Trigger Warning: A Biblical Definition of Gender Roles

    By Jason Charles on 1/4/2017 (2 years 166 days ago)

    If there was a 5th Horse of the Apocalypse, the horse would be named Confusion and the rider of that horse would be Obama. Obama has opened Pandora's box by popularizing gender non-conformity. His assault on the institution of marriage via the SCOTUS Gay marriage ruling, and the inclusion of transgender bathroom policy into government and public education is a bona fide tax on the sanity of future America. Obama's public celebrity has popularized sodomite culture and gender-bending to such a degree that it literally can be said among the younger generation, "Hey all the cool kids are doing it."Well guess what, the "cool kids" are lemmings, buying a well marketed product called pride culture. They aren't edgy or different, they are just consumers in our modern era, mimicking the idols of...



    The Modern Church is a Combination of the Galatia and Corinth Church

    By Jason Charles on 12/28/2016 (2 years 173 days ago)

    The best way to describe the modern churches here in the U.S. would be to say it is a combination of the church of Galatia and the church at Corinth. The reason is, the U.S. churches have become thoroughly infiltrated by the Jewish religion and worship of Israel as in ancient Galatia. They have also become infatuated with spiritual and secular flamboyancy as in ancient Corinth. The parallels are uncanny. Be sure though the sins of both these churches were totally refuted and rebuked by the Apostle Paul in his epistles to these two churches. In fact in all of scripture none of the churches were so thoroughly rebuked than these two churches, they standout in all of scripture as the only time he chastised a group of Christians for their overt false doctrines. We need to take a hard look as to...



    Liberal Ideology had a Complete Meltdown in 2016

    By Jason Charles on 12/21/2016 (2 years 180 days ago)

    Who can comprehend the mind-boggling reality that unfolded this election season? I will say what we saw was more than just a shift in political power in 2016. No, what we saw is the cusp of what I believe to be another Great Awakening in the years ahead. Mark it down, liberal culture from this moment on will slowly fade once again into the annuals of history as being another failed human experiment. This election season is just rife with lessons. Social lessons, civics lessons, spiritual lessons, you name it, and we have lived it this election season. I could go on for hours and hours about each of these areas of discussion, but I have to take a moment and give a proper eulogy to Liberal Philosophy. This 2016 election season has revealed liberal, and secular humanist philosophy to be...



    Obama Botches the False Narrative of Russian Hacking

    By Jason Charles on 12/14/2016 (2 years 187 days ago)

    The Secret Behind PoliticsThe best way to understand the power of the elite is to visualize them as story-tellers or creators. By controlling the narratives they control destiny, but unlike fiction their stories are real, and they play with real lives.The primordial power of the king resides in the ability to create crisis narratives that lead to desired changes in government policy, legislation, or public opinion. They build these narratives through the control of official channels, media outlets, PR blitzes, etc. As a result new artificial realties begin to encompass the entire mechanism of government, and society. Some administrations are better at creating these false realities than others, it really comes down to how adept they themselves are in the dark arts of public opinion...



    Fake News Campaign Signals Collapse of the Globalist System

    By Jason Charles on 12/7/2016 (2 years 194 days ago)

    The desperation by the New World Order is so apparent at this point, we really need to just stop and take a moment to reflect on how irrelevant the main stream media and political class is...Author's note: Look who else is joining the #FakeNews purge! You can't make this stuff up!Graham says he'll lead probe of Russian intervention in electionPope warns media over 'sin' of spreading fake news, smearing politicians Globalism has been exposed as a fraud built on lies, assassinations, regime changes, currency wars, resource monopolization, false flags and crisis manipulation and staged propaganda campaigns fomenting social change. The means in which they have strived to arrive at this global system shows them morally destitute. They deserve neither the global system they worked towards nor...



    Where Did America Go Wrong, and How to Get Back On Track

    By Jason Charles on 11/30/2016 (2 years 201 days ago)

    Let's be honest despite the best of intentions by Donald Trump, "Draining the Swamp" is not what will "Make America Great Again." These are campaign slogans that do nothing to reverse the course of decades and decades of moral and spiritual decline within the American culture. Now I have seen many people speculate on the dates, events, people and situations that have contributed to the decline of America, and though I agree with many of these assessments I can't help but conclude that everyone of these things are nothing more than a symptom of a larger problem. Whether we are talking about our perpetual wars abroad, the corruption in Washington, or the greed of Wall Street they all share one thing in common, which is compromised people are driving it all, and these compromised people are...



    The Radicalization of U.S. Politics

    By Jason Charles on 11/16/2016 (2 years 215 days ago)

    I believe Obama is holding the gun of civil riots to the head of Mr.Trump. With a simple order from social agitator and Billionaire George Soros, the riots could turn destructively brutal. The scenario could  easily digress, giving Obama a reason to suspend Trump's inauguration due to a national security crisis. This hand-off of power between two administrations is always a deal with the devil, and the devil has a lot of vested interest in the corruptocracy of the U.S. government. Literally Trillions of dollars and all of our freedoms hang in the balance. The eyes of the world are on Trump, and his Administration picks will speak volumes to us all.The purchase of this DVD is what funds Wake the Church!Bush successfully pushed Obama into covering-up the murderous sins of his administration,...



    President Trump Choose Your People Wisely

    By Jason Charles on 11/8/2016 (2 years 223 days ago)

    Satan was defeated this ElectionI am writing this in disbelief. Donald Trump is the President elect of the United States of America. Come January 2017 we all will witness this man place his hand on the Bible and swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, so help him God. If he aims to keep that oath, and all of the promises to the American people that he has made this election season, then he will need all the forces of God to come to his aid. Why, because he just royally ticked off, the establishment in both the Republican, Democratic, global and also the demonic realms, and that’s no joke. I say that hoping you have been following the Wikileaks emails and some of the work being done by internet journalists uncovering the demonic, occult, and child trafficking networks...



