Israeli Wonders and the Power of the Beast


    By Jason Charles on 1/22/2020 (4 years 118 days ago) Israel/Zionism

    I have noticed a dramatic up-swing lately in news reports touting the technological wonders coming out of Israel lately, this I believe deserves critical analysis; especially considering the prophetic implications.

    “And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast…” Revelations 13:13-14


    The Bible speaks of miracles, raw displays of power, and wonders so great that fire will rain from heaven as feats marking the time the beast ascends to power. Are these miracles supernatural, natural, or technological in origin? God only knows what, but what can be inferred here is all will be critical components in a demonic plan to deceive the population of the earth, and thus must be regarded with skepticism. And rightly so, seeing modern technological invention, no matter the novelty, almost always carries with it a loss of liberty or distortion to the natural order.

    In this sense, it is prudent to watch the technological developments of any country with cautious optimism seeing these supposed technological breakthroughs often carry with them a sinister element. Especially so, seeing Isreal has been centralizing technological power at a dizzying rate of speed. It is like the Beast is centralizing all of its power in the tiny nation of Israel as we speak.

    “As per the IVC Research Center report, Israel has 436 cybersecurity companies operating across various verticals of development. IVC Research Center is a specialized entity that closely monitors the progress and development of Israel’s tech industry.

    Another supporting report published in the IVC Magazine’s September 2019 issue, covers the exits of Israel’s cybersecurity startups within a timeframe of 2013 to 2019. Cybersecurity exits, in other words, means the number of merger and acquisition deals and initial public offerings of shares. This cybersecurity exit totaled to US$11.3 billion for the recorded time span. The growth in the exits in the cybersecurity industry can be gauged from the fact that there were just three exits in 2013, which accounted to US$747 million, whereas, in 2019  saw a record of 23 exits that totaled to US$3.46 billion.

    Tel Aviv has been touted as the cradle of cybersecurity startups and the scale at which the cybersecurity conference “Cybertech 2020” has been organized seconds this information. At the end of the month, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the audience in this conference. Companies and the Government of Israel along with delegations from the U.S., India, Germany, Spain, the U.K. and Japan shall actively participate and exchange notes on the cybersecurity front. Cybercrimes, incident response and real-life hacking simulations across different domains such as financial, communications and medical sectors are going to be focused upon.”(Cisomag, 01/21/2020)



    Here are some of some the recent headlines with summarizing text, all lauding the technological wizardry and marvels of Israel.  


    How Israeli spy tech reaches deep into our lives

    “Israel’s status as a “startup nation” was established decades ago. But its reputation for hi-tech innovation always depended on a dark side, one that is becoming ever harder to ignore. 

    A few years ago, Israeli analyst Jeff Halper warned that Israel had achieved a pivotal role globally in merging new digital technologies with the homeland security industry. The danger was that gradually we would all become Palestinians.

    Israel, he noted, treated the millions of Palestinians under its unaccountable, military rule effectively as guinea pigs in open-air laboratories. They were the test bed for developing not only new conventional weapons systems, but also new tools for mass surveillance and control.

    As a recent report in Haaretz observed, Israel’s surveillance operation against Palestinians is “among the largest of its kind in the world. It includes monitoring the media, social media and the population as a whole". 

    Tiny though it may be in size, Israel has long been a world leader in an extremely lucrative arms trade, selling to authoritarian regimes around the world its weapons systems as “battlefield-tested” on Palestinians. (MiddleEastEye, 11/11/2019)


    Builders of Israel’s apartheid walls profit from US border militarization

    “US militarization of the border with Mexico uses technology field-tested on Palestinians.

    A major Israeli weapons company has been named as one of the top profiteers of US border militarization.

    Elbit Systems has secured border contracts worth $187 million from the US government, according to research by journalist Todd Miller.

    The largest, awarded during the Obama administration, is to build more than 50 surveillance towers near the US-Mexico border for the US government’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency.

    Ten of those towers will be on land belonging to the Indigenous Tohono O’odham Nation in Arizona.

    A 2014 Bloomberg analysis predicted that Elbit’s initial profits could multiply if Congress authorized more funds to militarize the border.

    Miller’s report – “More Than a Wall: Corporate Profiteering and the Militarization of US Borders” – was recently published by human rights research group the Transnational Institute, in collaboration with No More Deaths, a humanitarian organization which protects migrants along the southern US border.

