetic fulfillment, thus the will of God; and as the will of God to never be questioned, and slavishly supported in all actions right or wrong. This false doctrine has provided spiritual cover for Zionist crimes for well over a hundred years and counting. This thinking is almost universally present in every evangelical church in America and many more throughout the world.


    Dominion Theology

    Defined: (also known as dominionism) is a group of Christian political ideologies that seek to institute a nation governed by Christians based on their understandings of biblical law. Extents of rule and ways of achieving governing authority are varied. (Source)


    While Dominionism is usually applied in a Christian context, the goals of Dominionism fit perfectly into the goals of Zionism and more importantly the goals of Messianic Chabaddism as you will see. The emphasis is political rule under Biblical Law i.e., Mosiac Laws. This is where the goals of political Zionism and Dominionism become one and the same, they seek to create a world order headed by a Biblical theocratic system. This school of thought is represented well among the Neocons inside the Pentagon going back decades that I believe actively war for Israel on the belief, they see Israel as a leader of the New World Order, and the one that stands the best chance of brining this theocratic system to fruition. They crave a theocratic system so much they willing work toward the political ambitions of Israel.

    The problem is this leaves the secularists out right? So, how do all of these active false ideologies coalesce into a spiritual governing body that also include secularists and secular nations?


    Nohide Laws

    Defined: The Seven Laws of Noah include prohibitions against worshipping idols, cursing God, murder, adultery and sexual immorality, theft, eating flesh torn from a living animal, as well as the obligation to establish courts of justice.


    The website Nohide.org records those pushing this Nohide movement have succeeded in gaining national and even U.N. support towards their cause,

    “The United Nations took dramatic steps towards world peace when ambassadors, NGOS, Rabbis and chaplains met to discuss the Seven Laws of Noah at a United Nations conference room on Monday, July 2.

    The Seven Laws of Noah are an obligation on all of man-kind.  They include G-d’s commandments not to kill and not to steal, laws which most people follow already.  The main reason to follow them, though, is because G-d commanded them to all the people of the world through Moses and the Jewish people at Mount Sinai.

    The US House and Senate already committed to these laws in 1991 when they passed a bill stating that the ‘bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization’ is ‘known as the ‘Seven Noahide Laws.’  The bill has been signed by past US presidents including President Bush and President Reagan.

    The current Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson, has been the driving force behind spreading the Seven Laws of Noah.  He said the fulfillment of these laws will hasten the imminent redemption through our Righteous Moshiach.

    The event coincided with the celebration of the release of the previous Lubavitcher’s Rebbe’s release from communist prison in 1927.” (Nohide.org)


    What I want to point out here is that those pushing this agenda are followers of Jewish Chabadism, which is nothing more than a messianic cult. They are actively working towards a day that will exist under a future messianic figure enforcing these laws. The evidence of their continued influence and power is the support of the U.N., and nations like the U.S. who have literally passed legislation affirming Nohide laws like H.J.Res.104 — 102nd Congress (1991-1992).

    They use these laws to appeal to secularist as natural laws evident in nature as well as Mosiac Law, thus giving universal ground for all government and thus the support from the U.N. on down. This is how they justify global conformity under Zionist headship.

    The only problem is the nuances of all 7 of these laws will be interpreted through the lens of Talmudic Law that place non-Jews in the same category as animals.

    Maimonides, the Jewish sage of Chabadism proves this fact,

    “Shahak further suggests that the Jewish tradition values Jewish life more than Gentile life. He cites Maimonides’ assertion that whereas one who murders a Jew is subject to the death penalty, one who murders a non-Jew is not (Mishneh Torah, Laws of Murder 2:11).

    Indeed, Maimonides is the focus of much of Shahak’s analysis. Shahak believes that the 12th-century philosopher and talmudist was a Gentile-hater and racist. He quotes Maimonides’ statement that, "their [the Turks and the blacks] nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings" (Guide For the Perplexed, Book III, Chapter 51).” (My Jewish Learning)


    The Israeli Newspaper Haaretz openly discuss this fact, there is little doubt that this conspiracy exsits, and is the religious, orthodox force behind the push towards the New World Order religion.

    "Rabbi Oury Cherki, head of the Noahide World Center, greeted his followers in a video clip on the occasion of “Humanity Day,” the holiday of the Noahides (also known as Children of Noah), which was last celebrated on the 27th day of the Hebrew month of Marheshvan (Nov. 10, 2017). According to Jewish tradition, it was on that day that Noah and his family emerged from the ark and received the seven commandments that apply to all human beings, among them the prohibitions on idol worship, on murder and on eating flesh torn from a living animal. When Noah left the ark, he built an altar and made a sacrifice. Which is why the Noahides eat grilled meat on their holiday.

    But who are these Noahides? They are members of a new religion, subordinate to Judaism, founded by rabbis from Israel, mainly from Chabad and the religious Zionist movement. According to the World Center, there are dozens of Noahide communities across the world, with more than 20,000 believers. That’s a hefty number, given that the religion was only founded at the beginning of the decade. Small Noahide communities exist in various countries, with the largest one in the Philippines." (Haaretz)



    When you put the pieces together you see that all of these false doctrines surrounding acceptance and support of modern Israel, as well as the 7 Nohide laws are working toward a Zionist led New World religion.

    A perfect example of how a theocratic system is evolving based on all of these false doctrines and ideologies that embolden Jewish supremacy came to us in the form of the remarks made by Rabbi Gopstein in Israel.

    “The Israeli Jewish Rabbi Benzi Gopstein has said that Christian churches in Israel must be burnt because Christians worship idols and idols must be destroyed.

    Gopstein, the head of Lehava group, made his remarks at a panel discussion for Jewish yeshiva students when asked by a fellow panellist if he believed burning down churches in Israel was justified.

    “Did the Rambam [Maimonides] rule to destroy [idol worship] or not? Idol worship must be destroyed. It’s simply yes – what’s the question?” Gopstein told the panel.”(Palestine Post)


    Christians will be classified as non-Noahides and put to death as idolaters under these laws. They fail to see it for what it is because they are blinded by the false doctrines of Christian Zionism and Dominionism. They are so obsessed with Jewish culture, law and religion that they can’t even see that they are supporting a thoroughly anti-Christ system as a result.

    Trump and his Chabadist family have become heroes of the Nohide movement as they have been recognized as aligned with this theocratic system being built all around us. So, when Mike Evans of the Friends of Zion Museum, says “(Trump) knows us, he knows what we believe” this is what he is referencing, the coming Dominion of Zionist superiority and future one world religion.

    Trump has been called many things, King of Israel, Cyrus, the Protector of Israel, but what he should be called, is a Judas Goat as he leads Christians to their own destruction and persecution.

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