The Interesting Thing About Q Anon


    By Jason Charles on 8/22/2018 (5 years 337 days ago) New Age & Occult

    I couldn’t tell you if Q Anon, was a high-level leak or not to be honest right up front.  I would like to know, sure, but in reality, I don’t think anyone could demonstrably prove Q has classified level intelligence at their disposal.

    In my opinion Q Anon isn’t posting anything of note that a seasoned internet researcher hasn’t already had a handle on for years in terms of internet journalism and new world order conspiracy research. The only difference is, Q is really, really, and I mean really an optimistic guy. According to him Trump is going to have Rothschild on a leash by next week.

    The Trump admin worship is so over the top, that anyone reading Q’s posts would think that it is actually Trump posting as Q, minus the “YUUGE” and “it will be AMAZING…believe me” jumbled into each sentence. The Q material really is that gushing on Trump and his supposed crack team tasked with dismantling the Deep State. The Q mantra is “Trust the Plan.” The plan being just trust us that Trump is in the process of compiling dossiers and sealed indictments on deep state insiders involved with child-trafficking and even satanic ritual abuse. That in time, once executed, the government will be given back to the people, free from the pedovore (google that dozy) satanic occultist that have taken over the U.S. government.

    Well sure let’s do that right? Well, I hate to burst your bubble but that’s a pipe-dream.


    The Nature of the Beast

    Anyone that thinks the entire corrupt Deep State will be taken down because of supposed sealed indictments doesn’t really understand how the intelligence networks inside government work, or how the occult organizations they are modeled after work. These organizations are highly-compartmentalized to a degree that is unfathomable to the lay-person. Any one employee of any agency has little if any knowledge of what they are working on, for whom, for what reason, and why. People who work for any given intelligence agency are told many things that seemingly answer those questions, but never the truth. That is the nature of the intel community. It is this compartmentalization that protects the Beast system itself from any one scandal, in any one of the agency compartments.

    The way information is shared is on a need to know basis only. Meaning if an agency head is putting a team together for any given operation, the team is read into, or briefed on elements that only pertain to the job they perform. Nobody, not even the Director of National Intelligence is ever briefed on the totality of agency knowledge, assets, connections, technologies, or missions past, present and future. Unless they were briefed on an aspect that concerns them directly, they will never know about 90% of what is going on inside their own agencies. This is the absurd reality of our nation’s intelligence agencies. Unless they caught wind of some secret operation in mid act, they wouldn’t just be briefed for the sake of being briefed. Intel heads have to file a request to be briefed which is rare, and unless there is some sort of congressional investigation associated with it, they may never fully get briefed on what they stumble across while digging around on behalf of the President.

    People think that when someone is given an intelligence clearing it means they are briefed into every clandestine project and operation at that classification level. That just isn’t the case, they are given a classification level, but aren’t told anything, or become aware of anything unless they need to become aware of something specific to their work. Even then it is limited.

    For example the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is an appointed position that works on behalf of the president. He picks this person and trusts them to utilize their knowledge and connections inside the Intel communities to provide the President with daily intelligence briefs.  But, think about it for a second, that appointed Director of National Intelligence only has the knowledge that they themselves have gained working for however long in any given agency. The knowledge is limited only to the actual experience they had, nothing more, by design. Their experience really amounts to a bunch of classified case work and general knowledge of the surrounding agencies operations. No one single person ever get’s briefed into the entire scope of intelligence operations, and thus no one person can ever bring the Beast System down.

    The Office of the Director of National Security was formed after 9/11 as means to coordinate the intelligence communities, probe for ethics violations, and share information. But what people don’t realize is the first DNI was John Negroponte, a guy that was an expert at setting up compartmentalized black budget operations during the Iran Contra affair. He literally created death squads in Nicaragua, all run and funded by black budget, off book operations in the late 70’s and also during his time as the newly appointed DNI in Iraq, a person I have written about in the past here. The oversight system that was put in place by the Bush admin after 9/11 was designed to fail by a guy that is dirty as hell itself.

    The ODNI is actually a buffer position to assure that nothing of substance gets to the president through the intelligence briefings. The briefings consist of information that is designed to control and stymie the agenda of the President, not empower him.

    This is something Trump had to of known about going in because he reportedly disregards those briefings, saying he doesn’t need them, and if he does get one it is read to him and summarized. That actually tells me that he is hip to the fact these briefings are the means in which the intel community controls the president.