    The report profiles the top 14 companies profiteering from US border militarization, including Elbit.

    In 2004, Elbit won a US government contract to supply Hermes drones for use along the border.

    Israel “has ‘field tested’ those drones in attacks on Gaza which left many Palestinians dead, including children,” the UK charity War on Want stated in 2013.

    Notably, Elbit “sells its experience of walling in the West Bank and Gaza,” the new report states.

    Since Israel began constructing its wall around Jerusalem and elsewhere inside the occupied West Bank in 2002, Elbit and its subsidiaries have cashed in on contracts to install electronic surveillance technologies “designed to feed into [the Israeli army’s] command and control centers.” (ElectronicInfantada, 08/102019)



    Israel's alpha radiation treatment shows 100% rate of tumor shrinkage

    “Alpha Tau’s Alpha DaRT (Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Treatment) is the first technology to provide a highly localized and effective treatment of solid tumors using alpha radiation. Alpha particles are known for their high capacity to destroy cancer cells, inducing irreparable double-strand breaks in cellular DNA.

    However, alpha particles have an extremely short path length in tissue, which means they cannot reach across the entire volume of a tumor and therefore, until recently, could not be used as treatment for solid tumors.

    THE ALPHA DaRT technology, enables the spread of alpha particles across entire tumors by utilizing the radioactive decay of an isotope called radium-224. The treatment is delivered by inserting into the tumor Alpha DaRT seeds which contain radium-224 atoms embedded into their surface. In the process of decay, radium-224 releases its alpha-emitting daughter atoms. These atoms diffuse to a range of several millimeters, delivering a high dose of alpha radiation along the way.(JPost, 12/2019)



    Israeli water-from-air technology named ‘Energy Efficiency Product of Year’

    “The machine, which resembles a typical water cooler, taps into atmospheric water using patented heat-exchange technology and can produce up to 30 liters of drinkable water every day. It is designed especially for homes and offices.

    “GENNY” eliminates the waste caused by drinking bottled water, significantly reducing plastic usage and disposal, and makes water always available on demand.

    Also, according to Watergen, “the water produced by ‘GENNY’ provides consumers with higher-quality water than the water that runs through filtration systems attached to municipal water lines. It eliminates concerns of corroded water pipes that could lead to higher-than-normal levels of lead in drinking water. Watergen’s ‘GENNY’ additionally works as a home air-purifier, circulating clean air back into the room as part of the water-generation process.”

    “GENNY” was also awarded a CES Best of Innovation Award in 2019. (, 01/2020)


    Israel's food tech scene experiments with insects and computer-designed sweeteners

    “This is not only the food of the future, it's also the agriculture of the future," Eran Gronich, the company's CEO said.

    "Livestock is not sustainable. It's not sustainable to grow a cow, chicken or even fish. It still has a lot of issues, taking up a lot of space, water... environmental issues. Insects are the answer."

    The larvae are blanched, milled and dried, with the fat separated as an oil the company hopes to sell for cosmetics.

    The remaining powder, the company says, is 70 per cent protein and 12 per cent minerals.

    "The mix is very good, it's a whole protein, [the] bioavailability of the minerals is very high," Mr Gronich said.

    "In terms of sustainability, it has low greenhouse gas emissions and we are using very little water and land in the process, and hardly any waste because we are using 100 per cent of the larvae."

    The powder is being trialled as an additive to baked goods and energy bars and the company is planning to build a factory in Thailand — where it has a major investor — to begin mass production.

    "Basically we can grow the equivalent of a cow, between 300 to 400 kilograms, in one square metre every month. This is how efficient it gets," Mr Gronich said.” (, 01/02/2020 )


    FBI can unlock Florida terrorist’s iPhones without Apple

    “A new security flaw known as “Checkm8” affects chips in iPhones released between 2011 and 2017, according to Strafach and other researchers. That includes the iPhone 5 and iPhone 7.

    “With the Checkm8 vulnerability, you should be able to get a forensically sound image of the file system, unless they had a crazy long passphrase,“ Strafach said.

    The iPhone 7 includes the Secure Enclave, a dedicated chip for storing fingerprint data and other sensitive information on the device, but even that could be breakable, he said.

