Shame on the Liberty Movement for Applauding the Kim Davis Jail Time

    By Jason Charles on 9/3/2015 (8 years 229 days ago)

    Point: If Kim Davis is jailed then every conscientious objector that wished to leave the military based on spiritual convictions should also be jailed instead of discharged. I am dumbfounded how little the "Liberty Movement" knows about liberty. To all the "liberty activists" out there that took to social media applauding the arrest of Kim Davis by federal marshals you make me sick. It is obvious that your liberty education is nothing more than opinions about liberty rather than you being truly willing to stand up for actual time tested liberty principles. The Kim Davis ruling demonstrates that nobody in this movement understands the importance of jurisdictional authority in the least which is by far one of the most fundamental, foundational of all natural law principles. I would venture...



    While the American Church Sleeps Chinese Christians are Waging a Full on Anti-Communist Revolt

    By Jason Charles on 8/31/2015 (8 years 232 days ago)

    By far the most devious thing the devil has ever done to suppress God's church was to institutionalize and state sanction its existence. This trend started with the Catholic church and continues right up till the current modern age. Both the US and China have fully institutionalized Churches. In America the churches operate under a system of incorporation called the 501c3, and in China a system of state licensing through the TSPM/CCC. Despite state license, the US and Chinese churches are under constant attack by communist entities in both the public and government arena. Yet the response to these anti-religious attacks by the Christian populations in their respective governments couldn't be more different.A Quick History of the Church in ChinaIn 1951 a Chinese Christian leader named Y.T....



    Obama is a Perfect Example Why God Judges Authority Figures Far More Harshly Than Commoners

    By Jason Charles on 8/17/2015 (8 years 246 days ago)

    Before we demonstrate how Obama has violated God's law and continues to overstep his jurisdictional authority as president, it is important we articulate exactly what Biblical authority looks like so we know emphatically how his hubris will bring the wrath of God upon our nation. The "higher powers" are subject to the Highest PowerThe Bible is full of reoccurring truths, natural laws and principles throughout the entire cannon of scripture. One of which is how God holds anyone who aspires to positions of authority to an infinitely higher degree of accountability in this life and the next. The reason for this is because people in positions of authority are able to leverage their will whether good or bad exponentially over others.To properly demonstrate this truth we first need to understand...



    Hooked on a Feeling: The Addictive Nature of the Modern Church Format

    By Jason Charles on 8/10/2015 (8 years 253 days ago)

    Pointing Out the ObviousPastors and Christians who read their Bibles daily are confronted with both extremely positive verses and horribly negative verses, you simply can't get around that fact. Yet the average megachurch has not only been able to dance around the negative aspects of the Bible they have managed to build massive followings by cultivating an atmosphere of total positivity that for some has become as addictive as any substance, adrenaline rush, concert or sporting event. Church for the average Christian has become synonymous with any other culturally accepted fantasy based "escapism."Anybody that has a cursory knowledge of scripture and has studied how the early church operated knows that the modern megachurch atmosphere has little if anything in common with that founding...



    Life, the Most Precious Thing in the Known Universe Ravaged by Humankind

    By Jason Charles on 8/4/2015 (8 years 260 days ago)

    An Awesome Responsibility Breakthrough Listen, a $100 million dollar initiative to utilize two of the world's most powerful telescopes to find alien life was just announced this last July by Stephen Hawking the famed cosmologist. At the 1:15 mark in the embedded video we can listen to the drone of his robot  voice make the statement,"We believe that life arose spontaneously on Earth, so in an infinite universe there must be other occurrences of life. Somewhere in the cosmos, perhaps , intelligent life may be watching these lights of ours aware of what they mean. Or do our lights wander a lifeless cosmos?"                To phrase it another way, is our small little Earth the only thing that hosts life in the known universe? That truly is the $100 million dollar question isn't it? Are we...



