According to the Bible LaVoy Finicum Could Be Labeled an Infidel

    By Jason Charles on 3/14/2016 (8 years 66 days ago)

      Authors Note: This article will undoubtedly be hugely controversial, but so was the stand-off making it open to public scrutiny as anticipated Really Infidels?"But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel." 1 Timothy 5:8This verse is God's word, not mine. The fact is, LaVoy Finicum according to the Bible is not a hero, he is not a martyr, he is an infidel plain and simple. When Mr. Finicum joined the protestors at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge he left behind a wife and 11 children, and also had social workers remove the foster children under his care as a result of his protest activities. His family has suffered immeasurably due to his choices to protest the BLM alongside the Bundy's these last...



    5 Indicators You are Not Cut Out for the Freedom Fight

    By Jason Charles on 3/7/2016 (8 years 73 days ago)

    In the movie 300 King Leonidas played by Gerard Butler gives audience to a horribly disfigured hunchback who wishes to join Leonidas and the army of 300 Spartans who faced the god/King Xerxes on the battlefield. During this exchange the hunchback claiming to be the disfigured son of a Spartan warrior demonstrated his spear fighting technique in hopes to redeem his father's honor. King Leonidas, who is the captain of the highly trained and very deadly Spartan guard then asks him to raise his shield and demonstrate is proficiency with the Spartan Shield. The exchange went like this, (The Hunchback) I will earn my father's armor, noble serving you in the battle.(The Hunchback stabs violently with spear)(King Leonidas) A fine thrust.(The Hunchback) I will kill many Persians.(King...



    Identifying the Four Types of Spiritual Tyrants and How to Protect Yourself

    By Jason Charles on 2/29/2016 (8 years 80 days ago)

    Reaping What We SowOur culture is 2-3 generations deep into a full on moral collapse, and as a result nobody can be trusted and that is not hyperbole, that is a statement of fact. I have come to realize that when dealing with people in our modern era you are either dealing with someone who has been horribly victimized by people in our declining culture or those who are doing the victimizing. Both of them are dangerous, one will lash out due to hidden hurt and the other is looking for those that can be manipulated and used to their advantage.The Apostle Paul described in Romans 3 a vivid picture of the cultural decline he saw in his day and it is unsurprisingly exactly what we see in our day. Human nature simply has not changed. We have all been touched by evil and the sin nature that...



    Contrary to Popular Belief Government is Not Inherently Evil

    By Jason Charles on 2/22/2016 (8 years 87 days ago)

    Wake the Church | As a filmmaker during the hay-day of the 9/11 Truth activist movement I often heard people associated with the movement ascribe the terrorist attacks to the government. They would say things like "9/11 is an Inside Job" or the "the US government was behind the attacks", indicting the whole government as being complicit in those horrendous attacks. Yes, having researched the attacks extensively I am the first to admit that perhaps a few people inside of our government may of had both foreknowledge of the attacks and maybe even played an active part, and yes there were perhaps foreign state sponsors who provided personnel and material support, but to broad brush the entire government with guilt is simply juvenile in thinking....


    Ted Cruz Represents a Religious Cult More Dangerous than Islam

    By Jason Charles on 2/15/2016 (8 years 94 days ago)

    The war over the evangelical vote has ramped up between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, unfortunately for the evangelicals both represent a false version of Christianity. Trump is an obvious poser who knows absolutely nothing about the Christian faith and has demonstrated his ignorance on the campaign trail time and time again. If Trump is disingenuous in his personal faith, then his entire campaign is disingenuous in everything of substance you can guarantee. Some things go without saying.Ted Cruz on the other hand has a father who is a pastor, and who is actively campaigning for him giving Ted a life-long instruction in the Christian faith. Rafael Cruz as a pastor has been able to use his connection into the upper echelons of the evangelical movement to win support among some very well known...



    Anarchist Ideology has Destroyed the Liberty Movement

    By Jason Charles on 2/8/2016 (8 years 101 days ago)

    What does LaVoy Finicum and Rand Paul have in common? They both are recent casualties of anarchist principles taking over the liberty movement. The Ron Paul Revolution Flash back to the election years of 2008 and 2012, Ron Paul inspired millions of young people to embrace the founding principles of our Constitutional Republic. Many people and college students began to obsessively research his voting record, his commitment to sound money philosophy, limited government and  the Principles of Liberty that were foundational to the ideological formation of our government. And so began the Ron Paul Revolution.Those election years were instrumental in mainstreaming long forgotten truths and inspired countless thousands of young and old alike to begin producing blogs, radio shows, meet up groups,...



    Scientists Researching Fasting Discover What the Bible Knew All Along

    By Jason Charles on 2/1/2016 (8 years 108 days ago)

    One of the most powerful spiritual disciplines given to us in the Bible is fasting. The Bible is replete with examples of people fasting for a wide variety of reasons. In Acts 13:3 we see believers fasting and praying for safe travels and the strengthening of God's people. In Judges 20:26 we see God's people fasting and seeking God's guidance. In 2 Samuel 1:11-12 we see David fasting in grief over the death of the King and best friend Jonathan. In Matthew 4:1 we are shown how Jesus himself fasted to overcome the temptations of Satan in the wilderness. There are many spiritual reasons to fast, but what is very interesting is how many times, kings declared days or weeks of fasting for the people. Often times these fasts were forced upon the people regularly in a show of repentance and...



