Five Insidious Ways Hospital Births Destroy Families

    By Jason Charles on 6/28/2017 (6 years 354 days ago)

    Hospital births have become the norm in this country. This is because Big Pharma has worked exceedingly hard for over 100 years to effectively hijack the entire birth cycle and care of mothers and babies. This has been going on for so long, most woman you talk to would never consider having a natural birth with a midwife in the comfort of their own home. They literally have come to fear the natural birth process. They have come to prefer, the stressful, sterile, drug fueled, cesarean hungry environments of the hospitals, thinking it is the only way to mitigate emergent situations that might arise from giving birth naturally. Nothing could be further from the truth. The statistics show that natural birth's are safer by far. There was a massive study conducted between 2004 - 2010 that...



    Atheist Cosmologists Cling to the Big Bang Theory Despite Evidence

    By Jason Charles on 6/21/2017 (6 years 361 days ago)

    I have been transfixed with cosmology since I was a kid. As a result I have tried to keep afoot of the latest discoveries and studies in the area of theoretical physics. The current dominating theory is that of the Big Bang inflationary model that predicts an expanding universe. This model is the preferred model, especially among atheist cosmologist because it, and only it, allows for billions of years of creation that culminates in life through the evolutionary process. The problem with this theory is that it has become a pet theory based on outdated hypothesis, that are bitterly being clinged too by gate-keeper "physicists" that hate God more than they love unbiased, scientific truth. The latest breach in the wall of the Standard Model bandwagon came from an article in Scientific America...



    Beast-Tech: The Universal Basic Income and Blockchain

    By Jason Charles on 6/7/2017 (7 years 9 days ago)

    Updated Reference: China Becomes First Country in the World to Test a National CryptocurrencyThere is an avalanche of technologies and ideas converging that will completely reshape the economic landscape on a mass scale in the very near future. I call these technologies Beast-Tech. Beast-Tech is any technology, that can be utilized to track men and woman from every sector of earth. In essence it is the operational technologies that make the Biblical Mark of the Beast possible. Hence the name Beast-Tech.The Apostle John was given a prophetic vision that envisioned a world marked by a global superpower capable of controlling human-kind like animals. This verse, speaking of the Antichrist in Revelation reads,And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a...



    What America Needs Now is Some Hard Preaching

    By Jason Charles on 5/31/2017 (7 years 17 days ago)

    There are only two preachers in America, worth listening too, the question is can you handle the Hard Truths they present any given Sunday? The disillusionment with church has become a well documented fact. A Pew Research poll released back in 2015 states," survey of more than 35,000 Americans by the Pew Research Center finds that the percentage of adults (ages 18 and older) who describe themselves as Christians has dropped by nearly eight percentage points in just seven years, from 78.4% in an equally massive Pew Research survey in 2007 to 70.6% in 2014. Over the same period, the percentage of Americans who are religiously unaffiliated – describing themselves as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular” – has jumped more than six points, from 16.1% to 22.8%" (



    Slow-Kill 2: Promoting Sex as Means of Population Control

    By Jason Charles on 5/24/2017 (7 years 24 days ago)

    Authors Note: Last week I wrote Slow-Kill: A Top-level Look at the U.S. Targeted Chemical Conspiracy. This week we are looking at how pop-culture and modern views on sex are being used as a means of population control as well.On its face it may look hugely contradictory to say that the "promotion of sex is a means of population control."  I urge you to hear me out on this, and you will see how popular-cultures promotion of  consequence-free sex and reproductive care is really an insidiously micro-managed system to assure that you have  a maximum of 0-2.5 kids. A rate that in no way can sustain the current population, in fact we have been declining rapidly for decades as a result of the acceptance of GMO foods, chemical birth-control, abortion, and hospital assisted births.With this said...



    Slow-Kill: A Top-Level Look at the U.S. Targeted Chemical Conspiracy

    By Jason Charles on 5/17/2017 (7 years 31 days ago)

    Author Note: This article serves as a quick and dirty mind-dump on the larger conspiracy behind chemically induced population control.Everybody is sick these day. If I asked you to name someone you know dealing with cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, autism, an autoimmune disease, you probably could without much thought. The U.S. is cesspool of ill-health and disease, and if you pull back and look at the larger perspective you will find in short order that it all is by design.Scientifically Managing the Global PopulationThe UN is formed as a global policy body that works towards homogenizing a vast network of financial intuitions, corporations and even nations all throughout the world. These international forces all work towards aiding the goals of the UN, which is to protect...



    The Stupidity of Atheists, and the Mercy of Heaven

    By Jason Charles on 5/11/2017 (7 years 37 days ago)

    Stupidity of ThoughtA conversation about God's mercy with your average atheist who is steeped in the nihilistic ideologies of Richard Dawkin's or Stephen Fry will only bring scoffs and mockery. Their complaint being, God throughout scripture acts unjustly. They think they are clever by cherry-picking Bible verses that seem to show God as being a homicidal ego-maniac, and in their view this is what makes God Himself evil. Now their blasphemy aside, what ends up happening is you only see a very narrow minded, and wrong view of God and His role as a Judge of Nations, something I have written about in the past.In fact read the God hater, Stephen Fry's words yourself, who just this week narrowly escaped prosecution on long standing blasphemy laws in Ireland."The row erupted after a member of...



