Seizing the Temple Mount Becomes Theme of U.S. Embassy Celebration

    By Jason Charles on 5/23/2018 (6 years 63 days ago)

    In a brazen Zionist publicity stunt, U.S. Ambassador to Israel was photographed at a press conference being presented with an aerial photograph depicting the 3rd Temple built overtop the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock.“US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman was caught off guard on Tuesday when he was presented with a poster-sized photo of Jerusalem during a visit to the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) city of Bnei Brak.The seemingly authentic photo of the capital was in fact edited to depict a rebuilt third temple on the Temple Mount, the site where the al-Aqsa mosque currently stands.…Ambassador Friedman was not aware of the image thrust in front of him when the photo was taken," the US Embassy spokesperson said in a later statement. "He was deeply disappointed that anyone would take...


    Christian Zionists Silent on Persecution of Ancient Jerusalem Churches

    By Jason Charles on 5/9/2018 (6 years 77 days ago)

    If there is one thing that is a re-occurring theme in the new testament, it is the request by the Apostles for prayers and financial support for the believers being persecuted in Jerusalem. You can read about this collection in 1 Corinthians 16, 2 Corinthians 8, and even in Romans 15:30-31. Paul additionally commended certain gentile churches in Romans 15:25-26 for their offerings saying,“But now I go unto Jerusalem to minister unto the saints. For it hath pleased them of Macedonia and Achaia to make a certain contribution for the poor saints which are at Jerusalem.” Romans 15:25-26 Paul risked everything to go to Jerusalem and take the collected offerings from the surrounding gentile churches to Jerusalem. This decision ultimately cost Paul his freedom and life as the Jews in Jerusalem...



    How Healthcare Became Deathcare

    By Jason Charles on 5/4/2018 (6 years 82 days ago)

    Oh, you thought medical tyranny and social extermination died in 1945 when Nazi Germany surrendered to Allied forces at the end of WWII? I assure you that is not the case.The Rockefeller Hitler ConnectionHitler’s Mein Kampf manifesto, was Hitler’s own racist spin on the popular eugenics ideology being financed by the Rockefeller Foundation at the time. In fact, it was the Rockefeller Foundation that backed the early research of the Angel of Death, Josef Mengele.Nazi historian and author Edwin Black detailed this connection in an article worth reading in entirety back in 2003 entitled Eugenics and the Nazis -- the California connection,“In 1904, the Carnegie Institution established a laboratory complex at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island that stockpiled millions of index cards on ordinary...



    The Family Dynamic Refutes Common Anarchist Ideals

    By Jason Charles on 4/26/2018 (6 years 90 days ago)

    Anarchy has had a resurgence in popularity in recent decades. Especially among the Liberty movement. A movement that just 10 years ago was brought together by the populist Ron Paul. Many people who were originally exposed to the Constitution, the Principles of Liberty and Free Market economics, fail to realize that Ron Paul spent half his lifetime in congress trying to change the system from within, not destroy said system. Where Did the Revolution Go? In an interview with CSPN in 2014 a caller asks Ron Paul about his views on anarchism, Ron Paul says this,“…close Friends of mine think political action is terrible, and worthless. I happen to be one that believes that education is paramount, but political action can be very helpful.” ( So, it is important to note, Ron Paul did not...



    World on Fire: Seven Decades with the State of Israel

    By Jason Charles on 4/18/2018 (6 years 98 days ago)

    This May will mark the 70th anniversary of one of the most unlikely events of all time. Which is the creation and reemergence of the State of Israel.The headlines talking about the coming “celebration” reveal it to be a cesspool of political maneuvering and dominance, mainly by Netanyahu' and his Likud party.“Israel’s landmark 70th anniversary celebration on Wednesday night was meant to be a stunning display of unity that transcends the usual divisions and cacophony of life here. But the ceremony honoring Israel’s founding in 1948 has already been marred by weeks of unseemly politicking and almost farcical twists and turns, all raucously played out in the Israeli news media.…“It’s supposed to be about Israel and our story and not who takes credit for it,” said Micah Goodman, a popular...



    Something Stinks with the Facebook Fallout

    By Jason Charles on 4/11/2018 (6 years 105 days ago)

    Watching Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg answer questions yesterday by a congressional inquiry and saying he is open to regulations on his company is like watching my long-time suspicions play out in real-time, on live T.V.  Facebook may just become the de facto Real I.D. of a Satanic Beast System. No Joke. How you may ask, well let’s look at that. Genius ReallyGoogle, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, etc. have not only become the online gateways to accessing the internet, they have actually become the internet itself.  Listen to this clip of Alex Jones in Washington D.C., at The National Press Club. He and other journalists gathered there to address right-wing censorship and the myriad of lawsuits Infowars, and other alternative media outlets have had to endure because of the unfair political...



    Caravans, Cartels, Walls and Troops on the Border

    By Jason Charles on 4/4/2018 (6 years 112 days ago)

    In the threat matrix of my mind I see the situation on the southern border as being the greatest threat to liberty in the United States. For me, it has become increasingly obvious that the border situation has been engineered to create a multi-state hot-war in the heartland of conservative America.Trump said this in response to reports that caravans of migrants are walking across Mexico with the intent of storming the border has stated,“President Trump is taking new action intended to stop illegal immigration. He announced on Tuesday that he is sending U.S troops to the border with Mexico."We are going to be guarding our border with our military," Mr. Trump said. "That's a big step."Without providing details, Mr. Trump said U.S. troops are needed to secure the U.S-Mexico border until...