    Donald Trump: The King of Right-Wing Political Pandering

    By Jason Charles on 1/18/2016 (8 years 122 days ago)

    Jerry Falwell, founder of Liberty University and arguably the most powerful political coalition of all time, the Moral Majority would be shaking his head in disbelief had he been still alive and heard Donald Trump refer to "2nd" Corinthians  as "Two" Corinthians. Yet that is exactly what Donald Trump did when speaking to the student body Monday at Liberty University.Watch Trump Say "Two" Corinthians VideoWhile watching the video I was waiting for someone in the crowd to scream out "POSER" at the top of their lungs, but unfortunately nobody did. Saying "Two" Corinthians as opposed to the actual name 2nd Corinthians reveals him as totally Biblically illiterate, but that doesn't stop thousands of supposed conservative Christians from supporting him does it. Why? Easy, because his staff and...



    The FDA is a Petrochemical Protection Racket

    By Jason Charles on 1/11/2016 (8 years 129 days ago)

    The Food and Drug Administration according to their own website slogan says that they are "Protecting and Promoting Your Health." In actuality they are really only "protecting"  Big Oil, Big Food, and Big Pharma from liability while simultaneously  "promoting" their profits. This organization has failed miserably in its stated goals and serves as a perfect example of how industry through corporate, fascist partnerships create and manage government agencies. These mega-corps do this for a variety of reasons, but the primary reasons are to create an atmosphere of unbiased authority and accreditation surrounding their products, to protect themselves from liability when products are proven harmful, and to regulate, target and use the force of government to persecute competing industries or...



    God, Guns and Guts are the Only Thing Holding America Together

    By Jason Charles on 1/4/2016 (8 years 136 days ago)

    In the summer of 1776 when the Second Continental Congress came together and finally decided that they had no other recourse but to commission Thomas Jefferson to write up the first draft of the Declaration of Independence there was only three things to consider. One, was God on their side? Two, did they have sufficient arms? And Three, was there enough men in the colonies with enough guts to put their lives on the line toward the cause of liberty? The answer to all three of these questions in the minds of the 12 out of the 13 colonies that voted in favor of the signing of the Declaration of Independence was an emphatic yes. If any one of these three components were lacking the vote would have failed, the resolution would have been struck down, and British tyranny would of marched on...



    The Case for Christian Support of Medical and Recreational Cannabis Use

    By Jason Charles on 12/28/2015 (8 years 143 days ago)

    With over 6,000 years worth of recorded use, hundreds of peer reviewed studies towards its medicinal efficacy on virtually every disease, 1000's of documented uses from food to fuel, and no detrimental health side effects, cannabis is without question one of the most fascinating plants God has ever created. In fact you would be hard pressed to find another plant in all the earth that has benefited the human race more so than cannabis/hemp has. These points are all undeniable, totally substantiated, readily researched and attributed facts. Yet despite these facts, the group that presents the least favorable view towards the legalization of marijuana has always been Christian conservatives. According to a Barna Group study entitled Legalize It? A Majority of Christians Say No to Recreational...



    2015's Top Ten Examples of Apostasy in the American Church

    By Jason Charles on 12/21/2015 (8 years 150 days ago)

    It is no secret the liberal media is constantly on the prowl to paint Christians as hypocritical adherents to an irrelevant, bigoted and unreasonable faith. One thing is for certain in this day and age they never miss an opportunity to seize upon a story or headline that can tarnish the good name of anyone who identifies with the God of the Bible and the Christian faith. As true as this statement is, it is the church's capitulation to the world's standards that has caused the most damage to the Christian faith and the church. It is the church itself that is culpable for the lack of influence and authority in our culture seeing they have changed and perverted time tested truths and doctrines prescribe by God through his word. Instead of changing the world to conform to the truth of...



    Your Hate is Being Monetized by Greedy Corporations America

    By Jason Charles on 12/14/2015 (8 years 157 days ago)

    At risk of pointing out the obvious, the political climate today has become extremely volatile and explosive in nature. On all sides of the political spectrum we see people everywhere branding the opposition as the devil incarnate and the source of all things evil in the world. The rhetoric has become so venomous and politically charged it truly threatens to tear this country apart. The guilty parties fueling this atmosphere of hate in our country can be found in the media, in movies, in the churches, in our universities, on the presidential debate stage, and even in the Whitehouse. On the surface it looks like a natural phenomena as the country is politically at odds as to how to deal with a plethora of issues that face our nation. Issues like gay marriage, abortion, immigration,...



    Are Atheists Right in Attacking the Character of the Biblical God?

    By Jason Charles on 12/7/2015 (8 years 164 days ago)

    We have seen a massive upsurge in serious charges being leveled against the God of the Bible in recent times. Mainly because people like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and others are writing books that claim the God of the Bible is in their view totally psychotic. These charges on the surface seem very well reasoned and point out that the God of the Bible can been seen as an extremely vengeful, erratic, unjust, and often an outright murderous God at times depending on the particular verses being discussed as evidence towards this belief. Those who level these charges are often very knowledgeable about passages in the Bible that show God as having directly commanded the taking of slaves, the killing of woman and children, the genocide of entire cultures, and even the murdering of his...



    Tim Tebow is Feminists Worst Nightmare

    By Jason Charles on 11/30/2015 (8 years 171 days ago)

    News outlets out to shame Tim Tebow and his Christian faith ran with headlines accusing Tim Tebow's "girlfriend" Olivia Culpo that she broke it off with him because of his commitment to abstinence and that she couldn't take it. The Daily News Headline read, Tim Tebow still can’t find the end zone as girlfriend Olivia Culpo breaks it off over lack of sex. In the article a source close to the former Miss USA model was quoted as saying, "He was really into her, he was sending her love letters and cute notes and professing his love for her. She had to break up with him because she just couldn't handle it. He still hits her up, but she just can't deal with the sex thing. He's pretty adamant about it, I guess."As a result of this one article the liberal media pounced on Tim Tebow, hammering his...


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