    The False Doctrine of Unlimited Grace and Non-Judgemental Christianity

    By Jason Charles on 7/21/2015 (8 years 273 days ago)

    The old saying the "devil is in the details" is especially true when it comes to the false doctrine of "Unlimited Grace." Like most false doctrines they sound reasonable and even spiritually pure on the surface, but when examined in the light of God's word we realize that they have destructive qualities. It is this hidden destructive nature that the devil simply loves to utilize, like a cupcake that masks the taste of rat poison it can bring ruin upon Christians who unwittingly partake. This false doctrine of "Unlimited Grace" has become a core principle behind the modern seeker friendly church and as a result has caused untold amounts of damage within the church body and in the lives of Christians all over the world. This doctrine has so thoroughly corrupted Christian thinking the best...



    10 Things That Can Cause Christians to Lose Their Purpose

    By Jason Charles on 4/22/2015 (8 years 363 days ago)

    Upon leaving this earth Jesus didn't give us the Great Suggestion, he gave all Christians Past, Present and Future a Great Commission. That is to go into all the earth and make disciples. "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen."  - Matthew 28: 19-20This verse is not just a command, it is the Universal Command. This means all other commands in the Bible fall under it in importance. Be fruitful and multiple yes, but never at the expense of the Great Commission. To lose sight of this primary directive of making disciples and teaching the commands of Jesus is to lose sight of...



    The Church doesn't Deserve to be Raptured

    By Jason Charles on 5/19/2011 (12 years 337 days ago)

    According to the 'math' of  Harold Camping's prophecy and numerological calculations based on his reading of the Bible, Christians everywhere need to drop what they are doing and prepare themselves to be whisked away to be with their Lord Jesus Christ at 6pm on Saturday May 21, 2011.As followers post billboards and radio ads, and mainstream media pick's up on his efforts to publicize this event a few points need to be made in the wake of his latest prediction.The first point is, he said the same thing back in 1994 which failed to come true, the 2nd is that no amount of math, and reading will allow anyone man on this Earth to predict the coming of the Lord. Jesus himself clearly stated if you read through the passages in Matthew 24 that his return will be like a "Thief in the Night" and...



    The Foolish and the Wise in the Modern Age

    By Jason Charles on 4/15/2011 (13 years 7 days ago)

    The Book of Proverbs was written by King Solomon as a collection of sayings to help instill people with a thirst for knowledge, truth, justice, wisdom and most importantly cultivate a righteous fear for God. Those who lived by these sayings were consider wise, esteemed, courageous and commanded respect in all areas of their lives.Sadly, those who did not where considered fools, they were troublesome, fighting, drunken individuals who were burdens on family and society. The legendary King had nothing but contempt for fools and wrote these passages down in hopes it could be used to help preserve the moral character and integrity of future generations.Often times King Solomon described the radical differences between the foolish and the wise and how they conducted themselves in the same...



    Faith and Liberty 2010 Conference Re-cap

    By Jason Charles on 7/27/2010 (13 years 268 days ago)

    BUY THE CONFERENCE DVD | ON SALE NOW  Something closely resembling the fervor of Revolutionary War time preaching was present at the Faith and Liberty 2010 Conference, in Denver, Colorado, this past weekend. Keynote speakers Amb. Alan Keyes and Dr. Chuck Baldwin lit up the pulpit with the fire of the full Gospel interspersed with serious condemnation of the politicians and financial interests that have destroyed this country.  Dr. Chuck Baldwin Amb. Alan Keyes  The New World Order puppet masters have successfully kept the churches in their place for far too long. As Dr. Chuck Baldwin clearly spells out in this video teaser below, they are all cowards hiding behind the 501c3 and we need to break them of that habit now! There is no doubt about it, according to...



    Christian Coalition Takes Propaganda Grant from Eugenics Funding Rockefeller Foundation

    By Jason Charles on 11/28/2009 (14 years 145 days ago) | A grant in the way of $100,000 was given to the Christian Coalition on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation on 09/09/09. It will be interesting to note that the grant has been given expressly for the purpose of changing the mindset of the Christian conservatives in regards to global climate change....


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