    Satanic Lies and Alternative Realities

    By Jason Charles on 3/28/2018 (6 years 119 days ago)

    Earlier this month, Stephen Hawking went to Hell. Though his life was celebrated on this earth he was a professed atheist, who doubted the existence of God. While he was writhing in Hell, back on earth many celebrated this mans accomplishments in the realm of theoretical science. A branch of science that is purely based in unfounded mathematical theories and wild speculation about the nature of our universe. All Hawking did was traffic in un-proven theories touted as ultimate truth about how the universe was created. He was a liar, and God’s word says all liars will be cast into a lake of fire.“But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and...



    How Liberty Activists Inadvertently Broke Facebook

    By Jason Charles on 3/21/2018 (6 years 126 days ago)

    I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg could have conceived of what a monster the social network would become in the early development stages. The effort to control the flow of information and censor content has so contorted the original algorithms that Facebook used to deliver content, that the platform has virtually been rendered useless and failing. The falling stock prices, the user data scandals, and the insider whistle blowers in recent weeks are signs of things to come. This coupled with Zuckerberg selling vast amounts of stock in Facebook this week may signal the decline of the once largest, social media network ever conceived.“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will sell up to 75 million shares of Facebook over the next 18 months, he said in a post on Friday.  At the current Facebook share price...



    The Merciful Destruction of Empires

    By Jason Charles on 1/17/2018 (6 years 188 days ago)

    In the providence of God empires rise and empires fall.“He increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them: he enlargeth the nations, and straiteneth them again.” – Job 12:23There is an emphasis in scripture on God’s role as the judge of nations. Anyone with a handle on scripture understands this principle. In the Old Testament God moved rulers like Pharaoh to harden their hearts (Ex. 7:14) towards war and destruction, or soften it towards peace and the rebuilding of Jerusalem like Artaxerxes and Nehemiah (Neh. 2:5). In the New Testament God had Jesus cast judgment on Jerusalem (Matt. 24:2) which came to pass in 70 A.D., and in Revelation he comes with a sword to put down all the nations of the earth (Rev. 19:11-16).                        While Satan is given leniency to control nations, the...


    Modern Israel and the Strong Delusion of the Christian Elect

    By Jason Charles on 1/10/2018 (6 years 196 days ago)

    Modern Israel is a painful subject to write about due to the prophecy obsessed culture in many U.S. churches. Any negative criticism of the state of Israel, or its roll relative to prophetic interpretation opens one up to the wrath of potentially millions. For many Christians, the modern, political state of Israel has become a symbol of prophetic fulfillment, and thus worthy of their undying devotion and praise.Herein lies the problem. At what point does the fanatical support of Israel become idolatry in a Christians life? Meaning at what point, in the mind of a believer, does Israel start to play a more important role in prophecy than Jesus Christ Himself? The Great DeceptionIn the famous chapter of Matthew 24 we see two settings, and two different questions asked by the disciples.In...



    It Would Be Better if Lesbian Couple Had Physically Assaulted Christian Bakers

    By Jason Charles on 1/2/2018 (6 years 203 days ago)

    Hypothetically speaking it would have been a less painful of an experience if the lesbian couple, Rachel Bowman-Cryer and her partner Laurel had instead physically assaulted these bakers in 2013. The ramifications of the resulting complaint, court case, fine, loss of their business and the national precedent of religious intimidation far exceeds the damage a face fracture, and bruised body would have resulted.Here is the Klein’s in their own words as to the damage personally and nationally,“The bake shop, located in Gresham, was forced to close under intense criticism, but donations allowed the couple to operate the business out of their home up until October 2016. “We lost everything we loved and worked so hard to build,” Melissa Klein told KATU. “I loved my shop. It meant everything to...



    The Six Types of Demons and Their Methods of Possession

    By Jason Charles on 12/13/2017 (6 years 224 days ago)

    If you don’t believe in the supernatural, spiritual realms, and the entities that occupy them, then I don’t know what to tell you other than much of your life will not make sense. The truth is some people are hyper-preceptive to the spiritual forces all around us while most are super-oblivious to these things.In 2005 a Gallup poll indicated, “1 in 2 people believe in the paranormal” ( While later a Gallup poll done in summer of 2016 stated a whopping “89% of people believe in God in America” ( That is still the vast majority of Americans still believe in a creator despite the massively funded, government indoctrination against God in the public-school systems for over 5 decades now. Fear of the Unknown Limits PerceptionThe fact is, despite a willful attempt to...



    Supercomputer A.I. are Nothing Compared to God’s Book of Life

    By Jason Charles on 12/6/2017 (6 years 231 days ago)

    There is a video circulating where financier and founder of D-Wave, Geordie Rose is pitching students in Vancouver the opportunity to work for his new start-up company Kindred. A company which unfortunately happens to be symbolized by a snake eating its own tail as demonstrated by the corporate logo on his shirt in the below video.In the video, starting at the 2:15 mark he first gets into the conspiracy theories online that suggest quantum computing is taping into alternate universes via their technologies that create portals for super intelligent entities to inhabit this plane. Pay attention to both what he is saying, and also the people he takes quotes from in relation to this topic.So, if I am watching this right he first launches into an explanation of the conspiracy theories...



    The Real Reason the U.S. Gov Subsidizes Atheism

    By Jason Charles on 11/29/2017 (6 years 238 days ago)

    In the U.S. Constitution the First Amendment states,“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.“Note the opening first line, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”  This would indicate that the U.S. government in no way, shape or form can fund, adopt, support, or benefit any type of belief system or religion. That it literally can’t even make a law that pertains to religions and “belief” systems, thus effectively nullifying government support or destruction of any ideology.“Belief” is the operating word, a religion is a strongly held...


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