    In an op-ed in US News called Intelligence Matters last February, a former assistant to the CIA director Mark Lowenthal, pretty much admits that this is the case. While deriding the Trump as a moron, he admits,

    “As a general rule, getting the fullest picture of what's going on around the world best prepares a president to do his job; that makes intuitive sense and also jibes with what intelligence experts told the Post: "You need to get immersed in a story over its entire course," Mark Lowenthal, a career intelligence officer and former assistant CIA director, told the Post. "You can't just jump into an issue and come up to speed on the actors and the implications. The odds are pretty good that something will arise later on for which he has no intelligence basis for helping him work through it." (US NEWS)


    Implications” meaning, don’t do this Mr. President or A, B, and C will happen and you don’t want a scandal on you hands now do you? It is best you sit at your desk and don’t mess with any National Security objectives, and of course, now everything falls under the umbrella of National Security. The economy, wars, police state, etc everything is national security and thus out of bounds for even a president to address by himself.

    People that are operating these Black Budget operations are essentially the Deep State, in the case of the Iran Contra Scandal, it took congressional oversight hearings and committees to even pry the lid off of it when it blew up during the Reagan administration. Nothing was done, Oliver North is head of the NRA now, and Negroponte was the first DNI for crying-out-loud.

    Suffice to say, government is a swamp because of this compartmentalized nature. It is modeled after occult mystery societies purposely. This is so one hand will never know what the other is doing. Don’t believe me? Simply research the founding of the OSS which was the predecessor of the CIA by the infamous Yale occult secret society Skull and Bones. This fact was the subject of the film, Good Shepard (2006).


    What Can We Take Away from the Q Phenomenon?

    A newly elected president has virtually no optics into what actually occurs throughout the entire scope of government, and the people that have been in government for a time and have held classified positions in different agencies have virtually no optics outside their own experience. That is why when you hear from a whistleblower that has proven credentials like Edward Snowden they only talk about what they know and that is all. Anything apart from their direct dealings is pure speculation as to the interworking’s of the intel community as a whole.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that there are high-level, very famous and very public people trafficking children who involve themselves in ritual cannibalism as an occult sacrament. I just don’t think it is something a sitting president has the power to take down because these VIP's are a protected National Security class.

    The one thing I am happy about in terms of the Q Anon phenoma is the communities of researchers that have popped up all over the world. Savvy, internet researchers that have begun to utilize technology to peer into the lives of the wicked elite to a level never before seen. The collective research capabilities of the masses have far surpassed the centralized computational power of the NSA and digital elite. In fact, the intel community is being vastly out performed, and this good ole boy club of occultist/human traffickers that are being unearthed as we speak by these groups are being exposed like never seen in the history of the world.

    So, whether Q Anon is a high-level operative directly working under the supervision and control of the Trump admin, or just a savvy 14 year old internet hacker and researcher in their basement really isn’t the point. The point is, 90% of what is being talked about and uncovered by Q and other researchers involves pizzagate and pedogate. These folks are demonstrating handily that there is some twisted, sick and very wicked stuff that is going on inside of Hollywood, government, corporate America, and even the churches of America and abroad. That without a doubt it is as disgustingly evil as anything the Aztecs or the Moloch worshipping pagans of old did. That these groups control our government, they attend parties in which children are sacrificed and consumed, and they do so because it draws a dark net around each of their souls, linking them to unspeakable darkness forever.

    It’s not money or power that keeps these occult networks together, it really is their own skin. The satanic collective policies itself through blackmail, once in always in.


    Whoever Q Anon is, whether a singular person or a group while they haven’t told us long-time researchers anything new, what they have achieved is motivation.

    These message boards like the channs and the reddit forums were once home of lost, perverted apathetic populations of young people, have now been turned into communities of pedo hunters looking to disrupt these occult human trafficking rings and ensnare VIP’s. This is the real power behind the Q cult, the collective motivation.

    The government has and never will shake these pedo networks up simply because of the thousands upon thousands of layers of subterfuge and cover-ups that aid the real criminals. But these networks of lay researchers skirt right by these limitations, hacking email accounts, connecting and identifying operational members, exposing their email histories, downloading the entire content of their twitter/Instagram accounts and demonstrating that these people flaunt their evil, and as such things are starting to happen.

    There is no doubt that there is a real shake up going on in the Hollywood circles, people and groups are being exposed as pedophiles and occultist left and right. It is having a real and measurable impact for sure. What remains to be seen is whether or not Trump is in all actuality leading the charge in this regard, and Q is truly a patriot. Or is it just an op by a savvy, yet rabid Trump supporter for him to get the credit when this all blows up in the face of the Satanists themselves.

    Who knows, Q is without a doubt a sycophant with the Trump support, but Q is not the one to watch in my opinion. The community of researchers is the real contributors.

    I am praying that God is behind this all and that the revelation and break up of these cults spurs a new Great Awakening of love for God and hate for wickedness once again. When you are confronted with such over the top satanic evil, you have to reflect on the Biblical God and person of Jesus Christ. The spiritual war is becoming very real for these research communities and Q followers that traffic in this topic. I would imagine many have come to know Jesus as a result.

    Time will tell, and God willing we are alive to watch it all go down. I so want this cabal of demons to go down.

    The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth. Ecclesiastes 7:4

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