The Foolish and the Wise in the Modern Age

    By Jason Charles on 4/15/2011 (8 years 157 days ago)

    The Book of Proverbs was written by King Solomon as a collection of sayings to help instill people with a thirst for knowledge, truth, justice, wisdom and most importantly cultivate a righteous fear for God. Those who lived by these sayings were consider wise, esteemed, courageous and commanded respect in all areas of their lives.Sadly, those who did not where considered fools, they were troublesome, fighting, drunken individuals who were burdens on family and society. The legendary King had nothing but contempt for fools and wrote these passages down in hopes it could be used to help preserve the moral character and integrity of future generations.Often times King Solomon described the radical differences between the foolish and the wise and how they conducted themselves in the same...



    Faith and Liberty 2010 Conference Re-cap

    By Jason Charles on 7/27/2010 (9 years 54 days ago)

    BUY THE CONFERENCE DVD | ON SALE NOW  Something closely resembling the fervor of Revolutionary War time preaching was present at the Faith and Liberty 2010 Conference, in Denver, Colorado, this past weekend. Keynote speakers Amb. Alan Keyes and Dr. Chuck Baldwin lit up the pulpit with the fire of the full Gospel interspersed with serious condemnation of the politicians and financial interests that have destroyed this country.  Dr. Chuck Baldwin Amb. Alan Keyes  The New World Order puppet masters have successfully kept the churches in their place for far too long. As Dr. Chuck Baldwin clearly spells out in this video teaser below, they are all cowards hiding behind the 501c3 and we need to break them of that habit now! There is no doubt about it, according to...



    Christian Coalition Takes Propaganda Grant from Eugenics Funding Rockefeller Foundation

    By Jason Charles on 11/28/2009 (9 years 295 days ago) | A grant in the way of $100,000 was given to the Christian Coalition on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation on 09/09/09. It will be interesting to note that the grant has been given expressly for the purpose of changing the mindset of the Christian conservatives in regards to global climate change....


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