    “It’s simply a question of whether the government will pay a contractor to get into these phones,” Strafach added. “If it can’t be done with the Checkm8 vulnerability, they can pay a contractor to do it.”

    The Checkm8 flaw may support updated hacking tools from Cellebrite. The Israel-based company offers a “UFED Physical Analyzer,” a special “Touch2” tablet and software for PCs called “4PC” to law enforcement agencies and other customers. That all costs about $15,000, according to Broom. There’s often an annual maintenance fee of more than $4,000, too, Broom said.

    The FBI would likely also need other tools to unlock the iPhones, such as Grayshift’s GrayKey or Cellebrite Premium, a special on-premise service for law enforcement agencies. Those could cost $100,000 to $150,000, according to Broom.” (The Print, 01/15/2020)


    A New Age of Warfare: How Internet Mercenaries Do Battle for Authoritarian Governments

    “The man in charge of Saudi Arabia’s ruthless campaign to stifle dissent went searching for ways to spy on people he saw as threats to the kingdom. He knew where to go: a secretive Israeli company offering technology developed by former intelligence operatives.

    It was late 2017 and Saud al-Qahtani — then a top adviser to Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown prince — was tracking Saudi dissidents around the world, part of his extensive surveillance efforts that ultimately led to the killing of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi. In messages exchanged with employees from the company, NSO Group, Mr. al-Qahtani spoke of grand plans to use its surveillance tools throughout the Middle East and Europe, like Turkey and Qatar or France and Britain.

    The Saudi government’s reliance on a firm from Israel, an adversary for decades, offers a glimpse of a new age of digital warfare governed by few rules and of a growing economy, now valued at $12 billion, of spies for hire.” (NYT, 03/212019)


    Israel Wants to Shoot Down Rockets With Lasers

    “The Israeli Ministry of Defense announced Wednesday it has had a significant breakthrough that will allow it to develop rocket and drone shooting laser defense systems.

    The systems are intended to intercept a variety of threats, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and rocket, artillery and mortar (RAM) attacks, according to the ministry’s statement. Three such high-energy laser systems are currently in development—a ground-based laser system to complement the capabilities of Israel’s existing anti missile system Iron Dome; a maneuverable that could be mounted on a vehicle to defend soldiers on the battlefield; and an aircraft-mounted system.”(Ctech, 01/09/2020)



    Celebrating a decade of life-changing Israeli inventions

    New Israeli Anti-Diabetes Drug Could be a Game-Changer for Millions of Patients

    Cyprus, Cyberspies and the Dark Side of Israeli Intel


    This list could be endless, there is so much going on toward the build-up of the technological infrastructure of Israel it is enough to make your head spin.

    While some articles posted above are positive in nature, like cancer cures or water from air, most are about the rapid growth in Israeli spying, their advanced security state, and war profiteering. These are all the so-called miracles I would expect to see out of a beastly system like the one being constructed in Israel.

    Just enough miraculous good, to hide the festering evil at the core of Israel’s technological quantum leap in just the last decade.

    So, why do I harp on Israel to such a degree for its amassing of technological power? The answer it simple, only Israel is actively looking for, and working towards the fulfillment of a Davidic kingdom.


    In the Sight of the Beast

    Israel in the Jewish tradition has a messiah complex, and now that the modern nation of Israel exists this messiah complex will exponentially grow in dangerous fashion.

    As an example, it was prophesied by the Chabad cult-figure, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, that Netanyahu will survive political trials and hand the keys of power over to a Jewish messiah. This was reported by a Rabbi Nachshon who witnessed the Rebbe make these statement years ago before his death in 1994. He said this,

    “Rabbi David Nachshon, a close friend of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who witnessed the dialogue, related that the Rebbe was confident that some great good would come out of Netanyahu’s political trials.

