Sciences Dirty Secret: Quantum Theory Provides for the Probability of a Creator

    By Jason Charles on 5/17/2016 (3 years 188 days ago)

    The belief that there are unseen spiritual forces at play in our world is a frightening prospect to atheists and secular humanists that don't believe in any sort of spiritual world. The real truth is, even secular humanists must realize that the building blocks of matter, according to scientific wisdom is pregnant with the possibilities of unknowable and inaccessible realms. Quantum theory itself brings rise to the possibility of all sorts of hidden folds, and unseen layers of creation. The pattern of nature implies it, and the rules of quantum theory can't dispel it as attested to by scientific experimentation probing the nature of matter."...It proves that measurement is everything. At the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it," said Associate Professor...



    Corporations Pushing Globalist Agendas Equals a New Era of American Fascism

    By Jason Charles on 5/9/2016 (3 years 195 days ago)

    It's the UN Dummy! Can't You See!?What is the tie-in between abortion, anti-gun legislation, and gay marriage? You guessed it, the U.N. There is now a recent fad of multi-national corporations "coming out" in support of very politicized agendas such as gay marriage, abortion and anti-gun support, effectively dividing the country in half. From a purely Chief Financial Officer point of view you would think that alienating literally 50% of your customer base would be corporate suicide, right? How can a company even survive ticking off 150 million customers on issues that fundamentally are offensive to them? Case in point the laughable state of Target's company stock plunges due to its obscene allowance of men into woman's bathrooms if they self-identify as woman."Backlash for TGT Stock. A...



    Five Ways to Destroy a Church Body

    By Jason Charles on 5/3/2016 (3 years 202 days ago)

    There are a few things common to every church body. One of which is the calling of a dynamic, anointed man of God that has the God given ability to decipher scriptural truth and also can attract people with a similar call. People who are uniquely equipped to aid in that man's mission. The other thing common to any ministry is simply strife. Strife follows wherever people congregate and organize. Humans can be a sorry lot, if you have any doubts ask a divorce attorney. Strife within a body of believers can be as equally as ugly as a divorce. If in fact you are truly led to a body of believers then leaving is very much akin to divorce. The call and drawing ourselves to a church or mission is very similar to a call to a love in a marriage sense, and is spoken of as good and blessed of God....



    Homosexuality is a Subculture Nothing More

    By Jason Charles on 4/25/2016 (3 years 209 days ago)

    Exploiting Human PsychologyThose who follow my newsletter and Facebook Posts know that I frequently tackle social engineering tactics and topics that expose the elitist agenda to radically change the culture here in America. The Gay Agenda in this country has become a bona fide social engineering marvel.One of the most overlooked tactics utilized by the elite to fundamentally change this Christian nation to that of a God-hating pagan one is what I call "Subcultural Programming." When it is all said and done Homosexuality, and rainbow pride culture is just another box, programmed by the elite.Subculture: a cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture.Given the definition above,  I am sure most people are familiar with...



    Which are You a Truth-Seeker or Power-Seeker?

    By Jason Charles on 4/19/2016 (3 years 216 days ago)

    How you Read the Bible Reveals the Motives of the HeartThere is a religious spirit that can overtake people as they begin to study the Bible and formulate their own personal biases and dogmatic preferences towards matters of prophecy, timelines, etc. What we must learn to do is watch out for people that read scripture with a fascination for the mysticism, the prophetic, and the mystery aspects of scripture instead of the more basic tenets of loving they neighbor. In the church you will find people often-times come with agendas of understanding they obsessively push, and it is this fascination that gives them away as the dreaded power-seeker, as opposed to the more humble truth-seeker.The truth-seeker probes everything for truth, loves freedom, has a high moral code, lives modestly, and...



    The Corporate Support for the LGBT Agenda is a UN War on Christianity and Morality

    By Jason Charles on 4/11/2016 (3 years 223 days ago)

    LGBT Social Engineering Flashback to the Spring of 2015, in the lead up to the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay-marriage in the U.S., we saw corporations by the droves began to air LGBT friendly television, radio and print ads all aimed at pushing the supreme court to support gay-marriage. You can see a small snapshot of just some of the numerous gay-friendly ads that were produced during this time in support of the decision that happened in late July of 2015. In what was undoubtedly a coordinated Obama Admin propaganda campaign hundreds of corporations all "came out" of the political closet in support of gay-marriage. The Obama administration's involvement in this propaganda push was well documented pointing to Valerie Jarret as the corporate handler and operative behind this...



    Chuck Baldwin: The Pastor America Desperately Needs and the Establishment Fears

    By Jason Charles on 4/4/2016 (3 years 230 days ago)

    In the sea of modern "churchianty" Pastor Baldwin is a lone voice, truly a voice crying in the wilderness. While preachers every Sunday are dancing around the political nature of Jesus' ministry in favor of ear-tickling preaching, Pastor Baldwin is preaching Jesus AND instructing his people on the Biblical Principles of Liberty, and then applying those truths to the volatile political climate that is tearing this country apart. As a non-501c3 church he isn't beholden to any IRS threats and therefore speaks out powerfully on national issues that the 501c3 preachers don't dare address, fearing removal of their tax exempt status. As a result of his preaching there is no-doubt that Pastor Baldwin is having a impact on a national stage; much to the chagrin of the liberal media as evidenced by a...



