Caravans, Cartels, Walls and Troops on the Border


    By Jason Charles on 4/4/2018 (5 years 251 days ago) Globalism/N.W.O

    In the threat matrix of my mind I see the situation on the southern border as being the greatest threat to liberty in the United States. For me, it has become increasingly obvious that the border situation has been engineered to create a multi-state hot-war in the heartland of conservative America.

    Trump said this in response to reports that caravans of migrants are walking across Mexico with the intent of storming the border has stated,

    “President Trump is taking new action intended to stop illegal immigration. He announced on Tuesday that he is sending U.S troops to the border with Mexico.

    "We are going to be guarding our border with our military," Mr. Trump said. "That's a big step."

    Without providing details, Mr. Trump said U.S. troops are needed to secure the U.S-Mexico border until 700-800 miles of wall can be built.

    "I think that it's something we have to do," Mr. Trump said. 

    This so-called caravan of about 1,200 migrants moving through Mexico appears to have sparked the president's interest in militarizing the border.

    "Now, the caravan, which is over 1,000 people coming in from Honduras, thought they were just going to walk right through Mexico and right through the border," Mr. Trump said.” (CBS)


    The organization behind the caravans is called ‘People Without Borders.’ The whole concept of a borderless world simply reeks of globalist objectives and manufactured tensions. Using refugees as an excuse to violate sovereign space is a favorite tactic of the elite. Just look at the EU and the refugee problem there. Multiculturalism and mass migration is an elitist tactic of war, nothing less.

    These internationalists, who have been pulling the political strings for years, have created the perfect storm of chaos on our southern border. This has been 50+ years in the making. The build up of heavily armed cartels, millions of illegal criminals all throughout the southern and western states in my mind are nothing short of a proxy army that will undoubtedly look to break the U.S. borders and colonize Arizona, Texas, California and maybe even as far up as Colorado. The catalyst to all this violence will be tensions on the border. The Mexicans have been propagandized with Aztlan and La Raza type racism for decades, they truly believe that the Western half of the United States belongs to them. If you don't know anything about the La Raza movement I encourage you to read about it here.


    Cartel Violence and the Military Won’t Mix

    Just this last weekend cartel violence erupted during a Good Friday procession. While some of the cartel members were killed so were innocent bystanders who were caught in the cross fire.

    “One of the gun battles took place in the Aquiles Serdan neighborhood while residents were taking part in a traditional Good Friday procession. Video revealed the moments when the men and women were forced to dive for cover while machine gun fire was evident.” (Breitbart) 




    Violence is all these cartels know. Even on Resurrection Sunday, nothing is sacred. If you think that the cartels will just allow the border to be walled off you have another thing coming. The tunnels and smuggling corridors utilized by these cartels are worth millions each. The amount of money human trafficking and drug trafficking incurs is astronomical. Estimates put the number around $64 billion a year for just the drug trade, that doesn't even account for human trafficking estimates.

    "President Trump’s proposed wall along the southwest border could cost Mexico more than just the price of building it: An official estimated that cartels send a stunning $64 billion worth of drugs into the U.S. every year.

    Mexico’s former Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna dropped the number at a recent conference in Ciudad Juarez. Luna said drug trafficking organizations have successfully exploited globalization, technology and financial markets to supply America's appetite for narcotics, according to the Latin American Herald Tribune." (Fox News)

    The presence of the U.S. military on the border will almost guarantee that tensions will be escalated and the violence that has stayed mainly in areas south of the border will spill over onto U.S. soil.

    I have written in the past about the U.S./CIA control over the cartels, which you can read here.

    John Negroponte: Creating Global Proxy Armies to Bring About the Collapse of Western Civilization



    My assessment is the internationalist will use Trump’s desire for a wall to spark hot-wars and aggressive action by the cartels in an effort to thwart his plans. If this is the case the region will become increasingly balkanized and Mexicans will be forced to choose sides. As this escalates, I would venture to say patriotic Americans would be drawn to the conflict likes flies to a turd.  

    This situation could quite easily continue to be escalated until the whole region is in flames with the intent to bleed out the resources of patriot groups in this area.  At some point the conflict will become so overwhelming it will provide the excuse for international forces to come in and attempt to deescalate the situation. This de-escalation will almost certainly require agreements of disarmament of the American people just as the UN would like to see in America.

    Call me crazy but this to me is a very real scenario engineered by the internationalists to bleed out American patriots and get the guns. They are to smart to collapse the economy or nuke the U.S., that would destroy to much precious infrastructure needed to build the New World Order; seeing the U.S. is the driving force and background of such an effort. No, they need to draw the patriots in to a localized war that will break them and set the country up for international occupation forces. We would be wise to recognize this as the case, and let everyone else fight it out and cling to our guns and God knowing the bigger enemy is to come, the internationalist force intent on disarming us once and for all.

    Mine enemies would daily swallow me up: for they be many that fight against me, O thou most High. Psalms 56:2


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