    “It really pains me, as a friend, as a brother, as a close friend, to see how people constantly spill Netanyahu’s blood,” Rabbi Schneerson confided to Nachshon. “But I have a surprise for you, he’s going to come out of it, and he’ll stand tall, on G-d’s side. He has a promise from the Rebbe, and he’s going to make it through this. We’ve seen it happen up to now, and that’s how it’s going to be now as well. He will make it through this, and he will continue, and I hope he’ll be able to hand his keys over to Moshiach (the Messiah), and we’ll have the complete and true Redemption.” (BreakingIsraeliNews, 11/2018)


    The line “complete and true redemption” is code for the domination of gentile nations and global rule by a Jewish messiah. The classical Jewish texts call this time the Messianic Age, and records the callous debates between past Rabbi’s on whether gentiles should be completely annihilated or forced convert to the Jewish faith when this time comes,

    “A dispute arose among the rabbinic sages about the desirability of encouraging Gentiles to convert to Judaism. While most welcomed converts, others raised doubts about their sincerity. Rabbi Helbo, who mistrusted the sincerity of converts, stated that “converts are more difficult for Israel than a sore [Niddah 13b].

    During the messianic era, the Messiah will reign victorious and rebuild the Temple. He will restore the priesthood to the Temple, and the traditional sacrifices will be reinstated. The return to the golden age of the Jewish people will be complete. Many popular Jewish prayers express this messianic longing for the rebuilding of the Temple and above all for the return to Zion. Perhaps even more than the coming of the Messiah, traditional Judaism has sought this dream of the return to Zion.

    The Jewish people will be complete. Many popular Jewish prayers express this messianic longing for the rebuilding of the Temple and above all for the return to Zion. Perhaps even more than the coming of the Messiah, traditional Judaism has sought this dream of the return to Zion.” (My Jewish Learning)


    There is little doubt that Chabadism and their Messianic ambitions are at the core of Zionism. Consider Trump and the Kushner’s connections to Chabadism as further evidence towards this conspiracy favoring Israel. Something I have written about in the past, and can explain their relentless empowerment of the Zionist regime these last 3 years.

    READ: The Kushner Brides and Messianic Kabbalah

    There is s tremendous power in the world that is creating a stage for a Beast System and a possible messianic figure to appear, and I have little doubt that the technological marvels being touted will be used as means to usher in such an era. Whether it is a person or a system, we are told to aways to be aware of anything that looks or acts in a beastly nature. Something the U.S. and Isreal are infinitely guilty of in recent times.



    The powers that be will not let up on this issue.

    The financial elite of the world demonstrated their messianic resolve by working towards the restoration of Zionist Israel on the national stage last century by committing the entire world to war in WWI and then into WWII. Now that Israel is back on the stage of world history, do you really think that they will be content fighting border scrimmages for the next 100 years? Absolutely not, they will continue to use the fabulous wealth of the Zionist elite and central bankers to amass technology and power inside the nation of Israel, as well as expand their borders.

    I am sure many have often wondered about the miracles that the antichrist beast system will achieve, where its seat of power will be located. I have no doubt given the spiritual and temporal ambitions of the false Jew Zionists that currently occupy Jerusalem right now it will be in Israel.

    Many do not know that Israel began to develop nuclear missile technology right after the 6 Day War. They knew, that they would be pursuing an aggressive agenda and campaign against their Muslim neighbors, hence the rush towards developing these weapons of mass terror.

    “On the eve of the Arab-Israeli war, 50 years ago this week, Israeli officials raced to assemble an atomic device and developed a plan to detonate it atop a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula as a warning to Egyptian and other Arab forces, according to an interview with a key organizer of the effort that will be published Monday.

    The secret contingency plan, called a “doomsday operation” by Itzhak Yaakov, the retired brigadier general who described it in the interview, would have been invoked if Israel feared it was going to lose the 1967 conflict. The demonstration blast, Israeli officials believed, would intimidate Egypt and surrounding Arab states — Syria, Iraq and Jordan — into backing off.

    Israel won the war so quickly that the atomic device was never moved to Sinai. But Mr. Yaakov’s account, which sheds new light on a clash that shaped the contours of the modern Middle East conflict, reveals Israel’s early consideration of how it might use its nuclear arsenal to preserve itself.” (NYT, 03/06/2017)


    Eager to rain fire down from the sky are they not? Anything to secure their power.

    The founders of modern Israel have done much incalculable evil in the last 100 years to achieve their goals, and they will literally do anything to maintain their hegemony in the region and expand their borders. Even detonate nuclear munitions as means of driving their agenda forward.

    We have every reason to be leery of the Zionist state, and Christians would be wise to stop worshiping them as God’s plan, and recognize it for the ambitions of the Devil that it has always been.





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