    Jesus Cleanses the Megachurch

    By Jason Charles on 5/3/2017 (7 years 45 days ago)

    With a thunderous kick Jesus struck the large double doors in the rear of the massive sanctuary. The loud slap of the heavy doors framed perfectly the gasps of the parishioners closest, all whipping their heads around towards the source of this sudden noise. The light passing in from the lobby beyond those massive doors reflected in their eyes an alarming scene. The usual noise from the lobby was a hushed whisper. The floor laid strewn with books from the nearby library. A large 6 foot table had embedded itself into the cashiering area of the coffee shop. Tables were flipped end over end, where families only moments ago had been sitting eating, sipping their coffee. They now lay in groups, cowering on the tiled floor, their eyes staring at the silhouetted man in the door way, helplessly...



    Exposing the Democrats Dirty Little Playbook

    By Jason Charles on 4/26/2017 (7 years 52 days ago)

    The Democrats are so desperate to win elections they willingly throw every element of our Constitutional Republic under the bus. The first thing we have to realize is the Democrats can only win elections by exploiting and creating minority groups that they can manipulate into direct opposition to Republicans. I call this opposition politics. I define this as a sophisticated use of government programs and propaganda campaigns to radicalize civilian groups against their political opponents.  Here is the quick and dirty, non-PC rundown of the absolutely immoral and often illegal tactics the Democrat Party implements during any given election season. Dirty Trick 1: Mobilizing Inner City BlacksThe troubles among typical black communities is a result of their voting Democrat for over 100 years....



    Eradicating Thought-Demons and Trauma Based Spiritual Strongholds

    By Jason Charles on 4/19/2017 (7 years 59 days ago)

    This article is a how-to-guide on identifying and removing spiritual strongholds in one's life.  While the Gospel narratives record many episodes of demonic activity in people's lives, it is not fully revealed as to how these individuals got that way in the first place. In this article I will attempt to explain both the beginning circumstances and also the thought processes that very real spiritual entities utilize to compromise people of all kinds. Then we will discuss a variety of Biblical prescriptions towards bringing oneself back from the dark abyss of spiritual attacks.  The Failure of the Mental Health and Pharmaceutical  Approach of TreatmentPsychiatrists have a spectrum of labels they use to classify mental and emotional dysfunction in their patients. Terms like Anxiety & Panic...



    Shamanism and Drug Use in the Liberty Movement

    By Jason Charles on 4/12/2017 (7 years 66 days ago)

    A trend among celebatarians, liberty activists and anarchists lately has been the popularization of shamanic retreats and psychedelic experiences as a means towards achieving "total freedom" and "healing." I encourage everyone to read this, but I really hope it reaches people who have fallen prey to the allure of psychedelic adventurism. In my experience it is fun and enlightening for a very short space, then its dark nature surfaces.  TestimonyIn full disclosure I totally understand this journey and search towards truth, especially for those that love freedom. I get this more than most. I personally had spent many years pursuing inner truth through the use of psychoactive substances of every sort, and then into advance dreaming and OBE techniques as a superior avenue into the spiritual. I...



    10 Ways to Spare Yourself the Pain of this World

    By Jason Charles on 3/29/2017 (7 years 80 days ago)

    One of my favorite sayings in the Bible is,"And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him"as seen in Luke 2:40 and Luke 2:52 when speaking of Jesus as a child. The Bible also records the Prophet Samuel(1 Samuel 2:21) in such a way, and also John the Baptist (Luke 1:15).These verses create a poetic description of a child coming-of-age with a zeal for God, and a desire to walk in Truth. This zeal is of course planted through the instruction and guidance of their parents. The aim is to create an unbroken chain of good, God-fearing people who are moral, selfless, kind, gracious, generous and a living example of God’s redemptive love for humanity. This is the natural order, this is how things ought to be. If everyone simply loved Truth and...



    David Rockefeller and High-Functioning Generational Curses

    By Jason Charles on 3/22/2017 (7 years 87 days ago)

    Trending this week on social media was the death of David Rockefeller to the glee of conspiracy realists everywhere.  David now deceased was the youngest son of John D. Rockefeller Jr., who in turn was the son of family founder John D. Rockefeller Sr. Three generations of Rockefeller's. These 3 men over the course of 120 years have overseen and financed a system that is directly responsible for the putrefaction of American institutions, public health, morality, economic well-being and the U.S. Constitution.Before we talk about the Rockefeller's legacy of evil, which it very much is, let's first look at the topic of demon possession as it relates to Generational Curses.The gospel accounts being an eye witness record, demonstrate Jesus as having confronted devils in all shapes and ranks,...



    Without U.S. Support Modern Israel is a Failed State

    By Jason Charles on 3/15/2017 (7 years 94 days ago)

    By Jason Charles | Wake the Church |  March. 15, 2017The premise held by many Christian Zionists across America is that God is the creator, sustainer and protector of the modern State of Israel. This very flawed, theological presumption is false, and the historic record proves it. The real creator of modern Israel is the Rothschilds, and the true sustainer of Israel all these decades is the United Nations and the U.S. Pentagon. Without the rabid support of the Rothschilds and these two institutions Israel would have failed a long time ago.Israel Established on the Blood of MillionsIsrael only exists because of the Herculean effort and funding of the Rothschild Dynasty. A devilishly wealthy family with occult ties, a history of war profiteering, bank racketeering and more. In the late...



    Trump Has Enough Political Capital to Destroy Big Brother

    By Jason Charles on 3/7/2017 (7 years 101 days ago)

    Wake the Church | he Obama/Clinton Russian hacking Big Lie was built as a cover to gain a FISA warrant with unfettered access to the Trump's campaign communications...


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