    The Spiritual Lessons Behind the 2016 Presidential Election

    By Jason Charles on 11/2/2016 (2 years 229 days ago)

    God's Hand In this Election It is my belief that God has supernaturally intervened in this 2016 election season. Trump simply would not be in the position he is in without the help of Wikileaks and the power of the alternative media. Truly a perfect storm has disrupted the corrupt Clinton machine from rigging the entire election. Those leaked emails and the ability to publish them outside of the lapdog Clinton media has made all the difference in the world for the Trump campaign. This truly has been a historic election season. I have to say watching the collapse of the corrupt House of Clinton has been the most fascinating lesson in morality and theology one could ever ask for. Support Wake the Church through the Purchase of this Powerful DVDI by no means am saying that God is a Trump fan,...



    Shocking Video Exposes Hillary's Shadow Government Ties

    By Jason Charles on 10/25/2016 (2 years 237 days ago)

    Hillary Clinton is without a doubt the greatest national security disaster in a long time. Fortunately for us, her carelessness has exposed what can be without question total evidence of a 'Shadow Government' conspiracy well beyond congressional and even Intelligence knowledge. Hillary's oblivious nature, and total disdain for laws has given us the first real peak of a classification structure outside of accountability which is obviously controlling Hillary, and grooming her to be a war-time president, in a war with Russian that hasn't even started yet.WAKE THE CHURCH IS FUNDED VIA THE SELL OF THIS FILM Watch this video, and take special note at how the oversight committee chairman Rep. Chaffetz reacts to the knowledge that he can't even be briefed on info that has been carelessly leaked...



    The Clinton Plan to Destroy Alt-Right Media Involves War with Russia

    By Jason Charles on 10/19/2016 (2 years 243 days ago)

    This title is not hyperbole, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the Obama administration are so desperate to silence alternative news sources inside the U.S., they are even willing to go to war with Russia as means to do so. But first. Let's celebrate a major "Alt-Right" win before getting into this topic. Such a Yuuuge Win! Just yesterday Clinton's facebook page uploaded a poorly edited, looping video attacking Alex Jones and Trump talking in an interview where Trump says, "I will not let you down" again and again insinuating Trump gets his talking points directly from Alex Jones. The Independent jumped on this Clinton video and pointed out that the next day even Trump at a rally recently said verbatim what Alex mentioned in that broadcast about drug testing the candidates. The article...



    The Political Jesus

    By Jason Charles on 10/12/2016 (2 years 250 days ago)

    I see more Christians buying into a very false assumption about Jesus Christ. That assumption is this, that Jesus never confronted the political establishment, and also that He was totally A-political throughout his entire ministry. Well I am here to tell you that this conclusion is patently false, especially considering who Jesus was and whom he represented while on earth.   Doctrinal DangersThe problem with this false doctrine and thinking is it instantly gives a lazy Christian the mental rationalization to check-out on anything of a political nature in life. This doctrinal error is almost as bad as the pre-trib rapture doctrine that has also caused the fire of Christianity to fizzle into apathy. What is worse, this doctrine also gives Christian pastors a convenient way to stay out of...



    The Greatest Achievement of Mankind is the Philosophy of Natural Law

    By Jason Charles on 9/28/2016 (2 years 264 days ago)

    If you were to ask a crowd what mankind's greatest achievement is, you would get 100 different answers. Many would point to Wilbur and Orville Wright saying our ability to fly, some would say Alan Turing and the advent of modern computing, while others would point to Neil Armstrong and the moon landing as maybe the single greatest achievement ever achieved by mankind. Laughably, some would point to the ability to surgically alter the gender of a 10 year old boy to be a milestone of human achievement, I kid you not. But they would all be wrong.The single greatest achievement ever made by mankind was our ability to recognize and articulate the philosophy of Natural Law. Without the ability to articulate the principles of natural law, there never would have been a society free enough,...



    Dawn of the Alt-Right: Donald Trump Pushes Politics into Un-Charted Territory

    By Jason Charles on 9/21/2016 (2 years 271 days ago)

    Let's just say Donald Trump, has all the right enemies. Whether it is infuriating the liberal leftists, or snubbing the neocon turn coats in the Republican party, Trump has a penchant for creating the right enemies. He has political enemies everywhere, everywhere accept according to the liberal media in the "alt-right." So what exactly is this "alt-right" you ask? Good question. The "alt-right" or the "alternative news right" is basically a new, media-coined term describing constitutionally leaning conspiracy theorists. That's it. People who love the founders, the constitution, but consider themselves to be awake to the overt, evil tactics that are being used to mold our country into a communist super-state. What the "alt-right" really is, is a mega-movement of activists, many of who were...



    Horrific Headlines from Neo-Babylon

    By Jason Charles on 9/14/2016 (2 years 278 days ago)

    Editors Note: This Article is Not for Young Children!I can't be the only one that has noticed the large increase in the outrageously disturbing headlines and news stories depicting scenes of total barbarity in our nation, can I? Any cursory glance at the news reveals we are living in some truly grotesque times.The horrific practices that incurred the wrath of God on ancient civilizations are back. Incest, sodomy, bestiality, necrophilia, cannibalism, murder, child rape, and debauchery of all types are back in popularity. Just like what was the case in some of the most heathen cultures of times past. The Pattern of LawlessnessThough atheists love to ridicule God's character and say he was a baby killer for inciting violence against the cultures of Moses time. What was really happening in...


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