    The Alternative Media has become Less Credible than the Mainstream Press

    By Jason Charles on 3/28/2016 (3 years 237 days ago)

    “Alice laughed. 'There's no use trying,' she said. 'One can't believe impossible things.'I daresay you haven't had much practice,' said the Queen. 'When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast" The History of The Alternative MediaThe alternative media is now a market, and like all markets they are mined for dollars. Essentially with the advent of video cameras, and website blogs, everybody has become a potential journalist. This has sparked a wave of "citizen journalists" who spend all night filling internet blogs with credible and not-so-credible information at the click of a keyboard. At one time alternative media was somewhat truthful and credible, but it shifted towards speculation and...



    Shadow Government: Why All Campaign Promises Die in the Oval Office

    By Jason Charles on 3/21/2016 (3 years 244 days ago)

    The Shadow GovernmentHave you ever noticed how politicians like Trump who are campaigning for president, often make sweeping statements as to how they will end wars, shore up the economy, build walls on the border, fix income gaps, etc, while on the campaign trail? Then after the election, and all the votes are tallied, they ascend to the highest office in the land and over the course of their entire administration not one thing ever changes. Every single grandiose campaign promise made goes unaddressed and floats off into the collective memory hole. There is a good reason for this, it is called the Shadow Government, or Continuity of Government (COG).In 2014 the Boston Globe ran an article detailing a new book by Tufts University political scientist Michael J. Glennon called "National...



    According to the Bible LaVoy Finicum Could Be Labeled an Infidel

    By Jason Charles on 3/14/2016 (3 years 251 days ago)

      Authors Note: This article will undoubtedly be hugely controversial, but so was the stand-off making it open to public scrutiny as anticipated Really Infidels?"But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel." 1 Timothy 5:8This verse is God's word, not mine. The fact is, LaVoy Finicum according to the Bible is not a hero, he is not a martyr, he is an infidel plain and simple. When Mr. Finicum joined the protestors at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge he left behind a wife and 11 children, and also had social workers remove the foster children under his care as a result of his protest activities. His family has suffered immeasurably due to his choices to protest the BLM alongside the Bundy's these last...



    5 Indicators You are Not Cut Out for the Freedom Fight

    By Jason Charles on 3/7/2016 (3 years 258 days ago)

    In the movie 300 King Leonidas played by Gerard Butler gives audience to a horribly disfigured hunchback who wishes to join Leonidas and the army of 300 Spartans who faced the god/King Xerxes on the battlefield. During this exchange the hunchback claiming to be the disfigured son of a Spartan warrior demonstrated his spear fighting technique in hopes to redeem his father's honor. King Leonidas, who is the captain of the highly trained and very deadly Spartan guard then asks him to raise his shield and demonstrate is proficiency with the Spartan Shield. The exchange went like this, (The Hunchback) I will earn my father's armor, noble kin...by serving you in the battle.(The Hunchback stabs violently with spear)(King Leonidas) A fine thrust.(The Hunchback) I will kill many Persians.(King...



    Identifying the Four Types of Spiritual Tyrants and How to Protect Yourself

    By Jason Charles on 2/29/2016 (3 years 265 days ago)

    Reaping What We SowOur culture is 2-3 generations deep into a full on moral collapse, and as a result nobody can be trusted and that is not hyperbole, that is a statement of fact. I have come to realize that when dealing with people in our modern era you are either dealing with someone who has been horribly victimized by people in our declining culture or those who are doing the victimizing. Both of them are dangerous, one will lash out due to hidden hurt and the other is looking for those that can be manipulated and used to their advantage.The Apostle Paul described in Romans 3 a vivid picture of the cultural decline he saw in his day and it is unsurprisingly exactly what we see in our day. Human nature simply has not changed. We have all been touched by evil and the sin nature that...



    Contrary to Popular Belief Government is Not Inherently Evil

    By Jason Charles on 2/22/2016 (3 years 272 days ago)

    Wake the Church | As a filmmaker during the hay-day of the 9/11 Truth activist movement I often heard people associated with the movement ascribe the terrorist attacks to the government. They would say things like "9/11 is an Inside Job" or the "the US government was behind the attacks", indicting the whole government as being complicit in those horrendous attacks. Yes, having researched the attacks extensively I am the first to admit that perhaps a few people inside of our government may of had both foreknowledge of the attacks and maybe even played an active part, and yes there were perhaps foreign state sponsors who provided personnel and material support, but to broad brush the entire government with guilt is simply juvenile in thinking....



    Ted Cruz Represents a Religious Cult More Dangerous than Islam

    By Jason Charles on 2/15/2016 (3 years 279 days ago)

    The war over the evangelical vote has ramped up between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, unfortunately for the evangelicals both represent a false version of Christianity. Trump is an obvious poser who knows absolutely nothing about the Christian faith and has demonstrated his ignorance on the campaign trail time and time again. If Trump is disingenuous in his personal faith, then his entire campaign is disingenuous in everything of substance you can guarantee. Some things go without saying.Ted Cruz on the other hand has a father who is a pastor, and who is actively campaigning for him giving Ted a life-long instruction in the Christian faith. Rafael Cruz as a pastor has been able to use his connection into the upper echelons of the evangelical movement to win support among some very well known...



    Anarchist Ideology has Destroyed the Liberty Movement

    By Jason Charles on 2/8/2016 (3 years 286 days ago)

    What does LaVoy Finicum and Rand Paul have in common? They both are recent casualties of anarchist principles taking over the liberty movement. The Ron Paul Revolution Flash back to the election years of 2008 and 2012, Ron Paul inspired millions of young people to embrace the founding principles of our Constitutional Republic. Many people and college students began to obsessively research his voting record, his commitment to sound money philosophy, limited government and  the Principles of Liberty that were foundational to the ideological formation of our government. And so began the Ron Paul Revolution.Those election years were instrumental in mainstreaming long forgotten truths and inspired countless thousands of young and old alike to begin producing blogs, radio shows, meet up groups,...


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