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Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.

2 Thessalonians 2:3
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By Clyde J. Harkins | Wake The Church | Feb. 24, 2011
If you are like me, you have wondered for many years how good is the nutritional quality of the food we in America consume.  For the vast majority of human history people produced both animal and plant based food on land close to them or caught fish out of water near them.  They used farming and animal husbandry methods that were essentially organic.  They produced the food themselves and they realized their very lives depended on good stewardship. 

In the last 75-100 years, the food people consume has increasingly been produced by large corporations.  The industrialization of agriculture and the development of the practice of monoculture (one plant such as corn grown on the same land forever) has made it possible for mankind to produce large quantities of food with far less human effort.  What is industrial produced food?  It is food produced with large amounts of petro-based fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified seeds, and increasingly seeds that have genes "foreign to the plants" inserted in them.  This includes genes from other species which is a direct violation of God's instructions in Genesis.   Animals for example are kept in very close quarters and fed antibiotics to slow diseases and hormones to speed up growth.  Much of this food is not only not sanitary, but is also nutrient deficient.  It took me three months plus to raise chickens from birth to eating as a child.  Now factory farms bring them to your supermarket in 5-6 weeks.  Similar practices are used in the production of beef, pork, fish and lamb.
As many as 500 million small farmers in primarily second and third world countries still produce about one half of the total food that is consumed by people and animals.  The "seed barons" such as ADM, Monsanto, Cargill and other corporations are busy trying to get these farmers to use genetically polluted seeds and to adopt industrial food production practices.   Worldwide resistance to the activities of these and others similar corporations is growing.  Much of the "ungodly" work done by these corporations is done by the United Nations, Food for Peace program.  

So what is the nutritional content and sanitation of food produced by large corporations and even on many farms and ranches?  What are conditions like for the plants and animals God has given us to eat and that are grown and eventually harvested or slaughtered?  Without going into details, conditions are deplorable in many cases and since America now imports over one half of its food, the sanitation and nutrient condition of food we consume is going to get worst.  The book Food, Inc. chronicles the conditions primarily in the meat production industry.  Recent problems that the public knows about in the egg production industry and the past problems in the vegetable industry are just the tip of the iceberg.  You might want to visit the website "" to learn more about the system of food production God expects of those who respect His command to be good stewards of the earth.  Industrial food production methods have resulted in 80% of the top soil from the midwest ending up in the Mississippi Delta and petro chemicals used in primarily grain production have caused a "dead zone" the size of Missouri in the gulf.
Americans must realize that the food they buy at the supermarket is deficient since about 60% of them take one or more vitamin/mineral supplement daily.  The interest in buying organically grown meat and produce has skyrocketed in the last 15 years.  People are responding to what I think is one of the "hidden" national disasters.  We are constantly bombarded with public service announcements that tell us not to pollute, to recycle and in some cases consume less.  But what about the "pollution" in food?  Congress and State legislators receive large contributions from agri-business so it is not likely that they are going to act to clean up food.  Very little is said by those who are assigned to protect our food in high ranking policy making positions such as the FDA because for the most part they are former employees of agri-business and/or food processors.  They serve at the pleasure of a two trillion industry and they are in the positions to protect their former employers interests.
Some 15 years ago I read about the U.S. Senate 1935 report that said that the mineral content of the soils where most of American grains and produce were grown were almost totally depleted of minerals.   In the 1930's almost one half of the American population still lived on small farms/ranches and produced much of their own food or they lived close to a farm or ranch and could grow/obtain nutrient rich food.  Many older people remember that in the 1940's Americans produced over 40% of their produce in Victory Gardens and as late as the 1950's most American farmers grew livestock without "genetic hormone enhancement."  Their land and animal practices were similar to what organic farmers do today.

What happens to us when many critical minerals are not in the soil?  We are much sicker and we age more quickly.  All the toxics/additives in the soil and water makes its way into the food chain and eventually impairs our immunity system and in many cases make us sick and gain extra weight.  This has greatly contributed to our out of control state and national medical care costs.  Notice I did not use the word health care costs.  For the most part, our current "medical system" does not consider "nutrient deprivations" that not only contributes to many people's premature aging problems, but are likely the cause of many illnesses.  If you have a broken bone or a tumor you get great care in America.  If you have a nutrient problem that is the cause of your illness, doctors are not trained in this area and for the most part they are discouraged from diagnosing the nutrient causes of an illness because they lack the knowledge to do so and there is no coverage of the costs by insurance carriers.  They proscribe synthetic produced drugs that alleviate your symptoms, but for the most part do not address the (real) often nutritionall causes of many illnesses.  Nor do Medicare or Medicaid pay for much nutritional testing to determine if they are a source for health problems.  
The large food processors have done a very effective job of convincing Americans that the food that comes out a can or box or is "taste enhanced" is just fine to eat.  If it has been cooked or put dry in boxes it is generally dead.  Think about it, does God want us to eat dead stuff?  What did God tell us was to be our food and medicine in Genesis?  They have even convinced many that the type of Vitamin D,
iron, or other "fortified" additives in food are nutritionally sound.    
So it comes down to individual responsibility.  Here are some things you can do to upgrade the quality of food you eat.  Grow some of it in your backyard or find a community garden to grow some produce if you live in an apartment.  Use only non genetically modified seeds.  Buy as much organically certified food as possible to help its cost come down .  If possible buy locally produced meat and produce directly from a rancher or farmer.  Tell supermarket managers how much you appreciate them carrying organically produced food and encourage them to run more specials.  Contact your local and state representatives persoanlly to share your concerns.  Study and inform yourself about industrial food and why much of it is not good for you.  Avoid cheap so called food sold at fast food places.
There is a food revolution going on in America that favors more earth, plant and animal friendly practices.  It is callled eco-agriculture.  Huge agribusiness corporations don't like competition so they gave Congress 12 million dollars in November of 2010 to pass the Food Safety (police) bill.  They realized they were losing business to small, local farms that grow organically produced food.  This legislation will make it a lot harder for small producers of nutrient dense food to survive, but until they attempt to mandate that we buy industrial, genetically corrupted , chemically ridden food, we still have a choice and the power.

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